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May 6, 2014|

: The movie “Heaven is for Real” follows the true story of the son of a pastor who claims to have been to heaven and back during surgery. Do you believe in heaven or is it just a fairy tale? What do you think God will look like and do you have any questions you just can’t wait to ask god? AND: What are some of your favorite all time sitcoms and which TV sitcom character is your all-time favorite? Do you have a friend or family member that reminds you of a sitcom character?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's made Bob Mitchell in for -- tonight on the Bill Gates avenue WWL. Got a couple of good things going tonight talking about. Your all time and so it comes in which TV sitcom characters -- all time favorite unity and the friends or family members of remind you of a sitcom character. Just been tons of calls and tons of text messages. And also talking about of the movie heaven is for real. And the premise of the movie is. The son of a pastor based on a ball which is it's supposed to be a true story claims to have been evident bag during surgery. Do you believe in heaven or is that just the fairy -- and what do you think. God is going to look like what would jewel like god to look like if you know if we are made in his image and you know maybe each one of us is gonna. Seek god the way you we want to see him. And one of the things that I got tunnel like my imagination go away and of course were not being disrespectful -- -- any questions you can't just wait to ask god to note. Would you like to be able to so you know excuse me you know like -- -- open -- view a Star Trek fans but in one of the Star Trek. Movies the enterprise. One to a planet where that was supposed to see god and god wanted to borrow the starship and captain -- that excuse me. Excuse me what would god -- what the -- so in in that time the day okay. Text messages on your favorite TV shows. Yeah Barney Miller the Cosby Show love the -- doubles. Hey Bob would like and the wonder years right. It was a good show all its -- a question to ask god that this is great this is absolutely incredible. -- -- Some tells the truth. Will go to the troops would propose that god. Who shot Kennedy a -- but wouldn't that be great. Who shot JFK that's going to be the best one so for. Now I think my question will be where is Jimmy Hoffa. Where is -- ways he's very have been asking that for years and with Jimmy how that would be a deal with him enough. All right let's go to let's go to Kevin say Kevin thank you for voting and personal thank you for holding on for so long. Doing OK you -- favorites at John. Great great show didn't they're both good and it wasn't an office didn't -- in the hospital. But it has been up early tomorrow. Member -- -- gone the other run Grady. It radioed them in the my outlook. And you know back corner. A member welcome back cutter was never a big fan of Al's -- love bill welcome back toddler. And Trevor cook the rules of the sweat dogs and they were called. Let you know. And and I got it was -- operating playing -- spoke like 370 girl at a that. Well hopefully by then we'll find out about the -- 37. -- You think it will ever found that an ambulance pulling. You know likely -- maybe if there. So you yeah I don't know what I'd like to see happen is all of a sudden I'd like to see that play in pop back on the radar. I work group and everybody would everybody would be alive in the but the problem slate. As applied reasonably in particular incident and -- that it. Kevin -- on anywhere but here all the time you know like Twilight Zone episode. There -- Bright day to Kevin. All right let's go to Wayne in -- -- thank you for holding what's going on. While I was just wondered -- in my age where it would -- the -- delta shares. Red Skelton yes again Red Skelton was not really what you'd call. A sit com but it it was a -- Well it was a straight -- ever read you part of different care. Well but I mean it was more it was more about come usual but it but and understand what your Jackie Gleason. Had -- on comedy show two and and he would do. Joseph the bartender so a lot of those comedies -- was actually had little sitcoms with in the comedy -- -- I was not a big -- that I remember remember. To mark my roots yeah I remember that you know. Well. You target about -- top much like. Yes or mountain remind you start the test or some sort out what is their operation. Right a couple of weeks ago on wanted to -- channel. Interview here and he should -- now. And -- war would Jesus say need to -- about it or talk. Edit or politics or practical everything that you are fortunate when he would -- -- -- little and stared at pearl. