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May 6, 2014|

: The movie “Heaven is for Real” follows the true story of the son of a pastor who claims to have been to heaven and back during surgery. Do you believe in heaven or is it just a fairy tale? What do you think God will look like and do you have any questions you just can’t wait to ask god? AND: What are some of your favorite all time sitcoms and which TV sitcom character is your all-time favorite? Do you have a friend or family member that reminds you of a sitcom character?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And I'm Bob Mitchell and forest tonight a couple things we're talking about. -- all time favorite sitcoms thought tonight -- know kind of look back to some of the greatest comfortable all time. And some of the ones that you like and do you have any family members remind you of any of the US sitcom characters. Also while we're talking about the movie heaven is for real which I think is still in the theaters might might have just left. If piles -- true story of the son of a pastor. Who claimed to have been evident back during surgery do you believe. In heaven or -- just a fairy tale what do you think about people that have these experiences that it isn't real. Is it a drug related and I'm taking this strictly on the fun side of things okay. What do you think god was is going to look like if you believe in them and or. To put another way what would you. Like to seek god look like I had a couple of people held on all of later in the newscast thank you so much let's go to Sam and -- for how -- Sam. I'm -- good. Bob Perry it's not. I'm doing fine thank you so much for holding on for so long. But now what about you would above some of your all time favorite sitcoms. Two -- -- it to just. Want to let our -- bunker yeah. It wildwood and wish. Those were two of the all time classic -- -- on the did you have anyone in Europe -- That reminding you or wrote the war -- like any of the characters and all of the family or mash. I've mentioned a couple of my dad could have been Archie Bunker. Well I'll let. My whole program. I think he would be in -- Amber. A couple of today lookalike who -- act alike. -- -- -- Sam a what do you think of these people who claim to during surgery. Gonna have and and come back do you believe in heaven and what do you think god looked like or would you want dog looked like. I truly believe. There it is or -- you -- tales or real. Like -- against OT just a little while I agree with. A -- like got that site revelations one or seen. I don't know it to get that heart sick at all. What Galloway. Has -- -- life. So you don't think there's any chance that you know God's gonna be -- hang out may be in an LSU sweatshirt -- may be dressed up on a three piece suit to do you think that god. Will look like each one of us envisioned him look like. Well you know my wife and that they got -- that he. -- -- -- -- -- Right I do too. It might -- we we might don't have -- might be in short it should never go. Try but he -- in me thinks he's so that. And he could look different. Each and every one of us. But. We. -- site. Right right now what no one more question. Do you have any questions that you just can't wait to ask god. Anything to tap Mueller to -- you just can't wait to say why this or why that. Bowl. -- You wanna you wanna share a question that you'd like to ask him. Not that a little bit. -- Okay the many many years ago my kids gave me a a gold watch. And I lost the gold watch and I want this dog dog. Whatever happened to that gold watch the last time I remember I've voted I've put it in module we bucks whatever happens that gold watch. Just -- that's what I'm gonna do. Why am I on -- mile -- Got my quiet. Outlook as loud volley -- Mack key in well -- exactly where output. But never the go ahead you know you don't well. Go ahead I'm sorry. Awarded. -- But in saying that question. She she goes back where they or is it we. It's usually the last place she looked you realize. It. It won't say I never Bob never been able find that gold watch it's been missing now for about twenty years and just for the heck like to sing god. Remember political wash that the kids gave me four. A Christmas present like that I put it must stop box in the disappear where is it just for the heck of. -- He sure will Sam thank you so much okay. Thank you go to Tim on the -- -- -- and created room. Combined. Well wolf first -- -- -- guys probably covered -- story -- as well. The ball on time. Mr. price stuff I think some money. Text to be mister Belvedere but that that was a different TV show. Doesn't -- yet to -- that was brought Bob speaker. So when you look what guards on the top your all time favorite TVs Adams. Are definitely needed to go out there from yes they -- separate. And treasure. -- Frazier absolutely. I mean it's like one of the issues that no matter. Coming on the scene the third on -- can't stop not at all. They're separate. But I just remember always being on brief run late at night and -- -- they outlawed -- that meant -- -- out about our corporate. It. Did you like Frazier better or. -- -- -- for actual first about a -- and for me it was really. Look at Merrill. Some and you later age and see how different if you compare the -- -- Frazier that -- -- Frazier and he was on cheers. Because topic phrase you know on the guy in a bar and were caught Weytman norm Peterson. I didn't Google what you have to think charitable two completely different wife but he. And what I liked about Frazier to with the fact -- wife. Mayor -- -- net you'd never saw did you. Now the -- like it's. You came you came