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May 7, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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It is another. Greens evening it's another great evening and it was another great day a little on the warm side. And -- die if you have a chance to get out and do anything just get out and it's actually do it because it's it's it's wonderful. It's time for tonight's out before we get into the top -- -- When he mentioned that for those of you were listening the other night a gentleman named curt called the show. He's in nineteen year old World War II vet. He doesn't get around very well. And of course our conversation he called about something we were talking about in the course of our conversation. I asked him if he -- into the World War II museum. And he said only once but he'd like to go back. But he can't get back in apparently Stanley doesn't really help him get around that he can't get around he's he's not able to get around very well. So that that led to a number of emails a number of texts and calls from people. Who wanted to help and I appreciate all the help I think we may have this setup I'm gonna -- cult like talk to him I talked to him yesterday. And I told him that we are setting up for him to go to the World War II museum the museum actually got some phone calls. And they're gonna provide passes and a tour guide the Guy -- there's an ambulance company that doesn't want publicity. But they're offering to pick him up. With somebody who is of bet. Who wants to talk to this guy. On their pride downtown and really try to do this Monday and now because of our draft coverage at WWL draft fast. -- there's no -- show tomorrow night and Friday night. So I'll keep you up to date on my FaceBook page which is scoot. On the year. And also on my Twitter account which is and it scoot WW well. And if if if anybody wanted to to go it would be great if there was. If there were a few people there to to go with this -- -- -- to try and call him a little bit later in the show. And I'm I'm happy to do this and I I think you know we hear so often about. How people. -- don't really care about each other and then there's a time like this win and obviously people really do care and there are some really good caring people -- people who offered to. He mentioned something about having a hard time with his. Scooter battery and he just basically made it seem as if -- Stanley -- helping him. There's in 92 year old guy who's apparently alone. And is a World War II vet and he he talked very passionately about at the time that he spent interment of Serbs -- -- an interesting phone call. And so -- -- all I can to get this guy to the world to museum looks like it's gonna happen on Monday acting newcomer to keep your -- on. It's time for tonight's topic today to the top eight things we'd like you know as we begin our show tonight on WWL. Number eight. -- Cyrus says that Sheen did not overdose on drugs and her tour was rescheduled because of an allergic reaction to antibiotics. She said she had to spend two weeks in dead and she hated it. Now from what I've seen from her stage show it seems like she would like to spend a lot of time in bed but apparently she doesn't like its patents and the so Miley Cyrus just wants to set the record straight she did not overdose on drugs. And she basically says that she is the poster child. For good health. -- -- tour is set to open up in the O two stadium a freedom. In England number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. First Lady Michelle. Obama -- it out today about the. And nearly 300 kidnapped Nigerian school children she tweeted out our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. And today she said it's time to bring our girls back and she packaged for tweet with a photo of herself in the White House holding a white piece of paper with the message. Hash tag. Bring our girls back written in black capital letters. The US is sending technical experts to Nigeria to help authorities find the girls these girls -- sure you've heard this. So it just a horrific story nearly 300 girls were kidnapped by an Islamist. Extreme group. And their leaders threatening to to sell them now a couple of them have actually escaped. It talked about how they were able to get away miraculous. Stories. But it's just a real human tragedy and I think this is one of those times when we. When we realized that on this planet overall human beings. And it doesn't matter if these are Nigerian girls or girls from the United States they're human beings. And I'm proud to be part of the country that even though we have our own problems that we can't settle. If there's something that we can do to help find those girls I'm proud to be part of -- nation that is he's willing to to help out because that's that's what we do. