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5-6 5:45pm Sports Talk: Saints Draft

May 6, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NBC Sports Analyst Shaun King about the Saints 2014 draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is preparing for the 2004 OT NFL draft you to give us his take forward to -- Grady in BC sports analyst Sean -- at. The joins us now you can follow Sean king and he's a mock draft pit road or world dot com and he's got also the animation -- are always a pleasure to have you on the program when you see the New Orleans Saints Sean. While what do you think is the top need for the black and gold. Well it will -- and I think -- outlook on different direction and -- -- can go up there aren't extremely important -- -- because of the kicks off with a couple. All that bit -- and -- play -- actually admire what we are not a good break an ankle. You know walked into -- social or -- war -- and -- as paper. They have coordinators your your peak in -- -- soccer we call play democracy and while wired. -- who -- specialists. Graham and execute our. Brittany cook the -- probably Q but you know what computer can be ordered record in the -- book really you know prosper so. Currently there are -- to drop -- Now Charlotte before look at a long day NFC south with for a a bring -- Tampa Bay and Atlanta. Look at -- Carolina ever you'll everybody's face to Wear their they've taken. Right after the Saints we all know that wide receiver needs and the impact these men had in and how basically the Saints. You know you look at you like you said do a number of mock drafts in and really -- innocent is the because they vote him play a -- wide receivers when you look at. Carolina going and I did in my drive -- Benjamin. The -- here from Florida State. Possibly going there have been would you be surprised. If they don't go to receiver considering was having an off season with Carolina. Not at all I think grow. You'll you look teacher about it and it's been no gruden actually. You go whoa out of the books and they're probably the worst job and all you. -- -- and a -- and of course where I'll buy you all played doctor. And I think they got much work -- more talent their order Watford in a lot of people he'll look -- -- -- -- Brady -- -- Eagles were tottering. It's a pro war and you know promote spiritual -- are better sure he's probably not completed more their -- line is terrible. Think they're more priority most person you come -- well -- political certainly going to be tackle. You know -- and you're in a position where they go all that and chapel in the first well over the it'll help counsel. And a lot of -- -- -- -- -- Bears entered their their offseason I think they're repeating -- probably. Know -- the bowls and an acute self. Yeah I -- that you -- bring a ball with that tackles and a number of mock drafts. The Saints also brought him and Morgan Moses -- attack from Virginia. Also on the big tackle from Alabama -- outlasting the -- is that there. Aren't very good colleges -- okay. To get it possibly you know fallen that way Britain now looking show on it where Falcons are here to speculation. Against Houston might want too much and it really want clowning. But what is your take about -- carrying it do you think they'll end up staying intimacy exit community take Darren and you look at can't be right behind them. Mike -- Possibly why receiver. -- -- Alou and all of its attack out of Michigan. Another possibility it would as you break down the fountain -- Well are the Falcons Eagles aren't the only quarterback in the league but -- probable -- you've got really upped to six. Not opting to let alone they're great aren't they need to -- to tackle -- little part of why aren't you -- we also want specialists. -- it was reported six. I've been booed throughout the Raptors why aren't you know those -- -- in the league leader tactical -- -- -- and what they own book in the players -- They put the trailer -- little older dark brown who would you legal so so. That sort we will do that opens up because they put it actually got a local start -- -- out that. Iran's example wants to look at how tricky they care and away. After the first two days -- -- -- -- you -- an -- that's -- sure. -- what do you know retreat out of them. Shaun Shaun king -- folks -- won't put Iguodala is great information you give them. Well real solid change though. In a week. Arguably Eldred got going not sport not comparable -- Public on the New York gaga well. Albeit -- sitting musical blurred you don't go to Yahoo.com. And Dario please and also world if you keep sports networks. You know obviously property that the real well well -- optional he'll -- John Edwards and are you a great player who's really pleased that your orchestrated. You know played -- -- be later in the year. Who knows what they are culpable -- a little chuckle as street you'll hear you expect out party or can they won't Wear want to go out there and so. -- -- You know the searchers -- the -- -- follow up and useful somewhere more. Shaun king Shaun always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. And occasional basis sports talk on WW.

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