close a couple battles as a kind of eluded that -- you didn't see your but then they never you never did see -- ever. Big even down benefited from Frazier art on Kelsey Grammer did the -- sideshow Bob on the content. And then had an episode where. It you're with who brought on match you know. And -- at one point -- who -- -- do and merit. -- -- funded crop over the differences as well. Tim what about you would you like to answer the question about heaven do you believe in heaven do you believe there was a god and if if so do you think you'll see him Monday and what do you think he'll look like or would I like in the lookalike. I hope so and I certainly don't. I can't imagine I'd still be hanging around -- program that there are thousands. Port years that it did a good point yeah I'm I'm open he's updated his look. Hello little bit and men but polite he I have watched but I have no idea where it bought them. I'm the only question I guess just keep look like would be -- world deter at least not wait and. -- -- -- -- -- Well meant to him for -- -- plans and and I'm a big deal of truth and that is one of the all time mystery -- got to wonder what happened there you you know you've got you've got to wonder. Did it less miles. Catch Jarrett Lee. Doing some clean -- female member of his family that I never forgive but you you you know. You've got to wonder that. Oh what what naked pictures of what family members those. Georgia and have ought -- I'm gonna write that down and what I remember about that more than anything is that my wife is just starting to get in the football all. Let me put this -- she's watched the games would be but now. She's starting to understand. And there and during that game I kept saying -- -- here's what's gonna happen obviously -- it would go on and halftime. What what coach did is he gave Jefferson one half. And believe -- -- the will start the -- a guarantee you he will start the sense that he doesn't start this thing well here please can do. It's gonna give him once it is OK just off. -- -- -- That's just one series and then. Jarrett -- again in the game and and I don't know what in the world's going on here. Why are pumped up we're not trying to -- could be a real short pages so that. That level because I've never bothered nobody wants to have that night but -- In the -- but it just didn't start off well I had we had been rebuilt each marked speed because they out of the New York go across the or Mitt the National Anthem missed the bank on an on field and it or Brooke armed bench but he could be any bank. And that student has Jordan Jefferson did that were far here you -- -- -- a -- I was -- ago I was. Well I I got the feeling that there have been Ellis who plans that have gone on before us have already asking god that cluster group. Well quote they've got to be involved -- All right Tim thank you so Bernardo OK. You two -- right though we have some lines open a -- gets to your calls to secure only 78668890. It's evident text me. At 87870. Am Bob Mitchell and pursued a -- 01 -- shall -- your all time favorites at health and if you believe in god and what do you think is gonna look like and if are there any question. You just can't. -- the past two securely 7866. And -- nine points. It bites are colorful sights and nobody takes victims. Jail place and after his hand below. I think it's. They were to find him on -- and I wouldn't open they'll go round and -- -- at the go to visit WWW. Relax. Bob it's so important that they'll be -- well. -- your favorite TV that how many of you know. Which show that Steve was for. This is personally one of my all time. Favorite that cut the budget for the era that the show was on TV. 260. 1878866889. Point seven I wonder anyone I'm not gonna give me the name of the -- -- -- of anyone actually. Recognizes that those that can talk about if -- should come for favorite sitcom. Act actors and characters really and also talking about the the movie. Heaven is for real. Witches following the true story of the sort of a pastor claimed to have been -- heaven and -- during surgery so do you believe in heaven do you think that. Actually happens people actually visit haven't. Or do you think it's you know a drug and reduced dream. And what about heaven and god what do you think god will look like -- god look like George Burns in the movie. Looked like a whole whole bunch of different characters like Morgan Freeman in another movie what do you think you look like. And maybe what would you like to see him look like and are there any question you just can't wait to ask. 260 late 78668890878. Where about a -- salons open Johns ready to take your calls on that would go to the major major thank you calling WWL tonight. Yeah out. I just want to get a bit in development on the show. My. Tell people how well much like the mom and Abner I must mandate. And Andy Griffith. And that -- -- Those of all the great shows that now do you know anybody any family members that. That you could just say boy they could be on that show. -- -- -- -- -- I would chose this. Moment amber I don't think world where he probably an old and the a -- -- I'd take dead as a compliment now and what about the what about god you believe in god do you think that people actually go to heaven. And woody. We what do you think he's gonna look like what would you like him to look like. Well I think you're gonna look dignified and time we don't know he's our heavenly father we actually do. Any question that you just can't wait to ask him like god. What was the point of mosquitoes. Well. I don't buy Adobe. Are worried about asking any questions. If target petroleum