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May 6, 2014|

Tonight on the Scoot show with guest host Bob Mitchell: 62 students were arrested last week after police said they broke into their high school for a senior class prank, urinating in hallways, greasing doorknobs with petroleum jelly and taping hot dogs to lockers. Should this be treated as a crime or a prank? What kind of pranks did you pull off as a kid in school? ALSO: The movie “Heaven is for Real” follows the true story of the son of a pastor who claims to have been to heaven and back during surgery. Do you believe in heaven or is it just a fairy tale? What do you think God will look like and do you have any questions you just can’t wait to ask god? AND: What are some of your favorite all time sitcoms and which TV sitcom character is your all-time favorite? Do you have a friend or family member that reminds you of a sitcom character?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well surprise it is indeed Bob Mitchell the real Robert Mitchell filling in for a scrutinize this week. Line up a chart WWL -- able between now and midnight we get a try to have a good time trying to bring a little enjoyment to the your night tonight because I'm sure if you. Have a bindle of listening to the news all day today. It probably at this point in time slim tardy here in the same most uplift what's been jumping structure okay. For awhile one of the things we're going to talk about tonight. Is of this happened I believe it was. Believe it happened one day Leo last week when I first heard the news story. There was 62 students. That were arrested last week in New Jersey. I think the population was -- about thirteen hundred fell 62 out of thirteen hundred students after police said they broke into their high school. Overnight -- its senior class ranked. That included urinating. In the hallways though lately they did a whole -- but the point here is that they arrested. 62. Students. But also agrees doorknob that none of the things that the kids do with petroleum jelly and taped a hot dogs. The lockers I thought that was pretty funny that in the hot dog the lockers. But they've actually been arrested and they're still trying to decide exactly what to do with these kids so do you think this should be treated as a crime. Or prank and I wanna -- to that would kind of pranks. Did you pull off as a kid in school meant I was always into -- and should have been done and well the things that of course when you do become -- you do look for -- the new. Is this going too far would be okay if they did not urinate poll is other than that should these kids. Be treated as criminals. Or shouldn't just be a senior prank and I think back when you went to school with -- pranks did you poll I don't know if you saw the movie. Heaven is for real it follows the true story of the son of a pastor who claims to bend it happened. And back during surgery now do you believe in heaven. Or do you think it's just -- fairy -- And what you think god. Will look like and do you have any questions. That you just can't wait to ask god and since we are talking about the movies. What are familiar pet peeves about going to the movies today. 260187. Of your phone number you can call in or 866889. OH seventy complexity. And -- 7870. Text message or -- -- -- I'll wait for a phone call because. You know we can kind of talk to each other and you can hear my point buccaneer point and we can discuss it -- you wanna. Call live on either of those two so Detroit notes to -- -- late seventy. 866890870. Text me at 8787. And we have our big -- seventy Prodi jaguar opinion poll question and that is. What do you think about the supreme court's ruling favoring career at opening Kyle and counsel Levy justifiably. A move in the right direction for our country. Mean actually the -- of people Friday at a meeting. -- hallelujah the green. Strongly agree disagree strongly disagree that it four choices you can go to WW -- dot com and cast your vote and also. We're going to be talking about some of your all time favorite TV sitcom that we've got some some real great old TV sitcom. Themed films lined up we're going to be play in during the show. On in and out of some of our brakes and I wanna know your favorite all time sitcom I'm looking for maybe your neighbor all times sitcom character. And do you have anybody in your family. That reminds you. Of any of -- via sitcom stars mine mile times that Tom has got to be Sonnenfeld and of course my all time favorite. A person on fund though it's Cramer I I would have loved to enable the played Kramer nationally that I don't have any. I don't have any relatives that would lead to any of the current but we go back all in the family. My dad could have been Archie Bunker Ian -- if you are or exactly like. Even as to going to the neighborhood bar just about every night let's go to Joseph and Algiers Joseph thank you for calling him a warrior. -- a joke now you wanna comment on these kids that were arrested last week in New Jersey. Four. Senior prank is