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5-7-14 12:10pm Garland: on oil fracking

May 7, 2014|

Garland talks with Rick Franzo of Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany, Wilma Subra of LEAN, and geophysicist Bob Williams about the pros and cons of oil fracking.

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A ball -- saw that. One of the most beautiful towns and who we hear owners breeders springs. And grow their own area. Regular basis but the controversy of sorts legally and think oh New Orleans based energy company. Wants to audition for acting redundant admin shows on. That process. Of what's in the United States has become one of the leaders in the world. And though pulling up natural gas and oil a lot of that which we we didn't think everything we were going to be able to do. In the -- bring your biggest -- and in many places. There is concerned or -- environmental solid over it and there's. Think proven to lurch movement that are to keep rocking from happening. Better understand this we have -- -- to where those who was president of concerned citizens and saint Tammany wrote welcomed sure appreciate. Call -- you may. Explain to the audience -- school. Well -- -- and it has been day. Big movement. Two slowdown in the process on this proposed. Fracking in -- and the trash. It came on so quickly and technical most people of god we weren't aware of that. In fact most of the political leaders were unaware that it is well. And and now it's it's it's it's and it seems like -- crash mode to try to get it done. And -- people are people are screaming about it because they don't know enough about it you know illicit war trying to get educated. And I think it's it doesn't need to be rushed people's throats and I have concerns about it we all have a lot of concerns about it and we decided. How organizations and the other night had a meeting in the we decided to go full out to try to stop this happening saved them cash. And -- and not just lowered down Newton. And changed things would stop an old -- -- that we -- -- acceptable to get. I think it is too many risks involved. And I think. It is very few people who can benefit by it and risk. A -- -- in the awards I think and you know they feel. Look around and you see what happens to areas that do this. You know they become desolate Barrett. And take them in the parish is not a bad day you know we have a beautiful area over it and national level is protected areas. And that's what people able to -- you know and and what's what I find to be most concerning and I think not just me but a lot of people. Was it the way it came down so quickly and how it's been disingenuous by a political leaders. In terms of of letting people know what's going on and it opened up we're just going to be one well -- think and the -- -- any day. Which was that -- also very close to new -- collection. But now we turn now only gotten copies of the papers that would put it on line and in this right now options up to 60000 pages in saint Tammany parish. For the to a car and you look at that oh well it could be that they can have a well on every week. You think about that they can be loaded. And only get a word yesterday. It was so not a large tract of land purchased by Madison bill. And there was indication that maybe this plan may be part of the part of the equations and drilling as well. And I don't think that's a little can be have to without. So if we have a lot of concerned about it and we're looking at different options we have seven attorneys unknowable it. And that would dealing also with firm in the book as well and looking at different options of how we could try to stop this thing. From them being -- them people's throats without really. Having a full understanding and because I guess you looked at it research it like most people have tried to get in due to crash course and understanding it. You know it's not a perfect world in Maryland and would dealing with one -- Single a -- also attack before that effect. Same dynamic charge. And and I think we have to be concerned that you know there's areas in the country would it. And what it has not been useful for decades because of contamination in -- and they attributed to fracking. And you know you get the -- best company in the world just -- BP and Transocean you know with -- what happened in the gulf. And they are first class companies both of. But look what happened you know and and it's concerning you know this is that this is everybody's livelihood and and you'd you'd take a way to -- in saint Tammany parish communities it's a major problem. Major problems and it just changes the whole dynamics of of the parish. And what it was about him and what they want to date. And I think -- -- been very disingenuous by administration. -- -- have been -- now via. Will consumer will mullah is with leave Louisiana environmental action network -- and -- -- -- award winner. Which means she's recognized as geniuses in her appeal will look good talk and viewed it and thank you for joining us. I do well that is collected