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. -- did it represented Michelle Bachmann. Poses a national women's museum because she said he will celebrate the radical feminist movement. There's a house bill that would establish a bipartisan commission. For the creation of the first national women's history museum. And Michelle Bachmann Republican from Minnesota says quote I rise today in opposition to this spiel because I believe ultimately this museum. It will be built on the National Mall on federal land willing trying the radical feminist movement it stands against the pro life movement. The pro family movement and the pro traditional. Marriage movement. -- the bill's co sponsored by -- representatives Carolyn. Maloney a Democrat from new York and Marsha Blackburn a Republican from Tennessee so there's bipartisan. Co authoring on this particular deal. It would do call for the creation of a privately funded national women's history museum. In or near the National Mall in Washington. Supporters say that on the National Mall there there's a natural history museum there -- museum dedicated to African art American Indian history. Culture space expiration. Aviation. Asian art but nothing dedicated to women's history. On the house passed the bill by a vote of 383. A 33 this afternoon. Michelle Bachmann says and some other social conservatives like the family research council. I'd say that they're concerned that people like Susan B. Anthony. Oh no I don't and the of the anti abortion Susan B. Anthony list these abilities of the conservative groups that oppose this. They're concerned that this museum will celebrate people like pro choice leaders like Margaret sinker. Margaret -- establish the first national birth control clinic in America which ultimately led to the creation of via the Planned Parenthood organization. Now to recognize -- somebody played apart in women's history. Doesn't necessarily mean you're celebrating that person. And any museum dealing with women's history would have to include somebody like Margaret -- and and in my opinion. The birth control battle which took place in the sixties late fifties and sixties. We talked about that a lot of she'll and I autistic it's very interesting how. People tend to forget these battles that took place in the past -- there was a time when birth control. Was birth control pills were unconstitutional. And the US Supreme Court ruled in the early sixties in a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional based on a person's basic right to privacy. So you would have to you'd have to say that somebody who set up the first birth control clinic Margaret Sanger played apart in in history. But that doesn't necessarily mean that everything that she did and everything that resulted from what she established. Would be completely celebrated so I've you know once again I find myself disagreeing with Michelle Bachmann but that's kind of a regular thing on the issue was it. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Former Florida governor Charlie Crist -- Charlie Crist to used to be. A Democrat I mean -- used to be Republican is now a Democrat he says one of the main reasons that he left the Republican parties because the Republican Party is too racist. -- that was one of the big reasons he left he said he he found that the party was becoming anti women. Anti minority. Anti gay. Anti education anti environment. So he says he left the Republican Party when the leadership went off a cliff. Now he was asked if he changed parties because he realized that he was gonna lose to now senator Marco Rubio a Republican from Florida. He denied that claim and said that he had a change of of ideology and you know sometimes that happens sometimes -- politicians switch parties and I've governor Charlie Crist former governor Charlie Crist of Florida did -- change parties and now he's he's a Democrat. I remember in the mid nineties it was a just a lot of talk about I think it -- as Richard Shelby who is a senator from. Alabama who was a Democrat and and became a Republican so you know sometimes that happens. Never for a tonight's list of the top eight at eight. In congressman train Doughty said that the Republican candidates. Running for office in the mid term elections. Should not use the new investigation into what happened in Benghazi Libya to raise money for their campaigns. However the National Republican Congressional Committee has already sent out a fund raising email linked to the new investigation. Now representative -- gallery Republican from South Carolina is going to lead this in investigation as you know is an investigation to what happens in -- -- There are many people who still believe this is totally a politically motivated. And -- now the Republicans are focusing on and Ghazi along with their partners at Fox News. Because the attacks of obamacare. Have not worked. Not only that the attacks on obamacare not worked but the dire predictions by the Republican Party concerning obamacare. Has not come true. In the same way in our economy did not collapse when President Obama was reelected in 2012. I'd like to know where all of those people war that this is one of the reasons why partisan politics is so disgusting. Because they're all Collins. All the and predicted. The economy's gonna go to hell if Obama's reelected. The economy hasn't gone to hell and there are all want conservatives a lot of Republican making a lot of money because he economies fine. -- could certainly be better but it's and it did not