WWL>Topics>>5-7-14 11:10am Garland: on privatizing hospitals

5-7-14 11:10am Garland: on privatizing hospitals

May 7, 2014|

Garland talks with retired reporter Tom Aswell and state treasurer John Kennedy about the rejected plan to privatize state hospitals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Admittedly -- a little confusing. The Fed's federal government. This come and throw governor Edwards. Your Louisiana hospital the fields. There are no good and we reject. And the governor and his hospital representative. Said. I'm known in the -- have misunderstood. Even if the stay with the object from we have alternative. And at the same time. Supposedly independent. Government watch problems have said that this could blow. 400 million dollar plus budget holes and yeah and this year's budget for next year's budget. So to better understand league's usual we go to people that understand these and -- -- -- as well this. Publisher Louisiana reports retired newspaper reporter and editor author of Louisiana -- that true of Genesis of rock and roll. Tom welcome the show or appreciate the call. Good morning and first -- all. I just wanted to make a mockery correction. You'd said that they notified governor Edwards so it's actually. Over -- a little -- child's arm we're committed. Much of that was a little bit of a difference. Literally struggled governor didn't. And there and explain to me that this is it is just as bad as it -- -- -- like. The governor and his spokespeople saying no big thing we've got alternative. Well if they had alternative what and they all but they'll begin -- that's my question. It is bad is it sounds absolutely it may even be worse. This and an egregious. Error. On the part of the governor and and his stamp. In trying to it's all -- just a shell game. You know -- -- Ask your question I don't illegal to form ten. No that's all right -- and -- runner that we're here loosened. Well. -- basically what is happened is. That the governor about the scheme whereby these hospitals would play. They rent in advance and this is the ripples from federal funds. And the governor was take these federal funds and musicals as matching funds to get more federal funds have been for the governor. Who claims to not want -- like federal funding and yet he devises that shell game to do just that and is I said. And my blog from from -- -- that this would not fly. And the list Friday in my -- We're -- -- -- -- something about the redneck profits. -- -- -- -- -- Politicians. What was her born to be reelected in the also removed while in office. This governor looks like he wants to be president or vice president or at least. Cabinet ago level appointment. If you warned him and John Kennedy warned him a number boulders in the legislature to warn him to and -- report saying. Even if there was a lot of wouldn't save any money in the yeah and what's the political benefit of doing this. When -- potentially all comes crashing down when you're still. In the coroner's office. Well as treasurer John Kennedy told me Friday night late Friday -- when contacted him. His first response -- format toward what happened he just simply. Along Paul when he said while. He says I didn't expect it to happen this quickly and I think that we see governor Jindal expected to have already moved on. Linda came crashing down and he had no idea. That we would get the decision from the federal government is moving slowly the bureaucracy. This quickly. People out that he would be out of the picture by the hand and -- -- immediately to the White House and it's simply didn't happen. Is is there are no alternative. Other than expanding Medicaid. And Syria I don't know what and I don't think mister Jindal knows the -- as I sit at the beginning if there were an alternative. Why didn't he exercise that. From the beginning. Instead of trying to dog and pony show which didn't fly and now what's he gonna do -- I have no idea I have heard so many times -- and we all. That we have a back up plan. And tobacco plant has never worked whether it is funding of the doctors scoot whether it -- his retirement plan. Well what -- He has been not been in the court every time we tried something like every time without exception. Christened their colds his spokesperson Provo hospital department. Says they're -- -- could be sure to appeal of past. His his tenure as governor. That's a question I can't answer I don't think anyone can. But. Regardless I think the damage is done I think. Any cognizant. Citizens. Let you know that follow in this realizes that it was a huge step. And now whether he appeals or not I just don't see what it would go to accomplish. All right let limited brick here when we come back. Explain to me what happened with the legislature. And next Tuesday how do. Go back into the budget to try and of formalized now forces opened. That they work on in the quote all season. Until the next session. Coming right back we're talking about what could be. A multi hundreds of millions perhaps 400 million plus. Budget hole in the budget after the federal government to have rejected. Governor Jindal. Private public hospital arrangement do you observe these -- Coming right back your question -- comments -- -- zero. 1720386. Incinerated -- and zero itself. As -- a reported at least for many years a little bit hard to believe. We've got a governor mr. -- home who -- Steve politically and economically. And job wise. In the health care industry would in this state bureaucracy. And as governor who's turned around and be implemented in the could be wrong here today. Public private. Agreements. With the state in six