that a senior prank or did they dole a little bit too far. Well I think detected a little bit too far. Because anytime you break and somebody's. Place. -- the business -- Will -- apply -- to equals the high school. Wright and Obama's -- the clarified that it wanted a place of business that was -- I've sort of broken I have little bit bit damaged. And basically prosecute. What kind of priced at how far should that be prosecutable without the penalty on a mission. Out patient out if they shouldn't be taller. It -- they should do not let these kids know. It. When you work you know. -- candidates come candidates are like that community service that now you know. I'd definitely like community service I think that's I think that's very good. That that might be the solution right there when you're going to school to -- pulling pranks. Not at all not at all. No prank you were good little boy well you know there's no. Good and and not mean we don't do stuff. That would get this stuff that you say it right there. Our let me tell you why did. And you decide whether this was just a prank or maybe they should have busted my -- okay. In the biology class the they had an aquarium with fish unit. And I brought one day. Alive catfish the school and put the catfish in the query metadata all the fish. What do you think -- Well you know you -- you're gonna destroy it something you're destroyed life. I just north of this -- to show that light bishop light what would you slot a mosquito. At -- at. Well would you it and are eligible to fly trap up. When you go out with a prank I think you know kids should be taught that the facility at all. Escalate. OK so you enlighten me putting the catfish in the aquarium and needing to finish. -- all right Joseph. I thank you for calling okay. All right let's go to let's go to Jerry in mobile -- -- about to Gerri what about the as is not a prank. Oh. I know but wasn't a prank. Are you were. Now we talked about the kids or putting the catfish in the inquiry. Both so should these students be treated as as just right or should they prosecute them. Ultimately -- should be prosecuted. Two is wrong something like that followed you was arrested at large introduced arm. You don't sit back and have a talk -- -- I don't know there's Iowa and some -- punishment. You know have been comically that's something like that. On this sort of David Cook to do it nick -- -- bought between labor's and fix the -- go to -- -- additional consequence though it. What to give them criminal record -- industry. All right -- in the movie heaven is for real at that -- the true story of a son of a pastor planes who've been heaven and back to -- trees do you believe in heaven. Or do you think is just a furry tea four. Of varied FL and what do you think God's gonna look like -- you do you have -- -- -- Arctic fox international. Leaders cried. And started Bobble -- One I'll believe that anybody go to heaven and come back speak on it because. The -- spoke on there -- story. On you don't believe -- it will come back to one is allowed to come back in Britain. All right so you don't believe these people. That have surgery and claimed -- don't know like you don't believe in anything out of the drug induced thing. That's a drug induced -- believe and -- and if you region borrow good revelations chapel one person looking to nineteen. It is show you exactly. Or Chrysler. Won't even God's gonna look like -- little like Morgan Freeman. George Bernard. If they don't look like exactly what it's Buddhist -- don't look like. We'll tell us what is it going to look like. Our market and mutual. I'm not -- William tell you about it I'm -- Describe describe what you think God's gonna look like. -- they have like the big robe in the white beard. Or it is broke relations book of revelations. Channel one verse fourteen -- just think it is -- one like world. As -- you know in his eyes were flying far. In the street like and to find brighter and that the bird in the front. -- less pain clinic will click like. Gotcha all right Gerri -- thank you so much of voting and 260187866890870. We're talking about do you believe in heaven do you believe. In. Any concept of what dog that looks like it now mean absolutely people played god. But the Morgan Freeman. Played god in in Bruce almighty. I I didn't notice that -- banked in the oval Richard Groucho Marx. Actually played god in the movie in in 1968. Charlton Heston. Played god but -- it in in the movie called almost an Angel in 1990 so. And are there any questions that you just can't wait to Africa. I'm gonna ask about those steals one two vote a right. We're gonna come right back no and I wanna know what your all time favorites -- jobs okay. I'm Bob mental approach to the -- seven WW. I -- Life. My mind has -- -- It was JJ and dynamite what was the name of of that we're talking about the TV sitcoms on Bob excellent -- to about a WWL. That's what's happening dynamite wait don't tell. So it's only the. It's good time. We're talking about your favorite. TV sitcoms because TV sitcoms