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5-6-14 10:10am Scoot: on young criminals

May 6, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks who is more responsible for young criminals - parents or society?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And good morning Garland is off today -- -- glad to be which you have very very pleasant morning it's gonna warmup today in Buford our forecast from oral book tell. The channel four Eyewitness News forecast center looks like we might have some rain. Well late Thursday Friday and maybe Saturday. But we have been very very lucky I hope there are no plans that are ruling this weekend -- if if it does rain but it is that time of year and we occasionally gets a marine. I have become obsessed now. When I'm -- I'm I'm walking a downtown deceiving the I become obsessed with noticing cigarette butts on the ground. You know I have this little excessive compulsive disorder issue that I DO west. But I become totally obsessed with noticing how many cigarette butts are on the ground we were talking about this yesterday and again on the show last night. IT -- -- as you know it's now illegal to throw your cigarette butts out of the car window and and a lot of people innocently who were smokers. Did not know that throwing cigarette butt on the ground -- a car window. Was actually littering but it it it is and it's it's it's all over downtown and it's not the way and in other cities. I've got to get over because I become obsessed with it. And I would hope that if you're smoker. That while we respect your right to smoke which I do beat you would be respectful realize that cigarette butt is is later. You wish you always learn from our mistakes. A fifteen year old New Orleans boy apparently doesn't -- from his mistakes. Fifteen year old -- Coulter. Was shot in the head while trespassing and -- was property in America last summer big high profile case we talked about a 33 year old Ernie resident. Mary Landry is still facing attempted second degree murder charges as in the hands of the Orleans parish district attorney's office don't know how that's. A turnout yet. But last Friday fifteen year old Marshall -- the guy was shot in the head again you'd think he would learn a lesson you know trespassing get shot ahead. Maybe I shouldn't do that anymore. Well he apparently found the key in a mailbox and in -- home in the 2000 block of royal street. Temerity resident and spotted -- -- -- backyard. He would put up a fight he actually waited for police and offered their offer the residents cigarette while it was waiting for the cops to come pick him up. The same -- is charged with aggravated. Burglary in case from June 2012. When he got into a confrontation with the resident in the 900 block a Frenchman grabbed his guy and and then ran away. So later in the show and I Khatami was talking about this earlier issue this morning who's responsible for this -- behavior. Is -- society. Is that the parents. And and who's responsible now mean obviously this is the symptom. Of a huge huge problem and -- it's a problem that exist elsewhere. We have to really focus on it because it's a problem we have here in New Orleans. And there they are so many. There are so many places to point finger. We're do you point the finger who's responsible for this -- behavior of talk about it a little bit later in the -- Via US Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that prayers can be permitted before government meetings even if the prayers are predominantly Christian. And those in attendance are encouraged to participate. Now other religious prayers must be welcome. And the prayers cannot be used as a tool to try to convert people to christianity. The Supreme Court declared the prayers at the beginning of government meetings. Is part of a long tradition in America. So are you OK with that. Prayers at the beginning of a government meeting if you wanna join Russia with a comment this morning -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. In a text number 677. If -- atheist if you are -- if you're Jewish it's a -- is Christian Dennis does that affect you and here's our WWO project opinion polls sporting. Do you fixing prayers open government meetings is a violation of the separation. Of church and state. Get a shipping by going to our web site -- QL dot com will track that poll from ownership giving update. A coming up in just a few minutes. In in reading about this this ruling by the US Supreme Court concerning prayers before. Before government meetings also read an article. -- doubts. Justice Antonin Scalia. And he said it was really difficult. But he voted against the law. That makes burning the American flag a crime Antonin Scalia is. Is by far. From from my observations the most conservative. Justice. And he voted against the law. That would make burning the American flag crimes should burning the American -- be a crime. Antonin Scalia said if it was up to me if I were king. I would take scruffy bearded sandal wearing idiots who burned the flag and I would put him in jail. But he said the First Amendment. Stopped him from actually. Thinking that way. Now are you honest when it comes to freedom of speech. Deal honestly supports the speech that you disagree with. From my perspective as a radio talk show -- I can tell you that there are a lot of people in this country who do not respect. Freedom of speech they don't understand. I've -- there is also this tendency in America. Now to believe that you're entitled to never be offended it. -- you're entitled to go through