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5-7-14 10:00am Mickey Loomis press conference

May 7, 2014|

Saints General Manager Mickey Loomis talks to the media ahead of tomorrow's opening of the NFL Draft.

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I acknowledge and express my appreciation to -- college. Scouting staff -- pro scouting staff for coaches who have put in. A lot of time they've watched a lot of tape given a lot of reports. In order to get us prepared for. There's -- nine Friday and Saturday and and a you know again I just can't express how how. Much I appreciate those guys the work they do and how good they are at their jobs and certainly makes. My job insurance. Much easier because of the work that they do. But that. You're not my field but the sessions. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I'm. It's a good question. And and look I don't think we like it in yet I don't clearly point to anything and say. This is why we don't like. I don't like the idea of our scouts and our people. You know missing out on some Mother's Day activities. On Sunday because they're here -- not their homes for those guys that. That. You know live outside of New Orleans so it and that's the one thing I can say about this particular weekend. But in terms of extra time yeah I don't really like it but I -- inning an excuse not to make a point to and say this is exactly why normally it. This year he considered deeper and those. Are -- You know I don't know what to do is except that it feels a little deeper. I think partly because of the team -- juniors that are in this draft that have declared. Other net. You know I can look at it is is. Just in in the years things seem to have the thing I mean obviously there's there's different positions of strength. But you know every year their positions that are stronger than others them so it's no different regard. It's. It's. Yeah I am. -- more difficult than it is if you're five or six. But you know we we we have a pretty good idea of who the first you know twelve or fifteen guys that are gonna come off what we have no idea what order. Obviously there's always a surprise or two bit. But. Yeah we have pretty good idea of the first half I would call it in the end. And then who knows you know it did that that part is very difficult so we have to be be prepared for you know -- you know scenarios. Feeling that this first what where we're -- You could cut into your arm. Now I wouldn't say that. I wouldn't -- -- -- -- look at wouldn't surprise me just because of all the talk about trades and yet. And yet to in his tucked every year about trades and then you know majority of known happen. So you know. And I don't I don't -- feel one way or the other whether or not that's going to be it's going to be more active -- -- -- Asked why did. Yes. -- Always fall in the media and what we it's OK yeah. Aggression -- I had to -- -- am really followed very many of the stories that are out there. He's having that time to do that. So I can answer that question and I would -- -- -- course you enjoy this week -- being built -- very young. Well look I enjoy the process from beginning -- -- in and a large part of that has to do with. You know people that are worked with you know I enjoyed that media them. The people on our staff. I respect. Their opinions. And and we have a lot of guys. That are willing to give them and that's we should be and so. Look I enjoy the entire process from beginning hand. Including their college free agent process after the draft. Approximately. Eight prospect -- You. Well we we had. I think we used 29 never thirty visits. Called correctly and then we had a local pro day which we had. I think between forty and fifty guys that were present so. And then we head -- sixty interviews it become mine and media interviews that the Senior Bowl in independent reviews both -- -- Senior Bowl so we. We've had an opportunity to talk to. You know really every draft players that we have. You know on board that. -- you start this process there's 3000 names and were whittling it down to. You know hundred and when your 130 on our comfortable front board. In the more trying to Whittle that down to that point in your thirties that you know we do that they have. For the Saints so it's it's it's pretty extensive process. The need to -- America to do -- -- -- create the best. How much time is going to keep guys who feel it correctly and -- over that yeah. You know we pay attention to that that really got begins. With in the area scout who has -- belief in it in a player who he he didn't thinks can get drafted yet has. You know one or two or three particular traits that give him an opportunity to be successful in the NFL and so. You know it the in the draft our guys are standing on the table for. You know a certain group of players in and you know I think we do good job of recruiting those players we've had you know history of success. You know we can point to -- memory guys that are team that they have been giving up to any better coaches regardless of how they get here. To be successful and I think that resonates with. You know with the agents and in the players that there -- undrafted. Think he so well since holes that you -- -- on pace to make this work. You do it. Or is that hit and it's been great hit what are you look at it didn't keep the network. Well you know I think that's. That's communication between coaching staff and our personnel department in in being on the same page as to what we're