these. Guys think -- -- -- the first of -- people understand that does well. Hydraulic fracturing and is. Directional drilling that's carrying the technology is. Developing quite rapidly and much more rapid rate. In the state regulatory programs can keep up with at. And so there's a real lot. My drink and I'm real lack of enforcement. And one of the things in the area. Focus on the one wow and rightly so. What you have to realize it's in that one well. Produces. Then you have a whole host of other things when the well it's been -- that the real quick and then after that. You have distracting we put -- there. And -- -- as a result out of you have to have quite actually I'd let -- the compressor stations just. -- acute quantity of indeed simple on special teams where the oil began. From these wells is process. And you have large processing plants and they -- that story areas are. Lower oil and compensate. Produced water tank and you -- disposal well and land treatment facilities. And they hit an impoundment -- It's not -- one well in all the things that come with it. Such a huge impact very negative impact not only on the environment that call someone in the -- And the way to talk to you about that helped him. Good limit trigger first break here when we come back competitors shall induced. Talking about something very important energy production in the United States for acting more and more is running up against barricades. Broad community is it just -- -- it. It seems it's intently may be one of those communities. Come right back -- -- -- of what you would call it the thing. Over the last couple years to -- a minute to minute shows on fracking process provinces using chemical water structure. Break or brought -- -- very deep deaths and three up gas and oil that we couldn't reach for porch in new technique. A lot of people say it's adding to the economy of this country and move such towards. Not. Probably ever independent. In the -- sources in other countries. But minimizing. Our energy. Reliance on other countries but. More immoral we did show last week for a firmly in Texas was aborted three million dollars because they reflected. Environmentally. But for acting. And across the country receive more more communities fighting and in the recent -- reason in particular locally saint Tammany parish. Whether it's we have recurrence. President concerned citizens is saint Tammany William will mode super. With the Louisiana environmental action network will -- you and you said you wanted to point something out. Are you a couple of symptoms is in the picture so as a result of the drilling. And hydraulic fracturing as well as the production. Being patient into the air and into the so well -- surface and ground war. -- acute health impact in the short term health impacts. Kids you're taking in god knows Bob. Headaches -- like that it does not here on the in -- key. Can and nervousness. And then personality change as depression anxiety. Irritability and -- should go out in its weakness. And your regular heartbeat so on the land -- it's really hard. For people to admit they have now because they had to do with the mental health -- And people tend not to -- talk about it but as. Just on going activity at all the well site and central obstacle -- And Stewart or -- these health impact will be -- How to -- and in some cases. Two to three miles but closer you do. The more severe health impacts and then over the long term the Petit well there for quite some time. You have damage to the liver and kidneys and the armed that are consistent. -- bikini because of the been seen mentioned. And the impacts to blood clotting but to sell a life and health of the community. It is really severely impacted. By this. Operation that is being sold as an economic. And to communicate. Let me as your -- Britain and reporting live excellent I hit radio -- actually. Grip -- change warned that the media communicators are actually communicated this with the brighter claim. Is that a look at or -- or firms or from 1022500. People of the surface. The weld will penetrate the -- In exactly the same way that 101000 so well have done all cross sell food -- Before it was not a word leaked document root problems with the process of rolling the workers. And well as targeting an earlier more than two miles below this surface. And the and we'll begin area golfers would be behind the -- substantial reasons. And it's -- world cemented in place. All the words are claiming. That the well go way way way way -- perhaps the golfers and their war shouldn't have been here -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And capturing it is not exactly adequately when I served as mayor art culture there. And number eighty with the EPA represent and the community service industry will there. That -- -- around the casing fails it's just a matter of time when it failed and went sales. The resulting chemicals in the casing. Will migrate and contaminate ground water. Well and has potential to contaminate circuits. Are missing the casing itself. Will also fail it's just matter