life and not ever be offended by anything. And freedom of speech gives us the right to say things that are offensive to other people. They are people who think that you don't have a right to speech. If they disagree with your political ideology. And that's something that I hear from from some people obviously don't understand. The First Amendment but I applaud internet's only a four. Thinking one way but not allowing his personal feelings about burning the flag throwing people in jail not letting that stand in the way of what was the the right decision concerning the First Amendment. A new study shows that the conservative and liberal justices on the Supreme Court. We're more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal political ideology. If you think it's wrong to burn the American flag do you still support burning the flag. As an expression of opinion. And do you honestly welcome. Speech. Even speech you disagreement. Because there are people who throw around all you don't have a right to say that that that people throw that around very very casually. And the truth is we've really pretty much have a right to say whatever we want to say when it comes to politics and opinions on -- on social issues. But there are people who don't think that you should be in a position of expressing that publicly. But it's only the speech that they disagree with. And to me that is the height of a hypocrisy. And going back to the supreme court's upholding this ruling that prayers can be permitted before a government meeting. Is that OK with you. Now if a Christian prayer is welcomed then other prayers would have to be welcomed as well would it bother you if a Muslim. Gave the equivalent of a Christian prayer before -- government leading. What to value if I'll -- idea if a person of of the Jewish faith. Said a prayer. Would it the other view if somebody said something that. That may have reflected. Buddhists and or being Hindu would that bother you at all. You know we do have to be fair baathist. And -- I don't have a problem with the Supreme Court saying that their prayers are permitted before government meetings. And it Indian part of this is if you don't wanna hear the prayer you could simply walk out of the meeting your your free to do that. Is it OK to say prayers before government meetings is it OK to say prayers before. Before meetings. If you wanna join our show our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. Nines nearly seventy. And a text number. He is a 7870. And again here's our daily -- -- a pretty general opinion poll do you think saying prayers to open government meetings is a violation of separation of church and state. It is your opinion by going to our web sites WWL. Dot com -- -- -- on that coming up also get to your text and your calls. When we come back -- -- in for Garland -- WL. And good morning it's very comfortable Tuesday it's gonna warmup today but really nice outside -- students -- early today. The US Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that prayers can be permitted before government meetings even -- the prayers are predominately Christian and those in attendance are encouraged to participate. Are you OK with that. Here's our got to give you a pretty general opinion poll do you think saying prayers to open government meetings is a violation of separation of church and state. 83% say no it's not and 17% say yes it is give us your opinion by going to our website WWL dot com. And we'll give you an update on that as we track that temple throughout Russia also we're talking about Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia saying it was really difficult for him to vote against the law that makes burning the American flag a crime. He said that it was up to me if I were king -- take these people who burn the American flight I put him in jail. But he said the First Amendment stops him from actually. Voting that way. Are you honest with your freedom of speech support. Do you support the speech that you disagree with a new study shows that conservative and liberal justices were more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal ideology. Which is kinda scary because the Supreme Court justices. Should -- with their personal feelings come into play although they're human being so I guess it's impossible for that not to happen. But everybody should act like Antonin Scalia. And not let their personal opinions affect what is really something that they should judge just strictly based on the law. And if you think it's wrong to burn the American flag do you agree with Justice Scalia that you still support burning the flag. As an expression of opinion if you and -- special comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Early Seve Texas a 7870. Also we're talking about how we should learn lessons from the mistakes that we make that there's this fifteen year old -- New Orleans martial culture. He was shot in the head -- trespassing -- -- property that -- last summer obviously didn't learn his lesson because last Friday. He found a key in a mailbox and he he broke into homes on the property of -- in the 2000 block of royal street and Ernie residents spotted him. -- he didn't put up a fight any actually waited for police to come pick him up the same teenagers also charged with aggravated burglary in a case in June from June of 2012. He got into a confrontation with the resident in the 900 block of Frenchman grabbed his gun. And radio voice of who's responsible for this teen's behavior. Again to join a show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Points