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Natural spot but -- -- -- -- Portuguese shall be again bright and beautiful picture archaic to spark. That would seem like a logical response. Actually should appreciate you so -- he should be our campers are. I -- -- -- like that for somebody had talked to note that no apparent what Hitler. Can't describe our. -- If you could ask -- a couple of questions. Do you have any on your list that you I see is someone text mate they would want to ask who killed -- net Jon Benet Jon Benet Ramsey. That's ago. I would like to know our candidate -- and our school. And when it Kmart -- armory you know lavish mobile home early. Part two. Laughs unimportant are at about -- Like to note and prosecution Jeremy. There were a little Greg spirited joke about how -- our ports are. Playing a public clean. Are there aren't found him there -- Problem under the and that turned it it will try to run label. -- -- And it's a good joke of the hole and I can -- them to Google and -- -- -- here. At ever got. All right that's good a couple -- text messages as for as favorite all time -- -- I loved so bright soap was great. Mary Hartman Mary Hartman early seventies stuff Colombo. Let the Charlie's Angels I guess that was the sitcom green acres petticoat. Junction. Meet the browns looked good. Beverly Hillbillies. Let's the non. Mary Tyler Moore. -- fell a special ever was I Love Lucy in the honeymooners. Those two probably will always rate at the top -- though. Two Mary in New Orleans power you married. I -- on land and you get. Well but it violent that they -- -- -- Boat but he didn't mount a project what. That meant something now I guess it's I was gonna say now that wouldn't change it and I'm gonna play it you get mentioned it to. Livni because I think she is. King at that even though is that they can. -- It -- supposedly guaranteeing that it and and you know start on TV maybe that he would yeah. And it still funny I mean -- -- body mutilated and -- money and not enough that something do it. And. I was a bigger fan of the addictive and nitro. That was good didn't -- you know his. One you -- analysts that the public on. Although that by the. -- -- what Jerry Van -- he was on the on the sitcoms. Coach. Yeah but he's standing around the lake front. And. Ladies in the late for a do we -- What does he do things totally. Or maybe -- well. We do we just talking in Britain being out whenever we wouldn't. Now what did Jerry Van -- You -- comment. Did but that didn't want that on this payment which ones to warm up payment in Portland -- Okay Dick Van Dyke was all on the the -- that today. It would Jerry Jerry Van Dyke was the brother he was all of the exit -- coach Jerry. Van dyke was the brother of Victoria and. Let our wanna know what we get about fifty event that would meet body. And couldn't keep track whether it gallery addict that would calculus -- -- -- you know we had so many album you know. Let me ask -- question when when you saw a jury event like comedy Beers -- -- about that time. And don't think they looked at. Everybody would play it down the same thing but. OK and then I want to play. Two would like to know about the Kennedy in the deal from. And they note that payment that she got and he didn't guild and the baby's human and it's -- duplicate that. And now in. In you know I do know but I'm I'm a -- blood. Let them know that and we're paying my -- I'll go -- and them in the candy in a couple things like that. -- you'd like find out if OJ Simpson really did it. Yeah and now -- Kennedy and authentic -- -- some alarm a little -- I know I'm I'm gone -- -- I know you talked I don't know I know it's vacancy in my mind. That day out I watched it on at all or. Court TV -- and who was that. Bizarre and woman at night John did you help me she's -- the she's policy and and Nancy Grace. Oh my -- that I might ask god that god. Why did you give Nancy Grace at TV show that the battle and believe that -- right and Marilyn Monroe would have -- -- Marilyn Monroe that would be a good. Hillary what do you mean I'll read -- -- linked. What I mean is that 111. She -- Our world you read a book and -- -- But I mean abrupt right or do you believe the ball. What does the books that she committed suicide. Yes. They're all kind of stories -- You're right. You know what you read and read. I -- the story. I mean away -- treated and things and that up to it it. And then not -- conducted how things calm me you know if you really took psychology and the. Or did -- know much did you know Jerry Van -- to the charter what are I don't know they didn't all right Mary thank you so much can't they just and Howard. Tank with we will come. Right back -- -- -- -- favorite to TV show teams that received with a foot. We don't tell me. He -- I didn't. Wrong that could put the total total. You sure about -- it. -- rainbow candidate. All right not vomit filled in pursuit of the -- seventy WWL AM. Bob that sort of recruit that I look at possibly your favorite TV sitcoms and John is play in the TV -- and see if I can just obviously now. He's trying to run and that's what I know this this -- this. Right. What's the let me go to camping who was -- -- sweetheart for a hang you'll foreclosure have Kathy thank you so much taken much time visual. Okay and it is flying. Meant to my husband. We -- Many Loves of Dobie Gillis with the plane hit and then about ten. That's all he can stay. So you know it hasn't been mentioned yet Arnold at any money Millwood Padilla just silent -- that. Not the point is that. They and have a lot Gilligan had them I am not a lot to do -- deal with Canada and put. You gotta wonder on Gilligan's Island how big was that chest that lovely -- take close to that three day but for a and she did everything in the world. Yeah. End but we did vote Dobie Gillis would name it decrypt it. And -- Lehman. It scared and gets -- side pulling. One idea that you you got me on the -- de Mayo whose. And anything else. Also my husband. Yeah who -- trend as well. Scrubs was pretty