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5-7 6:45am Tommy, Colorado pot problems?

May 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Kevin Sabet, the Director of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM), about an unintended consequence of legalizing marijuana

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about marijuana being legalized in Colorado and some of the off shoots of that one of which is people -- one. Themselves up sometimes and neighbors as they try to manufacture butane honey oil and apparently from what the sergeant and Thornton Colorado told thousands more of a problem as I -- about the C effusive. Butane Kevin Soledad joins us right now to Kevin -- you know you're talking news in Louisiana -- make it to heaven someday in -- Area and honorary cajun is that okay. I thank you Kevin sub day director of Smart approach to marijuana tell me about the roll out in Colorado what your organization thinks about it so far and I think it goes to these explosions. Growing pains and and they've got to -- doubters just an example of how well one thing leads to another leads to another. -- I don't think it's been going. Colorado and if you looked into the public health experts people who look at things like. How many folks who have been calling poison control centers how many kids have been going to. He. Because of accidental in gesture that things like pot brownies and I'm that are affecting their little bodies and things like that he really hasn't gone well this is really an example of the industry let loose in marijuana industry. On that making a lot of money off of you know people's smoking pot and using marijuana. Legally now and doing it openly and a lot of these problems happening as a result of the things you just mentioned between the actual. Perfect for your listeners I mean that is something that if you were the talk about it fifteen years ago I mean nobody would have any idea we were talking about it but. Really it's grown in popularity so much this is. 90%. Or more or species which is impossible but it is jointly after. Extract fatigues he would be detained. That it. Any interest into little whack if you put it at the end of the need to keep calm busted and -- and -- that that also affect a lot of people to the yard out only. From ingesting that. But also from what you just said the explosions that are happening as a result of the process of doing itself amid the -- is not about Woodstock we eat or. Smoking you know little -- passing it around the party this is like a totally different level because the the new industry. -- for those it would compared to alcohol is it. Com the difference is that you can't. Take alcohol and make it really any worse than it is indeed if you are Al Amin make it -- majority of its illegal subs and if for whatever reason. Tom -- -- like to drink you can drink more of it but you can't in any way I guess make it more potent and. We have been actively exploring your health. By extracting something for alcohol like they do you do with disputed. Right and -- and that to me would seem like an education about how to safely use butane and you don't encourage with. What can hurt people or is not legal but I guess I'm asking more about say brownies where kids are eating and -- hash oil infused brownies or. Is strengthening illegal product to make it something that is a gray area that right now is whether it's legal or not that would be the difference you draw between now and alcohol. I think so and I think that alcoholic I'd like marijuana it has been long widespread abuse and our culture dating back 7000 years. It took the widespread. -- the majority of the population using that as in the case it was a culture for 5000 years. Marijuana had been the case even if we wanted to say look -- all the worse which are prohibited we're just not gonna do that it's you know too many people enjoyed it like it happened. You don't put marijuana we have a chance to actually not having it being -- our culture. Hello. -- well I -- mean in the road to get out of running out of time I'm just wondering -- they had. Similar problems in Colorado -- is there a marked difference between Colorado and Washington. Watching -- -- different because Washington really it was started selling marijuana yet so they start a few months of Colorado is really the one place that's been you know that's been doing it. And it it's just hasn't been pretty from the butane this year you're talking about to that you are issued to the public help the cause crashes to the kids at school. That is about creating the next big tobacco and so people really need to think about in terms of legalization do we want the tobacco and. -- I appreciate your time I really do -- Sunday that's the cajun pronunciation of your name -- but the reality is that the whole day. -- today's honorary cajun. And they'll they'll find some gumbo. You bet thank you Kevin sub director of the Smart approaches to marijuana.

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