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Scoot Show 5-7 9pm, Drinking in Movie Theaters

May 7, 2014|

should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol? Would that increase you to want to see movies in a theater or make you more likely to stay away for fear of people getting drunk while watching a movie? The teenage pregnancy rate is down, so are the teen birth and abortion rates…so what does that tell us?

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Welcome back -- showing this Wednesday night -- tomorrow night and Friday nights we've got the WW LN FL draft fest going on until midnight. And we'll have all day build the latest information effective you don't have the -- WL app on your phone download on your phones so you could listen to the address fest. A tomorrow night Friday night to where ever you more or via your phone you can attitude into exactly what's going on. The saints have always done really well both for the most part distinctive done well in modern times they've done well. With that -- draft choices for the most part and I would think that this is going to be another good year for the saints and I would love for the immediately get to deal Beckham but I'm not sure that's gonna I'm not sure that's gonna happen I Jefferson Parish president John Young. Is gonna be roasted as the first ringside roast. Tomorrow night this is a benefit for WL EE TV. And it's spud McConnell. Charlotte -- off the look -- parish president. A former Jefferson Parish assessor larger party as longtime friend Steve showcase will be posting. Will be roasting. John Young infect. I was asked to join the that the roasting panels if you -- really good stuff about John Young that I can use tomorrow night. You wanna send me an email. Sent it to scoot. WW -- dot com many really good juicy information John Young ballot for a fight it tomorrow night. It was an update on -- W do a pretty general opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol. 56%. Saying no. And 44% say yes -- your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com should Louisiana lawmakers have extended rights to carry guns. The scope blog tonight is gun advocates going wild in the Louisiana legislature that's our and scoop on tonight's on our website at WW dot com -- of talking about it. Seems to me that one of the problems that some gun rights advocates have is that their motive to carry guns is more about flaunting the Second Amendment. Dignity is about safety. And a senate bill Louisiana legislature that would -- -- legislators to carry guns anywhere peace officers carry guns including parades polling places. And most public buildings. This has set as advanced. But it seems to me that this is not something that is grounded in safety it's more grounded in -- we're legislators we should be able to carry guns. Anywhere we want. Well. Why would a legislator the be more in need of carrying a gun than than an average citizen -- -- I don't understand mission. I support the Second Amendment I support gun rights I think those who. -- strict gun control laws thinking that that's going to cut back on crime I think that's ridiculous. So. I'm I'm in the middle of this this debate as as a lot of people are not at salute in either direction. But if you're not absolutely. In favor of people carrying guns everywhere and there are those who think you. Don't support the Second Amendment which is absolutely. -- We're also talking about the teen birth rate. And at the team -- that the teen birth rate step but teen pregnancies are down. Down significantly. And I'm getting some tax wolf that's because abortion rates -- -- well first of all the abortion rates. Wouldn't have anything to do with the teen pregnancy rate what it. Because she could be pregnant if you got an abortion you'd -- still would have ended a pregnant. Via abortion rate would only have an impact on the teen birth rate. But according to the new information that is that come out this is new research from -- good -- institute which is non profit organization. Focused on reproductive health. I'd -- teen pregnancy rate has dropped 51%. Between 1990. And 2010. And this is a study of women fifteen to nineteen. The teen birth rate also declined 44% from its peak in 1991. And the teen abortion rate. Experienced the steepest drop 66%. From its peak in 1988. Now I know this is not what a lot of people wanna hear. Because a lot of people want to hear that the teen birth rate is up and teen pregnancies are up in that they they really wanna hear that the teen abortion rate is up which is why we need to shut down all the abortion clinics. I know people want to hear that but that's not what the statistics show. And these declines in their teen pregnancy and births and abortions. These declines were seen across racial -- and an ethnic groups. 56%. A decrease among white teenagers. 