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05-06-14 11pm Scoot, Sitcoms/ What God looks like.

May 7, 2014|

Bob Mitchell talks about: your favorite sitcoms; also, a man going through surgery claims to have met God in the experience. If you were to meet God; what would he look like and what questions would you ask him?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No not tonight -- three Bob Mitchell -- back up tomorrow night. Welcomed the show it has been a fun night we've been talking about. TV sitcoms your favorite TV sitcoms and the favorite episodes favorite characters on the show. And on the other side we have been talking about the movie I have and it's for real. But young man who died during surgery. And claimed to have gone to heaven. And came back. And told his parents about things that relatives that he knew nothing about. So the question is do you believe in god do you believe in heaven. What do you -- heaven will be like. And nobody even god will look like that's mainly what we have been talking about the -- than God's gonna look like what would you like him to look like Morgan Freeman George Burns. Someone -- and think about. Any question. That you really like the answer to now we know we're do we doing this -- Chico. When you know you're not legally Hamadan. Bill before the throne. And say right Ottawa on Elvis. Maybe you will I don't know you know we against none of us will know until we actually get there but anyway there any questions that if you had a chance you really would like to ask god about. 260 late 78668. At 90870. I'm going to get to the bowl -- well let's go to Wayne and wave right now I was gonna make you wait you waited long enough Wayne how Loria. -- -- pop -- so much great break and I'm. And Andy that was played by taxi -- that was the approach is to structurally. Out of that. And I wanted to comment on around the lady called Mary. What Jerry Van -- you. Apart from drinking beer with him a true post front -- because -- It is sheep and -- there in the beginning pity. -- was Jerry van -- here with a -- Okay. Well I knew he did but I do know George and I grew up here also are spent any time in New Orleans at all. Spectrum into war because that got the though I don't want to beat that -- All but com. All while trying. Get out competed at Buick. Group -- out of. It wait let me let me fill people in so they know what you're talking about Oakland when we started the show back at the and 8 o'clock seemed like four days ago. But anyway we were talking about these kids. That. 62 students were rested last week after police said they broke into their high school. Overnight police senior class project which included urinating in the hallways. Reusing door knobs -- petroleum jelly. And -- hot dogs to blockers down most of the stuff. Except the urinating could be classified as pranks but they've actually been arrested a question was. Should it be treated as a crime or rank and what kind of crying did you pull off as a kid in school all right plane ticket. Well it was. -- -- -- And you. And the teacher. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or back or -- it just a little. Pity because -- Well he said don't use -- you do it at that that a -- not to do. You like. That the -- Try these. Out and shot it spot he. Well he looked over and share. It. Actually actually. Caught you. It was a joke. Took that joke and now at -- -- Wanda yes well. And they strike like that all our. So -- was key in on that. Okay yeah it note. To let. That's true glory of the lord. That is pretty funny now art now since you talked about that give me give me your take. On its if if you could ask god in couple questions you know we were told were talking about heaven. If you if there isn't heaven and you get the -- -- do you do you believe and Evans a reflection of that for. All right so on any questions you were dying to ask inaudible. And a bad. A bad expression my mind that's gonna vote. Bob -- would be opened in me I want got that. Note yet you don't have much faith. Well I'm pretty. Mobile. It would put it -- world or. Nobody. -- Here's a good -- -- I'd like to ask god a lot of bigs but mostly. I'd like asking blog now this is really good missile. Your brain a little crazy thinking about this -- -- possible. That he has always exist. Our brains can't comprehend that. The creator -- -- -- -- but does -- out here you know we don't. I agree that but think about that. How can our brains to not imagine that he has always exist because our brains have to think of a beginning. So oh. The main thing if you don't do well. -- -- I knew it was -- bill but I can't believe they did it. Thank you wearing. All right let's go to the other -- in Boca lose power you Wayne. Pilots