and -- -- the trillion. I don't think they'll have any question about like -- most my question. Well we discovered doing it in in a fun one -- -- I agree with you that the the most questions. When we get the -- no longer be relevant but you know just just for the fun of is there any. One thing that you actually -- -- wanted to do suction as the schedule whatever happened such and so no. Well actually I don't want right now that I would say. All right we'll take you major take you so much for listening tonight are expected let's go to Dell Dell how are you tonight. On our -- and volatile but you don't do your favorite some of your favorite all time TVs that jobs. What. Air your question in the war and they're sure it's in music players and coach coach late. And I'd do archer. We're. It was the fact there a year on -- -- being. Fired a year desert view. There are bird blogger. The record bureau. I remember that even the coaches. It's a record four on. You -- and great to go. Right but remember coach's name not. Hayden. -- even -- -- -- your are your words and his defensive coordinator was who. Year -- and those aren't the outlook. -- -- -- -- Sure thing and -- Luther van dam. Workers. And -- and then of course the -- was was double John was -- and got it all was to the office -- court -- or special teams error. And while that's important right that was that was just a great TV's -- -- look you know. And our Google. And now to our users -- -- -- -- and Google want to I don't know I was saying. No straight. Why the -- they're getting word roots who grew so you'd care and are there are no other. Who allowed them would go a longer look. Novel where there's just more career this is more of public tongue in cheek question you know about -- we all have little things that you wonder you know whatever happened to such and such -- I never did fine. Like with me I mentioned earlier there's a gold watch my kids gave me. For one Christmas and I have no idea what happened supported in my little jewelry box and it's gone and I'd just out of curiosity would like to know what happened -- -- That's well but but but but and in reality. We realize. That when we do get there. The only important thing is going to be that we actually got. Very user start to bombard you -- all right telescope to Markel -- -- you. Our appetite -- I'm doing -- but what about you what about -- the all time favorite TV shows. -- All -- like -- have and it's -- -- as they have to look at thirty out there and watch it I would Victoria and come at a picnic this year and you can realize you know mom and dad and yet Tibet and which we can. Go to liberal a lot to get thirty but that bill would not do like coach. And I also like in the -- and experiment and. The right that was the name of that. Show wasn't Tim the tool and it was. It was to get in. And that was about an awesome show. If you -- stop and try to make them better gauge your. It -- tool time home improvement tool time was in his TV show but the name of the of the the actual show was home improvement. -- parliament for a but that was what papers do I'd like to watch him. Now what about what -- shows like happy days or. Don't want them yet it gave leverage nearly -- watch our insurer that was it shows. All of it apparently all that that was about it step. Do you have any current TV shows you watch. I mean as well sitcoms. Really. -- -- -- tractor trailer drought that ought to sit at a lot I'll watch. You know. -- pay all our dog you know on -- host of comedy channel well as a but. I don't really watched much TV now like to watch that aren't more people in our History Channel stuff like that now. I used to like Two and a Half Men when Charlie tree with Charlie Sheen Mosul the show. Now I wrote down a couple of old TV sitcoms that most of many people remember were most people do remember Bob Newhart. Do you remember an old sitcom called -- with Billy Crystal. -- I'm not sure what -- that was -- that was that was Larry's show was really Obama. -- off off off the -- but that was the first time that government receive no Billy Crystal and anything. We're also talking tonight and I want everyone to realize that you know in no way and -- trying to be disrespectful to god. But Cilic just collected phone and treat the any thoughts on the if you could have gone a couple of questions. What would they -- Yet it I actually had missed in life with the as obvious. To -- in the land. I get that product line and you -- -- Because it's raining and I know the jury to watch. A -- Yeah but I -- know what was the purpose of mosquitos. And rats. Among God's level with -- you know where you'd where you just play -- but that's where -- just method but the essence and like. I'm gonna get the most deals just aggravate a little -- just -- see what they do with them. All right. Yes. -- thank you Marco. All right you two -- big activity pretty drug war opinion poll question I'll get back to the -- to the second. But a lot of bring up to date on this -- what do you think about the supreme court's ruling slavery in prayer. And open to open town council meetings -- -- People were afraid to do that now the Supreme Court ruled its okay. Now is that the move in the right direction for our country. 16% agree. 