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May 7, 2014|

Dave talks about higher taxes, nasty bathrooms, and What is Wrong With People

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Nine minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's may it's the seventh it's 2014. Ahead. Is hump today no way is. Everybody here everybody -- advantage a chance to do though I. Why there was talk that bad -- not this morning why I don't know if a man. We just couldn't move goods that do. So -- do what they helped make they get printed on one earlier. Again I say do the -- -- of the game. Hockey games while -- -- Over and over again. You know Mother's Day is this weekend. Whoever could hit a couple what -- that -- may not by accident. We just our story about all those zillions we're gonna spend on. Mom and that's a good thing you know here's the thing everybody has or has had a mom at them. Through. We all day Hitler did at least at some point -- many. Children. You know many husbands. And as a mom mom gets taken care of this is. You know mom truly get depreciated or should it away on Mother's Day gotten a lot of sacrifice yet got a plan early. And you -- yeah you don't just know it -- dole Sunday ago. And from and don't don't try to rip this thing up for the last minute and you won't get out of a place to eat your view might not get the flowers who knows. I got four kids I got to make sure there'll taking care of my. They're my mom with her mom's a lot of mom lot of mouths since the deal here's. Think I'll be getting online -- on some ordering today poll we are would be a good idea Seattle kind of you know getting them the last year getting -- out of the way. He cannot wait any longer. Now issues and government of the traffic jam here and you don't want to. So interest saying that the mayor of New Orleans is pushing the Louisiana legislature today to approve a pair of new taxes -- tobacco one on hotels and motels in the city of war and and it's you know little more than a penny increase per dollar spent at hotels. And you know how much as a pack of cigarettes it's like seventy cents seventy cent pretty pretty high for the -- cigarettes cost them the -- box problems but we're amongst the lowest in the nation are ya gotta go to New Yorkers crazy like seventeen dollars a pack now. So the mayor wants. But -- tourism industry says now as it would give us. The highest. And there are competing to get major convention. With a 10020050101020000. Even 40000 people come -- the city. And they're trying to attract some pebbles and they believe. That it puts the city and competitive. Advantage. To the mayor saying well you know here's -- -- industry he can bear. A little bitty and yeah. But the tourism industries -- -- -- no argument out where where we need to be that stayed. Average guy in the street probably momma packets you know the visitors -- and I don't care Bruno but if you work in any tourism related businesses through and any business that impacted by -- it is so man. Then you should have. Stake in this you should consider how you feel about this. Will it lead to fewer people coming and staying in spending the night in new wants fewer conventions receivables fewer weekend visits or whatever. Or is it no one's gonna care about it yeah stands at hotels -- little percentage you know our -- -- it -- there are nobody'll know. I don't know. That debate will be had today -- afternoon. As we -- the gotta pay for these reforms somehow the federally ordered reforms of the NO PD and the Orleans parish president and this is the mayor's idea of how to get her done down admirers rambling because some money. Gotta come off limits somewhere somehow. We'll see how that happens solace Burleson Texas today 7870. Should New Orleans have amongst the highest. Hotel motel taxes anywhere in the nation and the industry -- to pay for these reforms to improve the NO PD which. Theoretically make this a better safer cities that it can attract more people. And the prison to do or is it too much. But the thing next innate immunity then again this on. Me 518. Good morning happy -- days thank you so much for starting your witness day here on WW Valium at them and act on line Dave on and she is and -- meteorologist Laura but well. Warming up later today into the low to mid eighties to look for some sunshine in a few more clouds around today in the past couple of days. And it may neatly to some fog overnight tonight as -- drop down about seventy. Then for Thursday at 20% rain chance -- at 83. Friday's rain chances -- up to 70%. At few downpours could be heavy at heights reach about eighty. From the Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark. Tell SE when it's seven miles an hour with 87% relative humidity it's mostly cloudy and 71 at the airport in Canada now Slidell clear skies and sixty degrees and around the NFL draft. Is tomorrow. Six general manager -- -- is going to address us this morning. Chances are not gonna let on the whole lot Steve Geller. What what we've raised look at those two things are picking things yeah I think that would put him at a competitive disadvantage to share with the rest of the league through the things would like. Do draft in the first round of tomorrow's NFL draft. And nonetheless we'll hear what he has to say live here -- WWS -- around 10 AM. Right now we get to -- live what you have to say on this hump day 1 morning. Yes good morning everyone former Tulane standout Sean king is now an NFL analyst for NBC sports. It feels that the scenes will have multiple options with their first round draft pick which is 27 overall. Security -- Bring -- -- -- probably due to sort through what ginger the pelican he ordered their