looking for. You know I think I think that's ultimately the key in and look our coaches do a great job of developing players. Recognizing talent and conveniently utilize. You know. The skills that our guys have and putting them in positions to be successful so it's combination of a lot of things. Create these you -- but -- If you practice. This year. That you were. More. -- -- Maybe a little bit and not not a lot and do we pay a lot of attention to you know the undrafted free agent pool. But we talk about it every night. You know. Once the draft begins you know starting after morning we'll have discussion about a who who do we think. As an inept undrafted we we have a board with with. You know lot of names on it that players that we don't think will be drafted yet could you could get drafted. And down. You know what those targets are you know well. How we're going to approach those guys after the draft you know so we have -- plan for it we have a system that's worked for us and you know -- it. And every team -- -- -- Create things and salary guys that help a team like you. In. Presumably. From its -- Play. Way it's. We do have nearly 80000 in change. That we can spin and signing bonuses on those players that that's correct and and -- count against the cap. But come. Yeah everybody has the same mound so you know ultimately it. The Benjamin -- parcel that Manning I mean we can have one guy for 80000 we could have. You know sixteen games for 5000 each and so. You know each team does a little differently. We've done a little differently every year and depending upon. You know we think of of a particular player so. There are gold typically is to sign between 1015 of those days to our. You know to a roster -- them and get that then after that Saints general manager realists here on WW LI MF and dot com meeting with the media pre draft. Yeah it you know look at a financial decision. -- any amount of the tender vs what you know market value for running backs has been we'd like mark. You know I talked mark before before -- that decision. Total wasn't reflective on on what we thought about him it was just it was just stay you know business decision financial decision. And we have high expectations for him and him you know be as great year. -- -- -- -- -- -- Is it. Well it's a coincidence that. You know the last what is it seven years that -- its been. You know one -- when an offense that's a coincidence that. But we've we've you know we've had a successful offense and him we struggle on defense at times so. Obviously when you on the draft and you know and -- -- the ball a struggling over another and then you tend to. Looked at that side of also in essence it wasn't a coincidence. Did all of those things people say you look at their tendencies under me it was about me. Offensive linemen and receivers. And actually finishes realizing now have so much more you know and I. Through all the players. Yeah alternate -- You know we don't look at it that way I wouldn't say that we look at that we obviously we pay attention to. In the composition of our team that. You know I've seen a couple things about the age of our offense I'm not concerned about the age of our offense I'm concerned about the performance of our offense and it's been pretty darn -- itself. If you ask me in my gonna treat our offense very young when no we're not. And the reason -- -- offensive -- first. Office I did those things could change. Yeah. Certainly changed absolutely you know they change. And yet you know we're always in this business of trying to select the best player available to us. It could be that that there wasn't an offensive linemen that we being. You know worthy of the pick at that time that we select -- there's a lot of variables there not just. You know what what what we perceive we need on offense or defense. You modest when most aggressive teams trading up or our players is innocent and you feel. Trying to get maximum value of each. It is for the -- period hey -- But you know I think I think most the time. You know teams in general me understand the value of a pick so it's more about a is -- players that we east. Perceive it we really want this players it's a great fit for us and let's go get them. As long as we're treating you know that the right value. So I I don't ever think it's that you know we're not trying to steal somebody's -- caller more. Have a one sided trade for example it's -- it's more about. Targeting a player that that we feel can help us. In the short and long and that -- it's the -- fit. You know we and we done. Bum -- that would take a long time. You know for every pick that you move for every slot that you move that the cost is differently but. Look we we have a fifteen year history of you know every trade has been made in the draft and so we've we have pretty good sense of if we move ten spots forward what that costs of movies but that what we she get. We have we have -- sense of that and you know we'll have discussions are had discussions with. So my counterparts around the league you know in front of -- behind this just to kind of set the table. Whether or not possibility bit. Ultimately it's not until. You know it you know on the clock -- -- making those kind of decisions that but they'll both sides. Both ends of the phone call -- a real good idea what the value is so it's it's really not that hard just matter do you want to make a trade. People sitting close people who are behind you there -- a lot of activities are people. The first. Just progress