early Saturday text is 87878. Got a number of text to get to hear in just a moment let's go to Caribbean Gary you're on WW on good morning. I do you. Want to talk about this kid because I don't want Colin kit Khatami has. People won't actor and -- okay. It's like when you cross breed dog. And they just don't -- We have I had I've had a lot of much that were really great talks. Yeah well that does not say they're making a big issue or several reports would just -- smoked a cigarette it would well he's so used to the system. You know what I mean to come easy to. And it's. It just makes you sick when they try to make this kid looks at all and we will carry it was a nice little ball. No not nice global output before proper rest that you mention. That so that once he got caught. Now I think it's true gearing up at 400. Said he. Now I'm not trying to depict a sixteen year old as is it nice kid Jesus it to move very very big. An animal what do you do it would it appeared and they'll bite somebody. What -- it that -- In -- that's a put down. People. Well they -- only can't stop it and I'd like four more to be done to stop people like decide what. And right now is that it gently in that point. And in the -- note you -- if you. So. So do you see the police. -- To protect its citizens. Do you put most of the blame on the parents. I'd put the blame on but ultimately. -- My taxes. -- on it. And Gerry you know and other problem is this -- you and I don't want to go to jail. And it. -- you and I don't wanna go to jail some people aren't afraid to go to jail if you are so if you're going to jail is not a consequence. Then there needs to be new -- Not only one -- and -- and he's looked. It would mean -- -- it. Well you wanna handle it in the right way carries so you don't go to jail as well and we do have to respect the system of justice. Treatment justice because. There are a limited -- an early age and guess what start a lot of parents -- -- abnormal. Well how do you determine. At what age are they not worth trying to say to -- we are talking about people who start out as human beings. We report in the paper now on TV I'm not a good vehicle. And and this is something that goes on all the time that it it amazes me that there are so many people who were arrested. That have long arrest records. These people old people seem -- -- Well that -- -- -- it's -- Well well and not -- Yeah you've got to raise your you got to raise your children -- I I think that is really the root of the problem like I appreciate you calling or ought to do understand your your passion. When I see. A young mother walking around downtown and I say young mother I mean a mother who's like eighteen or nineteen. And she's pregnant. And she already has two kids with her. Now it's possible. That those are not her children she could be helping out her friend or sister family members. Those two kids with her may not be her kids -- mats stopping to investigate it. But if I see a young eighteen year old nineteen year old mother who's pregnant and already has two kids that she's taking care. I'm wondering how is this person gonna get an education. And I'm wondering. How this behavior continues. And what is to continue again we were talking earlier about learning from our mistakes but I'm not gonna say that did a baby is is ever mistake. But if you get pregnant when you don't wanna get pregnant I guess in some ways you could look at that as a mistake. So if that's something that you didn't what happened. Can anybody explain to me why people continue to allow that to happen. And the problem is the system actually does. Support. That behavior. And there are people here and around the country who are talked. That their career. Can be government assistance. They're career is to have children. Well you could have the children and I guess if you don't really take care of the children. Delegation to use the money that you get from the government which if you care about raising a child it's really not that much money. -- no rational person would think well with the with that amount of money is gonna have kids of what the government take your people don't think that point. People -- not supposed to think that one. However if if you don't spend the money to take care of the kids. Then I I guess that means you've you've got money so you just have to have the kids I mean it's. It's really sad because all of these people start out as human beings. And it doesn't take long for some people to. Fall into a pattern in their lives. Where they they're no longer perceived by a civilized society is being human beings. I'm not trying to depict ST I did our last caller said that people well he. He was it just hanging out waiting for the police to come sitting on the sidewalk with the the resident whose house -- he would broken into. And I tried to make him seem like he's some innocent good kid. I do think it's an interesting point that he's he's he knows the system -- he's not afraid to go to jail and it's really sad when going to jail. Is not a bad consequence. Compared to the life that some people happy and so is going to jail is like in some ways a family reunion. It's going to jail is you know being with your friends. If that's not a consequence that we need to change the consequence. For the behavior. If you wanna to Russia with a comment about -- we're talking about this morning are numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. Point seven -- numbers 87870. Here's a text that read says that guided just called -- is speaking in code. Calling