WWL>Topics>>5-6-14 11:10am Scoot: on the marijuana debate

5-6-14 11:10am Scoot: on the marijuana debate

May 6, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland asks if legalizing marijuana is a matter of conservative vs. liberal or something else.

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And Garland will be back tomorrow with you I'm screwed in fort Garland today and -- view realm. And to bring up the -- we're talking -- -- -- week we should learn lessons for our mistakes but a fifteen year old in New Orleans. Apparently doesn't learn from his mistakes at fifteen year old Marshall Coulter and was shot in the head -- trespassing and someone's property in the -- last summer. A 33 year old Ernie resident Mary Landry. Is still facing second degree attempted murder and attempted second degree murder charges that's still in the hands of the New Orleans parish district attorney's office. But last Friday the same fifteen year old found the key in a mailbox entered a home in the 2000 block of royal street the -- -- residents spotted the teen in his backyard there was no conflict. And -- -- patiently waited for the police to come pick him up this saint teenager is charged with aggravated burglary in case. From June of 2012. When he got into a confrontation with the residents in -- 900 block of Frenchman. He grabbed the gun and ran away. So who's responsible for this teen's behavior Ross are talking about a Supreme Court upholding a ruling. It says that prayers are permitted before government meetings even if the prayers are predominantly Christian. And those in attendance are encouraged to participate. Other religions and the prayers must be welcome. And the prayers can be used as a tool to convert people to christianity but the court declared the prayers the beginning of government meetings as part of a long tradition in America. Are you OK with that here's our -- give you a pretty general opinion poll this morning. Do you think saying prayers at the opening of meetings is a violation of separation of church and state. -- talking about freedom of speech and the Supreme Court justices. There's a study that shows that conservative and liberal justices are more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal views. Which is wrong. And I applaud perhaps the most conservative member of the Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia. He said it was difficult for him to do it but he did it because it's a First Amendment right. He voted against the law that makes burning the American flag a crime he said that to me I'd throw anybody of burnt the American flag in jail but the First Amendment stops me from doing net. Are you honest about freedom of speech the freedom of speech you support do you support freedom of speech that you disagree with. And if you if you think it's wrong to burn the American flag do you still support burning the flag. As an expression of opinion or is it protected not support during the -- the do you do you understand -- burning the American flag. Is protected by freedom of speech if you enjoy pressure with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven -- In a text Evers a 7870. Here's a -- reads if you convert the American flag you're destroying the symbol league gives you the right to do that. And you should therefore lose the right to do exactly that. Here's a text about a praying. A somewhat saying a prayer within your reach if you was not necessarily an attempt to force their religion on you get over yourselves and start respecting each other. From New Orleans John your -- WL. They hadn't -- the other thirteen -- A lot of these kids could agree on not a day. Very little leadership as well as parents and schools and December that they brought out then. And the -- go -- brickyard and at least fifteen years so coming. And we usually can't blame him of course you can blame somebody that you it has and educated. Has people responsible -- people who decide to have now. So people should be held responsible and that decades. These kids in that. Get the full penalty because. But that's the parachuted. Be held responsible. Because. Of pop vocal during these children don't need to start older more terrible parent. -- -- John do you think that would change things because there's no question that did that people have sex because it's it's an instinct at the moment and they don't think about the consequences and obviously they're not thinking about. Pregnancy or sixty transmitted diseases or anything like that it's just a human instinct to have set. Without considering the consequences. Do you think if there were more serious consequences for not raising children that that more people would. On wage would think twice about having on had a casual unprotected sex. Definitely -- And equipment. I was sent to the floor though and it is concerned when they may get developers so about these teenagers and children. To go it alone. It. I'm sure to have an impact in decreased. He was -- potential it would go. There's future in the future outcomes and that thing with more consequences -- more people would be no more. People -- Thank you have a impact on the future. And John. Up to what age would you hold the parent responsible for. Its criminal -- Believe. They have seen because. When you're thinking you're voting. I think both parties should be a little bit -- -- To fit his go go away it's it's because -- in the though. -- age what what I'll hold it in. In different states. So. But I think that should be the same Obama so you know and why is that so. Ago in one state in a minor and another very well that would make it a bit you know like that doesn't make any. -- I agree with you guys I think the key is is seen as reckless sex the key is parenting their team is -- just people having their children and getting what they canned from the government in this as a career for them and it's a it's a way of life and it's it's taught to be acceptable and to not be responsible for the pregnancy that you're involved in -- and you know women are left behind with the with