I mean are really some -- properly. Profitable things on TVs that we. But the that we come -- like things up for you little Britain can't remember -- your all time favorite TV sitcoms. Maybe you have a favorite on him a favorite artist favorite. A person in the should come and maybe have a a family. Member that looks like remind you of someone in this -- 2601. Late 7866889087. Were also. Talking about the movie heaven is for Israel which basically is the story based on late true life story. Of the stumbled after playing to a bin have been -- back during surgery do you believe in heaven you think of the firm retail and if you do. What do you think God's gonna look like -- more important what would you like in the -- -- But like it looked like George Burns Morgan Freeman. Here here -- great text message it's says Bob the Bible says that god created us in his own image. So why I believe he looks like us and since he did create a -- image. You'll certainly be where in -- legislature. Like that out like that logic. That is absolutely great logic so he will look like whatever we want it will like Beacon Hill looked like it looked like all of Arafat are -- I absolutely love. 26017866. -- in 087 -- Let me read another one where you might look. But look like the fonts from happy days okay. Could be here's one. As an ER nurse. And -- people speak. Two people before they'd gone by Hewitt many times. I believe it's great. -- all time favorite TV sit com got to be the honeymooners. Know that great. To figure of 17866. And nine point seven let's go to Linda Linda how are you tonight. -- I'm doing good. Sure I out. -- -- Or it could be any money. -- I'm Jeff -- it was of course a -- All in the family. -- Family. All of bill. And you know how could you not love George Jefferson. I. Thought -- -- and you know. LYE. A little bit. But you know Georgia a -- I'd I'd I'd just I'd like George because. You know to a degree I don't know how to say this without. Ottawa calling sneaky but it was a shrewd businessmen. OK at that is that -- is that a nice way of saying it. My dad could have been Archie Bunker. It. You know and -- But but my dead. It was so much like -- even to the point that in the he was always in the neighborhood bar. Like a like Archie wasn't like Archie eventually bought the bar -- by a dead man dead and my dad did not by the bar. But. And in -- do they even show all the -- they -- runs anywhere. -- -- -- -- -- I'll wait a minute Buffy and -- -- I'm thinking about it they hit it it didn't gamble on a guy that was her nanny. And Leo there. Yes. Mr. What was his name is there somebody. Wasn't jeeves was missed energy that'll -- excellent. -- So if you believe in heaven. What do you think God's gonna look like or what would you like dog. -- I -- What what would be Dave would you like to -- god you know as as we've. Make him to be you know with the beard and they share and the role that the fire coming out of desires or maybe. It looking like -- Denzel Washington of three piece suit. -- -- You know what I hear so I the early in the currently no. -- -- -- -- We'll -- air. Thank you would be here at -- You know sometimes. I'm a Christian. And so and sometimes. Christians need to learn how to smile in in the word and other words of you're going to its. If someone's going to ask you -- What makes you so happy. The the only way to do that if you are happy that -- deductibility your your testimony. Effusive. And Kelly who and out you know on and -- often often blow your house then. -- -- All. Out. -- I if I think your capital he write -- I think god because. First the bog down in August for the show let's not get into a big spiritual discussion but it OK but -- -- -- embassy. Here's here's where I think our time on this earth is like. That to eternity you know. And a big god so it's up. Somewhere and a big reclining chair you know what what that you talk about you talk about a big screen TV he's got the big screen TV. And he say and look what they're worried about don't they realize that and when it comes to return of -- that means -- -- Leave it -- word about. It. At all. -- -- -- -- Linda thank you so much okay we're gonna go back to slam and trim and your phone calls to 260. 187886688908. Suddenly I'm Bob Mitchell and let's go to visit WW well. And then let me know. Well Bob Mitchell filling in Portugal tonight. Ran out of time this hour I'm gonna asked major. Sam and -- three people you're -- -- major slam and Tim pleased to be a huge favor and hang on. After the news I'll get -- on because -- like came GO right now give you just a few seconds and that's not fair and even holding along public. Hold on through the newscast I'll come back and talk to each and every one of you -- phone numbers 2601 late seventy. 8668890870. A wanna know about some of your all time. Favorite TV sitcoms and do you believe in heaven. And what do you think god will look like more important what would you like him. The look like we'll take your ball goes after the top of the hour news from WWL AM at that man dot com.