win it will fail and the taking field. Get the Q in the casing migrants out into the ground water the -- circuits were. Able. At that meeting that would make cute the fracturing. He gave in to -- been more or are they know it's into salt water offers because to grow. Shale formation and -- actually factor. So there. Selecting -- wording very carefully. To take it -- entry. Actually -- well what could happen. Have have we had act or for contamination. Anywhere in the country -- thousands of Wales so there. Which -- it call what the country and large number of good. Look at that issue is that the EPA is studying -- -- Wind actually do that fracking. Has contaminated. Ground water usable force. They know it's contaminated a lot of ground water in the area where the cracking markers and they are starting to document actual -- Usable throughout war. I believe are reported to command in the -- From the EPA. And and -- Steve -- comes up and says. We don't see danger to our coffers but but let's say ground war is as got a -- concern of Annika and -- but let's say. They come back considered that. Do reporter aquifers we don't you broke concern. Would your organization be in favor of -- and -- I listen I think it's it's beyond just that I think there's a lot of issues. Concerning about going in this direction. If states it was a perfect world and is built mistaken is that doesn't exist we know that we've seen that the best of the best we have mistakes. And and I know the oil companies -- People that may be the best in the industry in the field. But we have seen time and time again -- failures happen and that's just life and that's. That's. What happens. And needed that worth the risk. Com and a way for us we look at it to it's it's not just about that it's also about the way of life and and and quality of life and I believe that the quality licensing and the parish will be. Absolutely dedicated. Going in this direction. Because once you open that -- it becomes pandora's box and you can see not just -- so -- coming in the digital you can see other companies coming in to do -- some buying -- land. And -- it's going to be Eagles -- them tires and then you get -- -- is that you know it's beyond that is a lot of those aren't that good out there is some good host has a good track economic initiated down. But there's one bad and how you gonna patrol mr. regulations on all of this. Woods was. Downgrade in 2005. Minutes. It's so submissive to oil companies in basic and do what they want an industrial and and that's concerning to us I don't want sync them to Paris to turn into it. An oil field area and it's not what it's about you know it's it's. It's a of the bedroom community with a lot of natural resources. And I don't want -- seen going down to the course of this. And we'll what are you -- people you Bradley Buford at. North Shore of conservatives get Steve's colleagues who certainly backs for acting to the hill. It it it seems to solemn. -- hypocritical. To be against regulation against big government. All for energy. It feels like nimby. Not a month back. No and I know he has to listen I'm -- first one of them policemen. Proponent of of being self sufficient and and although we believe that the United States should try to be self sufficient. But I also think -- in need to be Smart Smart about how we do it in and and I think there's not enough regulations and it is not enough research done promised to make that kind of open door policy. And I think until that really comes to pass I think he should be -- And I I don't think -- -- -- the I don't think it fits. Demographic sort of protocol for it. There's certain areas of the country you know I would want to see well they put in. Downtown New York City and Ellen Page -- it doesn't belong in certain places. And I don't believe that belong to saint Tammany parish. And and I think and I think most of the people -- that it actually support that this is the sport that analogy. It over the past three weeks. We've had over 50000. Now. Abuse and outside. References. And most it's about the journal and I think we've had less than a handful. That would pro fracking you know most people don't want it. That limited ticker quick break here will continue this comes through for -- and miniatures so. I'll would think about for acting you've just joined us -- BO brigades seventy M one -- yeah. Large group broke the resident Soro fighting wracking for natural gas and oil hole on the North Shore -- wilmots who broke with the and technical assistant to Louisiana environmental action network and we have Brooke friends of president concerned citizens. Saying to -- please bring in some of our lives huge shock Euro would wreck and -- When all of this report does corporate interpret our lives and come to our. And obviously another property certain rights and the companies -- right however. Because of that. The fragile nature of what they're looking into and potential. -- law said he could possibly create. Well apparently -- live here. -- -- -- -- And in that short that is such a process. On all -- or surety