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5-6 4:35pm Sports Talk:NBA Heats v Nets

May 6, 2014|

Deke Bellavia and Bobby Hebert talk to Michael Wallace who covers the Miami Heat and the NBA for ESPN.com about the game one of the Heat versus the Nets.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

They're going 483 -- The Miami Heat and they advance to the second row relative ease by sweeping the Charlotte Bobcats in four games current heat in the NBA for espn.com. Is. Michael Wallace my whole Lotta people are excited about this because of the against say the left all the guys from Boston at some success against LeBron when he was a -- and and in Miami and does some of veteran faces including a veteran coach with and Brooklyn. A ball club that -- Miami during the regular season personally I don't buy into the regular season because of dead at 32 time defending NBA chance but. You tell me goes Brooklyn have a shot in this series. Pop -- video was shot because they do to bring one. The court and number two they score the multiples course -- in the fourth quarter when you really need. You know what when you -- Omaha. I'm haven't been in that group we were you've got to experience do that that he's really didn't do too much of what they expect that -- 1010. Little. The cup problem but Langley net com don't think that is what we're going to be about. Which the respect Brooklyn and betterment of what they've been able to do so well. Now might be talking to my game Smith. -- what is the status here number of observers. As the playoffs gonna continue. Do you wait is the ready to roll obviously this arrest has to help them. Because it seems like give the heat are gonna repeat that Dwyane Wade has to be a big part of that. Yeah he definitely would be you know keep vital partner we so that it came -- championships. You know the last two years -- the likely be in diminished Chris Bosh. You know -- -- major injuries and it really well on the -- and some role players to really get -- top you know -- years ago Mike Miller. Olympics series against Oklahoma City. Shane Battier and Ray Allen who made -- -- of the playoffs so you know but the way. Having eight days off from first round series are really good chance that -- -- mean it was awful deal with the Achilles strain as well. Hamstring so basically -- out the article -- And guys -- really helped him. I think -- ruling that -- but he needed to come to this series. Its healthiest he's been the -- Mike -- -- -- -- like. You know TV networks and everything that and he got an up and coming Raptors team. That is the series their body when it FC basically New York vs Miami. Well on the run that connection people a lot of New Yorkers live in the Miami area but -- agencies like old school when you got your name Brooklyn. And in you know obviously associating that with New York City. And in Miami. Is it like it is going to be a lot of five power so to speak as far as that the fans involvement. And how it is just more appealing. Brooklyn -- evident in Miami vs the -- -- about I mean stop powers the big cities could probably another new York and Miami connection a lot of transplant. You know committing -- -- -- bigger from the but you know they've been. On the extent but it still the New York. Dynamic there and the thing about it that this series that. You know again the people the Brooklyn and look at the often tied with reality KG Paul appears I mean there's so many story -- here would be seen it and you -- -- say -- -- it's in this situation where. You know for so long. She and him and his game -- -- teams we're trying to get past the Celtics and Kevin Garnett they had not -- now the other way around the and the bottle top of the you know mountain in these guys trying to knock them off at this point. Michael called Collins to the Grizzlies to the west a college finals last year a coach -- -- -- wanna record number greens. Mark Jackson what he did hit it a Golden State why why our bodies coaches fired. Yeah it make any sense something it it it impatient owners about it that much about you know politics and and what you -- and agree with it then -- -- -- some awkward management. Our structure that changed on the coach and I use it when you're except local record standpoint. -- out it's not that that because that would be done on the court it's more so Bristol what. Archer and have gone on -- when you do all people. That change in the Western Conference final matches never got a while before and it made it. Got -- about probably more. And that's what. Now Michael you just take on the NBA topic uh oh what is your take as you have serve would Damian billiard has done with the Portland trailblazers you know you talk about. You know the pressure. You know Weaver state where he came from rookie of the year by the -- of those sophomore slump and he seems like. He's just getting better and better and can handle the pressure. There such talk to a -- Taylor and now old man of that tomorrow but you know what in the world. And you know he talked about now. You know that the matter was so so ball sort of become. -- and the pressure packed situation. Is different. Cook a lot of people don't expect you would be in expect you would be -- soldiers. Out there and prove people wrong -- -- and that gave sensible that's what in the world we can. He took part in recent activity because you know for the dunk contest three pointers you know -- you know. Player. In BA history you -- -- -- more reporters to its first -- In the NBA anybody in league history so that kind of probable prospect news. Michael how can folks thought you on -- -- -- -- program that it wallet and be under court he had. Michael -- Michael thank you so much damage on the Eastern Conference semis. I know parliament the other. Game one tonight danys South Florida Miami and Brooklyn -- a program -- -- about game -- Al west between San Antonio. And Portland this is sports talk who has the best player overall player available in the issues -- vote online at WW dot com.