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5-6-14 12:10pm Scoot: on flag-burning

May 6, 2014|

Scoot fills in for Garland and asks if flag burning should be outlawed.

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You know sometimes you're reminded about really how good people or I'm studio for Garland at last night on the -- show a big guy called the show in his own neighbors mr. Kirby. And 92 year old forward to that. And he was very passionate about the issue concerning the American flag in one of the topics last night on the show wise it's it's it was Cinco De -- Is it disrespectful to Hispanic Americans if you Wear an American flag shirt on Cinco De Mayo. Now. The spirit of the question is if you Wear the American flag. To denounce Cinco De Mayo if you if you Wear the American flag or display the American flag. That's one thing but if you do it specifically on Cinco De Mayo. To downplay. Pride in and Hispanic heritage. Is that disrespectful. And that was our poll last night were talking about that in that the gentleman called and at least 82 years older veteran of four war two and said that he is opposed to the American flag being used for anything undergarments anything other than. On being something that is saluted and and respected. Our conversation he talked about I asked him if he'd been to the World War II museum because he did talk about his experience in in Germany. And here's a guy who seems very much alone and there are lot of people like this. And -- according to what he told us -- of families are taking care of him he's having trouble getting a battery for his -- scooter. In any event I I told him that I went to try to figure out a way to get him to the World War II museum I am amazed at last night and again. This morning so many people or are offering help. Including one company that it wants to transport him. And it's a company that would have the equipment to transport this guy. He's he's he's crippled I don't know exactly how he just that's how we describe yourself I don't know exactly what his. The situation is but it's hard for him to get around but this company wants to transport him. But they don't want any publicity about it. And there's something just released so junior went about -- detectives it's a place in the Bible that. They ask you to I'm not ask for. Publicity when you when you give or do something nice for somebody and I just think that's a really really wonderful gesture but so many people have tried to help it. Write it off a year orbiter and try to work on making sure that this guy gets to the World War II museum I asked him -- he'd only -- once. And he would really like to go back it. In a -- Stanley second helping and then. We're gonna try to help him again this is a little more complicated than just hooking people up like they call me you know give -- the guys and we you know we we can't do that because unfortunately. You can't trust people but then at the same time that you can't trust people then there are people who are calling up and are just so genuinely interested. In in wanting to help the Supreme Court justice Antonin Scalia and by far I would think the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court. Said it was really difficult for him but he voted against the law that makes burning the American flag a crime. He said he was up to me if I were king I'd take those scruffy bearded sandal wearing idiots who burned the flag and I would put him in jail. But the First Amendment. Stops me from actually doing it. So I applaud Justice Scalia for being honest with he is interpretation of the law and not allowing his personal feelings to get involved here. Because I would think that. Freedom of speech. Does protect the burning of the flag that you might not like the burning of the flag but isn't this a perfect example of how freedom of speech does protect the speech that we don't like. And and -- there are people who. Who don't think you have a right to speak your mind on and on radio or television or the media if you don't have certain views. And that's not -- that's not what freedom of expression is about. It's about it's it's really easy to support freedom of speech of agree with. It's not easy to support. The the speech the freedom to speak freely. If you totally disagree. It's one of the things we're talking about and and also I was reading about new study that shows that conservative and liberal justices. Were more likely to support freedom of speech that reflects their personal ideology. Which is wrong because they should be judging -- based on the law not their personal views. If you -- join Russia with a comet this afternoon our numbers 2601872. All free 866889. Necessarily seventy. And -- tech's number. Is a 7870. We're also talking about the us Supreme Court. Ruling that that prayers can be permitted before government meetings even if the prayers are predominately Christian. And those in attendance are encouraged to participate. Other religious prayers must be welcome and the prayers cannot be used as a tool to convert people to christianity. But the Supreme Court ruled that the prayers at the beginning of a government meeting is part of a long tradition in America so are you OK with that. Is that a violation of separation of church and state. -- to have a prayer even if it's most often a Christian prayer to have a prayer before a government meeting does that. Does that bother you I am against Joyner show with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven enter text number is a 77. Were also talking about this. This fifteen year old New Orleans team. Who obviously doesn't learn from his -- his mistakes this was this is the fifteen year old teen Marshall cultures is name. He was shot in the head while trespassing and so was property in the Bernie last summer we talked about this it's it's still an ongoing case 33 year old -- president. Derek Landry is facing attempted second degree murder charges that still in the hands of the Orleans