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5-6 5:20pm Sports Talk: NBA

May 6, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to the TV Voice of the Pelicans Joe Myers about the NBA.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's got as much knowledge is just about any broadcaster cover in the NBA hands out there are truly real fortunate to have dynamic. As television play by play voice of the New Orleans pelicans and been very busy and active in the post season. -- Myers John is now jolt thank you so much for the time and I'm sitting there and -- I wasn't shocked but I'm watching some of the first round season long like. I know that voice I mean this is it to be entrenched in -- in the post season in all the great years you've Angela thing may be coming from you. May take a little ball up credence into this question from a guy that's been around it but. I said. I thought this first round with the greatest first round we have seen. Certainly in -- Weston consummate from top to bottom -- all the series on the sending gained the fourth straight overtime game between. Memphis and okay see through the first -- all the time with Portland. In Houston but you'd Joseph went where does this first round rank for a guy who's been around the despite all of the. -- compete here on a particular art. It's as good as it's ever been and I'm glad they want to certain games because they're can be looks sort of spot of injured Spurs no question about that. Usually the better prevails. So I agree completely and I can tell you guys we talk for awhile but I can't tell you much and oral you know double -- -- years that would show lot. And released top meat -- indoctrinated by itself and get. In you know in publicity and have a mental forty as well which helps as well so I think to review. You bought thank you very grateful for Dillon got here and could live alleged activity times you have to be around imagine. Go out and -- while imitators. Bobby. Went one. Tulane where it's named bull lecture not probable almost you guys and be. You're now you've got archer. Yeah graduate yeah that have been you -- Courses are particularly. Half mile model -- -- -- to let -- -- a little bit well have been in our I don't smile much rates it's. It's not a great believe that you couldn't carry it -- and -- Keep showers but -- and out but it was great -- -- particular fight -- and not one -- a -- -- And now but -- you might -- on a different note explain this to me. And -- did tell me it is probably. I guess in this series started. I'm living on the world could Mark Jackson the Golden State Warriors get fired ya where you look at what happened in Memphis what coach Howland. And and George Carlin Denver. Is it like it's a lot different in the NFL. Where. You can be a playoff team and I don't know of the got impatient owners know what it is but. It seems like that he got a scratch your head and oddity get fired in an -- what is your take them. Just you. Ownership. And conflict. Between. We older at the coach didn't CI. And maybe there weren't totally separate trial and because riddled with team. There staff problems to guys or one guy fired and and reassigned and fired and our team better and another guy. Outlet -- stat keeper -- Your conversation. And a player coaches conversation as well so group that was a dysfunctional group this year but it took given credit. Great to the Clippers seven they want to the second round last year so it's just a win and losses you are right back. Because they have period. Apply option consecutive years that. It's been a long almost by I don't know two. But. They want great trip bases pepper will turn out there and -- -- a major spotlight that mission district after strokes but. There's a lot of egos. Panthers thirty owners it very select group. We're really lucky. Into Portland that are older let the professionals do their job that's about it aspect to report into the -- -- Knowledge though was -- -- New Orleans and you look at the paladins -- on merit how could you encourage. The pelican fans professional basketball fans -- area. Where they'll remember and I Taylor that arena was jam packed and it was rock and they make it and almost the Western Conference final starting game seven to the Spurs. But it's of you produce a winner that that Arenas pack but it seems like even next year how competitive. The -- that congress as. They could be like him Phoenix's situation. And have a nice Terrell a winning record but still I get that a -- so how patient do you become. I mean has become like two year -- got to get back in the playoffs are. Because it's so competitive in the west now and I'll look at where to sons who are and and and didn't get a chance to go to play -- All right -- Bobby they're they've got talent to match. -- -- and Jrue Holiday there and got an -- it was a scored star. It BP it's healthy and -- -- cross -- -- period about. She is legit. All of your league there's no question -- Davidson scored first second ball and beer. Then that's really he in the immediate future it's not far away. So they've got the centerpiece about the foundation -- nicely -- combo guard -- politics Tyreke Evans should start he will start next year. Are thirteen to. When you consider they agree air or off the bench -- wood chip 1516 important games score. So we have enough they've had a three. They need three tickets four meters line off the bench as a defender rebounder -- trees in the in agent Ian PA. You've got to have a free because -- the tree. And that got real legitimate threat the three ball has got to be apart. