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5-6 6:35pm Sports Talk: NFL Draft

May 6, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to NFL Draft Analyst for NFL Draft Scout and CBS Sports Dane Brugler about the 2014 NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports so what do you think is the best overall player available in these years -- you can cast your vote online at WWL dot com. Let's go out to our -- for Allen Allen thank you for calling WW. They charge. -- of emotions a little arbitration by receivers and you know obviously need a burner and -- right. Guard buried a particular secret first round. Like you might be in the -- to. Well on the -- war terms -- By the can be -- -- -- Look at their history core of people under the league bosses and on. Number you know the Williams and and it is just not -- -- I would rather have a deep bench. Forces turnovers yet. Short and he'll stand gets people off -- that I'd. But eventually gained for example. We can't move the ball more into it because it gave charges Clippers staff. What that we thought about -- -- it's like all certain we just not move the ball or. If I was at receiver and our one receiver that was physical. And -- came -- got a -- tried to push off the errors. That's what he thought the Seahawks can achieve that where it it. Right at it and and it enemies -- always held above they don't call the penalties and. Don't -- -- -- are yet. They call it if it's blatant but yeah it comes you want somebody to push right. And I want each and that's what like -- bats which you just cannot move the ball. That's all -- one or a linebacker yeah Alabama linebacker huge remotely like -- -- you are now. Man I think if -- -- -- this thing is they would take their reason why say that could you look Hawthorne. Where he's at in and you look Curtis Lofton know I but I don't think he's going to be there. I looked at a number of mock drafts that they had going as high. To the Giants them at twelve and guard the number 21 and -- yellow to Green Bay so -- if he's not there and would you move up maybe think. Get him out there Q it. Sure. Okay just a couple -- not in the top -- My opinion is the key is -- -- quarterbacks ago. Quarterback in the world quarterbacks can you achieve that and -- pushed them. The surgery at eleven she urged. Yet you go to quarterback that they might do is beat two of them right now the only one I'm look at that as John immense Allan Blake morals. Maybe Derek Colorado they even carry Bridgewater is gonna get drafted in the first one to -- the light that. NFL draft analysts the draft scout NFL draft scout dot com in CBS sports is dame -- -- -- is now -- thank you so much for the time and I know it. You -- -- cram and hand and all that we're asking all our fans our audience who'd they think is the best overall player in this year's draft to remain out. How about you who is the best overall player in this Tuesday easy close is it one badgers run the way give us should take. Well what we talk about the most talented and it's Cedeno out in the -- as the Bos. Cup side he has the most. Natural gift he can do things. On the football field that a lot of human beings on the planet can't do -- so I think talked about your -- pure -- Back to -- -- -- he can do a lot of things and you projected -- it even better yet. -- level the big in the clown he is -- puts a belt to get that level. -- you know he took right now when he had the chance to deal lead in the NFL in Egypt there with the mindset that really -- that debate with you back there are. Now Dayne how serious you think the Falcons obviously there massage try to right there in our backyard. About movement up and -- and get a clown me candy work at a tree with Texas detectives are evening detectives want to too much. You know it indeed it because in this draft it's so deep that in her fourth round pick in this years draft. They're goals to build a future natural order right so I think there -- -- trade would -- you're going to be more like you know move back. We're less than people asking price and so it detected in that they think it did not to trade back to a spot where they still didn't get there. Maybe get it where it currently picking I think it -- but immediately and a when he needs on the team in -- -- you'd across the board I think Indy or to be happy about and there are -- -- To move up that -- Yeah I think you'd base that one. And you'd think there is a little bit of -- debate going on with that building -- well in the eight or nickel. Now Dana long the other lines. The better quarterback John immense -- seems like people either love -- or are they hate him. Now the one thing you know myself having played in the NFL. In over a decade. That when I look at it does matter is supporting cast look at Russell Wilson -- -- about the right place right time. And the great quarterback that he is would be doing in Seattle. And so when I look at you know who backs him leaving John -- cells you're gonna have success that I hope sold and I love -- -- that drive a play. -- gives us more to talk them out on the radio but I look Tennessee. He's with the likes of Jacksonville Cleveland are even Oakland. You look maybe not having the success or at all -- -- -- team like Houston. And considering that will be hoping Houston last -- to go to suitable. Than not in a situation like a -- the Raiders -- Browns are the Jaguars so do you have an idea what is your opinion John -- elbow do you think. That weary Eagles does make it that meant the impact you have an NFL. -- -- course and I think your absolutely right and really you could make it eight or Rick brought it. In India now it's better for later except. You know certain quarterbacks is certain -- on her even get it running back. Now you know linebacker. Early in these players it's hard to really needs their future picked up until lately. -- They he would you know what who -- exempting. What team what it they're -- -- at the time and bell and get it especially true you know and it could take it readable and the coordinator and you know. You again they'll deal brilliantly the next level I think he did not after on the pocket that you do it. My biggest thing with me and go anyplace -- yet. It will be in gonna take it any -- that players that. You know it is well albeit a -- the ball up well -- you know you can -- you can say -- -- -- around our players slide. And that and EE org like it where it is albeit today to you know let it die each snap at that that the competitor and -- And it came in the last eighteen games scheduled at the big question. Now a day does that kind of a two part question about individual players. By things like his draft stock is really rising against the is that they don't just fall off trees. And the first part of that -- Donald -- missed -- tackle from Pitt. I'm even here now you'd think maybe the middle the first from now being night getting out of the top ten. And then as far as -- you know I was -- for those skill outside linebackers who can get after the quarterback what you to break down Anthony Barr. Sam linebacker UCLA. -- and also latter may differ from -- coney Healy the Davidson and I'm from Missouri. Yet with -- -- you know but the kid who -- -- lead productive in college he had twenty at -- law that are in your. They did an awesome player that you don't have that ideal guy you want -- six foot. Actually five. What you did that actual size to win the leverage it into technique he would explode and get off. And he's seen that prototypical three technique I think a lot of poor three team. Will be looking at him that pot and you look at it Minnesota eight. You know Mike Zimmer looking for that you know acting right. Actually the -- ball so you know watching him with your bowl that you just Bears. Off the line -- on. -- -- -- -- and -- look for eight of biking will likely spot for -- And then you mentioned people are that we know the -- -- running back did. The ball he had such an inning in emerging sheet last year and -- -- at all a little bit it and take it back in development. He was still productive and that point -- a lot. Italy you know what do you project in the heat of the band but you projected standing -- linebacker. I he operate -- edit them and it didn't learn how to use his hands. In group that technique were talking about a guy that -- might be -- and Taylor type of cap structure the Cowboys liked it and. He's not getting past Eckstein and probably wanted to get that point. I think that'll let -- -- the ability that we need more -- -- it you know that -- Fifteen range probably into it. Imagine Johnny union well I think you know -- pat gave -- clock. And -- match it will it would -- structure. For the Marc Warren but Cody -- in that mix too I think most teams look at -- the -- -- grounder. The super don't fool. -- not quick twitch rusher that you know guys that these teams want first round. He does a lot of things well. -- good can't -- -- come off the board early ages backgrounds in the Falcons ago they all of the apple they entered Lowney big off apple Burke I think -- idea at night and beat them background. -- how can people follow you on Twitter. -- -- DP earlier and that might might and it draft guide he just didn't find the link you up for that for our book on my Twitter account. Everything you want the draft weekend to be prepared so life -- all beyond whether it be people who are. There -- thank you so much enjoy the draft. -- anything all right draft fans Thursday Friday and Saturday at Oceana restaurant Thursday night. Rocket fire pizza company -- Friday and Saturday at twin peaks -- a lot covets WW.