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5-7 6:45pm Bobby and Deke talk to Saints GM Mickey Loomis

May 7, 2014|

Bobby and Deke exclusive interview with Saints GM Mickey Loomis

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to sports talk here on saint trading of WW LA MFM and dot com operas not welcome an executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints. Mickey Loomis on the eve of the 2014. NFL draft. Mickey thank you so much for the time it's wouldn't be -- -- there having to keep things close to the this inside the Saints family. And not say too much is out in May to a top goals at this point I'm not sure any thoughts on which you guys. He had -- look that's the way we operate you know at all times a year. You know. I prefer you know seeing less actually -- know that and look at I respect that the job that this. News media has to do months to do in yet. They just don't know that there's a lot of benefits to US being out for me into you know talking about about players or positions that we -- have it. We're not a team like that throughout only smoke and -- covers. You know like he's just been quiet in the in. When Jimmy Carter moved in we get denounce it -- as proud of the way that. Villagers -- Thing you know that was way off anybody's radar it you know -- was an inning going -- and then -- Hussein and you know it was a big surprise and look like operating that way I think that's. I think gets the most effective way that. That that we can do business. So make him era look at them and notes that and obviously. Each Ireland -- some some secret formula alive the Saints have had so much success that. Against like along those lines you can read into this. And them. Saints fans have been an issue though like why are we drafting offensive tackle and tackle but if you have them and chart are you agree that. I think that's almost sometimes you approach -- week ago when you look back and Ricky Williams and you do we -- Austin. And the question is okay you look -- in the last individually you know brought in here. Yeah in the draft in the first round -- become -- on the visit. And so my understanding Morgan Moses. University of Virginia you the last guy and -- -- has to be high on the radar so. I said don't be surprised of all of a sudden. You seem Morgan Moses all of its attack because they like -- that much is. I don't know in the -- happens in the last I am and I'll just wouldn't count situation. So it is say like common sense that we bring in late and that has to be high interest. Well -- It would seem like that in yet -- I would also say -- it's a need to be cautious about that because often times the the schedule of when we bring guys in is dependent on their schedule. You know so. They can you McCarron had a ton of it is certainly we couldn't getting there in earnings so we ended up having to be well the last visits and and sometimes were bringing guys in. Like we brought guys in that mean didn't think we're gonna get drafted but we had interest in college free agent so. You know that's our way of pre recruiting. Some batting you know we don't. Tell them and I can get drafted but in the back of our minds -- in the history is definitely picked mine get drafted. -- visiting it and kind of showing what we're about here. Because that is gonna have an option have choices. As to what teams going to your team. So there's there's a lot of variables that are involved in those thirty visits. If for example we had a lot of information on the players. That we had high interest in in the first round. We right now visiting because we vertigo information is just redundant it to. To -- -- gang and so. I wouldn't read a lot into him. That -- other than to say look everybody -- visited we have some level of interest in it but may not be first round may not be second Grammy night in the draft interest. -- -- whom we wouldn't bring him and sometimes that we bring guys in. And that is that the visit didn't go well so we don't have interest in the player. And up to kill those lines OK let's say for instance. We know how solid we -- safety you look at prior to safety out of Louisville does that seem to come about that you might bring in a player. And kind of if you work c'mon. To see where he's at he's considered the top one or two safeties compared to him would you have on rosters leading teams do that -- I think it definitely do I think one thing you have to keep in mind now is look at positions that you feel is a position of strength. And let's talk about safety for us. You know obviously we sign Gerris. We drafted -- a year ago real. I -- bush. And yet but things change quickly in in our league -- in a position of a strength and depth all of a sudden can you know in in a moment's notice -- -- years Ty and Adam running back. Ray and he become. You know position where you need depth and so we can't afford to. Turn a blind guy to a player who's highly rated his position and it has maybe been under under drafted. You know let's just say the top safeties they're more in the second round. And he met -- this guy -- he's a really good player in our coaches than the one thing I really like about our staff is that they find a way to get good players on the field. We've played three safeties and attack you know we've had four safeties on the field. You know our guys find a way to utilize his talents of of every player team and I think that's a real strength of of our coaching staff insurance philosophies. And so we're not afraid to draft somebody that another. Team or or something meaning me perceive that we have depth that. With the executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints in Mickey Loomis here on Saints radio 870 AM FM at 1053 and on the -- at WW dot com. And the guilt of course the last handful years the same to me -- picks -- -- in of the team in the league but for the last five years. He won eleven more regular season games is Cheney -- that it's more important on the banking and because of that pick. Vs the on -- to free agents have been able to bring you had such high volume of success. Oh well there's nothing intended in I mean to say that I mean we valued aspects. And yet I also recognize that we've had a good team. For a number of years it's harder to make -- good team you know if we had twelve or thirteen draft picks would be hard for 1213 guys to -- -- team. Is one thing that we always do is we go by what we see we're gonna keep the best players regardless of how they were required. And I am so it would be hard for over thirteen draft picks to -- team. You know we've had this philosophy. If the if we find a player that we have have an affinity for. And we target them we're gonna go get them and we knows there's a cost of that. But again as you know as I mentioned. Earlier. We've had success in the college free agent market so we feel like we can find players in both the college free agent market in in the secondary free agent market that can help our team. That that they may have one or two attributes that that we value. And so we can supplement our team that way as of. Posed to the sixth seventh fifth 67 round draft picks. Now make you -- all the draft. Experiences you've had you know the fans look at. In the first round. And he didn't need dead and when you values certain players and -- you have agreed on them. How many