collapse. And there certainly is a lot of work to be done and I'm not I'm not exactly sure. How much a president has to do with the economy anyway. That has something more to do with a consumer confidence in and whether or not people are confident enough in the future -- to spend money so I don't like I guess to some degree president in steals. Confidence in our nation. And that instills a consumer confidence I don't know where the consumer confidence. Level is right now. But I know that unemployment is down and new jobs have been created and I know I know there are going to be those who say well I don't believe those statistics. Well then why did you use those same statistics. To bash Obama saying that he's doing a terrible job because unemployment is so high. And -- there are no jobs it's the same source the same statistics. So you really can't have it both ways either believe the statistics where you don't. And you can't just dismiss this is the -- at the stats because they don't figure political ideology but yet that is one of the problems that we have in America. People don't want the truth. They don't wanna see what is really going on they only care about. What it's clear political ideology. And Fox News and conservative talk show host a public MSNBC -- on the left no doubt about that. But. I guess. Since Fox News pretends. To be fair and balanced. I guess is important to point out the Fox News in and conservative talk children -- -- and they're not telling the truth. They're finding. The things that you want them to talk about and that they're echoing. Exactly what you want them to say. And that's what attracts your attention and unfortunately there are not enough people in this country who -- after the truth they're simply after. Did did divisive. Discourse and in politics today if you wanna join our show with the comics are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. -- it's -- And -- text number is 87870. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Teenage pregnancy rates. Is down. So is the teen birth rate. And -- teen abortion rate. Why is that. If if Miley Cyrus. And if sitcoms on TV. And if movies. And if social media and if the Internet. Is inspiring young people to have sex like we're like we're told. Then wire teen pregnancies down. If teenagers are so you're responsible why are teen pregnancies down. And the teen birth rate in abortion rates are down. For everyone by the way. Whites blacks. And Hispanics. The teenage pregnancy rate dropped 51%. Between 1990. And 2010 business according to research by the the good -- institute a nonprofit organization that focuses on reproductive health. This was a study of women fifteen to nineteen the teen birth rate declined 44% from a peak in 1991. And eighteen abortion rate. As experience the steepest drop 66%. From its peak in 1988. So if we're. So concerned that so many teens are having abortions why is the teen abortion rate. Dropping. Wire -- see this does not fit the political agenda. Bet a lot of people half. A lot of people have this idea that they they wonder if they wanna find these things. To support their idea. That everything in America is wrong. And -- the media. In an entertainment. And it Miley Cyrus in all of this stuff. Is influencing young America and yet there are signs of positive things in young America. And the declines were seen across racial and ethnic groups 56%. Decrease. Teen pregnancies among white -- 56% among black teenagers. And 51% among. With -- teenagers. The state that had the highest teen pregnancy rate was New Mexico. And the state that had the lowest was New Hampshire Louisiana ranks up there among the top. So. The question is if everything is so bad. And if teenagers need to be given free condoms because say they don't know what to do and can't dissect that I'm not saying that there are still some. Reckless teenagers but and there are some reckless adults. When it comes to sex. But if a teen pregnancy rate is down if the the birth rate and the abortion rate are -- -- How do you explain everything is it is is is wrong. Funny how do you explain. That the media and entertainment and people like Miley Cyrus in the you know all these things are having a negative impact on on young America. Now look don't pretend it's sex is a new thing because it's not. Sex was a big thing when I was a teenager. I was just such a -- that I was in in that any opportunity did. Have sex with anybody. But a -- -- would have had an opportunity -- probably -- Went there was no opera there. But it it's always been around this is not a new thing and yet when I when I hear my generation. The establishment. Talk. It seems as if sexist news. Reckless new practice. Of the new young generation which is absolutely. Insane. Again if you would join -- show with the comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text number is a 77. A Mort your a -- it's your text your interest from opened number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Should movie theaters in Louisiana be allowed to sell beer and alcohol. That's a -- WL party general opinion poll you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com a senate committee has set