toward that -- -- -- birdie and he hadn't made those discussions system more discussion at this point. Usual. No it doesn't -- I would say it's been more or less it's it's typical conversation before the draft is. If your interest to move and up and we might be interested moving back and vice Versa you know he used it those -- you know when I can on a specific. You know trade opportunities right now in and that. That's not than usual so I wouldn't say that it's any heavier than it's ever been. Believe he did. -- that the people that say about that first. If they get there -- the fact that it immediately. -- I don't think so I don't think -- written in those terms against you know I can't speak. As -- other teams how the other team's view that but I don't think of it in terms. Then next year at all. So I don't I don't think that that's affected. You know trade scenarios -- do you think that that to be the top of the draft the you with the way the rookie contracts were no I think that does open up more trade possibilities in name here in the past but. I don't perceive that opinion is into the first. -- it. They bestowed upon him. Certain coaches get involved Scott's taking business school back and take -- look at this guy who maybe have medical problems that. -- one of the process the last couple weeks will be. Well look it's always been part of the process I don't know that that extra times him. Know him more valuable. For that reason I wouldn't say we have you know our our doctors and medical teams for all the all the clubs do great job of providing us with with you know really anything to accurate medical information that we have been plenty of time. For the -- him if it'd been -- its normal time or now. Obviously gave us and that are they itself. We didn't use it for that medical purpose. Up. That. Yeah I mean if we do we have a system that day actually -- Harley's can end of the year it. The it chief. -- -- -- that directs traffic so to speak and so that lab we're having an M. Of guys at every position is we have positions to fill -- slots to fill we may have to corners. You know three receivers to offensive linemen and so we have the signs so that. You know we're making five or six contacted a particular position that we only have two slots available because of the roster limitations so we've got to manage that. Properly we have a priority of guys -- order that we want them and yet sometimes you have to give an agreement with your fourth rated guy. In in in the first and second -- this ideally it could afford this we don't want to be left empty handed so. You know it's process that's being managed and Kai and in Payson and the papers do -- great job of doing that. Everyone involved coaches are involved there's scouts and vault. I'm involved. You know at every level whether that's recruiting negotiating. We're we're saying we're identifying players to. You listen to a lot press conference here on WW now I have that -- dot com with Saints general manager Mickey -- that a tomorrow night's first round of the NFL draft. Yes well it didn't yeah. That's what. Did. Yeah that's effort to it more difficult to do you know with -- thousand dollars and we have that but. Before we didn't have a limit yeah right you can get their -- significantly. Does it rate your play. Book is all about. Well look at that to trip you know -- may have done mother's death every every year and we always been -- on this weekend. And so we just happened that the -- you know tip in in years past. That trip was after the after the draft and issue because that time schedule you know and and have been the force -- had nothing to do with. Have seen nothing to do the draft. -- -- think what if you. What. Hate. -- I don't know that I have an opinion about it. Because look at second change look -- -- -- -- what do we know what we're going to be here. So look at it's good for the league. And bring brings positive attention and -- -- the city chance to host then then look at -- wrong with an important. But as far as what we do here it won't impact that are all. If you've been able to operate with the -- I'm here for much of the offseason. How difficult that bid and exactly what will that affect the way it should enter the draft. Might prevent you from trading back to acquire more picks because of yourself situation. No it that you wouldn't do that. You know I've obviously we've had we've been taking its captain -- years now -- -- operating in in that environment. And look I'm glad we're operating in an environment that means we have good team. And we have good players and so. What we're used to it. And look part of each of our offseason is to get us to the point where it doesn't impact what we do in the draft. And and so we're at that point. Yeah -- -- I didn't turn you know big time games. -- would -- game big receivers because you know the opposite now Tuesday morning at. Or defensive back in general. In your fingers and feet past years. Well I you know I think part of that has to do that success to Seattle ahead with a bigger corners and in. And so we're copycat league -- You know you look for those guys but. You know they're rare there there are defying. Seattle -- great job of identifying some guys that that there may -- outside the box than normal box. Physical traits at that position and been very successful with -- but I think it gets some rare. In customer accounts. You know Richard Sherman before that round. So. Yeah we'd like to have that I think everyone would but