the child's. If they choose to have it -- then the and then simply walk away it's easy for them to to walk away. He always go slow. Look at them but these you're brought up and we can't do kind of blah to the fact that these neighbors extremely. -- I violence in and it's really. Of these is the -- them be successful and even it's not even if they. These and bought a decent mother it is. Which is. Now -- club where it is there it is. While some but we ain't got these high about grades and it's -- Drug two about violence revenue at Israeli is that it could receive so we have the investment into the little clip -- than present and more development and cities. Low. And that's the only way. Significant impact. On the future. And this is absolutely a long range solution because nothing is gonna change that overnight. Or. I just felt like you've got a child in the background. I'd do it again two equity. Yeah particular UK's and I appreciate you ushering phosphorus. -- if you enjoy a show with your comment this morning our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text number is 87870. Here's a text so arrest the parents then what are you do with a kid. Now a legitimate question. But if repairs are doing the job wouldn't it be better off anywhere else than with the parents who are doing a job. I hear is. Text that read Cisco at the First Amendment protects differences of opinion regardless of taste sensitivity or class. And yes even protects the morons. Who would be so dishonorable and reprehensible. As to burn the American flag. I'm -- for Garland. And we'll be right back -- -- WL. What about George sharp student for Garland say Garland we'll be back with you tomorrow we're talking about the Supreme Court upholding a ruling that prayers can be permitted before government meetings. Even if the prayers are predominantly Christian and those in attendance are encouraged to participate. As long as other religious prayers are welcome there are people who would not welcome. A Muslim prayer or prayer that refer to any other religion or any other set of beliefs before a government meeting. And yet if you allow Christian prayers. Coach you have to allow other prayers as well. And which you have a problem with that the court it could declared that the prayers at the beginning of government meetings are part of a long tradition in America. But with that tradition don't we also respect other religions should it somebody wanna come forward and say another prayer. If you wanna join us for your thoughts and your comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seven or text numbers 877. And here's a quick update on our -- -- pretty general opinion poll. Do you think saying prayers to open government meetings is a violation of separation of church and state 80% say no and 20%. Say yes. Give your opinion -- going to our website WW dot com. And we're also talking about an interesting study that I I've read about is showing that conservative and liberal justices are more likely to support freedom of speech. That reflects their personal ideology. There are a lot of people who don't understand freedom of speech. They. Vehemently object to speech that they basically disagree with and that's not what the constitution protects. There's also this this trend that. People think that they can go through life for their kids can go through life without ever being offended. There's no guarantee that you're not gonna be offended and and we all need to be a little tougher when it comes to OK in your -- -- something well so what. You know get over it. Nobody should go out of their way to be offensive. -- We do have a right to be offensive to this constitution does not guarantee that anyone goes through life. Without being offended but their does seem to be this modern day premise that. Every person every group has protected from from ever being offended that's not what the First Amendment does. There there are people who are highly offended by my opinions. In my point of -- on social issues and political issues. There are people who have actually suggested that I don't have a right. To be on the year in a red states. Which is in total defiance of the constitution. And that would have been like people when Rush Limbaugh started his career in a blue state. It that would be equivalent -- people saying you shouldn't be on the air in this blue state but with those opinions. The First Amendment guarantees our right to freedom of speech. Which grants -- the right to say things that you disagree with and things that are just downright offensive. The offensive does it politics today -- accurately demonstrates how we've we've lost the right to to speak freely in America you cannot. Support freedom of speech if you don't support the speech that you also disagree with. Liberals are offended by things conservatives say about President Obama conservatives are offended by people who support President Obama. Political objections. Should be honored as the cornerstone of the First Amendment. And being offended by political speech should not lead to incivility. And incivility that really is it is part of political discourse today. Do you expect the freedom of speech that you. Disagree with if you wanna -- Russia with your comment -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Which seventy. In a text of receipts 7870. Last night of the Scotia is talking about something that I've thought about win. A couple Fox News host Sean Hannity and bill Riley. I've just continued on this. Vicious effort to. Condemn anybody who supports legalizing marijuana in America. On Sean Hannity special and Fox News Channel stoned America. And doctor equated voting for the legalization of marijuana with voting for slavery. Bill Riley said the state of Colorado was currently out of control because of the legalization of pot. Is the legalization of pot a conservative issue is that a liberal issue. -- if you support legalization of pot you liberal. Are you conservative. -- could -- be there is this something that transcends politics. Are you a conservative. Who