to back to the sit on the wind your favorite TV sitcoms. Well. -- an advance man. Good -- did you like it after. Well but it -- not in my question. -- go ahead. Now after Charlie Sheen left the show. -- Don't want cannot -- and he's on he that would pit. I am I in -- your soul and I can tell you a little bit about initial comment ever battled all back to black and white today. Weird jumped by. Got -- start. Well. I'm married gentle. I'm vaguely remember that vaguely him. Don't want now. I am -- sit com do you want to call a -- fall on the you know always you know. Usual warm but even back in black and white days when I was a kid like that I don't like nine years old. And -- I'll just one big sitcom banned. I'll know John John who answers -- -- and runs the control board formally accused me on time allowed him like couldn't do the show actually lights. Two and a Half Men sentenced Charlie Sheen left the show. I think guys have really got to watch out because I brought him this Guerrero. Actually who supposed to be Charlie sheen's daughter and he knew he didn't know about and I mean is that Daschle got a whole new level to meet its funny. Okay and I've not watched that this season I watched -- the first season after. Actual future jewel in this case though it's funny enough about it now that the kid left the show that you left the show but they have somebody else they replaced and acts just like. All right and funny. Get out and put some charge. Things and add to. That now. No he didn't have to -- said was that he was a Christian and that everything that. That should that show stood for he was against an I was very. I think it takes a lot of guts to stand up and say something like that. Welcome heavily is going to now I can see why he did the right if Iran is at a level it's like what you have. Are negotiable into the show way. All of that just call my whole globe. -- it comes. Like Kamal on -- you ought to run and manned by. Anyway follow -- -- and. Thank you so much is the Mike to rural -- you might. -- -- -- I got to stay out of it shows chemical that your timing your data 37 years ago. I don't. I'm a couple of years older than that. Well I'll look at. I'd like to learn being. Ended when it out into the crowd Blondie show that include every Sunday. I don't call that at all learning. I read the comic. Papers and out or are you never saw -- no Abbott Costello yes never -- -- about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Al -- Abbott just saw them there right. No. -- -- back in the days John knew of Blondie I think he'd dated her once but not me okay she was a look at you know. It. It. Oh well all Pakistan back and 7. On every Sunday morning. First came on Monday and and and the constant and -- all that. You know -- don't know it is mentioned guys The Three Stooges. I'll hand it. On Tuesday. -- it was a had to look up in -- -- you know. And Blondie and -- Capellas CDs and dvds and I think. And currently happening in that corner. A lot to. What you what you want to look at they'd watch an applicant Stella didn't let -- stolen. I think that was good for seven you know this kind of watched you know -- feel like you know entity well. From my. If you make it to have a whole lot of question what's the question. Who really. True and I've got another Texan -- -- the the good. It's big real. I enjoy issue is like pages -- very much it is let's go to Linda in New Orleans east -- our illegal. -- -- We're have a good time tonight just kind of Chilean mountain. Reminiscing about -- -- the great old TV sitcom and I can't talk about the the type of sitcoms where you could. Watch him with you children and have to worry about being embarrassed. -- -- -- -- -- You're right chipped up and kept. -- it creeps into your -- Because. -- primary. And you are. Accurate. You know look at it really funny -- -- greatly. Could you. All. Are. Great. I don't know many other. Guys are flat out aren't -- Do you have any any current a TV sitcom July. Her no no. I'd like. I I. I've seen them a couple of times and now -- and it's late in the brain is gone blind. John if you ultimately it's the -- with the science geeks. Com. Destroy playing quick it's not How I Met Your Mother like that at all. -- -- Just like on the debate about the millers know. That the militia -- in the Miller's alike to. I think -- It's a spinoff of that seventies you. Want isn't. Aaron. Well moment ago it is it's late they were some -- -- gonna call in right now and and and -- though. You were talking about you know the science geeks and I -- in the human -- name on the show right now among my brain is fried. Not out of this world it's not that that's a child into an -- you don't about a -- let's take a bright yet. So we don't use babble on 26017866. 