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5-6 7:15am Tommy, tolls on the interstate?

May 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Treasurer John Kennedy about a proposal that would let states put tolls on the interstate

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

719 Tommy Tucker -- WL and -- the age old question. Timmy every time we talk about taxes every time you talk about services are tolls and you know we went through. With that MR BA game that well he's been Marines have been river bridge authority Crescent City connection tolls. Is if the money's gonna be spent responsibly. And you know you're gonna get something nominate you don't mind any new taxes. Presuming there is no more money left and everything that's already been collected. Has been in and is being spent -- it responsibly -- Obama administration wants to give states the rights. The right to put tolls on interstate highways. Apparently. Because people -- -- and analysts because the cars a more efficient gasoline taxes are down. They don't increasing gas tax politically because gases. So expensive as it is already. And you know I did the question here I think is he do you think it'd be a good idea for Louisiana or not John Kennedy years -- treasurer joins -- friend of ours are about whether it's needed. Morning John how -- Well. I am. -- fun that's today's that is today's race -- on no matter what happens if you'll get involved in a heated political discussion today. If something in the news is all wrong it's driving you crazy just trying to have fun. -- -- Tell me about god tolls on interstate highways in Louisiana Kansas on the navy interest it and we would be that whomever would be interest. It's not something audiences in -- be surprised if the legislature went along with the the governor. You know out of partners' stake tick quicker -- -- clogged enough that. Without adding -- that they the only possible exception would be we -- total portion. About forty and it's now between new war zones of Lafayette. Which of course is not in the -- -- and that is something that we ought to submit to the people. But what -- that possible exception I can manage and we do lesion in the north like we have I think certainly money's tight for a road. In our infrastructure bullets we have a built in Argentina like operating budget in. We're spending less than half of the money in our building budget on drugs which they wrote chart -- party that. We have we speak and men look at some of the capital -- Are building projects that we built out of -- building budget. You know we built policy years and in -- him here's a community center for the animals can't see. Here's the GM conversion to a community center for the town of upland. We built in -- profits have -- New Orleans east. We spent a million dollars on the Korean opera house so this now. I mean and Japan projects but I guess that. Getting -- -- -- of these of the ability priorities right -- and audio and government and so. There's. Concern that it should be about well we'll -- went on in the money but the and you look to where we spend our building money at least analysts and and I have -- about four years ago to try to. Asked the legislature to correct that we would be it for probably five years we would spend 67%. Of our building money wrong routes. 25% and everything else. And I couldn't get. John you know like you I'm a graduate of Oxford and also attended the Harvard School of Government anything -- Right now on and it was a it was foggy over there the whole time suddenly know what was going on but. An idea about the streets and lake view because so many streets are why it's. So you know on the localized area of Algiers where you take that big dip and in the manhole covers agrees it would -- yup related drive directly into it it would there be any way. Suited to make some of those state highways so they would be eligible for state money to build to rebuild the roads correctly like they should be. Oh yeah we we we have the flexibility to do that. We've got a party program at the state that I think DO TD does a pretty good job of following. Look there's no question to have to be fair about cents an hour gas tax most of our money from -- -- against both federal and state. And with inflation against taxes not war. Bloody huge debate. Because inflation but having said that. When you're spending less than half of the year building budget on roads it's hard to -- site will we don't have enough money to Roche. If you say wrote you're top party. We did have some we -- -- money should I mean that you know they -- here got Salmonella satellite -- few weeks ago ammunition. Here's some potholes out their little scary it agrees. But but the truth of the matter is before we go back to people for and asking for more money we don't spend the money we have. More of it. -- -- Does that build acted politics being local because -- representatives it yet it try to bring home. The bacon you know when guys pork is another -- vacancy you're building this center which may or may not be needed in. And a boon of the community but their streets happen to be okay or roads depending on the area. Where the lives of -- definitely concerned with the overall good. Wobble grew published took a little. Keep phone calls output it that way because I've criticized the project there in dorms. A week we spent two over half a million dollars I think 400000 dollars. Renovating the headquarters legitimately -- to Jenna of course I heard from its title organization great organization. I heard from minimum prison gingerly but. Cattle considered rather consider that a good thing to do consider that isn't as important as fixing the roads in light -- I don't think that's an appropriate. Expenditure for taxpayer money when you have such immediate road. So the state could if they want to step in and help Orleans parish -- these terrible straits that it would be a matter of the legislature approved it would sit down workshop. Absolutely thank you John I appreciate your time -- have fun today. I will some animal out on the well being and I admit I -- -- committee what will happen again. But what a and you just may wind up Evans on and we give my IQ attitude may have spent -- a good day I John Kennedy's seat treasure.

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