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5-7 5:20pm Deke and Bobby talk to SI's Peter King

May 7, 2014|

SI Senior Writer Peter King joins Deke and Bobby to discuss NFL Draft and Jimmy Graham contract

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

To illustrate. Peter King joins us now Peter thank you so much for the time and on the eve of the National Football League draft they announced some coaches have said is including on Sean Payton the two biggest days in the sport sporting NFL or Super Bowl Sunday. And the draft would you agree. Yeah I think so I mean the draft and gotten so popular taken over real the mean if you ask somebody right now I'd they would be except for the Stanley Cup final. I would -- The lead draft will get higher ratings than any hockey weekly here -- year. And probably. All but very very few. Baseball and basketball games I mean it might get it might get the reading of the World Series game but. It's just gotten so big over the years and I think for Mike Green -- or hate it draft being mentally. Combined -- green and I think the I think the the draft being pushed back. It only get a result in people getting more and more interstate. And a reading it a little bit bigger which is to -- Yeah -- -- that being said and a little research that is the latest ring date for the draft since 1967. When they had the first common AFL NFL draft when that took place. And I was reading of the names that -- -- -- that the NFL history Bob Griese was the first round pink Floyd Little. With the Broncos Alan page purple people leader and Steve -- The is buried a leading man not now obviously as a agreed head coach but he was drafted in the first round so do you think a two part question. Do think that the commissioner -- keep it you know two weeks waited and we normally used to and -- that you had the chance. Maybe like this noble goal and our rotations cities it. Yeah I think. That everything right now is open. With -- -- draft and I think the NFL is theory. -- interest in moving around. Not only your interest in moving around I think they are pristine if they either make it Gregory. I think they will keep that Lee. But I think the biggest problem right now we regret being pushed later. Here that are if you looked at Howell. How much of a disadvantage. -- places. -- Especially coaches -- immediate quarterback ready for opening day lead draft the year oral Armenians -- agree war one of these guys and -- -- -- coming and for the job. Well you're given -- playbook in the middle of saying you're asking him to be ready. To quarterback your team and -- lead. You know 45 guys every Sunday in the battle. An and and do that in less -- -- -- I think it's a ridiculously tall order especially. Now Peter. Everyone has an opinion. And I'm kind of I should say Johnny -- John immense self and I just an entertainment standpoint. You know Monday Morning Quarterback I every when needed to judge a player I mean it's like must see TV double what is your opinion of diamonds. I think he is going to be -- really really good -- And I'd like him I don't know how you don't really late it's scary as a player. I think he can make the adjustment. You know to -- NFL. And I think that he is going to do what -- offensive coordinator and want him to do. So I think he's going to be very good in the NFL in. And I accept David -- clipped the coach of you who played. In Allen has last. College game and the bowl game in in and it -- -- -- label. And we we watch two games. And you look at his background the Manning's so that's why -- it in the wall there and and Peter look at it. -- things and he's the food nation and how they love their team and is three years six by the easier the only problem. He trusts Miki. And so on it's unbelievable trust factor between the fans and organization but the only problem they have someone that I am. You know plumbing -- against -- the answer is about why do we keep Darren Sproles one year that -- ain't. Darren Sproles -- Chip Kelly. And it I have still a lot of success. You know with the Eagles -- a tennis ball when he first came here from San Diego because he said they'll Propecia heart rate in 2011. But Derrick -- He's equally keen to repeat. It felt like. If he was lecturing you couldn't four wins a tremendous amount of money caretaker birdies -- dream contract right. You know I don't know what they were -- three -- million -- yet yeah. I mean you know -- -- -- -- -- -- in treatment but he. People ball when -- and so many guys you'd stick it. And then you know community are you know pitcher earned it yet because they were they were you getting ready. To pay Earl Thomas were Accenture and then next year. Russell. But I think it was -- severe either difficult for the for saint. To swallow that sort contract. First world and I think it wasn't because they'd like as a player it was because they felt we had to me cut. The great Peter King is what is it now Peter. The arbitrator now as far as before July 15 expected to make a ruling on Jimmy Graham -- which direction you picked -- -- though keep him -- the tie in -- say he's played enough as. Our sport unfortunately. 92 huge mistake unfortunately I think the arbitrator ruled in favor of him being tight an error be -- receiver Easley because he lined up on the electric. He had 60% of the time why do you say up repeated. Well unfortunate because I think it's -- -- here. I think it's I think it's ridiculous Jimmy Graham -- record I didn't -- the Pro Bowl kite and people on the depth chart right. So the only reason line. He's not going to be needed to quite right yet they CB. You wind at its peak. He is lined up. Outside -- swarming in and not traditional role for tight end. -- and all and not particularly in the next years they're not going to be. You know like -- About it and I mean and and so. I can get other prosper. Eric Gordon a look at -- and -- younger people we re recruit tight ends and they're going. Outlets in Philadelphia we're back -- aren't true Philly and Ireland reflects on -- and so -- I'm able what you expected now. I have to make sure that 61%. Of the time I start him right in tight -- the form. We and it -- in what coach wants to do like just think it's I think it's unfair coaches. And Peter do you think eventually but that being said and I know that's down the road but it. That dollars -- maybe fight to change the language in his TBA. If the ruling does go against them this. I don't you know they can't you let her six year right I mean so by that time. Eight you look I don't know maybe they will try to change -- -- you're. The players are quite accurate. They're all it is gonna do. Economy Jimmy -- more money so. Look I'm not trying to think money that you recurring problem -- I'm just simply saying it is absolutely preposterous. That the tight end position. I did that -- -- now gonna have to start thinking -- where -- put -- tight end. Because that at a cost of four million bucks a year or whatever so I think it's ludicrous. Peter Keane senior writer for Sports Illustrated Peta always a pleasure thank you so much for the time. It's been all right coming up next our conversation with executive vice president general manager of the north and saint. Mickey. News times 530 it will go to Japan.

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