back this ideas according to the the advocate. Concerning. Concerning serving -- A movie theaters anymore not. State senator JP morale Democrat from the world to sponsor senate bill 654. And it's attempting to clarify what movie theaters can sell five theaters in Louisiana already sell alcohol I know one of them is canal place. Downtowns is a live downtown that's where I usually go see movies at once in awhile I've by going to the suburbs but. For the most pharmacy movies downtown they have -- they have cocktail table full wine list of hated people order. On Martinis people water whatever they want in the full food menu but even in places where restaurants don't we're where hotels. Where movie theaters don't have. Don't have restaurants. -- They should still be allowed to sell -- according to this this bill now there are some who are concerned including. -- it -- Democrat from Shreveport senator Gregg harper. Who has tried to kill the bill. He says you take your family out to a movie and someone can drink so much and act like it not with you family there. Is that a reason to ban. Alcohol for movie theaters that it would you like to be able to via. A -- a movie theater which you like to be able to buy glass a warrant. I mean why not. And they were places around the country that did -- movie theaters dead it's sold alcoholic beverages and -- said -- all all kinds of stuff. So. What's wrong with that. But I remember I used to sneak. Not when I was a teenager mean when it was an adult I used to sneak vodka in small little bottles. Into the movie theater. And -- order like and a 7UP. And then -- with a bike in the 7UP so it looked like I'm just sitting there drinking 7UP but I'm drinking 7UP in vodka. So if you really wanna drink and a movie you can do. What about the people who drink in the parking lot or drink before they get there. Because they wanna have advised with a go to that I'm not suggesting that people should have a -- time. -- It's a -- somebody's responsible with their drinking I don't think there should be a problem with people being able to buy a beer or or alcohol -- whenever. And a movie theater and it's a WL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and a call. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. And it will update you on that -- -- we tracked that to our show tonight. And finally tonight number one on tonight's list of the top eight innings. Gun advocates. Going wild in the Louisiana legislature. That is the title of the -- blog tonight something bullet talk about there's a senate deal that would permit Louisiana legislators to carry guns. Anywhere peace officers can carry guns parades. Polling places and almost all public buildings it is advance stated it now goes to house committees and ultimately gets to the the house. But to Franklin nine reckless immature Brett a lie on Allen no -- I hope I'm pronouncing his name right. -- says that lawmakers should have extended government privileges. But Bradley a lot of with the guns rights across America a disagrees he says by sitting here and saying. They you all are more important. Than the people you represent as hypocritical. Do you think representatives. In our legislature. Should have extended gun rights. Should they be able to carry guns were any peace officer can carry a gun why -- our legislators. Need guns in places where average citizens are not allowed to have guns it seems to me that this is another example. Of an attempt to. Flaunt the Second Amendment as opposed to exercise your right to keep and bear arms for defense and for safety. And there are people who are just so desperate to to flaunted that the Second Amendment that at least at this kind of site. Idiotic legislation. Gonna -- gun advocates gone wild in Louisiana legislature that's the -- like tonight you can read -- in common -- if you like to share with others. It's on our website at WWL dot com if you and join us for the -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Our -- -- -- every Saturday this is the -- Schoen will be right back on Debbie WL -- some fun stuff to talk about on the show tonight's should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol that's -- WW little party -- opinion poll. A 43% say no and 57% say yes you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com. Here is a text that reads. We don't need to have drunks in movie theaters. Well I think it's a linguistic drunk they're gonna get -- whether you can buy beer and a movie theater or not. -- are talking about a bill in the senate that would allow Louisiana legislators to carry guns. In places where any peace officer can carry guns. Now you might ambulatory governor but the legislators would have extended gun rights it is is that a good idea that's the subject to discuss blog tonight you can read it -- coming -- you like it's our web site. It WW dot com should Louisiana lawmakers have extended rights to carry guns if you and -- and I showed -- -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870. -- are talking about the teenage pregnancy rate. It's down. And I know that's not what a lot of people wanna hear. Lot of people wanna think that it's up so they can blame the