state owned hospitals. The and that care for the poor and uninsured receive some reports of seven some reports eight. And basically takes her -- money up front applies to it for. More government money with the feds have come in and said no. Can do that. And and now we've got to appeal. And in the meantime. There's a potential hundreds of millions of dollars. Budget holds. In our current budget. And it sure is hard to believe that the governor -- that kind of expertise. Would say. Yeah there is pretty good chance the goods on the practice them but let's go ahead endured in -- win not let's not have back. And there's always going to be your experts and veterans in complicated that you root them -- well with the I'll publish true region Boris retired newspaper reporter and editor. Men and one of the articles -- read last night it's at the worst case scenario. Is the -- impact that this federal objection thing stays. Won't be felt for almost a year so what -- the legislature do do -- have do this now away. Well -- civil. Correction enable people. They'll for a a -- year and -- to venerable. As far as that budget's concerned it is supposed to be. To -- to go to the house floor tomorrow. That is simply not enough time. It -- to move funds around. Cut program. And do that -- that and ordered to fill that hole. This does not enough time told their only alternative. Is as I've -- it and is. A couple of legislate or to whom outspoken. That the special affection. And we haven't had a special session quite awhile but it looks -- we may be in this direction now. As to the immediate impact John Kennedy told me Friday night. That he had been hit by the governor. Little over a week ago. To transfer. Seven million dollars. Have fallen. In order to. Replace the ark for plant money that was supposed to come in on -- hospital -- but it which had not committed yet. It was stolen it is as though that the money came in it would be repaid to the fund from which can it was taken money. And milk there is no guarantee that the at least I that's going to be made and that seventy million dollars. Is needed to support higher education but the remaining two months of the fiscal year. John -- is that that is the crux of the real problem the immediate impact -- seven million dollar hit. That higher education. Stance to take debacles of the in this refusal plan. So this is nightmare for the hospitals and others to. Salute absolutely hated and it is just -- it is a nightmare -- what we need to do it to its defeat. How all this came about is go back to January until like July 17 2012. That's what I'm meeting with built in -- president's office. And at that meeting with the -- so Reece who was it that. Head of the interim public hospital. Doctor rocks and Townsend who was head of the ha okay -- hospital and Matt Roche. And let it comparable and they issued the order for the other members. -- or -- John George who has. The CEO of one of the companies that the go to the hospital. And Scott Ballard. At that meeting that's when the first. Mention of the privatization came back out. From. That. I think it was mr. Allan Levine. Who has left the state -- time but has formally served as head of the department hospital. Health and hospitals. Both on doctors who read about details and express their concern. About the paint proposal. But several members of the eligible to about it it -- at that meeting indicated they able to finish amendment pursue -- strategy immediately. Oh which. Translated that means but again it's been warned until that's what you want. Doctor -- read submitted a three page report outlining his concerns. And in the an issue president. Doctor Jenkins. Opponents the race and -- and so committed to study the problem however in a matter of days old problem had been demoted. And that that that it is an indication of -- scandal that went well. And cannot stand dissenting opinion. Subsequent to the that. Last may. Only months before. Doctor for resigning I resigned that was -- -- tactic to take a position in Texas. He was invited senator Murray from New Orleans to testify at a meeting of the senate and government affairs committee. Wouldn't I think speaks volumes about the administration agents say secrecy and it intolerant. Any dissenting viewpoint. The committee wanted more information about purple privatization of the hospital and they invited doctor for -- to come and testify. So of course he was barred -- acceptable. He was. His request. Leave -- in order to come -- but I was simply denied. And Ed Murray was furious. And we never found out why even though even though. And the -- conducted under what -- it would look into it and get back to the committee the committee never found out one. Doctor -- were not allowed to testify. So I think that -- some insight into the mentality of this administration. It would win when we look at par saying. This could cause has -- 444. Million that we don't you're talking about the -- Seven billion that's gonna have to be found somewhere for higher education and. For me in addition to get that. Dude you used to these are teaching hospitals northern no. Yet if they ought to look remarks Freeport. Other -- medical center in Freeport and not an issue medical center in New York. Do do do -- do their operating funds get -- now call or do they. Wait for a special session to determine what's gonna happen what what happens now often and. Well I don't know where the higher education cuts are going to be made it may be made it -- it ticket may be made to Grambling. It may it may be cherry picked and and they may spare -- it that the teaching hospitals so