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5-6 7:20pm Sports Talk: NBA Spurs v Trailblazers

May 6, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to ESPN Radio San Antonio Host Ari Temkin about the NBA game one Spurs versus Trailblazers.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Game on of the Western Conference semi finals the San Antonio Spurs and the Portland trailblazers. Are right Timken host on ESPN radio San Antonio. Don't just now are the last time we talked you were kind of had to beat all these that -- bit. The odds -- that or take control of the series and we both kind of agreed that that wasn't the case and I guess you'd have to go that. What coach -- out the day he had a pretty good game plan before. Dallas a ballclub that I don't think gaining national experts out there won't look at it all the picks all that -- go six games mostly a seven. -- a question about that most people I talked to pick it fortify the most and to meet that really Islanders sells what they're able to do this year the Mavericks they want 49 games in the loaded Western Conference. With 22 ranked defense so that tells you that that team. Allen had a lead off sad but is really well coached and has really quality players that we saw on one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gregg Popovich is you know one of the best coached up -- is probably top three could probably argue. Where he is in there. So there's very few coaches that are currently coach in the match what he's able to bring Karrie even come to a level close to it Rick Carlisle. I think proved in that series is that he's one of the other best coaches in India right now. They really get a good job in keeping the Spurs off balance but essentially their strategy was. Make Tony Parker's scoreboards don't allow him to be a facilitator which is exactly what Spurs one do they want Parker and -- it take about 1015 shot themselves. They want. To distribute the rest of the shots -- three point shooters get open shots and shoot high percentage shots. That's the thought that we did the heat that much until games 57 and that is attributable to Parker. -- ability -- blame and that's really the key starters moving forward in the post season. Now -- What is your opinion -- -- day. The Spurs -- beat the trailblazers -- they have to do it and thinking seven. And then all of a sudden you having to play the likes the winner Oklahoma city's done there. Law are the Clippers and and -- to go on the against them and then you know just to get their final named have a chance this in the heat is coming on the east. But what is your -- as far as does that make it different as far as when you look in -- -- this season veterans. At the Spurs have the rest factor and it that you are pushed it to long series -- what did you take them. Yeah I mean it seemed like the west cup playing for second place and not just because. Of the heat how good they are but because we we anticipate. They're not going to be tested much. Other at this play out. So -- you know it's it would. -- -- -- Dublin and exactly mean there's just. An unbelievable amount of depth in the in the wedged out and the fact that the Clippers in the Warriors are playing -- first round series is just incredible beyond. Scott mentioned how how unbelievable it is. Those two teams of the star players they have and the quality players that they can be met for the first round I think that speaks to how -- the west was this year. And the fact that that's not the bode well for them. When it comes time the NBA finals I I would say this disperse the first team that once it began to have a player averaged more than thirty minutes per game. They also in the first round series. We have one player averaged 32 minutes so they horror as. As well schooled and well understand the value of the limited minutes -- much that limited usage -- So I think that the big question becomes. What we saw from Tony Parker. Was he worn down with in the series or were dispersed consciously trying to buy time for him. So that one when it comes time for this round what do what -- finals or the idiot files. Think he's got a full tank of gas left which we did we see India filed last year. If he -- the former where he is out of gas. -- trouble but it is the latter and they were just trying to buy enough time and get enough offense other pieces to save his -- for this stretch run. Then that's going to be that I would there's just moved forward and when he compared that guys with the Portland team that has a really good start but they're young and talented. That started but -- that most minutes. That he's. And they are averaged over forty minutes were struck out you're young added I don't care how young they are that catches up to you any -- -- seven -- after the catch up to them in the series. RE now let's look a bit -- -- get ahead of ourselves but you know we know a couple of teams that had a lot of success this year. Against the the Spurs with a a Rockets who got knocked out in Oklahoma city Oklahoma City. You know I hate they wanted I don't think anybody would say -- -- not -- -- -- -- run of the in playing games have money they take advantage of I don't know if he wouldn't. If Smith -- would want thank you bill a lot. Lot more closely contested ball game but the club was just destroyed. OKC that's -- any kind of puts them back may be in the -- is no -- they got asked this series but they kind of scratch and -- again at the game one. In this series you know he we ought to hold again. Which team. Poses the biggest threat to San Antonio say they come out of the series with Portland. -- can diplomacy that the matchup against spurred -- have the last couple years go back when maybe that's cup finals. But apparently felt that I mean I I forgot about it. I mean what we threw it and do the -- out it was CDs. Just in trouble offensively which is mind boggling to during the two top ten players in the would be here right now and. The team with a point guard with that skill set to Westbrook as. Anything you like to land that they can't get open shots. The top two guys in the post season and so far that's -- the most contested jump shots are Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant. Fact is fairly telling they can't get open jump shot because they have no ingenuity and offense they have to work so hard for everything so -- Against the Clippers -- -- -- A considerable weight in -- in this series. I don't think this is going to be out here now that they can do that we -- that. Matt -- the lead -- but the team. And they can't or they can't find a way to get open shots to the key guys. Now article -- -- the Spurs and trail Blazers. Boy he's been a stud and giggle right there in center in his backyard LaMarcus orders and University of Texas. Playing at Portland. You look at the first round I mean he he was dominant. And an obvious at times like he couldn't be stopped when you look LaMarcus Aldridge and now -- -- Mr. clutch of rookie of the year. How that is Spurs matchup against them in the new trying to stop one of them are R&R. -- they stopped the sale orders and a passable will what did you take when you look at it from a -- respect for the Spurs -- -- those guys. It scored thirty points in three of the four games to put it this year Hillary Clinton scored 34 as we didn't play. He -- -- matchup nightmare but as for the sport for anybody. And and you know I think there's a couple of look at it is he -- stepped -- against the Rockets. It's gonna be hard for the personal overcome those numbers and tried beat that team. But I look at -- would lead the way that look at Oklahoma's signal for doing just spoke on the east that's not good enough to be able to. Kicked it out of this round regardless of what you're playing because the competition is so high and with the Spurs. I mean they have they -- -- top three defense efficiency this year but it really started and Tony Parker because there offense. No team can beat them when they're -- charge related games that -- and how it -- -- -- -- because the Parker could Parker's able to get in the lane and. When you look at that first match series the teams that the team that Gordon got in the -- and -- he controlled way and controls the game ended. In the NBA today and went -- get in the way. What an open is open jumper -- outside with the -- that everybody opportunities Atlanta course for Parker. And that was done games that and that -- exactly Rick Carlisle at the stop series. -- Eagles to four in the beginning of the year it is is Parker settling for jump shots. Because that that's the case and that's in major victory for the Blazers and he hit it. Parker you knock it on a fifty jump shot again but we torn apart and Spurs beat you is he had to do it in Dwyane and the recounted that while the offense to click. And that is going to be key regardless of what Willard an Aldridge do. That's the key for the offensively is if Parker's able to get in the way ticket manager of. A team that was not very good defense we earlier in the Blazers then there's no team in the NB that can match that. -- how can folks body on Twitter. Sport guys. Are always a pleasure thank you so much Faldo helped look forward to a mean only a little more heavily and certainly is along the Spurs -- in it we think that Colombia for quite awhile. All right thank you very much we appreciate 260178668890. Writes in the two nights and and I will be knee deep in draft coverage on a homer of the black though this is WW.