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think -- with you. Build a -- and give him some time over the next couple years and -- the -- -- put on Morey has been working Tibet Tibet chances ahead of the game off that Japan. Guards were not that far away. Oh boy jugular cut how Robin Lopez says it threw me dislike it in him. Right but he thought he -- He's fit in that he would look good these are some guys you can plug in and you guys you know purple evident football. Some guys even though -- -- basketball -- just OJB you can -- a minute war. So as we -- ready for the draft and -- -- Saints where they're gonna go for stroke that sort of overall yeah. Yeah I mean. I trust Ricky through what the two Kenny Ricky got let's work Purdue on pit -- My absolute dog who tanked I don't give me back out one more question but don't Indies take on the on the -- around the house. That great dole miles is a special -- -- -- -- the pelicans and of course -- calling first round games with the Chris Webber among others the TNT. There's another quick thing -- Joba first there was time is. 531 time a person who go to -- hands he's a TV -- the -- -- play for the New Orleans pelicans press off a first round series called the TNT you -- -- -- with Chris Webber among others Jo Myers is August out of that game BA. And dole ought to follow up one final question. Big 12 Conference call pro pro games -- -- to a fourteen out -- lot of people excited as a lot of information that we don't know yet to. How these teams are going to be selected but -- going into a jolt your thoughts on a four team playoff from a guy who comes on the power -- in the big to a. Going to be very difficult. Really difficult I mean -- Good luck people -- say because we thought. Couples system was flawed. Or some stories are over getting out of final four. Basketball it's right I know you can't do a large format in football at a body can't sustain. And that's why I think it's a great fit that they're they've got it set up in football where you have to state for three years -- -- -- -- well as guys would not to prepare physically. To play every other element -- it's another story will talk about you know it's not another day. The age requirement in the NBA. -- -- I don't are gonna actually do. Because when you get down. -- selecting teams there's good hitter and things usually well that collegiate sixer could make an argument for a for the power conference since. So now -- goodness -- it its record to be is absolutely going to be four. Betsy at ten and -- order mended it's a triple regret it now for years to come only for. I mean -- -- that as well. Because they're good people out of the system as we know. Right and -- no you know around here in denied two SEC teams in the final report in -- at. It's something's wrong with that so it -- -- -- -- on that well aren't. Yep but I mean you have to pass or by acting ability to be SEC about it. In recent years big -- has not been far behind the SEC. Is in another local its closest critical football. So -- not worried about pros. The pac twelve throws the ball more and has more -- -- this target about the talent and physical capabilities. Of the individual. On each college team. So the SEC when you look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Y -- SEC or it would -- the one thing is going to be. So. I don't know you can really get down just for that -- basketball at its system. And and Bristol -- with a point game. And made that consideration -- who wrote that you have a couple of play in games should get extra for. That play underway. Into a situation. For a -- -- triple but update as we're lucky. We want the SEC instrument -- -- country. Dole -- and we appreciate your time at all but as the great -- work with and you know you think about that the different voices and and people that's such great impressions. The Keith Jackson the exact books the Johnny most. And paying you an opportunity to work. Out in LA and now -- know obviously a guy. But in the be in the position to chick Hearn was and when you look at all the great to work with him in and -- -- so many to list. Well what was that like because you know we know about different things from looking from our stamp on how how valued at how successful the Lakers franchisees. And it in the voice it -- ticket isn't in -- she earned her trying to be in that position that's. For people who don't know that that had to be -- had to be humbling -- it also had to be kind of one of those things you know it's. Very honorable in the home away with being from the. Yeah it was definitely it was a unique experience but things changed that landscape. Has changed dramatically. The casket of jury possibly a year ago chip heard many years ago. You'll or anybody's hurt and eagle which Obama basically based bought it for instance Scott. Six years old. And the level that she's working -- and bullets impulse or. So but from being the guys that the good -- promote got the relationships -- you know I thought. W teammates and he actually worked with in the studio or or. Remote situations. So whether it was all -- acquire -- first year total holes he's football all the acquired in BC. Or 72 -- not ought to be a radio spot probably oppose big. Think you remember. Al McGuire budget college basketball into him at BC and those experiences. And at times you got to spend with them. Given the toll or better -- two or three arts sport. A lot but being exposed to that question like you guys when you listen to others -- learning you're always slips in and picking up something Chocolat. Are fortunate to a tier cheaper and in the day in state finals his basketball life. At a time when Magic Johnson. Hitler -- recorded -- it was a great time for the Olympics it actually say and don't forget about that they gave -- When he came out of India state magic at Michigan State India what -- chase. -- those two guys that typically there's a question about that. TV voiced privately at a New Orleans pelicans come in the playoffs the TN TB to a football on long long long list. Of things he does we of very very grateful and glad to have him as. TV votes the pelicans Gerald Myers Joseph always a pleasure to visit with you -- great job man to -- TNT I know a lot of people proud here it was -- I would bowlers on the would ideas that are on board. I certainly hope by your use anymore. As -- look what coach Johnson -- -- Tulane at they will be saying and if by some I mean the more you do it Q but I don't take it thank you very much. And -- in the days -- you can Google him you can Yahoo! hammy at demanded well and does that is I appreciate it -- Aaron nationwide. Or -- -- -- hurting by Tom I mean he's done football baseball basketball world games. What we keep -- now I know we are looking to have a -- -- the man I don't know if beanie but meaning come through this there. With the resonate have a guy like jointly claim him now as one of Earl yet. -- you in the.