parish district attorney's office. Well last Friday this fifteen year old teen found the key in a mailbox enters somebody's home of the 2000 block of royal street. The very residents spotted the -- in his backyard there was no confrontation affect the teen patiently waited while police came to pick him up. This is the same teenager data is charged with aggravated. Burglary in the case but it goes back to June of 2012. Where he got into a confrontation with the resident in the 900 block of French and so obviously this is his territory. I'm in that confrontation he -- begun. And ran away. So who's responsible for this teen's behavior to sport. When are we going to. Start to do more to hold parents accountable. For the children that there are part of that they don't they don't race. And -- situations downtown. All the time. That. Reminds me that there are young mothers. Who were having babies. And they really don't have the means. With which should take care of these babies. And a man can come along and impregnate somebody and walk away and never see him again. So the men who walk away from that but from a moment of sex. You're not going to be responsible for the baby that results. Is is this case where. Abortion is better than. Somebody coming into the world who nobody's gonna care for. And at the very people who refer to these young criminals as animals. I think a lot of those people are probably the ones who are very very pro life. Well. If you go to call somebody an animal. Would it be better if they were brought into the world. If Georgia and Russia with a comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86680. -- early seventy. And a text number is 87870. Here's a Texan -- As long as other religions and beliefs will be able to give their statements of public beatings christianity will have to share the stage. I'm more often now -- other religions would be welcome and as long as they are welcome I don't have a problem with the Christian prayer being said as long as that's not the only prayer that is allowed. I'm -- in for Garland and we'll be right back on WWL. Should parents be punished for the crimes they're kids commit that is our new WWL pretty general opinion poll. 47%. Say yes but a majority 53% say no parent should not be punished. For the crimes their kids commit. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com I am still amazed that did that parents get away with so many things. It would -- not raising kids. And get quite often I've I've talked to discourage showing tonight about I've cases that have involved young kids 34 or five. 67. Getting a hold of -- gun. It's not their guys their parents got kids getting a hold of a gun and shooting and killing somebody. Sometimes it's a relative. In some cases has been a brother or sister. And there's a reluctance to to hold parents accountable. If you're a parent and gone -- and if your child gets a hold of a gun. How can that not be considered -- fault. -- it's it's your responsibility. To take care of that -- you have a right to own a gun which I support. But you have a responsibility to make sure that kids don't get a hold of a gun in a last night and industry in the news pressure you heard about this or talked about this also last night. These these baby gates. The gates that protect children that they keep children from you know going into an area they're not supposed to go into. Well the the number of the number of of incidents involving kids going to the emergency room for these baby -- being injured from these baby gates. Has quadrupled since I think the year 2000. As -- people I guess initially -- -- blamed the baby gate it's not the baby gate. It's the parents. I guess there's some parents who think well I've got the baby gate up so I don't have to worry about washing my -- nothing can happen. Well kids climb over baby gates and me the they fall downstairs. -- they get into an area that's opposing get into it's not the fault that the baby -- the -- -- the parent who has this false sense of security that I got the baby gave up my kids taking care of one thing that is really change today is that parents are looking for ways. To have their kids taken care off. Even when they're they you're. You know there was a controversy recently about high chairs and the number of kids that are in injured because they fall out of high chairs. Well they have all these restraints now and I guess parents think I might get in -- high chair it's it's constructed so that Mike -- second. Children can get out of things. Is the parents' fault for not paying closer attention it would were growing up we we -- open high chairs that were just basic cheers. And nobody ever thought to blame the chair. If a kid fell out of a chair. It was the parents. Responsibility. If you wanna join our show our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. Your text number is 87870. I've screwed it for Garland Garland will be -- tomorrow and Bob that you will be doing -- showed tonight at WWL a from New Orleans Jacob welcome to the show. Our coaches get in the outbreak in protecting protected under the First Amendment. In my opinion is you. It's -- give up your right to -- being quicker. No. Because like yeah yeah I mean I understand that point. Patrick or get at Netflix or. Why you're at Cuba and then. It should even be in the country. Well I think that's a legitimate question bite you can be in this country and express. Speech that says it defies the United States defies the government and burning the flag you know that deet the active burning the flag in a lot of cases Jacob it would be illegal because it's it's fire because -- -- that. It but the the the intent of burning the flag in protest. I think it's actually I I I think it's despicable but I think it's actually protected by. What the flight stance. It's funny to people -- and definitely no hypocritical -- program in the country and -- you don't support I -- You know. Well I agree with that and that's one thing that the United