chemicals that so really it'll -- -- -- -- searchers are for the -- to drop the sort. -- is a five foot 9189. Pound receiver out of -- state. Whose speed can stretch a defense while -- and outside linebacker out of Auburn whose best deal is rushing off PH. Miami has taking game 1 of the Eastern Conference semi final series against Brooklyn beat the nets 107 to 86. The brawn James had 22 points for the -- Over in the Western Conference Tony Parker had 33 points and nine assists. As San Antonio hammered Portland's. 116 to 92 in game one of their semi final series Parker says the spurs' bench was a big factor as Marco Belinelli added nineteen points. Nothing -- is one of office game -- Portland you know and have a lot of shooters not a weapon is obviously I think the best news -- is Marco Belinelli to be back can. -- -- it was huge. And I think we go to -- we need that during the series because I think -- bench you know we can take advantage of that. Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant and has won the NBA's most valuable player award for the first time after averaging a league leading 32 points per game he received a 1191. Place votes while four time MVP LeBron James picked up six to finish third. Second in the balloting excuse me. The Golden State Warriors have fired coach Mark Jackson after the team's first round loss to the LA clippers. Jackson had a job for three years and compiled a record of 121 and 109 including a 59 win in 31 lost more this season. -- baseball won their third straight game beating southeastern three to -- this effort is lost five to 411 innings for the Iowa Cubs. Today at four on sports talk -- GM Mickey Loomis previews the draft plus should the NFL draft location rotate every year like the Super Bowl. I'm Steve Geller naturally morning look at sports. And if you join us at 10 o'clock this morning we'll bring you live coverage of saints down manager making promises news conference. Talking about tomorrow's draft coming up at 25 minutes -- and I've talked a lot this week about the saints in the draft do you think that -- state had a point seven most likely go with a wide receiver with their first. Which you've told us this week and that having been said who do you think -- number one in the draft to is the best player available right now and as -- with the first. When all comes down said and done I think the Houston Texans will end up taking. South Carolina is -- dating -- overall number one even despite all of smoke and mirrors that a guy like -- Mac out of buffalo could end up being the number one pick. They need a quarterback but a lot of people aren't that high on this year's draft class and Johnnie -- and sell some even have slipped to the second round which I think is absurd -- -- -- goes number one overall in the draft of the Houston attack yet picnic and pairing him up with JJ watt in Houston will be lethal combo on defense that. It's one quarterbacks to not want -- When they play both have played Houston Texas delegate to back and point climate to what sports only if tells whoever the top tigers in the draft and where do you see them let's say a top three LSU players tour who are today and where do you think it will be selected. In tomorrow's NFL draft. You don't get that fourth coming up -- 25 minutes here on WW well AM FM and backed up 23 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition. At WWL first news we got rain -- and not today we'll tell you land in the forecast right after the 5 point 5 good morning I'm Dave -- we're talking a little bit this morning about the proposal to raise the tobacco tax and the hotel motel tax in New Orleans to raise money to pay for the federally ordered reforms in the normal police department. And the Orleans parish prison. And the mayor of new Portland supports these. I rate increases in taxes that the legislature considered today in banners but the tourism industry here in New Orleans came out yesterday strongly opposed. To raising the rates that visitors have to pay in terms of taxes on hotel rooms it's just a little over 1%. That would be an increase would -- day. That if you're looking at -- 20000 rooms for big convention. 1% is a significant amount of money and could be a deal breaker between new loans at some other city. But to Texas and 878 that he does do people really think 1% tax is that -- any thing going because people who want to visit the world to reconsider give me up Torre. Another says I'm from -- we have to stay overnight nor on a lot Nomar have already out price themselves and hotel tax will just add more. All care about if all we care about -- tourism from far tax will be issued. Okay thank you for that Anna says I'm OK with tobacco tax however the hotel tax bill will continue to take -- text messages and it's 7870 now your forecast. We'll see some sunshine to kick off this Wednesday but clouds moving in as we get into the afternoon and a few more hanging around in the past few days. As -- reach about 83 tonight some fog possible lows reaching about 78. And we're right back to 83 tomorrow with a slight chance for a shower but Friday rain chances jump up to 70%. As highs reaching 81. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark -- Tell just a little wispy fog here at their nowhere are they reporting terribly low visibility so that's good news this morning but it is muggy out there with the southeast wind bring in the gulf moisture and seven miles an hour mostly cloudy at the airport -- 71 degrees starts there there. Flied out clear and sixty degrees and gave -- -- thank you so much. For working your way through the work week with us here on the early edition of WWL first news on this -- -- like to call witnesses. I coming up it's like -- -- WWL first news we'll get traffic and weather together sports with Steve gala at the top tiger's going in the NFL draft. And also all have CBS news for you talk about this new study that finds if you're fast. You forgets that it rarely do you get fat in your brain. And if you have a fat brain you can't remember stuff. The -- Miley Cyrus fans rejoice is out of the hospital ready to go back on tour thought about that and -- If people files -- a local one -- like now who. Landed himself right there by. Disobeying a court order and insisting that he drive drunk on more time it is discussion about whether or not to raise the tobacco tax and the hotel motel tax and Portland. Raise money for federal reforms and so glad to start -- -- days -- on WW well we'll get -- Humpty -- government after the news as well 36 minutes after 5 AM welcome aboard at the early edition of WW Alfredsson is on the seventh of may 2014. And welcome to hump day well my goodness let's do this then hope. I have -- chances. And everybody that's still a mile driving please hump. Gently and carefully so as to not cause any if you -- -- gentle pumping the book and now. Everybody else today knock yourself out -- Ivins -- it -- -- -- -- the kitchen table. The latest. The living room playing them that question. The freedom in the shower at your passenger in the car about he'd keep them. I'm glad we've made this I'm glad that the NFL draft. After the smiles yeah you know the build up on this thing my goodness we've been counting down for watched a couple of months yet. These. It's. Later than usual this year because of scheduling conflicts now -- -- real finally. That happened 10 o'clock this morning live coverage from the saints head one of government to make you -- with his pre draft. News on and he's good out. Yeah that's wrong with the rock solid. I just can't help but wonder after the story that he is our listeners out of Slidell. Right here -- is the easy at all. Please their man is behind bars after. He re wired his ignition. Dismantled the cars built and Russell -- there and drove his vehicle drunk. Again. Slide out cops discovered the alleged tampering over the weekend with a traffic stop. Officer pulled over 41 year old Larry Paul who had been ordered. Do you have a breathalyzer and -- I had to breathe in the thing and Mariano was not. Drop to start his car because of his previous. DW I conviction when they on this latest stop was -- in by being again point one of five to blood alcohol level according Glendale police nearly twice. The legal limit of alcohol YYY. Now officers were kind of perplexed as detective -- ulcers and the bags hidden he had been driving the vehicle turns out that he actually dismantled the into lock device. And also rewire indignation to defeat the whole system. And he gets he gets an -- for -- pretty Smart you I don't know Smart guy Carey says I'll fix this darn thing. He really wanna drive drunk bad bad enough to dismantle the court order -- I I just don't like yeah I I just don't get it I really don't army in my goodness -- I had a glass of wine. I would be fearful of going you know two blocks. Now on the street and these guys they get popped again and again and again davis' third offense that he could do some serious jail time at this point and obviously the court's -- I think I'll just order -- an unlocked device because that'll keep them from driving drunk. And writes in August 01 more time for this vial. Mean -- think you're talking about twenty minutes more for us is Chris Miller joins us he's a topic folks find out. They spent it on mom this Mother's Day you know Thursday Friday said it four days away. From Mother's Day and report says nationwide we're gonna spend a little less on mom this year as things are tight. You out of back onto it cheaper restaurants getting Norris smaller group Kate maybe. The phone call instead of the card what do you do you spent the last on mom this year. But on -- I -- -- forecasts and because she got jealous that she doesn't -- take part in this Humpty dance every wet Wednesday we now do a second time just real -- meteorologist. -- about now. -- I'd do it. A black and I've really sure what the hunting accident that and a -- and different and do something that might not prejudiced and Emeka -- and JF. That's been good about -- right okay got it. Booty -- ethnic equality what. When you dance -- I'm sitting down at a I think about booty is if you -- -- just -- that out yet but I don't you know rolling actual. I Orleans and -- -- go back and forth in the -- yeah you know we we have volunteers all of this idea that we we have fun with that. We're gonna races and bumper ferret it out before it yeah. Carry you carry -- of high -- here. Africa as well be careful please -- -- well we do not -- rolling chair Humpty dance incident I've and the Eyewitness News looking down and not separate what we do want is the forecast and pretty much if what we've -- come to expect this week old sniper at least yeah more -- but did you feel the difference this morning at. And. -- -- -- Damp feeling you know you just kind of notice outside it's not quite that Chris nice feeling -- yet earlier this week and temperatures -- 15 degrees warmer this morning and some spots that yesterday's 78 PM and agrees yeah Hannah with the fifties yesterday they're 70 this morning. We're at 71 and -- -- really the only cool spot at about sixty pretty much everyone else right at that and he. And the humidity is up in the 85 feet 5% it and increase pain and clouds are starting -- today it's another reason -- humidity is on the client. I'm so keep rain out of the forecast for the most part today that beginning