WWL>Topics>>5-7 6:15am Tommy, Colorado pot problems?

5-7 6:15am Tommy, Colorado pot problems?

May 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Sgt. Pat Long, a police officer in Thornton, Colorado, about a spate of hash oil explosions in Colorado

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're talking about legalization of marijuana in Colorado and an offshoot of that that. Has led to some. Pretty dangerous things and I get a -- that comes in and says dude. Hash oil has been around since the sixties and seventies now have any empirical data on this but I think. Probably eight out of ten of the text I get pro marijuana begin with dude. Sargent pat long joins us right now with with the Colorado police department morning sergeant how you -- one. I'm doing good thank you I know it's early there and I appreciate you get not tell me about this hash oil and the explosion and somebody column at the myth of of today players like -- was in the eighties. That's true this will run into is that these the NATO -- butane national labs. Where Gannett. Extreme increase in explosions. -- these home chemists. That and that taken embracing it precautions themselves quotable in their houses up. So I gotta go back because unlike the text that Baghdad I have no idea when hash oil is how you get it why they're make -- and so. Can he get a -- enhanced oil 101 what's going on here. Yet basically what they're doing -- -- taken deter him. From the -- Marijuana plant. Sometimes -- taken -- stadiums. But primarily it's the triumph I let me go back. 12 you can buy a stands and -- in Colorado legally. -- -- -- so is that part of what you smoke with marijuana you don't. I guess I miss at least it did they use what they buyer or is this stuff that they would throw away otherwise. Normally it would throw it away but that's person's speech he'll camera on what they're doing this or save in the triumph and the use and all the parts of plant. To make the beat each other on the oil that they call. All right so then during this process we'll -- hash oil that -- what that is. A concentrated form of something in the war I've -- -- -- I think in the form of PHC but it beat that date the extraction that take the process of extracting Ph.D. in the plant. Creates what looked like. Honey or butter. And that's what they're in the -- by using to -- and products or they're using that to. Make shatter political chatter or gaps that they're getting -- on it and people that are doing an opponent the date that cleaner stronger high. Because of that the high level appears to content. So I'm guessing because it's concentrated they put this either in food when you say infuse and user in food or something. Almost like you would distribute LSD that kind of thing. Yes that's what they -- on in the facilities here in Colorado. That are making you're if brownies and cookies the candies they're infusing this. High concentrated. Peach seed in the -- product. So that being said their circumstances under which it's legal in Colorado if you do it properly to sell these infused products or is all of that illegal. Well that's sort avenue this year that's when the growing pains the Colorado is going through right now with this. A lot of district attorney's scissors heinous -- clearly defined in state statute. And therefore I think we've only had three counties in the state so far that but actually file charges on people or manufacturing. Of this product. All the other pitchers in you know which it says gray area we're not long ago that -- so. Once they've blown the place then -- dollars charges now would it really is a growing pain. In terms of that. You know I knew and -- -- -- drug. I instructions here but is there a safe way to do that -- lawyer is it to would you have to be professional chemists almost like Walter White on breaking bad to do it safely here and do people have any idea where he went to the dangers command sergeant. Well exactly what anytime you get on the Internet there's hundreds if not thousands of videos on how to do this problem. -- extraction. And almost all the samples to a do it in a little Italy this area don't do it inside do it outside. So these guys are taken that are put out the warning now they're saying what's gonna happen to employ replace not to get into yourself if you don't. Used the part you know cautions. In in due -- problem but related area. So I was inspired it interacts with the sword series there's some kind of chemical use and interacts with them. Basically witnesses that butane. Again. So that you have been taken by butane there's no limitations on that impacting get it on Amazon. Dot com you can -- tasteful about 24 dollars disappear out about 28 dollars. And that. -- what -- blowing these houses not been mentioning these people we've had 31 explosions since January 1 and about 21 injuries as a result of the use for the butane to make actual. And because butane is they -- is couple colorless odorless and it's heavier than air. People aren't small and like it was propane or natural death almost like gasoline fumes in hot water. Exactly stolen the stolen is because it's heavier than Eric going down -- point. And it basically covers down around the ground level and able basically search out in the ignition source weather can be a title like. Four gas stove or a -- Dryer or if somebody locks up when. And like to cigarette it'll cut exposure. At least they were smoking it's a joke -- him. That we -- -- -- where static electricity actually well I caution here so let me ask you before relate to goalie and energy use that term growing pains it I don't know if you can answer this is representative of the -- police department -- Yeah it is is this something that law enforcement -- uses an unintended consequence and how has the rollout been so far. In Colorado about legalization of marijuana. If from a law enforcement perspective. Because we hear so much weird should be it shouldn't be law enforcement people on both sides and I guess I'm asking what is your experience. But think a lot of it is is a lot of law enforcement frustrated with -- I take it's it's -- definitely a drastic change from what we've been used to. And not be enforcement area of this and a lot of it is confusing to many officers because of the medical marijuana laws. There are certain laws that -- and now. With the legalization of it for recreational use. There's even more laws that but what they didn't take into consideration. When they did this is to clearly be -- mean. Can people -- can -- not. Produce. This beat -- and you'll. That home or doesn't have to be to a licensed facility in. And basically. Licensed facilities. Girl taken necessary precautions they're used in 30000 dollar piece of equipment. To do their extraction. Where -- home cannot start for twenty dollars are going out buying new equipment into the home as subsequent blown themselves. Sergeant appreciate -- time I really do -- we get to talk to you again. Not a problem -- much you -- sergeant had long with the Thornton Colorado police department.