8890. It's seven you can text -- 8787. O'clock the phones are ringing and they know they know what speculate -- give -- a -- for god before we go. You know. Know that you believe eight. All right thank you so much okay. I'm Bob introduces its dutrow will get to you Bolton just the second. From the -- seventy WW LA MF and of that cut. -- -- Starting way. Welcome back to the fellow I'll -- this dude. We were looking for the name of that TV show. That's John and I both result column. Everybody. It's. But called cuts but on the phone right now but of course does this post. Three to six and three WL you know. But I'm sure it's happening is sometimes you're on the year and intranet that is something in your brain just short -- and shorts out and you can't think of what was the Big Bang theory I love the show. Camelot or is crucial -- out of -- argument among -- Well. Running out of yeah I collect your artists are our show -- on wrote then and I got to work what am and I hit the last Kristi Barack. And I mean I'm I have to say -- history they've been written -- -- or more year that it really unusual. I'm so glad that he had that -- he says because these jobs that genuinely nice guy. Artwork and guy. You don't try to make himself look better -- make it look bad I mean you know. Share overlap and share a stage. You know he's 100 good drive and every. And I imagine them making a lot of money -- I'll try. It spiral and didn't think. That air followed the real big networks like like media or whether there are. If anything -- -- Arabia Iraq and their comedy world for five years. As -- don't try to be a -- you know and and -- billion dollar yachts you know like between the money you're gonna make -- those are here. And the residuals. That -- gonna make for the next ten years. -- -- you can you can. Lionized so I'll open new roads are -- where there has been in Iraq that your days the coffers. And oh yeah now. Now they're fully believe they are all about multi millionaire. All right buster I appreciate -- so much blood. What I what I would do what are you -- tomorrow afternoon on your show. -- About the study came out about power or that the you know it doesn't matter if you go to a super fancy -- Ivy League school. For eagle on the bottom of the pile -- -- time -- or you know middle aged. It doesn't matter you think anybody -- -- those cruel they're no more engaged. -- more. You know enjoy argument make more money but you better contacts that you -- not. You know you don't you don't get everything out of school budgets thank you do so that all the people -- Republican. I mean I'm gonna got -- my -- -- senior -- school next year so we're looking at a -- you know what I want to Nichols. So you want unique caller yeah armor on argued -- -- All right but talked elated. All right thank you for filled in and let's go to Jesse Jesse would let your favorites that tone. Are right -- accurate that mall where you did with the life of Reilly. Any. Parent. -- outlook or outlook on six it. Eight. Now William Bendix -- policy. A repairman for. Were -- just Russian company. Two it's like I say you look of respect our outlook due to repel it's like if you have a -- spot -- they're reputable yeah. But that's that's an area of Britain -- but I will all look like -- Specter yeah. It would have legs that are written out bit improbable that -- -- you at all. We don't have it it's being recruited spirit that. -- but that's the part we're you don't get it. What about any of the occurrence that comes elect any of those. I don't know I don't know lied to by double now. You ought to know there are built upon it disrupted now. But those free food that the three day trippers who would do that there are route through. Well I forgot all about them that wasn't. Yeah. And luck element in there and it. Those -- Here's some other pro here so little. So little text -- I guess this was a sitcom. How well Howdy -- be classified as this. Yeah you. It's hooters. It well let's put this girl. Yeah out of it -- world war fought -- the same expertise. OK let's let's let's play here howdy duty as I do remember Howdy -- there was buffalo Bob Smith. And princess summer -- fall winter and spring is that right -- of them. And and wasn't there it was -- -- mean puppet on the show. I you know it. Our government brought. The -- -- throw the fraud. There now did you at a problem mr. OT didian struggled to a lot or both buffalo Bob Barker. But throughout. -- -- it was most of the fraud puppet. And promote both -- -- -- -- -- for all your goals for buffalo Bob you're. Able. I don't remember buffalo Bob and -- -- -- guess I was too young to remember a fraud I don't know. Right. What a budget Jesse when you get to heaven. Is