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5-6 8:15am Tommy, women proposing to men?

May 6, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Andrea Bonior, a psychologist & author of the "The Friendship Fix," about women proposing to men

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about women proposing to demand 75% of America's as a be all right with them but only 5% have actually done it. And also leads to it should women as Amanda -- on a date. Heavier -- -- down on a date by a woman if you're a man if you're -- woman -- you ever asked a guy out on a date and then uses sex that's optimistic. Men propose to get married women proposed to get divorced. Doctor on three of buying your joins us right now our friend a psychologist professor at Georgetown and author of the friendship -- morning -- Every morning how you -- one. -- -- Good billion your -- gonna take -- -- depending -- how the weather -- -- in -- and tell me about. About women. Proposing marriage in only 5% have done this is is is something that'll mentally turnaround orders would always be the man has to do the asking. Is there. And I think a lot of -- that it did in Erie people are growing market. -- why shouldn't women be able current. Also bit and culture at. Get. People putting their proposal. You're seeking. And cleaning these big elaborate and I think and that usually air -- still be. And they can't get a lot of people saying I wanted to -- interpret them personally and apparently. They would rather it be a man. I don't mean to get any women man here is lord knows I can do that without trying but when it comes to. Equal rights. No difference between men and women in terms of the work place. -- -- is that kind of a contradiction or a violation and when and for that one day. This very successful trial attorney this very successful engineer and -- -- did pick occupations you know maybe civil engineer that that goes on on job sites but for this one day issuance to be a princess she wants a walk down the IO. And -- majority even before that she wants them in a proposed -- carry over the threshold. Is that contradictory added that did today's woman I guess when a man's gun. Some people could be that way and that's why I think it's important for an individual couple. Have a good feel for wet works stripped down and I think there are really high powered women it's still online. Why did you additional -- -- the traditional right proposal. There are you might be in traditional. Feminine job. President right. Now we've had with children. To let the women think and and you know -- It. And it does that I'm looking wonder well. I think mr. expert and that. I think you know the problem in government deals fracture. That certain engines because of the culture somebody fractured. Fairy tale wedding where the traditional proposal and that's not leave with pay their partner war. Would there be. A difference in terms of pressure if them enhance the lady in the EC -- and that Iranian and it's okay in the -- expected to get over that war. The other way. Around with a lady would not and you talk about pressured to do it wears blue asks in an ignites things on a movie again and here's some embassy hasn't. As a source and let me think kind of dog is a long term care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because let me elaborate proposal. Ended in Spain on the -- on home and even in front of everybody's Stanley and and we. -- in -- traditional proposal and I think he's. -- That they should not -- in order that it should not be a surprise me you know wanting to hand the proposal -- a pride thing. Getting married that did not comment and that would be something you want any of the proposal. That. -- early. On in I'll. Make sure. Actually proposed and you or. And he will. Talk to daddy McCain -- -- wanting to get married because she's out again and it is just because. I'm there -- -- current and well. Let's say generally speaking in man he'd hang around him a couple of minutes as I know people -- and I loved talking to yet 2601878. To I didn't mean it in appropriately swing and I guess 2601878. Toll free 86 exit 890878. -- questions on -- and and doctor hypothetically speaking. If a couple had talked about a big engagement and they were to go out to a place like -- well ultimately in maybe it was gold in the wind was -- And a guy dropped to one knee and popped the question and the the girl hypothetically said yellen is coming to get back in the car now. Tom with that load trouble for a marriage. Yeah. What their attitudes are towards each other agencies that. You know laying they that would crunchy and that at random moment he'd worked hard war. I think that pretty -- back. Well because what you're dealing -- not recognize same importance as an amendment to that other person and weren't you have to type of relationship -- you know that's the story that you're going to be acting out you know he'll go to get a kick out of it you know that he won't -- -- -- -- -- I mean it's you know your personality and a lot of people have funny engagement stories men and a lot of garlic and beyond that to recognize that. A lot of guys play it but it a lot of -- and not on the net and mariner and a lot of pressure. You guys been all that I think. I didn't find it too funny at all but remember. -- -- -- -- -- Hypothetically an idea she'd buy him a diamond ring when she proposes that's a question we'll talk about as well we come back. Some public inning on -- been -- were times he wants to make a comment on changing his name. After