insurance policy they can take a -- at that contaminated and that they are. It would have been property values are currently every bit and hold it straight and -- -- -- Out of an -- listened to -- my a good solution. Yeah -- that there is a bond it would have to be in place. The question is -- Whether or not they could be big enough. To handle the amount of impact because -- haven't seen -- -- it to Atlantic community has 270000. People this is not the Gulf of Mexico we have. PP and dealing with fish and wildlife. Which obviously is not a good thing is that but at the impact. In saint Tammany parish would incident could be -- I don't even know they can get a bond big enough to support. That apple liability that -- that they be -- the other thing you have to think about the end is it that economic impact it will have on. Other businesses you know the parish made big push in a few months ago to get these dvds in places each one of the interstates. It is economic development districts. And -- present -- made a big push in this and I -- to the slowdown. And create some type of business plan on these EDD's. And they said that like self governing may like the government inside government they can create on taxing bodies and and development and it's the idea is that. To promote good business coming and it's like you see if you drive that'll interfere drive through and natural. Charlotte and you will be beautiful interchanges with the front office buildings -- stuff and that was the idea of the CD's. And what I find it ironic is that these big push now we have been this way and it is actually in the EDD. 1088. Now my question is -- it's gonna have a impact on future development of businesses if you have -- stop popping up everywhere. I think you have less. Interest of companies coming in and and -- offices and and and it's not just businesses in general. Coming in it anywhere in the of these wells for a lot of different reasons. So I I think it's kind of an oxymoron. How this is spoke dvds post because it's stable stable. And now allowing this. And fracking to commit the same -- to Paris and I also find it you know do it quickly if I find it disingenuous in that. The parish knew about this will before it came out. And a panel think that was right in again would we have administration. Stands on transparency. But again as typical it's non transparent. Because we know for a fact that they knew about it way before came out to the public. Both of them to make a very good argument I gotta admit a -- the rings is so beautiful. I have led. I love the speed and you know and Japan quickly and I'm dealing with the mainland and their regular basic tendency improperly denied again. And he's so disturbed by any loss of the -- by the fact that the administration is basic turning -- head on him. And abuses like -- you know these are important apple -- think. We're limited to -- -- ask your question yes do you make cougar -- for a human to add to be made that it shouldn't be any need anybody's back. That this is kind of thing if you loosened you and Wilma. Makes such a good argument. To just stop doing. All the people make a pretty good argument concerning oil. I'm doing the show tomorrow and hydrogen cars that. May be the answer. And and in -- shirts left side upon -- to make hydrogen. By burning. Fossil fuels a look at Germany. Where they set out of Fukushima. Let's do away you with nine number seventeen nuclear power plants and go bolstering even more than European Union. In two solar in wind. And today. Their utilities were up 47%. Of their in the gigantic economic and what where we go work for not going to -- all -- -- Think you can I think you have to do it slowly and I think you have to be lies Hoover's colonial and I think you know take -- to look at saint Tammany parish. Get this thing that'll. Our -- for a single. I'm variable rate you'll owners simply did not like and I don't know the. It this is the single article you know it's not other areas and a lot of these chilling -- on the country is not going through those and those -- was like they -- he was single difficult mark is when it could affect the entire area. And that's helped in the that it went. Really and we look -- run out of time -- more -- -- appreciative for my adult world followed through all of this is important so porn shoot. Better understand the Contra -- and hopefully -- ranchers thank you so much with the -- -- right back government. So with a good about her acting pros and Collins and initially talked about it but he. Pretty strong movement in saint -- need to stop. For acting projects there. And across the country there seems to be more more concerned -- landslide. And a little bit of America that's remembers some kind of injection well outside of San Francisco. That have been tried as a waste disposal. Do you and remembered. Being shut down because it did cause tiny earthquakes. In in the group going I came across its business article thing totally a couple of days old. Rare earthquake. Warnings. Issued for Oklahoma. One of the York article -- I think it