there a couple of what you've been just it shouldn't ask god. Well politics Packard based artist -- -- -- -- that is that I have been out yeah. Well that happens before you get there so when you get it gotta clean slate slate. So I looked like it there and I'd probably say it has the -- and I'll order somebody else there. -- I appreciated so much okay. Are all right let's go to -- Michael Michael thank you calling WWL tonight. Bob that crowd but I sit down yeah. I -- -- a lot. About dispute and we are. A lot of and it ought to outlaw a while right only that they'll. -- fell is my all time favorite sitcom mom I'm I'm with you on that. And as such as that and I guess it depends on what -- you're talking about ego of the era of the last I guess fifteen to twenty years. I like Sonnenfeld won when we -- -- further back. Like well I'll like Hogan's Heroes that was what in my favorite tune. Well you don't way. Are outlawed wave back at it it's still -- unlikely because I love that show between Russia. -- will be written and edited it could be. Boy no one's mentioned Leave It to Beaver you're right that that that it was a great show. I know there's -- -- it will all of that track and act out. So oh well what. Elect about watching Andy Griffin is there always seem to be on most of the episodes. Either a lesson to be learned of course Barney -- with a with a bullet in his pocket it was a Apple's -- -- you know. -- Optional wide financial market. Say it is likely it is not a lot -- the group wants -- Apatow is that the giant Japanese Japanese restaurant. Yes. It. That it. Well did a three. And hobbled the soup Nazi. Our commitment to open. -- -- -- -- All right thank you Michael. Let's go to Jeanne -- -- laureate Jane. I'm I'm excited about -- -- to -- Good talking you to. That simply can't talk about one this year unlike -- After that I like hype and expectation that you want to get one. The -- you like to watch what. Can you direct hit hit it. That's a sitcom. And that it but it does that Tom is a comedy show all the. Yeah yeah that is not -- -- -- job I was stunned about. And -- -- and I do not depend actual Brady Bunch and had another job. Let me ask let me ask you before we get to that one of if you were on the Brady Bunch what the system for -- ability. -- I have no idea. That you can get it when that you know I do know log what do you do. The prettiest ones the birdies and you'd be the prettiest ones. Back now I might impact. About marsh or would you be Marcia. Okay I'm from now well when you call then you change your name -- marsh. Going to be Marsha from Guerrero. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And even a child that is what did it. Oh I think that was called the greatest American hero. At that. But I would -- that immensely proud about it -- yeah. That was a sitcom also. That was -- -- to the great American. Idol. Okay. I thought I'd. Yell what do -- -- Gina I can't wait if it would question jubilant as -- At the Atlantic as. A wedge close. At. -- I duplicate the rights. Because you don't. -- that if -- FF FF. That the that's probably the most sensible ones who've had let's go to go to Jimmy in that term -- -- How negative has been a good showed Jimmy that a lot of people would call in and we've -- -- a good time talk about some of these Zola. TV shows and we we came up with the premise that if you've got to heaven and are there a couple of questions that you would just like as Don and and word of -- started. Just because you are you're just tuning in. Analysts and enjoy the British media outlet experience to tell you. Pretty funny. Well we. Seniors. Do it well look at rolling forward Kyoto. Vehicle to do it over. And over we completed 23 hours. But we brought carton of slippers and we -- so Politico and -- a couple of dimension I screenplay -- machine and a gigantic. A little shorter call. And we don't and so on pool we and it taught their only. And we offense in the country -- around out there and also actually practice that the or shall -- It was hooters strip and stick -- you. And we -- it -- drop in -- out an -- -- -- your tree and you and without cleaning up o'clock in the morning. We know who was at colonial or get out there and clean it up. -- we are structure that we never. And that Jimmy will ask just what wrote what about us that Tom -- favorite to TV shows. Then watch and golden girl all the time and I tell you my father used to live next to your father of the -- Archie Bunker and it was Georgia. General -- -- -- went to our -- besides. And his wife my stepmother. Was the it will -- but -- can look at there. Must upload a -- -- inflows so shall we call flow. And -- is that trucks stop you know shoot three. Same character as well. -- that article