four times -- answer her changing her name after four times you -- go into the witness protection program falls one good question McCain via text. If the woman proposes who buys the ring. And another one about rings says Leo about them the amount of money we spend honoring time and effort is great when she's walking around. With six or plus thousand dollars on her finger that alone deserves respect. And then there's a who won here that are -- is kind of cryptic friend of mine proposed to a man and a movie theaters they stopped the movie he said no very embarrassing. They did get married later after he proposed. So we -- friend of mine. Proposing to a man he said no they did get married after he proposed at the -- there I don't quite know what's going on but I presume. It was a woman proposing to a -- will talk more we come back right now. Stanford have a W offers news and that would go to David -- and David late talking about women proposing marriage dressed in May and a potent. The connotation of all that social connotations and attacks came in answered well of the woman asks the man out. Who buys a ring and it's seems to me now that -- and tea an engagement ring was like in you know a nice sized diamond but. Suddenly it seems create competition with. Some some of these rings looked like you remember -- glance -- disease and on shotgun -- yeah. As what it looks like side doctor Andrea buying yours I guess Jesus psychologist professor Georgetown author of the friendship takes. -- rather doctor did did something change. In -- diamond rings or perhaps anecdotally you know but. It -- it just seems like is gone crazy lately. Yeah yeah. And trade been adamant in social media people. Are they weren't sure that. Put it commensurate increase in the perfect landing impact is still in any. Kind of aid the one and wearing the ratings -- Italy and the -- -- proposed law. It's again by our I mean -- -- -- I think they're all. Kind of strength and the woman wearing. Traditional. And I. It's kinda hard and it's. Beach and -- Much relate it to go in on. Well but the other side is you will you marry me and then buy me a ring. Right I mean. Right tactic -- I mean you're going you. Don't nontraditional. -- your -- an unconditional and not to think that you know why it's silly for -- -- standards formal engagement not immediately more for just pick out -- Indians together or maybe for both where -- sort of agreement symbolized being. Because I think you know having traditional -- and I don't care. Warning inappropriate diet for you that he proposed that man it's just turn in the next I feel like. It isn't mercenary if one party says you know line -- -- be better because few people are of you know unlimited wealth so you say. ID maybe be better put all this toward -- house -- settling better deal look at it is Evers an investment isn't always a romantic thing area if you bring money into it or use ruining everything. Yeah I you know I think it's very very political odd couple she's not the day. Let's be realistic here. With our financial situation that makes sense to spend thousands of dollars on a blind and that meet again towards something out but I've certainly seen on apple tree Jack down. In favor of something more practical techniques and I think -- -- -- have a symbol. Marriage an engagement even green without the traditional diamond solitaire and even. Some that there are on the traditional diamond solitaire or maybe down gala a little bit. Just make sure that you're not -- that the in the marriage and need to opt out over money to start up -- I think and may have matches before but I think in Gus and gotten everybody else hang on please get -- second NT six -- 1878. -- 38668890870. Regardless of who proposes to whom. Still -- a lot of people and -- of its more women than men. Look at the wedding is the end all be all and then after Covert and a honeymoon is done they come back and look at each other and slime ball and came what now. You know and and I have to chuckle because it's so. They can be very I think. Family get caught up in -- wedding planning I mean let's face it it's probably the big party your life you lead Dina. You and Mary she would get stressed out and brought down on anti killed at the but it was clear that should eat chicken in the -- -- steak all of he'd gotten used inside the fact that perhaps one day you're committing to a lifetime what that person and -- you lot then it's so funny and good news. Where people and so caught up for the past year ended the day they gave BJ. Now it's not in the elements like well -- what is now what we knew we don't have to pick apart and sent. It's all much more important to focus on preparing for marriage and preparing for the wedding by you know in our culture we wanna see -- black -- stuck with. The wedding industry -- We're talking billions of dollars and every single year I'm -- and I'm planning and now. It really it really sixty K no pun intended in terms that people's attention but it shouldn't people need to prepare troops for me carriage much more so than just the party. Yeah did you plan on the ceremony -- that that's all inclusive for about a year and and indeed takes up all year attention and you on a honeymoon which is for the most part a an escape from reality and all of a sudden oh you're still here. Not a good sign. I I appreciate your time have a good day. Thank you doctor -- about your friends psychologist professor Georgetown at Georgetown and author of the friendship six.

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