tomorrow or back -- some spotty showers cool that at thirty Pratt 2030% chance there's a payment fry today. Dad I come right right yeah. Yet that's our next best chance which we actually been quite a while since we've seen some rates and that -- -- last week of April so we do need that rain it's just unfortunate it's come and right at the start. Let's not have that argument again and I I -- I well I say I never need -- I guess I should say climate to logically speed that we bright. There -- -- had to pull out that that sprinklers the past couple days at the gardens are a little bit odd yet unfortunate that's right Friday look at it as -- percent science. Mainly for the actor and he needs it looks like it fires off around -- timers so. Continues after it and Entergy needs -- -- Friday -- to keep an -- out that would get to work dry and mostly in all likelihood -- become -- Again not necessarily the case and then for the weekend Saturday and let you know take it on out as -- to stay in -- worse than it left on -- this year I -- -- -- -- a little -- -- Yet but a couple of spotty showers and storms that date Sunday about a 30% chance for. They go folks be ready. We haven't seen it for -- well at an all this month I'd rain is priced at -- I I've got another one from the -- people file. This one comes us comes to a from Bradenton Florida. Where a pair of police detective said that the bathroom that the police headquarters were quote. Nasty day. They didn't want to use the police department bathroom. So these two detectives decided the best thing for them to do when I add ago. According to an internal report that's now been released was to break into City Hall. And use the bathrooms there because they're -- funny with a well. Markets that he wasn't laughing because apparently when they -- they didn't lock the door behind them and they left City Hall unsecured further the entire weekend. That happened. And having him but he -- Not cover tracks. -- officials they want detective is no longer employed by the department. And the other faces a three disciplinary hearing the deal -- after. The great at that. Ago I don't know I. Funny story with that gas station yesterday Dylan my wife's -- actually and for some reason the united on the little snap the thing in and let pomp. When he was wrapping up the -- shot back out to anecdotal in my car. So I went inside and went into the bathroom. This men's room was so disgusting. That. That wasn't even a seat on the toilet and had been broken off and wasn't there the public that it hadn't been cleaned in months. And I felt growth just washing my hands and that. I could even consider. Doing anyone else in the Mort -- -- to use it it's. If I had to go and that was my only half an opponent with a broken into somewhat of doing as well. -- Now police detectives might know better -- debris in the city all of that is. That the police department must then that make the difference. Is that. And I guess on Monday over the that it was somebody else's -- and I don't know it you know. You would have janitorial service or something and that we keep it you at least. That's -- I don't understand that you work with -- day in and day out like -- to keep it nice for that every everybody's yet to turn around and walked out about him because it was -- -- and oh yes you -- you know -- clean it before you can use it well not that -- -- -- through that aren't likely -- back dramatically yelled -- but I I definitely -- that turned around -- -- don't have to do that ahead but it's not that -- -- sometimes you gotta. Do you gotta go and Abkhazia to give back actually have a good -- you I appreciate it or about it now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts and it sports with Steve Geller -- -- more on the NFL draft tomorrow and where will those top tigers be going when teams start picking their place. There's a little embarrassing. Before we get the -- sees -- I wanted to talk about this study that finds that if you fact. You have more memory loss that people who in shape towards it. But then after this effort to talk about August and indicated to him speak at this. I've gained a few rounds recently but this study found that there is a link between physical fitness and strong mental recall. And the fatter you are the more memory loss that you suffered. And now they're trying to see of this could be a factor later in life but they already found out that even in juvenile and college students. -- they're overweight they have less memory and they have more trouble recalling information so work out. Be smarter with. Relatives protested that if play explains -- my four year old right now forget that nothing I've ever felt. Are you mean when he asks daddy can we go to do you say yeah I will do that next week. And make sure several drug goes go to the zoo today elect. -- -- we gotta go yeah I'm got to go over yet -- -- sports now Steve Geller got that fourth on this. Draft EU here on WW. And good morning everyone despite the saints signing free agent Champ Bailey this offseason quarterback will likely be one of the team's top priorities in the draft. Mike made -- of the NFL network -- the top five guys will be gone by the time the black and gold peaked at 27 overall but they could still wind up with a gem. Could they look at it Stanley -- about -- from Nebraska yeah they could and an -- long corner that this Phillies game you've got to. An exciting skill -- Baptiste is six foot 3218. Pounds and had four interceptions with twelve batted passes for the cardinal and 2013. San Antonio took control early and rolled to a 116 in 92 rout of Portland in the Western Conference semi finals. Tony Parker poured in 33 points and had nine assists for whispers. That he dominated game 1 of their Eastern Conference semi final. Routing the Brooklyn nets 107 to 86 the brawn James scored 22 points for Miami who shot seven. 