56% among black teens. And 51%. Among Latino teens. So this is this is good news. It doesn't mean that teenagers aren't still having sex but that's nothing new aside I mentioned that the beginning of the show. You know there's there's a generation of adults now did and it that are making its initiative. Miley Cyrus and and and teenagers are having sex in this is something new for teen generation know this was something that was going on when I was a teenager as well. And as I mentioned I was too dirty to have been involved in any event that activity but I guess have the opportunity would come up I was a normal person I've I've mine might have. Well actually there were a couple of times -- I do remember. Actually -- was scared there there were a couple of times when I did have. An invitation and I was so. So. Shied I was sexy but kind of scared in an instant know. But I'm not trying to make myself to be any kind of a wonderful person. I just was involved in that activity but they were teens around me who were involved in -- in the activity. So teams are still having sex but again that's that's really nothing new if you wanna join our -- comment about anything we're talking about tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. Nines here which seventy and a text number is 878 Stephanie. Here's a Texan -- extended gun rights for legislators is just ludicrous. It's another example of the pigs in the farm house. Attempting to. I take over control of the rest of us. I hear is attacks that Reid said the old elm wood movie theater used to -- served act which I do remember that and -- I had forgotten that but in the mid nineties. Governors are behind seven. I live in her hand that was for close to the elm wood to cinemas and I do remember that -- They -- directories but if you if you were drinking them in a movie I mean am I the only person who admit. To sneaking alcohol into movie theater. When John -- studio producer just raised his hand. Well I used to get the little bottles of vodka I mean as an adult and as a teenager -- -- the little bottles of a vodka put a couple of those in my pocket. In order road 7UP. And people thought that a restricting seven opera stricken pocket 7UP. But I would very discreetly you know for cautiously. Discreetly toward and a in the company -- you know if somebody wants to do that -- they're gonna do that but. Why why. Why would you be opposed to movie theaters. Selling alcohol. A canal place they sell alcoholic at the kind of full wind listed a full menu and cocktails and beer in -- everything. But why would this be such and such a bad thing. They -- movie theaters -- around the country. They have kind of or a restaurant. -- living room kind of environment and they still alcohol and as far as I know older. There -- there's no increase of problems at those movie theaters. And compared to other movie theaters. And we have things that happened in movie theaters right now and there's no alcohol sold me this is your concern. That people are gonna get drunk and movie. And that's going to be. A terrible people get -- in movies that's not a good thing but he's is that gonna. Second ruin the experience is is that the reason that he would be opposed to serving -- Korean movie theaters. I think they're all really comes down to responsibility. It's not about availability because if you want something that's it if you want something you will make it available. So it shouldn't be about the availability it really is more about. Responsibility. And I got a text a little while ago from someone who says it will -- people under 21 can going to movie theaters. While nobody -- when he -- should be sold a drink in the same way that nobody 121 should be sold to drink. Anywhere. But I just don't know why a movie theaters have been. Have been excluded from from selling alcohol on here is a text about the legislators. Carrying weapons. In places where average citizens -- to what makes my job less dangerous than a lawmaker. Here is a text. Pregnancy however is not the only measure of being responsible or that certainly is true. You know it is because the the teen pregnancy rate is down. It it could mean that more teens are being responsible when it comes to birth control. But isn't that a good thing. If they're gonna have sex anyway. Wouldn't you rather. Teenagers be responsible. And -- the teen pregnancy rate. If the teen abortion rate. In at the teen birth rate if all of those are -- significantly. Across racial and ethnic lines. Isn't that a good thing. If you rejoice with the comic tonight's our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866. 8890 X seventy at a -- -- is a 7878. Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com our poll continues to change it will give you an update on that when we come back for more of the -- show. Under the WL the other night on the show. A gentleman name. Mister Kirby call the show. He's in 92 year old World War II vet and he was talking about the American flag in fact it was Monday Cinco De -- And I was talking about. The people wearing the American flag on -- demy you know as a way. Sending a message to Hispanic Americans and mr. Kirby yeah like many Americans especially World War II vets. I'm very much against the use of the American flag for anything other than saluting against American flag underwear or whatever. In the course of our conversation I asked him if he'd been to the World War II museum he said that he. They had only been once and would like to go