States does offer it offers the opportunity to leave here even if you don't agree with that with the country. And not every not every country allows that so we're very unique in that way I mean I under I understand what you're saying. But I think the that the bigger the factory is the flag represents even the freedom to burn the flag. -- alleged comment naturalistic if you wanna join us I would comment to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. And a text numbers 877. Here's a text. That says why not offer wealthier. Incentives to not have children. The system is set up now that rewards people for having unwanted children. That's true. The system rewards people. For participating in behavior that should not be considered. Acceptable. And yet it is so you know in a sense society is to blame. But if if we could find ways. To hold parents accountable. Again I I see it every day of my life. And maybe IC morgue downtown then you see -- in in your neighborhood but I see it every day we I have overheard conversations where. A forty year old woman is talking about. How many grandchildren she -- You shouldn't have five or six grandchildren. At the age of forty. Especially for May -- only -- one -- may again over here these conversations and I'm trying not to pass judgment but there is little question. Debt. That people are having sex. We're just the moment. And they're not thinking about the consequences. For the consequences as a child. And that should not be something that society rewards. Remanded -- Ethan you're under a VW out. I about the flag burning. You know we don't freedoms from the flag and we don't get -- even from the United States that -- which the flag represents. Our freedoms for -- -- creator. And he might take them in that it's simply it is the flag of the United States should leave the United States and not gonna which grants that are afraid. It was a government that was -- can be -- to to respect our freedom. Down so as -- it's bad -- burning the -- maintain. Which is keeping in perspective that we don't freedom from flat that we don't know that we get from our government we haven't won where created. And we -- you -- given -- -- can be taken quite honest and can be challenged. That we're given is that what you are created. That's a philosophical but very accurate view of -- I appreciate you calling specialist -- Ecuador short David you're under -- WL. Welcome Gartner group. I was so I'm sure it's removal. When you have you are. -- here -- you'll -- totally active period. What the correct way. Jewish vote that way if you vote. Correct -- that's an insult or my understanding what future research on the -- but how do you feel that somebody is burning the flag burning a new flag out of out of practice. Approach that are -- And should be should be a crime. Should be a crime. Are most certainly. So you you disagree with conservative justice Antonin Scalia who voted against the law that would make burning the American flag crime. Last sector albeit a calamity -- lack of protesters. Okay all because you don't -- you don't of this country most of should be a car. Boat -- -- a question worked well you know red flag after a huge army properly. Yeah that -- that -- a different scenario David and I appreciate you calling if you wanna join us with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And text number is State's 7870. And here's a text we need to figure out a way to reduce the number of babies being born into a hopeless situation Payne meant to get vasectomy procedures. Would help with this problem. And here is a comment about the American flag it should be illegal I hate the people that burn the flag. That is not speech so you're disagreeing with a very conservative member of the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia. Who said contrary to his personal beliefs. He voted. Against a law that makes burning the flag a crime because it's protected by freedom of speech. I'm studio for Garland and we'll be right back after this WWL news updates with Chris Miller. And Garland will be -- with you tomorrow I'm scoots -- today. We're still getting phone calls and and text about a phone call I had last night on this crucial -- a guy named mr. Kirby in 92 year old World War II veteran. -- of the World War II museum is now called him that they're getting phone calls. But we're gonna make sure this guy gets to the museum and I want to thank all of you for your interest and I'll I'll I'll follow up with is that what you know what happens -- on our. Our website at WW dot com also you can follow me on FaceBook scoots. On a year -- on the year and I join me on Twitter at school WW ought to give you updates with Tammy if you missed a conversation last night. It gives a conversation gets a text afterwards it is that the conversation -- brought into tears. This guys named mr. Kirby and it should be still podcast on the -- page. At WWL dot com go to the top shows and schedules and click on this -- it should still be there. In our podcast. So we've been talking about Antonin Scalia. I would say he's the most conservative for -- justice on the Supreme Court. He said it was difficult for him to do it but he voted against the law that would make burning the American like a crime said he'd throw -- -- in jail but. The constitution won't let him do that we get to a couple these text here's a text -- the United States of America is the land of freedom and home of the brave. Love it or leave it but all of our constitutional rights should be protected at all cost. Even someone burning the flag. Here is a -- reads you burning in a clean metal container. Her specific set of rules I guess that's it -- destroying the the American flag that has become tattered or or born and it it needs to be. Destroyed but that's that's different from the intent of burning the American flag. Out of protest. Here is a text -- to protest. And does not mean that you don't like your country. While that's true and there are there are