57%. And improved to five you know in the post season king James was relieved to see no rust in the entire teams play. May seem like we didn't take much time off at all and as far as our rhythm. And turn over twins who assists as -- will house 52 points in the paint you don't have a day's off from playing a game I'm off feared the rhythm. Meanwhile the bronze two year reign as the league's MVP is now over after Oklahoma City forward Kevin to ring captured that on. Durant averaged a league high 32 points a game this season along with seven rebounds and five -- this. The Golden State Warriors have fired coach Mark Jackson following the team's first round exit in the NBA playoffs. Jackson had a job for three years and compiled a record of 121 wins in a 109 losses including 85131. Mark this season. Too -- baseball earned their third straight victory beating southeastern by the score of three to -- the Iowa Cubs took down his efforts five to four in eleven innings. They have four on sports talk sinks GM Mickey Loomis previews the draft plus should NFL draft location rotate every year like the Super Bowl. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning in the sport. -- from -- -- manager Mickey -- coming up -- amounts to about four hours at 10 AM live news conference for you from its headquarters here on WWL. It is drafty. As we begin to really feel the anticipation. Building. We've talked about it you have told us this week you expect the sense to stay at number 27. Could still move -- most likely to stay right there in that trade up or down and the most likely go after a wide receiver with their first pick that having been that one talk a little tigers with you this morning. LSU players who goes first overall from this class of tigers and where does he go and how about the next couple. Ain't no doubt about it that -- Beckham junior is a lock to be a first round draft pick. Definitely will be in the top twenty somewhere even speculating could be a top ten pick. Hum I don't see him slipping past the jets I believe he slept select eighteenth overall it's a wide receiver. -- back -- August 1 -- after that then it's a real tough one to figure out I would think it's going to be another wide receiver and Jarvis -- injury is projected to be a second or third rounder but also you have Jeremy held the running back and -- -- member Greg quarterback also projected to be. Between the second and third. Round draft picks so they -- your -- tigers and we'll keep you posted right here on WW -- the tigers come off the draft board we'll also text. And 87870%. Of the sports alerts. Where the saints pick who they pick which tigers -- -- where they go. While it's awful that -- your phone just text the -- sports -- 7870 of course eleven on WWL dot com excited about the draft -- -- -- -- the best time a year you know what the NFL's even talking about expanding at the four days. I'm not so sure about that but I do love the three day fast how many mock -- to be done. Over twenties -- Your latest on that up right now at WWL right now my final one -- -- that it was out yet right you'll do another one night and I think it's the evil collected fifteen minutes of what's what. May have done -- you -- between now and then. Iran WWL I am ultimate act on your forecast rain has come -- we'll tell you went after this 555 forecast time on this home today. -- Wednesday afternoon is looking warm again with low to mid eighties and if you clouds around in the past few days and that may lead to little patchy fog tonight lows only dropping to about seventy on both sides -- -- -- And then tomorrow rain chances at 20% with highs around 83 but a much better chance for rain arrives on Friday 70%. Could see some heavy downpours with highs of 81. From the Eyewitness News forecast senator I'm urologists -- tell. If we feel the moisture building with that southeast wind and relative humidity is 87% mostly cloudy and 71 at the according -- clear and sixty degrees. In -- this morning. We talked quite a bit about the batters in batters the legislature to debate today debating whether or not to raise the hotel motel tax in New Orleans that. The request of the mayor of New Orleans Mitch Landrieu wants to use the extra cash about. Well over 1% on all the hotel rooms people before. To generate money for federally ordered changes to the NO PD and the Orleans parish prison tourism industries is now. Give us if not the highest amongst the highest rate in the nation but is that a competitive it's -- and it. Receivables and conventions. Well that tobacco taxes also get some people out apple talk about that after this. 558. Thank you start -- -- here on VW well if you're -- -- -- head home with us in the car. Why always attacks on smokers asks one text messages late 78 Saturday off already tax bread warm milk or kids of snow this person says and guess and a smoker. Who's tired of paying more and more every time that this state the city wants more money. And they looked at things like smoking you know about one in four people in Louisiana about one in five nationwide so you'll have you know 25% of the population organized. Probably oppose it and then on the hotel motel tax that the mayor wants to raise money for the federal reforms. Well that's -- people don't even live here. But the tourism industry is calling fouls so we'll see who wins this battle is up plays out in the state legislature today. Gotta pay for those court mandated federal reform somehow in the NO PD in the GO PP this is that way and great --