supports legalizing pot. Are you liberals that opposes legalizing pot this is appeals for you talk about our numbers 2601870. Told free. 8668890. Which seventy at a text -- 87870. It would also be talking about this it is fourteen year old a fifteen yard it was fourteen when he -- for shot last summer but. This teenager in New Orleans who has been involved in -- apparently a couple of burglaries. He's the kid who was shot in the hand or trespassing and so -- property in the mayor Ernie last summer. And that case is still in the hands of the Orleans parish district attorney's office 33 year old Eric Landry is still facing attempted second degree murder charges. And is gonna be easy to see how that plays out or if this actually. Comes into play -- that but this fifteen year old. Just last Friday found the key in a mailbox and entered -- home. And there was no confrontation with the resident variances in the 2000 block of royal street. Didn't put up a fight any patiently waited for police to -- getting the sink teenagers charged with aggravated battery in case from June of 2012. When he got into a confrontation with the resident in the 900 block of Frenchman grabbed the gun. And ran away. So who's responsible for that teenager fifteen. Win or we can hold parents accountable. I'm still amazed that there are so many cases in this country. Where young children. Get ahold of guns. Shoot injure or kill somebody. And the parents are arrested. And there have been a number of cases. Around the country. Where kids who got a hold of guns. And kill somebody. And it seems to me that. If the parents if the gun owner allows the kids to get ahold of a gun. Then they should be held accountable why are we so afraid. To hold parents accountable. And failing to raise your children having children just because she had sex. Just because she responded to the the animal list to instinct to have sex having children as a result of that is no excuse for not raising them. If you wanna join our short numbers 2601872. All free 8668890. Point 78 Texas a 77. The battery dean here and -- WL. -- -- All good question a couple of things. -- on the legalization and -- I think it would be probably beneficial thing to do. And I'm speaking as -- -- police. I think it would take a lot of the the street. Type dealings all of the streets. Therefore. -- kill. Theoretically it would take how would the drug trade odd that the marijuana trade out of the hands of criminals. Exactly I mean you know if you can go go down the street by it you know legally and controlled environments. That you won't have these people you know on the streets point. The second thing is young fellow that got arrested again for attempted also -- He probably has you know meant to issue more and more than not. And he needs to be supervised. And talking to tell you which you said there about parity. I had particular case years ago have been out announcements about eight he has from the well when you retire. A young man fifteen span and on -- Russell we found some pictures in on illegal thing anyway. Which showed the pictures -- model not a real routes and missile shot on. In a response was that Osama was songbook. Stay in a hallmark brand new Drudge. While while. You know I mean the priority was completely you know -- It and whatnot so that's about what about that shut down in his voice. You know. So yeah yeah absolutely right I agree it's it's docked with apparent in but -- I think the problem is. Children have children they don't know where to do with them date date what raised themselves so. Therefore it's a big Fisher site. Dana got to introduce break early appreciate you calling -- show thanks for giving us your opinion as a retired general law enforcement officer. There's no excuse to have children if you're not gonna take care of there really a New York you don't have to have sex. And and as long as we as a society tolerate. People having sex. With no intent whatsoever. To actually raise the children that they bring into this world. As long as we as a society tolerate that we are partially to -- But win and howdy hold parents accountable for bringing children to the world that they're not gonna race. If you what did you Russia with a comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tax receipts of these I've -- for girl and it's a beautiful Tuesday it's gonna warm up but it's a great looking day. And here's another WW real news update with Chris Miller. I'm getting excited about WWL draft faster who had the saints gonna select wearers. A deal Beckham where's he get ago I mean this is this is a massive massive. Football player who's gonna make a tremendous impact. I'm in the NFL. We've got coverage that begins tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock -- Jazz Fest is over so now it's time for the WWL draft fest. And we got -- saints' draft preview with the voice of the saints Jim Henderson states color analyst -- guys John they're gonna be live at -- headquarters with special -- on -- this all starts to -- all starts on Thursday afternoon. At at 4 o'clock vice president GM Mickey Loomis will be they're offensive coordinator. A Pete Carmichael junior will be there defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. Assistant coach Joseph did it mean that the list goes on and on with those -- and then Thursday at 6 o'clock. The WQL draft fest against. With Bobby -- -- guy -- on NFL analyst. Mike Chile and Deke Bellavia they'll be joined by saints sideline reporter Kristian -- antibody to air live from saints camp. And a big daddy Steve Geller will be with the NFL draft recaps every hour. And who -- nation come out to join the black and gold party Thursday from six to midnight. And Oceanic real in the French Quarter Bergen count time. Around one that was greatly -- to crab cakes have been all the food is just totally a disservice is unbelievable -- it mid Oceanic real. Go to my favorite places in the quarter betray offense continues on Friday with round -- life from rocket fire pizza company on veterans highway and that reform for until