there's not that many guys that it at that size played a position effectively. Do you you haven't been a lot of it -- stockpiled days. It takes. Other reasons you've only had five or six teams here it was something about how about being -- also -- it. Not -- seven -- -- draft -- and be comfortable with -- boxes or released it's a different players -- Well you know we need them you know wouldn't say that we don't need him it's just that we've you know we've had opportunities to trade often times -- round picks for. You know players that can have more of an immediate and short term impact -- you know we've done that. But we know what you know we noses there's a cost of that obviously. In terms and happy having younger players that may be special teams guy for you for a few years and develop into a starter but I think. The part of our confidence in trading away some of those later picks is the success that we had in the college free agent market so. As was pointed out we had six guys on our team last year and so in a lot of ways I look at those guys as our leader Ampex. And again if we continue to have success doing that then it. He gives us you know more and more freedom to trade away a sixth or seventh round pick. And need to move up war. -- for that player. But it's true reasons to remain possible option if he's it was it -- Worked -- this is he's still out -- with -- I'm. Sure -- so but we've got a lot of guys. Get some poisoning category that. You know we can restructure. Them. -- -- -- Or players if you can't hear well I look I would say this that and trying to avoid. You know restructures. -- on pushing off salary cap in future years and trying to avoid dead. Yeah we've done some moment in the there's good reason to do it but but but you know we're trying to avoid him -- we can -- Yeah if you're. There's no update -- -- him. With Tampa Bay and care. You offseason additions I was that -- I -- -- That -- what you do know that not reeling. You know were focused on our own team in and -- You know look we we are aware of what they're doing and we paid attention to what they're doing but it doesn't necessarily impact. How we approach our team. -- -- am concerned they don't see her injuries. It was me. When visit Iran. Anytime you beat Justin. Certain cities. Well. Look what we pay attention to that because. And you wanna have you know somebody in the wings that that can take over and play for eagle but we like what Luke has -- -- is a back have we like. You know we like this prospect ring Griffin. But we're always keep -- and I am and who you know I wouldn't say that it's. At the forefront of our minds and yet yet but we recognize that you know andrews' agent and but it protected drew can play for a lot longer so that's encouraging. Offseason make him that their thirteen they had to be back there. Against -- and he -- well. -- Well look obviously Seattle's Super Bowl champions and we lost them twice this season so we've got to find a way. To be able to compete with them I think the best way for us would be to get home field and made him play at in -- ago. But it looked as a member of really good teams in the NFC champ sisco and and even our own division Carolina. Atlanta. You know Philadelphia so we've got to pay attention all of whom. And but that in terms of any one specific team. I would say that we. We gear ourselves toward one -- specific team. You won't. Hear hear your rookie class is -- us he can do you have. Many sophomores and probably. Plan for the guys that you have. -- -- I don't know them and thought about about it net that term I do think this though. Oftentimes you know we have these expectations. For rookies in. You know we judge him based upon their first your contributions. More often than not though there's a big leap between. You one year too so. We got great contributions from a number of rookies last year and yet IA you know just. Based on history expect more from those guys this year than -- we got. A year ago I think there's you know as a big -- to be to be made him. So I'm looking forward -- Creation comes updates before the draft a certain players were working real drug test how much does not affect how do you -- certain players. On. Well look most of the information. That -- in the media gets we already have. So. I don't know that it. It's. And then there's not really much of an impact we already have an information sometimes there's something that comes out that we don't know and you know obviously get affected that -- That position how realistic is. It's there right away well. And there's -- Maybe you created. To receive. Well I do think it is difficult and yet it's happened you know we in the Charles Bentley. Which ultimately -- first. So it has happened. Obviously when you're drafting a center intelligence. You know. Middle quickness those those are things that you wanna make sure your year high on before you'd have to get played positions so it. He can definitely played I think for us with two veteran guards in in men and Jerry it's gonna make it easier for center. -- with a quarterback like drew to who does a lot of the identifications and makes a lot of these calls that makes it easier so it's it's definitely possible probably. A little easier with thirteen and so in some others. Did you see he tries. -- The draft or -- Oh yeah look -- we've got some candidates we've got some candidates on on our current roster and yet I I would say that's actor you know we looked two improve ourselves and there. It -- I think yes.