a black man and animal. Is he crazy there's a lot of coated speech. That goes on but there are animals. That are different nationalities and different colors. -- here's a text that read so I can see. Something is mentally wrong with that -- He needs some help -- where to see what does he get the help we're coming right back with more of your checks import your comments I'm scoot. It for Garland and hears it -- to -- real news updates with Chris Miller. Now here's. Memory for the past well. Nothing like a good boy -- there. Spark up -- show it is there's always a boy band out there now it's one direction. Backstreet Boys instinct is there's -- a -- it was a boy band out there. -- studio for garlic ledger Witasick coming up right before the top of the hour news at eleven you're gonna hear the code word and if you -- the code word 27288. Point you've got a chance to win 1000 dollars nationwide. In our 1000 dollar nationwide vacation cash contest that's coming up just before the top of the hour news. At 11 o'clock here's a WWL pretty -- opinion poll do you think saying prayers to open government meetings as a violation of separation of church and state. 80% say you know it's not 40% say yes it is give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. And here's a text that reads the country was this country was born on christianity. And not any other religion they -- for all other faiths. Face should not ever be used open any government function. This is reflective of a total misunderstanding. Of how this country start. And why this country start. Now I guess this is something that needs to be interpreted. But it was always my impression from history. That America was founded on freedom of religion. The fact that it was primarily Christians. Who started this country. Doesn't supersede the idea that freedom of religion was more important. So this country was not founded. On Christian values. It was found it on or or christianity. Mean every civilized religion to some degree. Has aspects of the ten commandments every every religion. It's just it's it's it's part of was the civilized world -- -- that the ten commandments and some some basic Christian values. Dose or are things that are or are part of any civilized society not just part of of christianity. But to this country was founded on freedom of religion. And if our government is going to a while Christian prayer that our government must allow Jewish prayer. A prayer that would reflect being Hindu Buddhist or even. A Christian equivalent of a Muslim prayer. If you -- -- -- with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Cyril it's happening a text numbers 8787. We're also talking about a Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia he said it was difficult for him to vote against the law that makes burning the American flag a crime. He said if it was up to him he'd throw anybody that burns the American flag in jail but. He said the First Amendment would stop him from actually doing net. Are you honest with your freedom of speech support do you support even the speech you disagree with -- And -- are talking about this this teen -- Since this guy was you know in trouble again last Friday fifteen year old Marshall Coulter. Don't they can get a mailbox in her home in the 2000 block of for a street temerity residents spotted him in the backyard there was no confrontation. And indicate waited for the police company cannot even offering the resident of the -- cigarettes. Well this is the same fifteen year old who was shot in the head -- trust pessimism was property in the Mary last summer. And that was a high profile case because the -- resident 33 year old Mary Landry. Is still facing attempted second degree murder charges in that case which is still in the hands. Of the -- parish district attorney's office so -- you blame for this if you wanna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early simply text. Is -- 77 import your text are coming up in just a moment to for the door short Don you're on WWL good morning. It's a culture. You know. Here at all. Problem at all now. And I am now want. Help it right. Or football -- right. Tell me tell me tell me the circumstances around you you ranked high school game. The opera at the door. And -- -- -- And go back. -- game. -- -- -- -- That the -- or under court. Order. -- -- -- -- Organic. That. -- In other. Humble or prayer. All forty. Now. Or. What you want. -- or. Go. Our violate. Court. Order for your Forte. The atheist in the agnostic. That is cool -- -- -- -- Look at what a jerk they. This is part of this of this problem that at that everybody thinks they can go through life and and never hear anything that they find offensive and I don't they gave the story agnostic should be upset if they -- prayer. And I. Bet. Can't. Religion not freedom of religion. Or church and thought that that that. -- and it all -- -- -- -- not -- mention that. -- -- -- Our beat the establishment clause says that congress shall make no law respecting an established religion but I would agree with you is that that doesn't mean. That we are free. I'm from religion I'd done and also it's my understanding of the Supreme Court ruling that remove prayer from public schools. I'd just says that the this school cannot lead the prayer because the school is the government that means the government would have to make up the prayer. By students are allowed. To pray in school and -- prayer can be led by students that's always been my understanding of -- Supreme Court ruling. And the way it worked out there