many things. Conservative people -- -- in this country. About this president of the United States. Debt. Could be. Understood as almost. Anti American. And you can have whatever feelings you want about Obama or bush or whoever is in the White House says that's part of America. But the disrespect it has been shown for. The White House and and America. And the contempt for America that is come from people who are considering themselves very very patriotic. Is -- is very unsettling. And the excuse is I don't like this president. And we have elections in this country. And no matter what one side is not going to be happy with the outcome of an election. And all you can do is go to the polls and vote next time all you can do is promote for promote the candidate that you would like to. To be in the White House -- to be in office anywhere. That's your right and responsibility as an American it's really sad that there are not more Americans who were registered and among the registered voters it's really sad that. There are so many people who don't even take the time to vote in and I realize that you might not like either candidate. But as I said. I believe it was the conservative right. It really helped Obama get reelected because they were so many people on the right who were unhappy with Mitt Romney because he wasn't conservative enough. Therefore they didn't vote. Not going to vote helps somebody get elected in his case it was the reelection of President Obama. There are -- out right now that showed that that Democrats young Democrats are less likely to vote coming up in in November in the mid term elections. Dan the conservatives. And if you don't vote you're actually helping the other side. So why would you just stay home and and not -- I realize that mid term elections are not as exciting but if you really think about it. And this is something will be talking about a closer to the election obviously. But the mid term elections really may have a bigger impact on our lives and who was president. Because it is the it's it's the that that. The senate. And the House of Representatives. They create. And pass the laws. The president just X accuse the laws and so many people to the president -- he's a stance on gun rights for stance on abortion his stance on same sex marriage. Overly what does the president have to do with those things. He has no direct impact on the sinks so really the mid term elections should actually be something that we are more a passionately interested in. And even the -- The presidential race but again that's something you'll talk about a closer to the election here's a Texan reads about burning the flag it is the purest form a political speech. It was said by one of our founding father's best I mean don't agree with what you have to say but I will fight to the death. For your right to say it. And from my standpoint it's a talk show hosted many people disagree with. I am just just astounded that they are so many people who don't think that you have a right. To express. Views that they disagree with. And it and did the disagreement over that is very very vicious. Really people honestly believe you don't have a right to say things that they disagree with. And that's the very rights. That the constitution guarantees. So is sadly -- a lot of Americans don't really understand. Freedom of speech I I hope you're not one of them. I should parents be punished for the crimes their kids commit that's a WW project opinion poll give -- -- opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. I'm student for Garland and we will be right back with war. -- -- -- I love the -- makes me feel good now I get in the car and I put this CD in and it just it makes me feel good American authors besting in my life. If I got hold CD is say is an excellent this CD very very positive it is group got a reminds me of that. Eighty genre that seems to be very popular with music today one other interesting thing about it some of the new bands today American authors is one of them. Their lead singer has a drum. Right by his his Mike. Any accents the percussion part of the song. By playing a drum during the song I also noticed this with the band best deal that does the popular song Pompeii. And then add to -- Jazz -- last weekend I noticed it with the that the local band from Louisiana royalty. Which is very popular. I'd dearly Sager has a drop and -- with the drummer is doing so that's kind of a new trend with a lot of young bands today. I'm -- it for growing here's a quick update on our Debbie WL pretty general opinion poll should parents be punished for the crimes their kids commit. 48% say yes and 52% saying no. So we don't hold parents accountable who do we hold accountable tickets. Dated and start out bad. They were. I guess you can say they were taught to be bad by not being taught. Right from wrong. -- to get to a couple of these says these text and here's a text about kids I'm 36 years old I have four kids up to seventeen. I think all parents should be held responsible for the things. Their children due to a certain extent -- obviously what you get past a certain age it's it's up to the -- But it is if you're a parent. And you're young teens are are committing. -- brazen crimes. How how could you not hold the parent accountable re there might be some -- where the parent is it responsible. But in far too many cases it really is the parent who is responsible and get our society still seems to be unwilling to hold parents accountable. And if we allow them to be on accountable for for things that they do in neighboring children in this world that they're not going to to race. -- and why would they change why would they change their behavior. Here is. Attacks to that reads I worked at the State Capitol in 2000. 