was so hundred need the earthquakes of three point oh or greater happen local home. In the last six months and I think -- and and -- and we've got an expert tell me you misunderstood. Some club that might be attributed to -- to perfecting. Where Bob Williams with the news research you businesses with the -- huge earthquake hazards program. In golden -- brought Bob Bob Pritchard still am very much. Good morning good to be with you. If that a bit un usual for Oklahoma admit 50% increase since October of 2013. It it is very unusual. That it's not that the Oklahoma hasn't had a earthquakes in the past. Over the last hundred years it's the rate increase since 2009. And then in the last six months as you noted that the -- really showed up and that's what caught our attention. And why we issued that advisory on Monday. Or you're with the yours Geological Survey. Is this being seen in other states. With a -- Wyoming with a -- Montana Idaho. There there are few places where we're seeing earthquakes associated with. Wastewater injection and so. There's been an incident in Youngstown Ohio. In the last. Couple of years. Arkansas. Texas. Oklahoma of course and probably in Colorado. So. -- we're seeing this in a few places but. For the most part most of these disposal wells that we think are causing the problem. Our. Don't have built earthquakes associated with -- it's only some of them. What you think that so. Well I think -- it depends. On much waste water it's going in the ground. How deep the whales are. In whether or not that water. Has access to both pre existing bolts. Whether or not the -- our. At the right angle in the right orientation. Relative to the hospital stresses in the region that. -- the water might release the pressure holding them all together. So there's a lot of factors that can affect. -- some areas are attractive and others aren't and we don't understand the -- for sure. A good judge of soliciting cute then. Let let's say. Your concerns or dollars. -- injection wells -- call losing earthquakes and number plates is Oklahoma. A lot of places. And it's and it's attributed to that. I would assume the Nextel -- it is is to develop regulations. That would call for service -- to see if the structure they're going to inject in two and or viable. And it wouldn't when this study like that take years and and -- to be very complicated. Very expensive. If it would two of the cost. Drilling of these disposal world. In and I'll answer that question in just the second but I do want to make clear this difference between. -- hydraulic fracturing or fracking operation. That produces waste water. And and at least this bolt the world where they get rid of along that so there is there's two separate things. We think -- disposal world are are the ones the culprits causing. Related to more of the felt earthquakes. But but you're right in some states have kind of on the line. Adopted new regulations. Or close down some areas. And in response to earthquakes that have happened and that happened in Arkansas. The put a moratorium on one area that was experiencing earthquake. Near these injection wells Youngstown Ohio. Started getting smaller quakes and they shut the world down. So it it's there aren't stricter regulations for. As it related to earthquake. And the potential to generate earthquakes -- well there are. Other regulations. Regarding the drilling processes it I don't really know about that. It's kind of a new phenomenon that states are having to deal with. -- or a Jew physicist. Tell me upon putting words in your mouth but. If you lived in the community where dude who's going to be done the disposal well it's. You would boy and he holds the -- regulatory. Process. Already in place that guarantees. This would not read -- record right. I would like to see. More. The comprehensive. Regulations. Regarding. Well all over the country. Of course there's no guarantees. That you're not kind of pollute the ground -- Cause earthquakes with nobody can guarantee that. But. The US GS is not a regulatory agency. We just try to provide the the best science we can to help. Local regulators make decisions about how to handle it. Well I don't think we were aware of this so I appreciate the call in the improved relations very much guarantee you. Every. Community is suitably checking into this because your call thank you previewed to OK here. Governor bill would come in right. In pursuing a debate over for acting and more more word debating energy. It does have an effect on climate and those that Becton societies. It's a tough call one thing to always tell people that that don't like it no -- would do it. There should stop abusing the -- men and mean that and a aggravated Whitman just -- to -- good example Stanford University. Announced yesterday it's divesting itself of nineteen billion dollars in the and now it. Stocks in coal mining and fossil fuel development. That's the main political future one would put it if you don't you've got to get ready for the sacrifices. Cover up next -- don't go away -- bill brigade celebrity amoral 53 yeah.