midnight. Goes -- to midnight Thursday night and Friday night. They join us for the final rounds on the NFL draft Saturday from twin peaks restaurant and clear people and the great place. From eleven until six on Saturday. Saluted nation mark your calendar now for Debbie WL draft fest -- wall to wall coverage with the saints in the NFL draft is Thursday. Friday Saturday may eighth ninth and tenth brought to you by river parish disposal the Louisiana lottery corporation next home and new bath. And also Mercedes-Benz of new worlds and the flagship station of the New Orleans Saints. Debbie WL. Is so is supporting legalizing marijuana is this a liberal stance Taurus and a conservative states. What a couple of fox host Sean Hannity and O'Reilly. Just viciously continued to condemn any efforts to legalize pot. I -- I get the impression that did that quite often they do research of their own audience is so they speak to the issues that their audience wants now I don't -- maybe Sean Hannity and Bill -- really do oppose legalizing pot. They they certainly do on the air. But would ridiculous statements are made like an inch on Hannity show doctor equating the voting for legalization of marijuana with voting for slavery. These these maniacal statements. That lead you to believe that did that somebody wants you to take a political side. That conservatives or liberals should be -- for or against. A legalizing pot and so it it may -- wonder it is support of of marijuana legalizing it. Is that a conservative stance or or a liberal stance if you wanna join Russia with a comet are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. It's evident. And a text numbers 87870. Here's a text haste to what are you going to do about mr. Kirby. Let's get something going to help. Let's make it a group effort I enjoy your show no matter what time here on. Last night. I had a call from and 92 year old World War II vet whose name is -- And effect I think that conversation is -- still on the podcast. Probably at this two page WWL dot com. But issues schedules of the top bar and click of the -- -- it should steal it should still be their conversation and mr. -- And this was a conversation that brought tears to to some people's eyes according to the Texas received it was a it was a touching conversation. This this guy was just talking about the the American flag I was talking about a sick to my -- in the American flag. And this guy should the American flag should not be used for anything except except saluting it shouldn't be undergarments that shouldn't be anything but. Flag to salute and -- and I respect his opinion he he talked about. He talked about being in Germany and almost feel guilty about it one of his friends being killed in battle. Thinking that may be the -- should've been for him and Anthony's friend. And then he. Was talking about how he's he's having trouble finding of a battery for his scooter and I asked him about his family and he says this Stanley doesn't really usually helping and they're just. Waiting to take his money. When he dies. And he said that he'd only been to the World War II museum once and I said I would try to figure out a way to make sure that he gets they're so we're going to healthier today I am credit. I'm gonna work on this now. Because of the the state of the world that we live in today. We can't I got a number tech's last night phone numbers people say please call me I will take the man you know we can't hook people up over the year. Because unfortunately you can't trust people. In -- years ago in radio. I could -- people opposite okay articles calling and take it but you can't do that anymore and that's not just the station has any video station or television station that matter. You just can't do that because you don't know what somebody's intention is switches is really sad that it's come to that. But there were so many people who wanted to help but I'm gonna follow up on this and -- -- you know what to what goes on with this if you wanna join Russia with a comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889087. Texas 87870. Here is a text that reads saying of a prayer is about to -- a prayer before a government meeting is clearly a violation of separation of church and state. And to date. I hear especially is a political dimension that makes the question even more urgent than in the past. I'm screwed in for Garland or of your checks to more of your calls are next. Do you think Americans really understand freedom of speech. Actually wonder about that quite often. I think there are far too many Americans who don't get it they only support the freedom of speech that they support. And a new study shows that conservative and liberal justices are more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal views. Which is wrong because they should be judging things based on the law not their personal views. I'm duty and for Garland and from Saint Bernard -- a year on WW well. Very true deterrent they bought it Japanese shabbat world community yeah others here people up and everything but. -- chatted about element company and it's not a -- Orchard -- all of us contribute generated. The -- spare you some idea about staying with surrogate minister orchard using it and is it doesn't pay. Yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna work on this Bob yeah and I'll let everybody know what happens if anybody wants to communicate with me on helping with this so my email address is scoot. At WWL. I want what this -- to get to the year World War II museum -- -- to broke my heart when he said that this is Stanley really isn't taking care of him and any day the F one would think he won it was he needed a new battery for his scooter was having a hard time getting that because he's he's crippled and and he was a guy was talking very passionately about -- his time in in Germany during world war two and it's a very small thing to do but this guy -- knowing people like this need to know that people care about him. Yet here there are out of the way he does go to on the album Arctic accompanied. I