times do you think perhaps it's -- -- -- we can have Nikkei can needed to like differences OK we need a young stud receiver will we have 127. All our -- sailing has sykora bag while Iverson routes Alan may be an incident. How could you -- order reaching Yunel or force a player. To be a first round pick but just give an example may be of that scenario where. I -- that you can have -- needed to what we needed was a young receiver and he was right there for us to take. Yeah I I think this look we always say and this is correct and both teams say this they want to draft the best. Players available we all do in yet we recognize it that each of our teams. We have certain needs position needs. More often than not what happens when -- picking is that you've got three or four players greeted. Roughly the same. And -- you're gonna go look at OK I've got these three guys are all agree the same which is the most valuable position which is the position that we need the most and in those are two different those are two different things because the corners. Past threshers quarterbacks or are have a higher value than. You know guards in and tight -- Running backs for example in yet if we need a running back -- only get three games created the same we might take the running back to bed at that point or. Or vice Versa so. That there is there is a lot of this -- needs to. Opportunity. Sometimes there's not you know. I remember when we drafted we'll Smith that wasn't a position in need force and yet Manny clearly was. Head and shoulders greeted better than anyone else that we had an opportunity. The same thing happened with these McAllister and I just think history has shown that if you critiquing players it's. It's that -- considerably ahead of anyone else available to you at that point that. That tends to work out. That speaks for itself with the production will Smith and his analysis you can see your track record but they're -- gone that direction now making looking at. Caitlin did the Seahawks is a copycat league and -- Saints fans so -- we know it playoff team that's how confident they are making the approach to what is gonna take. To go back to the suitable look at at the Seahawks. Third youngest team. The offensively we've definitely gotten younger -- -- on the opposite side right now average ages right at. 29 years of age and and yet and until when you look at at that and obviously any young players to QB goalies have always had. A top five offices. Talk again about the challenges when you wading. Like a veteran player like that Colson has produced so much for you and inhabit a young guys stepping in winning definitely. You know I think for school you know if you if you go -- the currently -- difference between all of this team. You know offensively in the youngest in -- -- the year hands out very. And so if you happen to have two guys in their mid thirties that's dentist you you're number. It won't have much going to -- when three guys are on says the ball so if you have one or two guys that are plastered. Secs Q you're. Your average I don't. -- and -- he knows that until somebody just -- -- yesterday. I don't pay attention to that what they do pitch intention to -- -- with the guys that are toward the end of their career. Who do we have it possibly can replace that player that we like the prospect. Behind him in terms of death connect -- become a starter. You know where do we filled a leadership -- who's coming out that they think will be good leaders for playing in and so that's the kinds of things that we pay attention to. I'm more concerned about. Performance thing about age. You know if you look it in the team I suspect that my name's -- would consistently and yet he won you know two or three championships and -- who cares where who cares if the -- so who cares how old they are few winning. -- -- This evening along those lines Champ Bailey. Raiders have millions have done so what it was just one year he's the best starting out and if you look. That's right and lucky brings a lot of things to the table in our view. In terms. Leadership and educating some you know some of our younger players back there and so he's going to be very valuable. Both on the field and off the field for us and and look at DH good point in terms of you know the age of thirteen. Because we do want to have you know sustain success in sooners do that. You know we have to replace guys look we had a tough offseason in terms of letting go of some guys that a bit not a lot to our program. Will Smith and Jon Vilma -- born in hand. In -- full seasons and so on and so that that's a hard. That's a really hard thing to do hard decisions to make in yet. The kind of decisions that we have to me if we're gonna have. You know continued in sustain success. I'm in the heat last one you talked about you enjoyed the whole process Andre is -- one thing something you don't Angela about it. Don't know the I I'd like talk and you guys I just would prefer it to be after the draft and containing human and no. You know before the death -- trying to keep things close the best so I hate the fact that you know today's session with the media is mandatory because it I think all that does is. Is. You can forces guys to be paying you not to step these things but that really. You know we're trained to answer questions about answering -- -- -- and so that protests and attempts but. I'd like I would like this entry session be after the draft because -- you can -- meaning you want a guy out there. You know what I'm gonna talk about particular players now. Because I knew best interest and that's exactly right and didn't even -- fancy all excited about the draft but you know you know beginning of the Jimmy Graham question. All the time and and I trying to be objective is being a player and dealing with -- management. And and I -- I'll tell you right now. Then the Saints are deadly in the drivers he designed though the Clinton bargain agreement how structured come July 15. You have the common -- economy gonna comment. That Everett player wants a long term contract all of a sudden nothing -- by July 15. You got to play on the one year deal so I think how you look at the ebb and flow of how things school which of value. If you know what what should hang in all and he conical sometimes and have been incredible player. The Eagles and and and and visited the team and he could be a vipers situation. Running is as can be a crucial they July 15. Yeah. You know. Look like talking about negotiations. Team prepares or things about him is -- -- really good player obviously he's a great player and plays great player. He's a great person we love what he's done forests I love this guy. We all do. I understand that we have disagreement in terms of the business side of it. But there's no hard feelings about that knowing no fans should have a hard feeling about it nobody in the nation ever -- feeling about it it's just. No part of the business that we have to deal with in and a and we will deal with it imminent done -- -- -- contract Alberts from us. And any place for us for his entire career that's that's what my you know hopes and dreams are for -- for Jimmy Graham and and a you'll see how it goes that that's that's future executive vice president general manager of the New Orleans Saints Mickey Loomis Mickey thank you so much of the time thinking of.