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WWL>Topics>>5-7 8:15am Tommy, school lunches

5-7 8:15am Tommy, school lunches

May 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ann Cooper, child nutrition expert & author of "Lunch Lessons: Changing the Way We Feed Our Children," about getting kids to eat healthy

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

In Cooper -- educator child nutrition expert author of launch lessons changing the way we feed their children. Joins us now to talk about it -- and I you Dylan. And technically -- like they do on hell's kitchen. Guest -- Now united text here that says problems -- school lunches with the children's lack of physical activity. And pour food choices and home and when I read this it makes me think well then when every government launched. Isn't really gonna matter tell me about what's going on in schools with launches I guess they get federal money. Most schools almost a 100000 get federal reimbursement rate and a lot of them are making great content. It's not all of them not and the cold. A lot of them and making great positive change and when that changes paired with education. Opportunities for the kids. We see really positive results so here in boulder valley -- on the director. We've seen participation -- 7% this year but we've been working on different number of years so it's not. All at once making the change its overtime. Does it matter where you live finance that because if you've ever been in Colorado and I think statistics backed this up just about everybody series the end that's why people here in Louisiana. -- hate you people with Colorado. Because we're not we're at the opposite ends of the spectrum. And as -- jokingly but does it go back to what kids are used seed and home and if they -- Seton healthy they'll accept an in school more. If there he's -- UC and you know it is selling -- for actors will it be harder for -- -- Adopt the new standards -- gases for the whole nation all schools. I mean I do think that what. People -- at -- no matter where they live what children need it on the matter where they often makes a difference in what happens at schools how are. You know I've worked in places like Baltimore and other urban areas where are you still can make a difference by putting in talent buyers by. Talking to kids in doing Hastings and for the conventional open. And so I think that yet to take time and it was going to you know change children's relationship with food there's got to be an educational component. And it have to include education on the happy parent engagement. Does NB anecdotal but did -- kids for the most part that you've. Been around -- Try to help their eating habits they eat did eat the school -- you don't need that are or force it down somehow I don't sound like it does but. Heading home -- whatever they want urges the opposite happened where they eat food that's healthy and then it changes what they eat at home. Over time what they eat healthy food at school it absolutely. Changes what they eat at all but it takes time and again it takes education and parent engagement. I'd -- -- gonna stick around woods for a couple of minutes will take some calls if you like NT six -- 1878. Toll free 866889087. In -- and Cooper I want you to think about this. And answer me when we come back when you were in school what was the cafeteria food like wary where you went to school in Mosul one thing yeah loved. And one thing you hated and Cooper -- educated child nutrition expert author of -- lessons changing the way we feed our children. Right now time for -- WL first news that we noticed David. I David Blake talking about school lunch is a new directives from the government and others doesn't help kids to revise there eating habits or do ages. Throw it away or not he'd bring their lunch and go home he whatever they want anyway. Texans and Tommy my seven year old daughter brings her -- she says the lunches school taste like cardboard I went deep with a one day and I agree -- That's in Madison -- I was and I says is. In terms of good launches its school that they -- didn't seem like we say hands. If I remember correctly the same thing on. Each day of the week yeah. -- it was sort of there was pizza day and taco day and -- -- that hated fish sticks are tuning cancer rolls on Fridays licences again school as stability either. Area that they're tasteful never never -- it -- again the idea remember any good Yardley love to really hated I remember specifically. These giant cinnamon Barton's that they used to make him and I think we could get in his earlier dislike. 10 in the morning as -- as big as your head. And they were warm and wonderful and full of sugar. Exactly was. Richard simplicity. You must. On a -- do we at a vending machine chef Vancouver has a couple of minutes left in -- hang on -- -- do you collins' second. Educator child nutrition expert author of launch lessons changing the way we feed their children. And as Jeff -- -- before we went to the break when you were in school -- members some -- hated and something you'll love that the cafeterias serve. You know when I was in -- we party are we attacked on. I'm not shirt you know what that. I don't program was like so I can't really answer that. But. What I really think that happening today and I know that there is you know you hear that he would. Aren't getting enough to -- -- you know they don't like the choices. But I think that as a food service director and that this out. There's plenty of food we can make it it to be happy eat that are healthy and that we introduced some new and it makes. It makes the difference then I think that. As kids going to eat healthier -- that app helps that Allman. It honestly we have to move it can't all happened at once it's -- -- process. There's you know a lot of great school put out there and a lot of the school put out there and it happened a week ago. I give me one example for parents that are listening -- EA kids that are fussy eaters are given a nuggets and Fries and they wish they -- do better and find something that. They kid wanna deed will what's can singing kind of do don't require a lot of preparation and kids might like and anger and eat healthier. You know it -- switching from chicken nuggets can wrote chicken meal that chicken not pardon. Kids really love it would barbecued. Or would head teriyaki not serve out something that kind of spices it up a little bit. And it's really EC to roast chicken thighs. Until just something Nancy is that and better cater -- You know will some potatoes and cut it meant to try to shape than that a lot of usually easy things we can do to help kids start out. You know eat healthy -- And they like -- -- he will carry it really sweet and can dwell not. -- We should just be moving away from highly processed -- the stat that told. Any at a Texas comes in and quickly do edible gardens at schools improve kids' eating habits of they have. -- hand in hand raised in the bell peppers of the carrots or what have you does and making them more likely lead hitter does it just come down now it's repaired or whether they like it. -- education apps absolutely helps so edible education edible schoolyard and I know that in -- -- and that the number of them. Worked for years with Alice Waters came I think that they absolutely help an often it's a three legged stool grade students. School cooking classes for kids and gardening for kids would make they'll they'll taste it and that will help to change their talent. They -- yes I appreciate your time. Okay thank you so much.

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