back again. And that really started our conversation to get mr. Kirby back to their World War II museum and mr. -- now joins us on WW LMR Kirby welcome to our show tonight. -- Now we're trying to work this out for Monday is is second workout for you Monday middle of the day. I have no idea where it will make it work -- Okay well what I'm gonna do is I'll I'll call you tomorrow I'll I'll have a time for you but. There's so there's a company in fact they don't want their name mentioned they don't want any any publicity they're doing is just because that they want to put -- There's an ambulance company that wants to have to come pick you up and two they've got to. They've got a driver -- a -- -- and that he would be honored to pick you up. And the world were to receive is gonna have to pass is for you in a tour guide in and and I'll be there will will will go through it. Would could burn a wheelchair. Or. They've got some banks that -- war don't know I don't have a wheelchair euphoria. -- Chicago woman is true and this and that. I came. Wanted to win -- you affairs. -- we'll take care of that so it's hard for me I need to wheelchairs it -- of a veto. They consolation. -- orders in the -- Well I'm I'm sure they'll I won't I'll make sure I talked to him I'll make sure that they have that waiting area. My right they expect any move in until -- movies but he has. All right so. I'll make sure that they have a wheelchair. Just feel secure unions -- big. There are no one was was so you -- -- -- -- -- to put. And this just triple -- Yes our home I'll make sure there's a immature that they had there but I'm looking forward to meeting you -- I'm I'm gonna go through with the museum with you as well -- -- -- within the tour guide has to say. When. I tell -- us sitting here alone and bottomless. Available news. And so bit negative sank in the that the current. Well on and I'm sorry it breaks my heart -- your -- and I know that there are a lot of people. Like yourself for a loan and it's it's really sad particularly if you have. Families who could be doing more for you. When I drove about live this then what you know. All -- operatives. Where you can hell hole. Old frail older people it is we -- sure well go around -- There's no but I emotional health but those. Alive you know if you go and do. And -- excellent list. And the third generation. A 165. Years. While. Well you are to be admired and I appreciate you calling the show the other night and we're gonna get you to the World War II museum. On Monday. Yeah. We have warrantless. I don't wish to help curb what they have good. You -- and ran indicates they have and I didn't enjoy myself at all but it. -- situation was. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- is is gonna is gonna be. It's going to be an honor for me to see that museum. Through your -- I would love my dad's passed to where I would love to be -- take my dad through the museum and passing it through his -- so. One where. Afforded. People from the Marines call for. You would takeovers and -- in future Stan. Oh yeah now we're gonna bush they're gonna be people with you and I gonna provide their own guide with it I've never gone through with the guys so I'm gonna learn some things says I didn't know who's having gone to -- a couple of times myself. And then they have a movement two that the integrity -- Here or you haven't seen that beyond all boundaries and well you know to see. Ten -- and it was an act of violence some variety. Got a picture of Croat and whoever the owner of pontoon boat but I've never. And that's what you know that's what did he -- But. I got a law is clear from the symbol of division. Like I mentioned -- it would take the texture. Because. Those doors that nobody can and take it through this again it goes -- him instead of. And mr. Kirby had just got a text from the guy who's with a company that's gonna gonna pick you up and they said they will have a wheelchair they will make sure that they have the kind of wheelchair you need to -- sure the museum has it. As that is well so a look at tortured if you've never seen the movie. You're you're gonna love the movie it's it's sensational. And it. Appreciate it and won't go with I can't do anything there. I think came. And you know what he's saying goes you're Grotrian. And I got somebody yes have been go to -- but it. Change in name and my. I was a -- if you would like to if you'd like to make out a small grocery list on Monday I'll I'll pick up a couple of things and make sure that they go back with few. When they take you back home. I YouTube bathrooms and hit a little. In them are about tonight you can answer. Incarceration. They say oh there's sell it cheaper. When you to see if there's a couple of element of -- talk to you on the talk to you tomorrow. And what she knows the exact time and then I'll talk to get over the weekend. Cannot talk to you Monday morning and -- -- get a small grocery list from me Monday if there's some items that you want me to get it to send back with you since we're gonna reality and you can be sent home with a couple things that'll. Make you happy. I guess it's semi come Brian mission. -- tested and true who have