had worn out disabled on the PG India should our current apartment battery company that audit on the in my odd years. Eight okay. It was on the orchard case. And you know they donated today. Yeah I'm gonna -- I did the show last night so brilliant precedent and are coming in here to do this Saturday -- a chance of doing it even a bit of work on this after Africa fear that. Well probably about appreciate calling it and again if if if there's any way that anybody can help you can sending an email. To scoot it to VW well dot com and we'll figure a way to make this happen -- tennis thanks called Bobby. It. Here's a -- reads I'm a conservative fighting legalization of marijuana is ridiculous given up fellow conservatives it's gonna happen. Two things this party needs to stop fighting against one gay marriage and to legalizing marijuana were in the 21 century people. From Atlanta -- here on WWL -- good morning. -- -- -- You can look -- the I was able to catch suggests that mop up period Sunday night yes Jon Fogarty was incredible. Yeah I miss John -- but I have heard that he was was amazing and Bruce Springsteen apparently is now gonna producing -- So this going to be a cup as something is gonna come out as a result of the Bruce Springsteen and Jon Fogarty working together. It was incredible. I'm blazing tonight at a college I was -- can not to -- -- different -- it out about the smoker with them. You know. -- -- -- how to do it themselves out smoking and well actually care about this. Stuff out. -- are glad you called -- you know this -- has come up recently and it's decades come up as a result of stuff that the legislature. Has has done a passing a law against. Throwing cigarette butts out of a window. It it it came up yesterday in a conversation about it New Orleans in what should change about New Orleans and this mentality of thinking that throwing a cigarette butt on the sidewalk or out of the car window. Is not littering. Is is wrong because it is littering and I'm obsessed with all the cigarette -- that I see every day. In the CBD. And it's not that -- in other cities and it shouldn't be that way here I've -- for girl were coming right back on WL. There's a great elected Tuesday it's a little on the warm side but very comfortable last night in an early this morning it looks like for a couple more days away from any rain looks like we might get some rain late Thursday and Friday in their possibly Saturday as well but it has been really beautiful for an extended period of time. I got a a call from somebody else the year just now who talks about this group on her flight and it's -- an organization that gets World War II vets to the World War II museum -- I'm gonna look into that I've really by trying to at this says this man mr. Kirby. As the World War II museum it's the least it to that I can do if there's anything else we can do well. We issued to try to help in understand that there are there are people like mr. Kirby out there. Here's an update on our -- -- -- -- jaguar opinion poll this morning do you think saying prayers to open government meetings is a violation of separation of church and state. 81% say no and 19% say yes. And we're inspired to ask this question because the Supreme Court has upheld -- ruling that prayers can be permitted. Before government meetings even if the prayers are predominately Christian. And those in attendance are encouraged to participate as long as other religious prayers are welcomed. And the prayers cannot be used as a tool to convert people to a christianity. On the court ruled that this is a part of American tradition of distorting government meetings with prayers and you know if you -- atheist or agnostic and don't listen to the prayer or you can you can leave the room. I think both sides of this issue have become far far too sensitive. There are those on the Christian side. Who would become too sensitive about. And christianity not being welcome in places as the only religion. And then there are the atheist and diagnostics. Those who were not Christians who are far too sensitive thinking that well they have a right to go through life and never hear any reference to Christmas or never see any. Reference or symbols of of christianity and that's that's clearly wrong because christianity is a part of this country. We're thrilled to have Angela hill as part of our radio failing she's got some great stuff coming up on our show today and 1 o'clock do you worry about the American middle class. Is it shrinking it was still longer the world's richest middle class. The big guy openers the median per capita income in the US. Has barely budged since 2000 while Canadians have seen their median income jumped 20%. Also do you consider yourself part of the middle of middle class. And -- things gotten tougher for you where each year since 2000 also Angel is gonna talk about to who's moving into New Orleans downtown and the CBD. Just detection stories of what's the CBD except talk about walking around the CBD I guess I assume that everybody understands that it said the central business districts of its. The business and now residential area of downtown -- as. I I love living downtown. And never thought that New Orleans would be a place that I would wanna live downtown but things haven't changed it's one of the overly positive things have changed about New -- -- -- -- had a conversation. Also how healthy is your child's heart. The statistics are rather frightening children show and is five years old. Are showing the beginnings of high blood pressure. And a hardening of the arteries and -- children today and the average shipment twelve pounds heavier and not taller than in 1973. So. Would you be in favor of health education program and schools. Do you think that we turn things around don't miss Angela an open mind apology to financially -- From one to four here on WWL. And if you wanna join us for the comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. To all free 86680. -- early seventy text. 877 more vehicles -- more of your text coming up right after the news. On WWL.