56%. Wrongly -- put me in there 16%. Disagree. And 12%. Strongly disagree you can tester voted. WW dot com if you want which were opinion on that particular subject -- -- meet at Jews that generally it's 7866. And nine. Lloyd says -- go to Mike in memory -- you Mike. I -- and I'm doing fine. Would that these radius is projected to be told people. Not -- and coached they were about spiritualism. And the the group and you know well. Profile. And dikes brother was the defense coordinator. And the guy's name was Topper the tall guy on this special teams coach -- Beautiful player. Right and I think he was a -- Went to school for about eight years. I think also. Despite notable adjustment in the specialties starts and -- -- continue to do it is degree. So we never really they didn't really. Tell you who the offensive coordinator -- In fact she did approached -- -- thrown out of it. Here's what I used to always noticeable that show. When they would have the team meetings those guys must of played both offense and defense because they never had it looked like -- a couple of dozen players. And to those -- want to. I think that was one of the general I think that it will take about thirty people on the team that's -- -- -- and it went to a bowl date that was such as supplies in the shocked. But. And it was the Minnesota. Golden all the screaming Eagles. I think it was the goal with needles a believe that it had been reported gold colors are like that. Quite -- And then remember they went they left the team and went to Jacksonville. -- -- -- Their commitment to run. At the. And I -- the the plea deal of that franchise with the Bob from who apostle of the twenty day and this year. But that was a great show on apple loved that show. I mean it's disappointed in my life is brilliant -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And just like you are probably a teenager so that maybe to get an apology that. And I won't -- well for those pretty much it. Now here here's here's a text message that. -- pile you Asencio remember that that was fully. Let's -- the what else do we have. Irish. The only other text messages we have Sanford and Son was a couple of people have mentioned that. Now what about you Mike you have any questions that when you reach dog you want to god Libya's second. Couple things I would like to know. And some of -- stressed. That. -- -- cease to be the that seemed to be the question. Or person on the. -- wonder how many of them on the league guys wouldn't -- -- Just between you and I'll always suspected that she was treaty it will -- you know look at. And ultimately. A story about a wedding ring as well which might actually at this point which you swear that idea. Intentionally got a fight with that. Ruling in. Such things like that DG that I didn't. Actually do. Actually it took -- took off because that was put out a problem when I was doing. We we met you know and so you at the apartment and wet and the country -- And -- one night and I'm going to do laundry -- and that at what point you know. What brokering. You know it's it's interesting I had something similar happened to me in this this is true. I I was playing touch football. And -- the I was quarterback and I threw the ball as a threw the ball my wedding ring went flying. But. I was more interested. In seeing one of the pass was complete its buckle. So I took I took my eye off the Reagan never could find it. -- you know your football as a Mike thank you so much. Into all right though we know that night. -- -- -- take a break and come right back I'm Bob Mitchell and Bruce doing our poll number is 26 year old late 7866889. OH sending text me. At 878870. Main thing we're talking about tonight -- on the all time favorite sitcom. Characters in the Vietnam like this is all. This committee with one of them will. Awful. That. All of -- I never like the club John were you looked at me like I'd never like the club well I never like captains do things. And published on his daughter was a little wind. But yet I watched that would have them -- Bob vigilant protective but WWL. Did that Coburn had to go. Bob good to enforce food tonight. Where thinking back in remembrance -- Leo -- great sitcoms of course that was from the Carol part of show. Which was more of a -- commonly we're although it. Was not -- trip -- Was not a sitcom in the true sense it was like one because they had they have so little individuals gets with in the Carol aboard metro. It was almost like. It was almost like the the Carol Burnett show had done. Several individuals accomplice in the show it it really was one of the all time classic raped a comedy shows that. Partly what we're talking about tonight. And we're also talking about god and what do you think God's gonna look like and you say why you're talking about well which kind of talking about the movie. Heaven is for real and in the movie of the movie is. Based on what was told it was a true story about the of the pastor's son who. During surgery claimed to have. Died and gone to heaven and come back and said some things that. He could not possibly know so pathologist before on the the talk about in that this is all tongue in cheek right. You know don't get crazy at me you know -- not good goofy. -- what are some of the questions that you just can't wait go to asked god about a what do you think god. Will look like now John you said you you had your own thoughts and I'll I'll get to the fold them -- I'll get you on just a second you -- both of what you thought. God would look like and have a couple questions you want to ask him. Really don't wanna get ridiculed for this. Black. Her -- on -- six team. -- He -- has him at the lot mythological book. That always portrayed -- as with the long flowing here I concede that it piercing green guys. -- accepted beard and must is right Ike a -- that's the belly. And the -- hit in the mouth and them outright but my my first all right Rana said he looks like a painting of god that bill would see them at the mythological put a row. Oh -- right he could definitely Moses yes but I don't think -- will be beeping. And -- and while they were the only guy Donald -- -- That god it's anything new ones though. And even if we wanted. The bleed wouldn't work it -- will probably be back if it was. Say we're having a good time. -- on just don't ridiculed before you know -- not I I can see look lots of lines of get back to the polls let's go to. Wait poll on the war with pour into that. I've got I've got to read some of -- adult readers. Can apparently. You don't read which is supposed to rate we're not able to do the Shoney's board let me read a couple that got to do Davis. New Orleans has a winner. Congratulations. To -- the Mon -- of the world into 1000 dollars in our nation wide -- cached content you could win two. Just listen WWL weekdays right before the top Leo -- news at 7 AM such tomorrow morning at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM and five opium for the Cold War than text that word. 272. 88 want for your chance to win without ever putting your phone -- -- seven. 2881. Every weekday four lucky winners nationwide will win a thousand dollars -- We never charged protects an individual plan text and data rates apply remember the listened weekdays. Right before the top Leo when he was at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM and 5 PM good look from Smart radio intercom and all of us. At WW OK let's get to the ball you're gonna go to Janice Janice how are you. It was and I do. Carol Burnett you know. With my on my favorite thing in two years ago and we always thought that it was hilarious I loved. I really get Tim Conway yeah if he even cracked out cat island called the anonymity because middle class that they couldn't contain cells. And again you know at that was not really went to a power. But but but but it -- -- -- volatile but the little skits with it -- not a it was gonna like sitcoms. With in the comedy. Am missing placate its estimates that comment mainly out. Wouldn't -- that I didn't like it believe me in my life and I have watched and thought well you know I don't eat that much mega talented enough but the whole bunch of stuff. In my day and one and I think that everybody -- yeah. -- -- each. If you would consider that the sitcom. But it if something that is time at its spam it's time. You another look at this. And OK okay that would have timely and it's just you know. The honeymoon wouldn't that Jackie -- and I can't. Honeymooners was one of the all time classic shows and -- I was watching some of the reruns of that poll about a month ago. And I thought about it then you know how he would threaten Alice bam ballast to the moon. If they tried that today they say that's not politically correct you can't do it. That black enterprise but why can't got a game to the said that he that he had advocated that the act yeah. Sell -- that he would you look like I really -- I don't conditions he could. Like keynote kind of pictures that. We have you know my sheet that the -- that. I don't particularly that's why he's going to be enough talent they are getting a little bit -- said you know and that and that. They might be clean shaven and might be my have a three piece suit. I. Am at my husband says he -- probably -- I. And I don't know. A look who's the little guy on on tax a mumbling what. You might look like Danny DeVito. Not. That I'm fascinated. I'm not implicated. I'm fascinated by the end I would I would can I don't -- any -- -- please people don't get. If you could come down yet gotten to the second set it's like an idiot to second but he seemed particularly happened at -- one -- Well actually. Actually you could offer him a glass of water and in turn on the line and that would be better because that'd be able churn in the final line he -- yeah. Okay. But I didn't -- can I haven't been contracted. I don't have any incident yeah. Sorry go ahead was supposed to. And with the -- and -- often -- and what's the question. I pay people. To me. I mean I -- think and act like this why won't. Why. Are -- people. -- Yeah I mean I don't know and I mean it means that the attack and I don't know that. Have been spending and I -- this question in -- I had. I would like to do you mean now well I had some good men to end up at a variety. Of content. I don't know Janice I guess you know. I gave that's not on my analyst okay. I'm more concerned. Why we haven't won more national championships and Alicia alright I'm coming right back I'm Bob Mitchell in for student trying to figure out purposes. Don't know. -- when those ranked. Everyone loves Raymond of course thank you John I'm Bob vigilant for student WW well. Well the Philippines do tonight we'll talk about your favorite. TV sitcoms and radio people -- equally applicable -- WK -- in Cincinnati and I can tell -- if you watch the show. Or radio control room was nothing like a -- okay nothing at all. It's been a great show yell overwhelmingly -- calls and -- -- and ask Kevin. Wayne -- Paul -- if you can -- be a huge labor and I know it's asking a lot because you've been hanging on a long time already. Please just stay with me and we'll get to your calls right after the news this go entry right now I've been able say hello goodbye and that's about it. So hang on we'll -- -- you after the is limited caught up as we go to news some text messages was forced TV sitcom. Community all of the family gets Smart best ever Mama's Family as far as god god will be wary of some big stirs your great. I agree another great sitcom all love the show Hogan's Heroes what on the all time greatest. Can hang on hang on and -- see -- right after the news.