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5-7 9:10am Tommy, climate change

May 7, 2014|

Tommy talks to James Taylor, a Senior Fellow for Energy & Environment Policy for the Heartland Institute, about a new report on climate change

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

So -- to talk to James Taylor right now senior fellow for energy and environment policy for the heartland institute about. Some other things that again not Smart enough kind of their sacks and I don't know if there's an agenda behind this. James Taylor good morning and welcome. You know where we start here I guess I'll ask you one question and then you can take it. When it comes to greenhouse gas emissions is I understand it India China biggest offenders and if the United States where to crack down on greenhouse gas emissions. First off he got the consideration that China and India don't care. And then you can also have the offshoot of American companies moving there where there -- even less restrictions than now. And actually -- a problem worse. Megan's stuff up there is that true. Texture and and hope we will talk a little bit of extreme weather that assertion that but -- China alone and that's more -- site. -- all the nations in the Western Hemisphere combines all of North America all of South America. And Chinese emissions are going up by 10% per year US emissions or decline. I find it rather odd that he prescribes the solution is that United States must impose all of the economy killing restrictions that changed jobs. In distances over the China -- -- your wallet Chinese emissions in the next year alone for it would completely eliminated all nations. Years Chinese relationship new mission in China -- record that the term -- is indeed it is more nations. Our total reason what happened recently happily. -- What happens we think -- the consequences of these are solutions. Well and a reason I brought it up and started with that is even if you buy the premise if you believe it's real. Then logically. You're not gonna fix it -- is argument that the United States is gonna serve as a leader in other countries in a follow in line. I'll buy that the United States is a leader in democracy on a -- China jumping in line behind as the U. -- there are symbolic gestures but fortunately it's not like world war against. Illegal not like we're in the process to fight this terrible problem because. When you look at the gated despite what the Obama administration reports that yesterday in the real world. We -- -- out our players continued its modest warming we are no longer the little if you weren't going to modest one thing. We are seeing it decline and the frequency and trigger deeper and we're seeing it decline in the frequency and severity tornadoes touching decline in the frequency and severity trial. Anyway you want and accurate we are seeing its human health and welfare is benefiting from warmer temperatures. After all and now yes we have some modest warming it doesn't mean you're working to all and going to cease to exist. Noble -- he still occur and what we have -- we have an agenda. Every time we get out -- increasingly burger or working if you must because by global warming -- actually. James in Italian on that one to buy in the media theories and and -- and conspiracy I think a lot of times due to cut taxes are -- for people just do their job let alone have a an agenda but when it comes as some of the nightly news on a networks it seems like if it. If there's a wild fires somewhere of it's affecting. Not that many people in all of a sudden and leads the news same thing with. Know some other random weather events and it seems as though it's always positioned as. As climate change does there's some more severe weather happens and I mean isn't that pretty much effective life that you're gonna have tornadoes you have wild fires again. Some of even I remember back in the day the Sierra Club would say that that wildfires are way of good natured due to lightning kind of been in the forest and and and taking care of itself so I mean even even if you did by this premise. You can't control whether Kenyan. Oh look at the wildcard united nature all the time in the twenty century appalled that they would put out wildfires you can actually cost immediately. What the cost was one under actually low amount of wildfires. Until there had. -- and didn't actual force to shutter. Now when we return to allowing nature take its course were protecting communities were doing our best to keep people -- A protected. Openly Elop forced upon that would actually purple and actually a chicken while what's what reports -- interest entity with the policy question we have one -- the -- -- while our history. Currently look like the longest period recorded history. Without. In the past couple years at numerous records float the lack of tornadoes in yet at the same time we finally do have a cooking -- technical strike. In the news media all the stories about this in more local water. I'm ever you know visiting my family after Katrina -- in from Houston to where they had evacuated to and and watch in some -- on the Discovery Channel where they did some core samples of the -- and in at that time they made it seem as though we are gone -- with Katrina which was by the way dude primarily the fear of them aren't of the Levy system but that. Yeah it was going to be this way for the next fifty years and that scared the you know what economy and now come to find out we've had some pretty quiet hurricane seasons since then. So why -- you by the agenda I guess when I'm asking you James is it about. I don't know what it's about isn't about the you know good intentions and as my dad used to say the road to hell is paved with good intentions is there something. More nefarious at work here -- some some kind of agenda and and if so did do want. Well there's a lot involved from the perspective. Story like -- sell newspapers. -- -- -- -- commercial papers there are many scientists who truly believe -- are causing global crisis that many who don't. They are environmental activist groups can raise a lot of money off this issue there politicians who can gain personal capital by appearing after. Let's solve all the attention she got folks like milk or make a fortune off of showing their carbon credits or other industries they're a lot that goes into a market that is well intentioned much of that is -- by self interest book. What we -- -- structural and look at the actual -- look at projections and speculation look at the real thing -- -- -- -- that. We're all that we want it's that little light treatment at a little eccentric -- still relatively cool compared the past several thousand here. We know the temperature warmer in there it's not arms. There's nothing to indicate it's certainly warmer temperature will be there for human health and welfare. Would restore mutual and that for human health and welfare. And -- people had no. All -- but they don't know about it when you say little ice age and I'm -- talking about cyclical changes in the earth give us a little background on that if you would. -- -- struggle with the into the last Oklahoma City that was approximately 101000 years ago. Since then the coldest period we have in the past 101000 years what that was a little -- it lasts from about thirteen 521850. -- And so when people talk about global warming alarmist talk about the warmest decade history hottest years. That's because you're only seen in the past hundred years or so what were conference from the coldest period of the past 101000 years. Of course temperature to continue to warm it to grouping because the baseline is the coldest period of the past 101000 years. Yet still the warmest year on record but it does record a little -- under or so here's an hour. A bomb when it comes Louisiana we're concerned with eroding coastlines with rising. Sea levels and good -- -- -- untrained basin foundation who weighed in on and just yesterday of the president's report. Com -- sea levels rising -- for coastal communities. Can anything be done about it. It's terrible it is the issue most of the assertions about. Merck and try to charter triple your carpet Q double the issue that -- some -- Now the question is do you completely. -- we have. In an arm our economy society to reduce emissions were huge gap to. Now we know that she level to seven -- during the twentieth century by and large we re able to deal. You will not increasing its weight increased so we can expect about seven conceivable like this century. We've -- pretty well twenty century technologies can probably do the 21 century technology. Although it's one of those things where you know which is which is which is the better way to to address the problem. By sending back in the economic stoning to try to reduce carbon dioxide emissions Chinese mission and that anyway. Or do we have Morsi law and take more captive measures. I think the second we're doing it better. And that's my question if you're in Louisiana and and -- concerned about this. Is there anything we can do in terms of atmosphere it changes because again going back to how we began a conversation. If China and India are doing what they want anyway and we'll continue to increase it and rising sea levels are. AA. A result of greenhouse gas emissions which I don't know if you said that are not is there anything we can really do other than look at the protection part of. Yeah and an ask we have we emerging from the little ice age to be an actual forced as long before in the permitting our barracks. So some Nazi globalized is going to currently actually. A -- -- some human component to it. And the thing is. Really what we're killing at the most used during networking event strong storms circus but also build it. There -- -- that warms we are seeing fewer severe Merck and something in particular storm we may get an extra seven inches of a storm surge. What we're seeing you or those storms of the apps such a kind of bail itself out in terms -- you should. I appreciate you time James and -- we get a chance to talk to you again.

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