good I like I don't remember. All the characters thing but I did watch that Bora. A couple of seasons also no one has mentioned third rock from the sun that I just got it out of the -- Achieved goal in the -- that was a good show night court and another Google was my three sons. So you have any questions you like to ask god. -- And I'm really. OK I appreciate you calling an okay -- -- here's a text message. On the serious side so funny -- over one will like to ask who killed JFK or Hoffa. One should dead who really cares I like to ask god why does he allow all the innocent children of the world to suffer. And the person who wrote that text message. I think I have some advice for. Read the old testament. Let's go to Howard Howard all how are you my friend. Are doing great. We talked about Jerry van dike on the public stick to indict corrupt. A mother was waitress at the Walgreens struck the long Wall Street and keys to certain Dick van died breakfast when you were to -- the issue. Right I had forgot about that but he he did work to WG issue that's right. And though when it scored. Who shot a -- law. Put -- like yeah. -- only you can. Construct a lot. John executives. Who -- the law law I want to know. Out what you like about it -- I thought he would -- And it. If the latest tip my ideal but -- Doby Gil was so it would mean -- decrypt would oversee. And I you know I have a son in -- that I could. -- While we you know 67 is known men that -- board but but retired major open it. I thought -- honestly away from working steadily from work for the year. And then I decided you know I'm I'm sitting home board. I think I'm enjoying. Vehicle on the air now more than a long long long ball well. Felt like about it really does. You know if you leave voice and on the same -- you likely to hybrid. With all the talk against work out that the trend is that unaccountably would be piping design cycle -- week two weeks he'll get a motel room. And I mean gave it okay. Yeah well well above it is that WWL. A -- didn't do the commercials like to do you know. It if you -- the -- here when I think about politics I don't care. I can't do anything about it. That. Music and it was to do anything but those those knuckle heads in Washington that can affect anything we vote we vote one group isn't. And then at -- admitted they give him the other group works to get them out all that we change groups so here but you know I and I enjoyed talking about that stuff and I did get a couple Obama text messages where. And people thought the I was making fun of that wasn't. -- All goes well making on that -- I watched the at that alive when PD plus it's a X 68. That the life. In as a group called titan but Arcade Fire that are watching live in you know walked. And they did this second one of the -- he would pick -- stage. Endlessly about Obama but the the really need to -- -- -- -- He danced around it. It could be is really -- in it was called a Arcade Fire. But it was really need him but not nice to sit I didn't make it that -- that -- see it live -- he. The the Jazz Fest was absolutely incredible. It was incredible environment Thomas who -- Arab and I got some crawfish you know put tape on them on the table. And that in that child of Florence miles. And I do remember that young bikinis beer out there but it is really need and I look forward to Harvard -- morning Bob got to be on the. -- -- problem. That's good Howard. All right and if if anyone does not know without power is talking about. It's a great old New Orleans record. And it's by. Oliver Morgan and -- and of course it was called who shot the law. And the song was so popular new rolling in to -- Morgan became known as Oliver who shot the La -- Morgan. And I'll remember is who shot the La La I wanna know. I think it was a 44. The zen about it. I don't know. A couple more greats that comes. Cheers. Love Petticoat. Junction lastly it was a good show was the last eight Jessica obvious that -- What do months and of course last it was a -- -- -- adjectives that -- Lessig and their girl all right look lastly -- what you do -- ago. Pick -- the shuttle will be no no no no not long troubled the shorts of the no no no not the short trouble with the with the red handle a short struggle with the with the with the blue -- and drop the blue Angel yeah I guess that was is that Adam. All right. Let's that he. -- much show. The much all the Muppets show the Muppet Show. All right let's let's go to by the way finally we do have some lines open those of you have been trying to get through we have some lines -- open right now. 26 year old -- 7866889087. -- let's go with a just in just the power you'd tonight. I'm -- Ali used to being on the air again earlier. Thank you so much I'm fine I'm I'm I'm having a great time the the response to the show tonight has been incredible and you know one when you're doing talk radio a new phones to ring off the hook and and people willing to have to hang on the pockets it it it it it makes you feel good and the show which Joel's going to well tonight. Well I'm actually that's like called in. First brought you just mentioned what -- sitcom remember coming home from it's pretty school. And getting ulcers or sitting on 330 and the real watching Gilligan's Island that is by far. And always wondered. How come home on Thursday the whole money for a three hour. Of the big -- A region