many cuts so I just I don't know what their plans to open -- I don't think it'll probably be and across the board cut. -- when you -- spared in the cuts. You're talking about the seven million already. Corrective 400 million. God only knows what's gonna happen. And pretty you're cured that can have these special session. I think there will and so do. The legislate -- that I have spoken to -- they elected just not enough time. Said that budget bill will help pull out tomorrow. In the end dubbed it do you think there's and chants. -- Cameron is minded to govern general backed into corner would just say alright we're gonna expand Medicaid. That's all the problems. Don't know I think he's far too stubborn to do that. If you remember. One is tax package crashed and burned. Last year he told the legislature -- the ball's in your court you do what you have to -- an -- is what -- gonna do that a particular -- All the Uniroyal and explained -- complicated subject were couldn't stand it -- -- appreciate it called very much true grit and -- Our broad coming back we're gonna draw and communities they -- you just horrendous. We're talking about some anxious does and doesn't seem like it can be true. The federal government -- men said to governor general legislature did yield you guys. And you end up where it oh issues. State owned hospitals are terribly important in the generic -- six such hospital. Is illegal you can do it that way and some watchdog groups like public third through church council says -- 444. Million dollar budget deficit. Right now. -- -- -- -- Possible. Special session of the legislature. -- were we just want to said John Kennedy drove him actually seventy million playoffs is also in the plot. -- give more details there. Do you think. It is is governor general still sounding like a small government. Governor. Double a BO -- seventy. 1053. You know we would talk to or are a -- of power of expert. And -- -- what he said in your show -- -- were talking about the federal government. Has said the governor general view of those deals familiar with the six state owned hospital that. Operated for the poor and under insured and plus there the teaching hospital for doctors and nurses. The deal humiliated. Weren't we can go along with. You you were requesting. Whole bunch of money promotes a fraudulent. And that's about the -- -- -- so consequently. We can endure. And and if you listen to watch org organizations it pretty well. Respected public third -- -- among Koppel. They say. That. If Louisiana appeals as soon loses. -- different board 444. Million dollar budget hole. In the current budget. And we just talked to an expert that says and we got time to repair bill or even. Debate -- for much in the current budget. So the -- troop we've talked to said. There's a possibility of a special session. This is such -- in a series of issues where drug candidate with the state treasurer John welcome I appreciate drums so it's. Against seuss'. Maybe you question your evidence report but governor Jindal. Like him dislike him whatever -- Rhodes scholar he's really Smart guy. And he was under par remembered -- governor posture. Secretary. Of -- Louisiana department of L. And hospital so. He knows. His -- industry I would today is as well as anybody else. Explain to the listeners kind of complicated issue. What he did. That the federal government says no no no can do. -- Our charity hospital that the state was running and headed out. We release them. To a proper hospital in the community. Let's take new war we leash hospital that she'll. Children as noble and to truly. Are Medicaid patients aren't sure. Running our -- We -- children to do that with federal money week yet for that purpose. Children's and pays us back. With that money. -- -- -- That makes. Formally federal money now statement. And then either directly or indirectly. We used match -- money to draw down more battle. So one way of looking. Apparently delayed the -- are looking at. Is that we're taking federal money. And we're using it to draw down more that. That's not how Medicaid is supposed war. Under the Medicaid program. We take a dollar of state money. And it'll give -- -- -- for every dollar we put up. Shall what to -- are arguing that the center for Medicare and Medicaid Services as saying you know. On to Europe can only. You're you're you're -- gaming the system you're using federal dollars to attract more federal dollars in the stage -- put up any money. This EMS is also. They crush fastest. -- funny and -- at least it's so words such approach. I -- your house for a thousand dollars a month for twelve a year. But I county like Garland. -- need some money. -- short it and you can keep it means that normal thousand dollars a month end and and advance paid me some of the late pregnancy and then not make them light. We brought it loaded the money to deal with the budget crisis and the kids -- additional -- but no this is complicated but it. We've been through this before. In the early 1990s. When the -- that -- disallowed some of our building. And we're going to appeal. We have no choice but to appeal there is no plan -- year. It -- package is yet another article my immediate concern. Is this fiscal you. Kind. We we see we're paying higher education. With money from the easily set -- -- keep from the university so. From the hospital -- That the current budget is supporting higher education to that is about 440 million dollars in at least in in now. I'm -- in seventy million dollars in lease payments from Freeport in new war. An award Shreveport in -- awards in the next sixty day east are supposed to pay