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5-7-14 10:35am Garland: with T-Bob Hebert on the NFL Draft

May 7, 2014|

Garland talks with WWL's T-Bob Hebert about Saints GM Mickey Loomis's press conference discussing the upcoming NFL Draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hardly -- -- all move in the feeling today were the finger about the sites. Do and I have -- or listening to. Mickey Loomis considered the team address talking about draft David tomorrow deterrents. Seven selections in the -- The number one pick is the 27 round I think and to. Help me get through this with some intelligent comes through from it -- very questionable cohost of good double coverage and read WL. Welcome to show good to -- Nice to be here Garland. I'm always very pleased when I did chance their clients ID or -- Net roots and diseases in the I'm. You were drafted and I signed as -- undrafted free agent after this tendency appears ground. And they actually honestly probably. The most interesting part of this in this press conference -- and it gave you an idea of Al -- Deal with -- undrafted rookie free. And on and on and on it's it's is alone and explain you know regionals out you we need to numbers in single overwhelming that probably other one the other highlights. Of these -- -- On. Whittled down. Twenty years thirty guys you think it would actually. Make your team. And pool of -- and team and a team won it's much less. Multiple years can be quite overwhelming thought it was interesting how the undrafted free agents are brought you know and it. Brought to the forefront by Austin is regionals which you have that trust. Throughout the chain of command -- -- there. Lose accuse the number three down and and Maria. -- 3000. College football. It was in the hundred. I mean it's I I guess right like we duplicated division line one double AA division to do three and and New Orleans is perhaps better than almost any team that they'll root -- ability to reach in those -- malls schools. Grad talent what you're talking about guys from -- and here's Tom Jahri Evans from balloons Seubert stately. It's not your shoes Jordan he's the best players that the saints. A policy this. You're depressed covered in fewest in a. -- Much ado about nothing like a lot of the a lot of the questions and answers were. Now OK -- so is this we -- are doing are digging in and he'd say no knock out non besides simply and it's of that really the only. It's sort of nugget of information that I gleaned from at least at a -- pretty interesting was a lot of that undrafted free agents are groups that break here. When -- -- it won't talk to perhaps we get the god Q Bob Edgar would -- -- -- -- general wanted supplemental three. 86689. And zero cent. Welcome back world think that wrote the saints will leave an -- to -- -- to think Derek. Let's have our Christian guard -- I would Mickey Loomis -- press conference talking about the draft tomorrow. Two above a bears appear help and leave -- can talk about it today. On one of the things -- mention. -- approach mentioned. Scouting. And and I heard you say regional scouts and then regulars out. Scale do just groups in the before instances we have all of this well. I think well I mean I guess how it works with the way regional scout has went IE got an opportunity in Saint Louis. The only reason was there regional scalp was former coach and down. He was actually doing the O line drills at the Ellis you -- -- he was the one. Who you know gun to their code seven like hey you know maybe we'll just take any a cheap undrafted free agent shot on this -- seat. Whatever happened so. I guess what is you know you worked for this team they give is region in your job is just of buying. The players that are there and the better you do your job the better you prove yourself as they talent evaluated the better chance you have of moving up that -- at big east teams and scouts have been to become GM's. Because they have proven track record of being able you know make. Good personnel decisions spot guys that others. You know really may -- so I guess the -- Davis scout. I mean I do imagine kind of like you said a lot of going to gains practices. But also watching the kind of film. Talking in guys that the players are -- with residents coaches. Under the NFL can get especially with some of the big name prospects that they're bringing in the NFL and it really. Personal right it's almost like they'll hire private detectives not quite at that point but there -- -- dig up every game. That somebody's hiding. I mean you could see why after making a multi million dollar investment and a guy he won majors that you have all the information available before you decide. To poll that your sort of scout to seems like a lot of information mining and then you gotta be you gotta be competent what you believe if you think this guy's guy. And you think he's may have helped the team. And you know you're gonna put out today it's cutting your reputation it's your job on the line whether he. Makes it not so the ones who can consistently. Turning good players you become contributors. They'll move -- the -- where -- they give you consistently miss you'll probably find yourself that. -- I remember a breeding years ago. The that for actual raw edge of being good enough to play college football and then. To become pro was kind of like Catholic miracle -- you were in that. You -- you've -- both sides. Is the pro war. World a lot different from. College yeah it's you don't need string. Angela it's it's not. Even in as much as the speed and strength in the weight room stuff is the division one college scene especially. And the SEC is build with physical freaks the thing is though even in college. Didn't matter who you're playing whether it's Georgia Tennessee. You know Alabama whatever some days you've been run up against guys like will dispute is he's pretty good right in the he gets best used to -- viewed as an -- to -- -- review got to respect he's got other guys are just gonna be bad from beginning and you know you can dominate game here in their head you. Recognize that you wore the better player now in my very limited experience I spent four months with the rams remain until final cuts. Played in four pre season games. When I ran into is that everybody in the NFL is there are no bad players is only 53. Roster spots available on each team which sounds. Like a lot but once you start to Whittle down the positions. It's really not -- Bible principle I mean they're gonna keep two axes just said it. To -- five positions and it's like that with every spot. On the team so it's it's it's one of those things where the biggest difference to me was. The atmosphere. And college should be coach is much more like a dictator and they kind of have ultimate -- view whereas. I've felt like the NFL atmosphere was a little more peer to -- Between the coaches and players and it wasn't one of those things will be you don't show up here at this time. You're gonna be running tomorrow morning it's -- year gonna fired in your professional this point you're either gonna act like professional and get your work done. We're going to be got the leaked it to meet market and it you know there's not a lot of politics involved. As far as these days and who gets cut. We're good about a minute let. What do you look. To this saying it's position to -- tomorrow and being well OK so. Everybody's got to look at the wide receiver and cornerback positions this is exactly unique take at all but it is I think the correct taken. I don't think you take either want to -- and how many -- drafted I don't know if you go with a wide receiver quarterback as you may run into an issue where. Because three receivers have been taking offer because three quarters -- -- take -- -- you're not gonna be able to get talent that matches. That first round -- so that's the case. Where those positions of party kind of in mind a little bit I think you look elsewhere and you try to take just the best available now the best. Available player the one that you feel is most deserving of that first round grade. Too bubbly girl always a pleasure thank you so much they Hugo come right back there and turn it over Tokyo.