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WWL>Topics>>5-7 7:15am Tommy, Common Core

5-7 7:15am Tommy, Common Core

May 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Neal McCluskey, the Associate Director of Cato's Center for Educational Freedom, about Common Core

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hi Tommy Tucker WWL putting -- marijuana conversation on the table for a second while we talk about common core. We try to present both sides of this site you know we've done a lot of interviews we've talked about it a lot. And I think I have the great compromise on is split will find out from each of our guest one Ford one against it. And both jump from conservative think tanks -- that are not -- McCloskey associate director of Kato's center for educational freedom. -- good morning and I hope I didn't is characterized Kato did -- Well -- -- ourselves concerned nuclear war libertarian. Of course would that -- -- there's a lot of overlap pictures lectured to current economic issues. I'd come outside about your take on common -- because it seems to me. This all went wrong when the White House started timing of financial incentives in two districts that accepted those standards. Well let's be very clear that there's because there's been a tendency to -- 1000 overstepped. And was. Incumbent court and it is simply not true but it's one of those things that we need to get the facts straight so. The chemical that was created by the council Q school officers and national association that is certainly true. But in the 2008 report before Obama restriction but first started Saturday. That states should have common international benchmark standards they said the job of the federal government was too unsettled adoptions in progress on these things. -- -- And regulatory relief. Nourish the White House in 2000 foreseen that -- -- sort of 2000 reports. The council chief state school officers in the national governors association of people cricket -- work. Reports saying that usually common standard stage of outcomes stickers that are actually Bridgeport. They that the federal government straw. Should be towards -- -- adoption and and progress toward national standards. Through. Under and regulatory relief that's ultimately what we so you Obama administration. Would -- the top and then waivers and Ochoa fired but this report. Came before the Obama administration. So the people who. Korea could come of course the federal government should do this so if it's wrong to characterize what happened as you Obama administration's sort of -- wanted away from it and and trying to do too. Strong arms states and the doctor did what was asked for. The feds were invited again. And not to subsidize and I think it's important to draw that distinction subsidized would be. Okay help us pay for incentivized is okay you get a reward if you do. Yes if you adopt these you get a reward for -- -- Which which you could get you increase your chances of winning money and this was money in the stimulus. That stage rush to get there was little portable recession and then the second part -- you were told book. You adopt common core it's one of the two wage you can you can helped to qualify for a waiver from Ochoa -- -- kept their culture include easterners should do that. You eager to get them through the common core or having your state system of higher education and sure. Standard and state standards that -- -- -- but don't Louisiana and what was called round three a very -- -- reversed the top. And so Louisiana was already locked in both for the waivers in order to get there -- -- So is there anything necessarily implied that's nefarious about this could you just make a case that the I as you said council of educators say is that the term user of the governor's. Of the states it decided that this is such a good thing and it's so important that maybe if the federal government incentivized -- then. It'll be win win for everybody. Well you know I suspect that's what they were trying to convey in this report mr. -- report called benchmark for success. Was it would really be helpful -- -- for the same standards internationally benchmark. But implicit. In saying the federal government should and so -- is that states of their own pollution would do it it would just because it's the right thing to do. But they and there are lots of reasons not to do they are basically all kids are different to put -- -- -- standard makes no sense you also want different. Standard repeat to you what works what doesn't -- between and had a week. -- are -- reasons not to do this but it was very clear that there are saying look we're going to have to have some outside entity the federal government. The worse -- adoption to some extent. And let's also be clear that national governor association and the council -- states school books are basically like professional organizations. Well governors and basically state superintendent. And respectful and but. Nobody but I can vote for someone for governor and -- -- or even considered what does tiger do programs such as. Some drivers don't even others just go because you know. With support details about the governor's but this these bodies no. Legislative. Forward. So that's -- and so. The -- from states more importantly it was not true we've Alter its federally worse that's essential stand there. The federal court which requested broad which group. Let me ask you real quick kneel before relate to go let me propose migrate compromise here having spoken a lot of teachers and bloody -- You start this and it's gonna take a long time to bear fruit but -- what if you start with kindergartners and and from then on that class common core of the standards will follow examine -- tweak it as you go along because I don't think it's fair to ask us. An eighth grader eleventh grader a fifth grader who's been taught one whale of a sudden -- change it. -- like the person that has -- -- strongly altered. And we can we know that it's not true to their terms that we concede it already consist of what is. The federal government say that but he has to do that you can't just kindergarten. They argue that the test based on that and you have to hold schools accountable. For their performance on the steps so it would be cool if we let states students -- the collectors would change a lot more sense. If that -- voluntarily -- not only adopted. In that would have been gradually its record typical system and just into the work start beginning. That makes a lot more cents to receive did not suddenly just turning your your boat you know cruise liner underneath agree. The promise. It's not altered in any meaningful way in the federal government really start a child. But certainly also -- the temple was singled to narrow in your accountability will be based if you don't like it don't get money you have to go back to notre. I appreciate your time -- -- really deal we talk to you again. -- -- --

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