constantly payments for their -- the hospitals. It's that there -- promised. And I have been using that money onto the directional legislature to keep our educational. John paid dues -- -- rupture bright there is that this is something everybody should understand when we come back. In store right there than seven million again. Say whether it's doubled up. On possible 444. Million dollar budget hole at the legislature. That the legislature's just found out about it. And is because of beds -- rejected do we general hospital the yields that governor general originated. And son. And Joan Kennedy's state treasure -- -- on top of and there is a seventy million dollar connection to -- goes to universities. Explained that it will -- It. We know that that pitch. Campbell ruled that at least a portion of the least tight match the stage receding from the private hospital shortly. The legislature passed a budget for this fiscal year which in should -- in the -- Directing me to use socially. A portion of which it's now say can't be today. To keep our universities. That the hospitals in particular to report and the new war on Shaw hospital. 07. Million dollars at least tight match in the next sixty gates. If they don't make the right much. We've got about and that's seventy million dollars somewhere else to keep our university choked. I wrote -- culture extradite Kristi is the governor -- Commissioner of administration -- be it financial officer for the governor very very -- to ask her cheek and communication with the hospitals. Am not going to receive interest rate that's seven million dollar. Because if we're not. We got ago we get sixty day go by land and all our active funding source for universe speech. We can't just turn to demonstrate. Cut seven million dollars and sixty day that would be the equivalent. Thanks to some 400 million dollar cut for our and it just -- So that's not -- which are in a longer term. I will go -- appeal the decision. All the targets that night garbled this was predictable. Maybe maybe not that's not -- doctor what what we need to do is figure out. How to make this war because I will tell you the original plan be some -- Very persuasively. That well we need to -- on the Medicaid portion of the affordable care. Regardless of value of the which you believe about that whether it's good that they're bad it's not. Governor Jindal is stated categorically unequivocally and I believe. That as long as governor he is not going to do that. Shall that's not -- all -- And and we don't have plan B shall we got to make this work. Well when there's a legislative session over. Then you'd do you have not timed it to Groupon and seven million. Well. I mean I can I can try to bore hole it that's got to be careful and it will be difficult. I can borrow -- for some other phones but are all quark but did that the money's got to be paid back. So that would require the legislature. To fanned an additional seventy million dollars from someplace shelves. I don't -- -- still beautiful seventeen million I'm hoping it shall we don't help I'm hoping it's gonna be zero but it. -- thank you very realistically could be sorted out to forty fattening. How about the 444. Million dollar figures that reasonable or -- some -- that. That's pretty reachable that was put together about the public affairs research council -- course very non portion. They're basing that on the that letter would receive for actually -- match. Is that more worried that the legislature's gonna have to go find -- and so do they have the time. We will not have to -- this recession. It will be a problem for next year did the the administration testified -- committee the other day and thank thank thank him appeal this. And push it all for at least two years. -- -- -- -- You know will have to try and I would rather flat out we got a problem. And it looks like we do as I would rather sit down with the -- right now let's figure this out. And and let's deal with it. Rather than pushing at all for two year -- I'm hoping and and and that the governor is they'll flock Washington -- actually matched. Look at me in the big goal but -- now straight book eat what is the deal here what we do to fix speakers. Position we know what the problem isn't the exit the better off for them -- I don't want to light district figures for new legislature undergo. But -- some potential that -- could be actions or inaction the Kurds. The governor and and his. Administration just says general word of god go for a couple years -- let's concentrate on something ups. Well Kristi testified in in the appropriations committee on Monday that looked just at an immediate problem. Little appeal you know if it becomes probably won't be it could become a problem for at least a year and possibly -- -- But it we have a problem. I want I don't know what it is alleged deal with it. Don't generally you know always a pleasure and a lot of this is very complicated it's a per issue call ever agreed there will -- -- Governor of -- did celebrity immortal 53 yeah. The globe were asking you and your ability W a bureau president drug more opinion poll governor general is asking the federal gov. Moment for hundreds of millions of dollars disabled museum hospitals. Hiring education. -- -- is jungle -- small government governor. Up 56%. Of you say no but amazing. Leafs who made 44%. Of you say yeah it's. What's the definition. Of -- big government governor if you're asking for hundreds of millions of dollars. But -- for small government. -- settling somewhere. Coming up we're going to be talking about fracking in particular on the North Shore and in Oklahoma.