administration -- they can blame Hollywood sport. This is not good news for many people who would use a high teen pregnancy rate to condemn others. But in reality is in this good news. This is this blue shield and for -- Chris here and -- yeah. -- -- become a little bit everything you're talking about. First -- on the representatives. Being able. While and and public places are public and you know more and more. Something that we're not allowed to do -- -- sent -- you know I think and I mean think about it. I know that buried. The how often do we hear more news. About. And just general politicians -- you know people in. This law is being involved. All the way in the case they'd be you know -- alcoholics or. Foreign and domestic dispute I think that create more. And we you know more about it happening in the world because there in the public it is probably the same. Percentage in the general population -- the and it's still I mean it is irresponsible. And out. To carry weapons quietly. There. Well -- and I think that's a good point Chris because the fact that their legislators. Should make them more responsible than the average citizen. Yeah exactly because I mean we -- -- actually conclude that there. You know your -- -- ominously our. You know I had only hear more about it because they're public -- bit. It duplicate you know percentage usually in the general population. Should probably the same percentage of -- -- You know used to say shall we say and -- why. And Chris since there doesn't seem to be an overwhelming need. There is an overwhelming evidence that legislators need to have guns. Isn't this another opportunity to -- the Second Amendment rather than promote carrying guns for safety and defense. Absolutely absolutely I agree completely. I'll look -- the -- what the teen pregnancy if they walked -- Do you think that that all of that is on them because that's the key thing that made part on the ball in hand is because. Homosexuality becoming more mainstream. And you're you're not seeing kids really -- it -- -- -- -- an end. Heterosexual relationships but also East -- Guy video board get more teens in homosexual relationships. And maybe. Chris I don't glory it's it's. I haven't seen any statistics that indicate that homosexuality. Is more import is more popular. He had the acceptance is is more popular so it's not that there are more homosexuals. It's just that acceptance is becoming more popular. -- not -- and that's the only thing you know it's becoming more popular and it's saying maybe as more people coming out of the closet earlier and like they're not maybe. Chad Elie you know I'm awfully probably in the same age error as you I'm 43 year old. Which you know when you were younger ones that. Don't want an addiction it is and kids were pretending. You know and you know -- -- -- -- -- Because I -- you know completely with what. -- -- -- that you you know decrease. If they really are homosexuals. And that would. I think the numbers than we see we see more homosexuals and and as far as I know the percentage of homosexuals in our society. It has not significantly changed. So I wouldn't change sexual behavior among -- workers are gonna get to break I appreciate your comment thanks listening to WWL a ninety. -- here is attacks from Robbie those who make these scare tactic predictions. Never show their face and admit they were wrong when it doesn't happen instead they make up new ones they meant event. He areas and other text -- to the senator from Shreveport people get slapstick drug before they go to movies. If your -- they would this this is the scoot showed more of your calls -- more of your text. Our next WL gun advocates going wild in the Louisiana legislature this this idea of passing a law that permits. When we get legislators to have extended gun rights where average citizens don't have gun rights I think it's just another classic example. Of an opportunity to flaunt the Second Amendment rather than consider what is really necessary when it comes to gun ownership now I support the Second Amendment. Rights. I'm not -- support people. Trying to find excuses. You have to have an excuse because the Second Amendment allows you have a gun. But if the citizens can't bring a -- certain places why should legislators. Be the exception why why are they special I disagree with -- it's Disco blog tonight at W if you overcome. Here's our WW a pretty general opinion poll should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol. 45% say no 55% say yes give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. And we're also talking about the teen pregnancy rate. It's down. How do you explain that if we have been told that teenagers are solely responsible today. From Hammond Mike -- under -- WL. Pictured. And I wondered country -- court the worse being the legislators. Having an extended on current what is. -- be on them want to end the Second Amendment -- support. That sentiment element because like an official -- it is it's bad enough it's like they can speak on down. There or wait for committee meeting here. But only one carry on -- places they. -- Campbell was trying to get elected official. In that's currently and that's