from that a little more like we do -- at least comparable. Was saying wait we actually lived right next door to a bar room so remembered. In all in the family Archie won two I think it would Chelsea's plays Havoc with the name of the bar as the -- that my dad would go to the bar. And -- Dan who was -- was so much like Archie Bunker. Except that he he didn't he didn't get as excited. About Archie Bunker you know. What I remember about my dead and and -- is. I'd never can I cannot recall a time when I heard my father arguing with my mother and my mother. Would rag on him and he just would pay no attention to remain you know it was it was slow roll on some things. I remember. On a Thanksgiving but my dad loved to go to the race ultra. And my mother told him you better not totally strike you go to the racetrack and you know this or is going to be locked in all the time he's putting his time on a -- suit on. Is now among mothers if you leave dissolves delicately and he just obsolete at an end and new you'll heavily -- when you come back and ilsley. Actually later never never rated but did whatever you want to do you know. Those aren't my mother I do watch a lot of legal bingo you -- there was market and about a little more like more and if you remembered. During the show ball on Florida and was trying to neighbors. Good time to actually change from. And I'm sure there you go out law and George a person -- -- double -- Lawrence. Right now we're gonna put up. In Hammond before the world. What questions do you want to as. What. Is it like everybody in the world changed a thing is that Green Bay like that for sitting in trying. It. Is. It. When you -- sumo that was returned. It takes a little too long -- actually. You know Oprah's and we have operated through email or something architecture. In the end eventually surely need and what you want you know sometimes it's you're you're -- -- that circle. And you. Really have to go through -- I do believe that that would that would be my main question. Listen. A realized this is is not the subject but when you talk of it brought up -- -- You read the old testament god it was tough then and he didn't fool round with. Anybody that god was if you read the old testament. Dodd was the original godfather. A. And -- the original probably. They pictured him in the door and so and Ernie Banks that they like it is and the op sure. -- created this killer Malta. I don't that's and his -- mall you know. They -- It really enjoyed shall that was orderly wasn't. It was it was different and I remembered. You know a comic. More than I was on tour. Just. Column in it Richard -- -- Richard again actually not too long after but Jeanne. Pocket watch him. I can watch -- able to little mannerisms she thought it was and there's. Wasn't that great and wasn't that one of Billy crystal's first. -- is it a Republican social started he was he was -- is character and and I don't think a lot it was it was. They're very different active. That time -- mean nowadays you can find the show that. Don't have a gay character you know. -- -- Can you really the only reason they cannot believe -- tried to get on Saturday Night Live before that happened and and you work on choking was able to get back on Russia now in Ottawa Senators career. But it didn't. It is obviously didn't. But it only lasted a couple of years correct. It was out. Five for what he did essentially our entire box and not believe it or five she's. And change in -- at Leicester after 23 years ago that it. They were getting more and more outrageous that they -- more -- surely you know thank -- to Qatar -- The angels. Who keeps and what commonly that it will -- -- and. And and it was Marie Hartman Mary Hartman. Don't know. That bill was in and out vote. -- -- You know these social that they play now on TV I I love you viewing and download. Robert retreat as the television station South Korea already network. And I don't know it's just because it's a lack of -- left for him but he can't stop us -- in touch component that. And you ask permission. Love Boat that you're actually sent through an episode of the Love Boat holds. Yeah actually and and you write about construction and I -- not. In order to get ready fortune on watchable. And and night in that pressure I don't remember but I feel that their captain. Captain was kind of let it. It was and is and his little daughter was a little -- all the time. This particular episode. -- culture and welcome. At -- that would everybody on the boat how many times chapter which screens go for you know. In one day and the captain had done it twice before they were done even though. What should decide to make that. Because that are in place over there on the -- in an audience that we