that is more favored comedians and actors and I just love the show. Arguments -- which -- that keep bringing acres what areas and I still and you keep -- watch some episodes it's a little later. And what I would ask god. Is believed that when you have. Got this huge library and it's -- one -- to walk like an. Portland has got what -- -- dinosaur will look and act like. -- look dispute that. All right just the -- anything else you went to the show. I'm enjoying -- and lecture on the -- and -- enjoyed -- but -- also on the go back and just look in the -- -- but some people call. All right thank you so much doubt it okay. It. Know how. I forgot to put -- and I forgot to put the button to turn almost talking to myself. As a well -- remember earlier. Someone phoned in and said they would. Like to the lady in Florida. Who killed her daughter and claimed she was an instant and the jury found her innocent what was your name was Casey Anthony. -- -- right idea that it used to do at home we these deaths and JFK yeah that's that this kind of weird. He wouldn't go that collections used in the mr. people -- about. I don't know about Jimmy Hoffa either like those questions but I sure like to know. What the world like -- -- years ago legacies. Well you know all of this is is totally tongue in cheek because. It went when that time comes we won't care at all you know will blow just -- will be will be in such glory in and so happy to. To be there you know on that I'm no one of these things and I have a friend of mind. And we sit around -- some time and we talk about the problems we have here. And there and a paternity. Is eternity eternity is forever and ever and ever and ever and ever and ever and the Bible talks about that you know. Our life in and in God's time is a blink of and we're going to be we're going to be severe rounds and a hand do you remember how -- we'd get on the same. Lost -- we're going to be left it -- that. One you know well. Oh I love it this is an IQ believe that when we diet we don't know a week died. I do believe we care eats a lot -- good memories with so. I I agree. Problem would be I would outlook got a GeForce that we could have -- all the that you already know what you know. Shall be for the government big library. And there. And it it to be fun to sit around and -- it's -- remember when we used to worry about all week can't eat that because -- might gain a few pulls out and they were where we were only down there for just a a a split second wish -- -- really said we should totally enjoyed our life. It's got these guys saying look it's a -- and answer that question asked of me you know the first one you'll be -- That's about it hey Justin thank you just for polian and blood. All right let's see. A lovely technical and take a break David and Barbara you're going to be next week. Have some lines -- open to six year old. What -- 7866889. OH seventy. We've started off with a budget thing but it's got. Wind it down to your favorites it comes and if you believe in god and you believe in heaven. You have any questions. That you say when I get to heaven. I got to ask -- about it today to secure a late 7866. And it finally settled down Bob Mitchell. This is the sculpture WWL and this is the theme from center and so. Won this and if you believe in god. And you believe in heaven. Other couple cautions that you know may -- gotten written down somewhere gonna take with you. And you got a -- like god. I just I just need to know this and we've we've gotten some great responses that. Let me give you the results of our BJ if somebody pretty drag where opinion poll question what do you think about the Supreme Court ruling slavery in prayer. -- open to open town council ladies is on the move in the right direction for our country. Do you agree strongly agree disagree. Or strongly disagree go to WW dot com tester both 21% agree 54% disagree. Only 10%. Excuse me 21% agree. 54% strongly agree. 10% disagree and 15%. Strongly disagree let's go to David in -- how are you tonight Dave said. Yeah I must they want or sixty water 62 long term motor. -- -- Don't know about the debt that is below one of the all time classic series that. Some ample great actors. And then you can actually still dip double BB day. I didn't know I ironic thing about that is not -- -- about moments Victor or so sixty Warner trigger that would put rates that might earn your vote. Right it to you could you can go online and and and give the entire dvd collection. It will they had some great actors on that series. What what I ordered the -- -- Are all pulled my oldest oracle Obama -- brother -- they have many years yet. I looked right could triple Kerry all -- -- term he just look particular particular. But he did but nobody in the public knowledge. -- All right David. Okay acting and going to move on and go to rich. In Indiana. Power your rich. Under me -- what happened. He. Don't know but if there is. One question and that kind of in cheek. Wired or pretty. -- -- Why aren't there or in. Life and how to act how did you. Okay. All right rich. Let's go to Jason. Hey Jason. Please tell me you're saying. Oh Jason bill. OK. You know whenever I hear the name Jason I think of one thing. You'll read my mind John what what what when I hear the word Jason. You know what I think of inclement through. Each church. -- that was done with that -- brought you