one of the infectious things about being in elected office this sense of entitlement. It bobbled just a cared so I think at all well polls. But are being you know beat the elect professional. And you know -- That we. You know it's it's interesting to me that there there are some people who were so hysterical about gun rights in this country. That if you say. If I say are -- state legislators. Should not have extended gun rights privileged. Then that means your anti. Don writes your your anti Second Amendment which is not the case I'm just I'm not convinced that legislators need to carry guns in places where average citizens can't carry guns. Conduct that are at the end and it should because I'm on it. They are still average that it and the and I think it's not an entitlement. They've put themselves want the -- put themselves above everybody else -- -- -- -- -- -- the Georgia. They want because I wanted to -- themselves but when it there and want to portray themselves as being better you know. You are not not dictate. And second thing report is the alcohol and yeah yeah the belt back. Rather -- out you know I don't should not just a moment ago I just remember that you know -- night. When I was when I was here in the mid nineties. I lived in an inherent hand. And it it seemed like elm -- though the movie theater -- was sold factories. Yeah can you remember that your -- -- in the Gator going up condemns boring. In -- -- which you would think that would not be acceptable does that -- Altered our order or however there's -- -- going up there at that point is selling beer and. And well it's it's it's illegal to sell beer -- so why not sell the movie theater. Right so it up that the person from a tree or were your body and people get drunk for the at least a restaurant sell out all -- you don't hear any people on -- ought to get draw. Egyptian political means like him Obama. Went silent. By -- appreciate the call thanks for listing here's attacks that reads I feel that Miley Cyrus is a bad influence on my children. It is my responsibility to teach my kids better behavior. I have a right to think she's a bad influence just as much as she has a right to behave in poor taste. That's true. I don't think you have a right to blame Miley Cyrus more than anybody has a right to blame sellers. If you kids. I administer our act outing in in in -- in a negative way if your kids. Do something inappropriately I don't think it's fair to blame it on Miley Cyrus and I like the idea that you have the right and the responsibilities apparent to explain. The difference between Miley Cyrus is an entertainer and what is acceptable in your household and with your kids. And I I mentioned that -- talking about the eighteen the teen pregnancy rate being down. If the teen pregnancy rate is down. That really does it fit into the agenda of those who -- Miley Cyrus the entertainment the the liberal agenda of the the administration for. A lack of morals and our our. Our society. Now this is not saying that there's less teen sex. It simply says that teen pregnancies. Teen abortions. Eighteen bursts are all down. Among whites blacks and Hispanics so that's good news. But you can't blame Miley Cyrus. For a responsible behavior fifteens are actually being responsible to some degree. This is the -- -- right back with more of your comments on WWL and organized it is crucial under -- Wednesday nights -- draft coverage the WWL draft fest tomorrow night -- midnight and party united till midnight. Who will the saints electoral Libby any deals we've got all the information and all the information leading up to the big draft test tomorrow. How on our website at WWL dot com here's an update on our -- WL pretty general opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol. We've got to I shift in the majority now 57%. Say no and 43% say yes. Got a text a moment ago from somebody use there's several movie theaters that are can't keep people out who were under Tony want. Well neither do the two restaurants agreed to. There's there's certainly should be enforcement of who buys a -- beverages that movie theater but why -- and it and adults. Be able to get a beer or glass of wine and alcoholic beverage at a movie theater. -- to join -- show with your comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- early -- Texas a 7870. -- are talking about a bill that would allow Louisiana lawmakers to have extended rights to carry guns and here's a text reads. So it's already bad enough we have politicians that abuse the power they currently have. And now they want to give these people guns are you freaking serious. So let's give these -- another privilege. That they're going to abuse and don't deserve in the first place and that's from three. And here is attacks that's is and we now know that screwed isn't. It's -- isn't a Republican. After that tirade about fox and Republican Party. So wait a modest about Fox News and -- honest about the Republican Party so that means automatically and not a Republican. We challenge -- with this. Have you ever been highly critical of the saints. At any point. And you've still been a saints fan. This is this coach show and we'll be back on WWL.