122013. -- house was in session as a page for my first two years and L issue before I moved back to nursing school. Every day of the session started with a prayer usually representatives against from their church and sometimes representative. Himself. Yeah we've been talking about that because the Supreme Court has upheld a law. Upheld -- a rule that says you can't say a prayer. Before a government meeting and and again as as long and is. As long as every body is invited to to give a prayer at some point as long as it's not exclusively Christian. Then I don't have a problem with the prayers being said before a -- I'm here is -- text. Yes and those are the anti free speech. Liberals got an interesting -- year. This is so typical of the way a lot of people feel today. This president. Is anti American. And he has the respect for the constitution does he deserves no respect. Not only did people not respect the president but they don't respect the office of the president. Now it wasn't that long ago when George W. Bush was in the White House and there were people on the left to a very disrespectful. -- George W. Bush. And I'm sure the argument by those on the right would it -- look he's the president respect the president even if you disagree with the president. Well today those same people. Are excusing. Their lack of respect for the president and the office of the presidency. Because they don't like this particular president and yet that's hypocritical if you would give advice to somebody and say. You don't like bush well then go to the polls and and vote for somebody else. But what would I hear people have such contempt for this country now because they disagree with the president. -- I get the feeling that this is really almost anti American. The people refer to while this country. As if it's not -- their country. And -- -- if somebody is elected by a free like you did so many of the people who have caused such hysteria. Over this president. The right wing ultra conservative radio talk show host and Jeff Fox News Channel. You know they're they're kind of the kind of dying off they're not as popular and it's as they once were -- this country is changing. And this country is changing in part because a new young generation. Has a voice now. And you -- young generation even conservatives who are younger don't agree with right wing conservatives. Who are part of the establishment today. And as long as a Republican Party is beholden to the establishment. Far right. I think they're gonna have a very difficult time -- ever winning the White House there are young conservatives who. Don't want the government involved in things like same sex marriage. And are in favor the legalization of pot even if they don't even if they don't smoke pot. So is going to be interesting to see what's what image the Republican Party does present in these mid term elections. As long as it's a party that is against things as opposed to being for things. Then I think they're gonna have a difficult time and and again this this country is this country is changing. And the the old right wing guard is. It is fate if you want to pressure with a comet numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- early seventy. Attacks -- -- 7870. Is a text us could you suggested to door cinema club to me in a text a couple of months ago my daughter and husband won them. We'd like all the bands. You just named as well thanks for the suggestion. Yeah that's another sign one new song there's a lot of good new music out and they're people who part of my generation the baby boomer generation who. Is music today as jock no it's not it's really good. And it has a good message. And it's very reminiscent of the eighties. They'll come out of the next break with two door cinema club band that reminds me of the eighties and there puppetry and -- today. I'm security for Garland and we'll be right back on WWL. You know I realize that I do a talk show. You know my -- was in music radio and music gets a soundtrack of our lives have always -- important to us and quite often reflects. -- young generation process my generation was reflected by the musica. The sixties. This this a new group called the two door cinema club I mean even overall relatively new rules and and his -- so reminds me of this stuff from the 1980s it was a lot of really great new music you know. From Metairie debut on Debbie WL a good afternoon. And it goat is called about right in the food and right quietly bought from right there one. Medical insurance or not. And yet you know we lead we didn't we we after -- people that don't work act. And you know it just it just why -- -- taking some your dog in writes. That everybody here are right on two -- That's not true. Well there are a lot of good -- there are a lot of inconsistencies. In the tunnel that we're really losing our rights and I know there's so a lot of controversy concerning obamacare in theory it's the same principle is if everybody has car insurance then. Those who have car insurance and don't have to pay as much for those who who don't have -- so in theory it's. It's it's a good idea. Some people have benefited in some people have not benefited from obamacare so -- -- to -- that's different from just suggesting that we're losing our rights because I don't I don't think releasing -- rights. -- Got to look like we're right to say what you want to burn or act and yet he can't do it. There -- right and sure enough. Yeah I I Dave I understand that argument I really doing meeting in in theory it's if everybody had insurance it would be less of a burden on those who have insurance. So that would be a good thing. But -- you know I I don't like -- I don't like the mandate so I agree with you. -- Dave I appreciate you calling her show and I'm sure that conversation is is gonna still be witness for quite some time. Here is attacks to it reads. As long as young adults are too -- into the social media's portrayal of how cool sex is and societies promotion of how good sex feels. These 1415 year olds are gonna. We're gonna do well sex is always been considered cool right. But I think -- Neumann hello since Kenny and -- and chargers are studio producer. -- is back tomorrow love -- New Orleans.