are. Funny but the Cold War. And it it's short circuit. And it it partner record but. -- does that this part -- the slope that would you -- there. The -- It should mean. That -- Out -- -- out so. Well. And where oh -- here due to our. Law. But. People -- That -- yet. Don I -- get to break I'm I'm glad to call the show yet you you can -- and it and it's always been my understanding of that Supreme Court ruling which I think which decadent and 1962. You can -- the school just can't lead the prayer and somehow that's been. This interpreted by a lot of people who wanna stop all prayer. I'm -- in for Garland and -- will be right back on WW well. -- heard this -- for the first time the of the -- by -- relatively event dimension -- Budget it's obviously has -- America. And here's. Young band. Speaking to -- reflecting the attitudes of a new young generation and it's a very positive song. About America. For oil would like to witness a Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia said it was difficult but he did vote against the law that makes burning the American flag. Crime because he understands that freedom of expression protects. Protect burning the American flag also the Supreme Court has upheld a ruling that triggers can be prevented before government meetings even if the players are predominantly Christian. And those in attendance are encouraged to participate. See you respectful of that and deep respect freedom of speech that you disagreed with. I hear is attacks that reads and he -- I disagree with you America was definitely founded on Christian values. All founding documents that would prove that to be true freedom of religion. It's the goes on to say and it commandments. We're being removed from government locations but quickly. Are realized it was for the best. Excuse me once a Louisiana. Went to Louisiana a public school. Has forced a Muslim prayer a stems from the force British state religion our founding fathers were escaping. I can't speak for other countries like to speak for America. And we have freedom of religion. This is not a nation that promotes christianity. And there are people. Who are continuing to try to show of -- get christianity down people's throats and it's not necessary to believe what you want to believe that's that's fine. But if you except a Christian prayer then what would be the argument for not accepting. A Muslim prayer or. -- a wiccan prayer. Or something that was not was not Christian YouTube really -- we can't have it both ways and yet there are people who still cling to this idea that we've got to be Christian. No -- you can be Christian movement to the government doesn't have to be Christian Georgia and Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680 -- are -- seven text numbers 87870. I hear is attacks and it reads people are still ignorant anyone believe that christianity is a religion it is a belief in nothing more than that. Here is. And other -- that reads the lord said. You don't worship any other thing. But the flag is just a symbol any other thing to him the flag is just a symbol it's about the the the American flag. And whether or not he should be allowed to -- this freedom of expression I don't know. Like burning the American flag I don't support that but I do support it as -- freedom of expression. Here's a text the -- the treaty of Tripoli written by George Washington clearly states that we are not a Christian nation. When I went to Miami Dolphins home games. They had a minister who say it would say an indication praying. For the safety of the players and world peace in jesus' name. I would -- a little prayer. For victory. To my face deity. I'm neither seemed to be answered is it possible that god was busy with something more important. Like two galaxies colliding or helping care helping Sarah Palin walk and chew gum at the same time if you wanna join an issue with your comment numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688970. Text. Is -- -- having -- studio for Garland and she were coming back into the WL. When you hear speech that you disagree with you respect -- his freedom of speech rights and anger you don't only protects the speech that you agree with. It's it's according to a new study this is something is quite common because the conservative it's liberal justices overtime were more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal ideology. I'm -- in for Garland here's an update on -- WW a pretty general opinion poll do you think saying prayers to open government meetings is a violation of separation of church and state. 79% say no and 21% say yes. Here is a Texan -- are Christians often ask why atheist can't leave christianity alone and keep their atheists and to themselves. Wasting atheist timed tax dollars so Christians can pray out loud in front of others is exactly why atheists will leave the issue alone. Christians have made it an issue an atheist have to deal with -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- About you know little located in -- Dominic and animal. Kind of dispute that because world. So that they responsibility in the it's today. You know that aren't put their pants in every appreciate -- on mobile products. That -- -- parts of the environment and alive in the environment that he's capable and dog on. Good societal good environments but it it bought and -- -- doubles. MO is to combine with. John if you wanted to comment on both topics you know I've got to get to a break here you wanna hang on for just a moment. Not proper tang on John I'll look -- you right after the news.