lost does that. Today today to Jimmy. All right we have a couple lines open to securely 7866. And it -- only seventy. I'm Bob vigilant -- -- in this WWL AM on the dot com. And and going into an awesome family mean Barry in unanimity. Here is Ozzie and Ozzie Nelson and of course is lovely wife Carrie and as Harriet Nelson. A little bit older than a thousand boys David appears as David Nelson he's younger brother Brady played irate emails. GE. Welcome back to show up at the Olympics who we've been talking about the all time great TV sitcoms and that right there was was one of the all time that was the Ozzie and Harriet show. Getting cramps and Texans were quick likes to weaken them finish some of these up. -- Benson who's the boss called me show. Dennis the Menace. Like soap like Benson. Let's see what -- smash court report about that before. What else. That was about it but got some really good -- questions. For god in the wars or. Part of Marshall tonight was. If you believe in heaven. And you get there. Are there a question to that you just can't wait to ask -- and of course this all tongue in cheek. Here's a great. And I would ask god if ghost axis of course. At that point you wouldn't have to worry about that anymore here's a good one or my dogs here too. Boy I certainly hope so. One more should -- chips. My dad was LTD motorcycle cops oh I love that green acres Petticoat Junction. Bob Newhart -- pile. Here is one that we played the theme I guess going into the last break that no one has brought up the bad. Is the monsters. And the Addams Family. Neither of those have been mentioned tonight. WWL loves mom. And we're hoping you show your love for the mom and your life with our mystery -- contest on the -- will play the -- -- mr. mom. Tomorrow morning between six and 10 PM. About six and 10 AM. Then he'll give you the number to Colin and if you're the first against the mystery mom correctly you win a fifty dollar gift card from. Pro flowers lots of fun to listen to lots of fun to play an even more on. When to give your mom a bunch of beautiful flowers to mr. mom content for Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning. -- ten on WWL. And I want all my LSU fans to know that I'm. -- green mile issue purple and gold work shirt. While I tell you. Greenway pants. How would you like to win season tickets to at Tulane football. WWL most of send you to Tulane home games. Starting but their battle against Georgia Tech on September the sixth don't miss this exciting season into -- new -- stadium. And it's all you have to do to win is -- -- on the first day of draft festival ocean and grow in the French Quarter. Core comp time -- between six and 11 PM register to win two lucky winners. Will receive a family's -- season ticket package that includes two adults. And Tutsis and tickets valued at 300 books and two lucky winners. Will receive a pair. A breeze -- season tickets valued at four under but we'll look at the station at -- college football. WW well this is just been. An outstanding show to I have so much appreciate. All the calls and text messages. That we have received. On -- thank John opened the show because it would not have the on the show without him thank you so much this is this has been world great night's. Couple more a text message of what about. Ten speed and brown shoes on the commercials. Scarecrow and mrs. -- Vaguely remember that bill call that was -- radio the sitcom. Chico and the Man of course was good. Obviously when those two we have here. My all time favorite sitcoms were soap bans and night court Sampras on and good times. Policy. They stop can't remember. The FF yeah can't mention Lobo about making note of Fantasy Island. Well I only panacea island would what was -- Alice. The rat though the rat patrol was novice that comfortable. I guess it's about time take. Well. That's not even fair to him and he chose my three sons. Always like yeah -- can. -- when we come back I'll have loved one more thing for the collection. -- -- -- I welcome back to BO show. I always like to leave you -- one more thing usually about Solomon credible what do. Got one tonight a Florida judge has tossed out -- bazaar motion from a man who claimed he wanted to marry. His porn filled Apple Computer. Mark Shriver claimed that after buying a laptop a -- porn filters he became addicted to porn felony level of his computer and preferred. Having sex -- -- over. All other persons -- things. His claim of gay people have the right to marry their object of sexual desire. That I should have the right to marry money preferred. Sexual object. Sounds like the subject for a talk show. I'm Bob Mitchell that's it thank you again John and thank everybody for the great reaction to the show to.