thirteenth right I can't help but you know. I'm -- my my wife tells me she's a usual though I've seen every Friday the thirteenth movie I've seen every saw -- While liked to watch that stuff I don't know that's the reversal we're talking -- and that we're talking about sit on your favorite -- and lines -- clear right now. 26017866890870. If you -- opponent I'm looking for. The sitcoms you grow with the of the favorite ones that you like and do any do you have any family members that you could say today. My my the -- remind me of so and so. Let me get caught up on facilities -- -- Ballmer pile of mayberry mad about you look Paul -- and hello and that was a good series. As far as talking about god and -- -- guard have you heard Osama can only imagine yes Rachel. Here's a sitcom that my wife always dinosaurs. And it had a baby dinosaur. And the baby dinosaur was always doing the wrong thing. And -- always say god allowed me I'm the baby let's go to Jason Kyle how warrior Jason. I'm all right how are you don't and it. -- Trust me I've been dealing. -- the deal would that those Asian mind I'd like that helped lead -- now -- -- -- while leaving my favorite time because hundreds. Back at at at the the -- me. You know. Beleaguered. While those movies like there's no. I think because the war so yeah Asian. You know it might mean in those movie icon it's just that they'll they kinship with the theory and art there. And every time. You never buy the thirteenth and you know and progressed -- we achieved Ian -- -- Well you know it into away if if you look at it on a certain way if you look at it will. A certain sick mind that I have. They're almost -- -- because there's so 030 yeah you know like for instance and and answer questions and I and I know you know the answer. You see a young man and a young woman in the sack the government what's gonna happen. Audible dot I didn't get it right there on the spot. Or somebody New Year's opening Geico without it children ago -- afterward -- that. And -- -- -- -- but the majority of time the -- is gonna go through both of you know what's gonna happen and and you watch it in and that that you budget is late. Look stupid don't leave the -- And don't and and you and you say don't shoot here the and our administration's coming all right let's get back to you look at. -- let's get -- may have a break him a report like shall I tell me about just a your favorite soap up not soap -- your favorite sit out. When I was cheated all these. Enjoyed watching how. I now Al and you know what it means that -- remember Bo pop out actor is not really on the -- though. -- -- -- -- Watcher back in the day fracture look at my favorite play Hollywood players let me. Went out with more Hollywood Squares. -- they never see him out war. I mean you want all you know. Or whatever and he easy view block when it and you still want an one and I'll always remember -- Hollywood Squares with a funny show. All -- inquiry they were -- great and it will Whoopi was great output great. On the way under open. I give you another funny showdown though wasn't a sitcom. But what about the Gong Show. Watch golf I honestly I'll remember I remember let unique deal more than our government on gong show was absolutely. -- single. I grew up on the boat okay all right my era -- that -- and grown so now. More my title belt more like and party or order a sport where the real. And that the movie I absolutely believe that I -- I absolutely believe that that cheated. -- artists don't then that most people on that team he tore completely understand. On dot let them douglas' family. You know what they're great web site and I go through that compares. Well real life story to the movie. -- really explore and make separate fact from fiction and it's really great mid -- the only -- What's the what's the website Jason. Are actually being brought to dot cop okay on the -- about awkward and -- -- that you can look up our people real and then. And you know they sure you you know this early that's what they're territorial. Integrity -- Have got to I've got to take a break right now but real quick -- in the spirit of the show tonight. What question would you like to ask god. They're intelligent like out there and have they contacted. Without me. Yeah well. What happened at Roswell at -- -- -- -- they are. Well thank you and I'll thank you Jason. A couple -- it might -- next we took a break and mrs. -- The team up. For. I don't know. Just fill in the it. The clothes that that that that flows when they say that. Kate. Bob excellent student WW. And then it hit me and me. -- It's. -- welcome back to the show. One of our topic tonight is. Orders when your all time. Favorite TV sitcoms like welcomed -- welcome back -- that's the theme song right now. 260 late 78668890. It certainly will it again weird jammed up against the clock ago. I'm sure appreciate everybody has been -- in. And and asked to Wayne jewel in the hole. Is that -- Wayne's world Wayne Wayne and Mike. -- a big favor and hang on and I'll get to you right after the pop the news. Couple of text messages was forced favorite sitcoms Family Guy he'll get -- no one has talked about gets Smart. 99 missed the -- not much Bob Newhart. And Frazier and we will come back with your photos -- you hang with me right after the news. I'm Bob Mitchell and was due to the big -- seventy WWL. AM at them and not.