from the church. It's nice and appreciate what an aid to warden justifiable. But -- I -- I will. Who was the teacher that on on Monday I wish I could do more in the meantime but it looks like Mondays are going to be what it works out the -- give you -- to look forward to assume you think about that over the weekend. If I know now what. They wanted to do. All we're thinking about I'm thinking around the middle of the day so maybe we'll pick up around 11 o'clock and I'll I'll confirm that with you tomorrow -- around 11 o'clock. You know me because I have patience caution telephone current ticket through over the. Sure -- our will let the phone ring is says. -- -- -- -- wrong in this town about kids. All about. Fifty it is 101012. Feet away from the ball. -- mr. Kirby were gonna talk to you tomorrow and get over the weekend and it'll be about 11 o'clock on Monday. And I'll give you all the details in your going to the World War II museum on Monday. -- -- great if you have a nice you know nice evening. What have you yes. I handled well that won't. To display ads from Iowa. In nineteen Angola and it usually was bruised and as the auxiliary. If you want over the issue of it and it broke wage ordinance you. And it. The black and it was black and just laughter and knocked over. It's a book it's somebody in that needs to look is it to book -- -- team war on. I had the black. Drew more. Google book is used to insert. And that probably one of but the scale. And all over -- -- And you know hours and everything is in the book. You know seek him much in the music one -- And that ultimately is to put together wouldn't want -- awhile. And we. -- -- thing. I would that it wasn't. Wearing a lot of money. And then Warren and the two. And then over the and nobody can argue that because you know Hillary is known -- Gold remember. -- You know book about it if you look at -- and -- to look this has to be open market if you please. Did take it or three days ago wanted to give it to them and then a table. It is important win the war record. This. Mr. -- does -- we can leave work we work. You'd you'd just can't believe we've got some work to do when users. What we can that we could talk about Dennis will part of -- it pleased him. Have a place for -- -- And it becomes in -- but he is being honored tomorrow wanna. And people understood him dangerous yet to educational. Through. We have returned to me cumulative. -- -- -- -- You you bring it and argument domestic -- -- news -- And because I can be sure we'll we'll we'll we'll we'll pick it up when you're -- Nugent an incentive to it now. Because it is being comparing. Me and my like Annika. Walker my. And then. Take it where people could what is -- will will. To get that out to -- thank you again for calling the show the first time on Monday. And mr. Kirby also want to thank you for what you and your generation did for our country. Yeah. One and lived there alone. And you can't say I'm in my third generation. -- and -- -- Pat Buchanan race. But you know we need people like Q -- you know. My generation and younger generations we need we need people like you we need to be reminded of what you're generations stood for. -- all this corner gas. Our goal line and don't feel. When you and I go Monaco. And my brother. But -- You have to be -- mobile. And he's on what that has -- but -- problem Monica I got a big problem in this. When they show orders you know. From the operations. And communicate -- has been in my hands out and ago. Are we we're gonna take care we're gonna take care of all debts. I have a little walker. This thing you'd have to do is say. Yeah and they won't scale plant that -- do better now. Can be currently -- we go to you know. I see you on all these you need dead in and still have whatever they'll have whatever you need so. I can bring Mike are occurring you know walker a ten under way in displayed as vocal or. Sure that would make you feel good then let's let's do that or College Hockey tomorrow but plan on Monday around eleven of some pitching to sell -- you know. And I'm gonna invite people to join us at at the museum because and I'm getting text from people write down that. Say thanks thanks to mr. Kirby and mr. Kirby rocks and you know if you've become a popular figure on the show since -- since Monday night and I'm gonna keep everybody. In touch with with what we're gonna go in case somebody wants to. Enjoy this experience -- you on Monday. So much situation. I know both -- -- like to know what -- feature -- -- -- let's say you know listen. I come -- fish bowl millions people who bought. -- a bill. And I don't know good education in particular approach it and actually of their divisions in memory and then that. -- -- good you know. And who knows. -- my they'll Google yes. I'll -- do we need you. You hang in there mr. -- you have a great weekend I just think about this and think about the big outing Monday we're gonna take it to the World War II museum. Yes she. Thank you -- -- incapacitated. And I'll be talking to you tomorrow yes. Thank you very much all right mr. Kirby of the -- and our commitment I think you're welcome everybody. You're welcome. I'm just getting some amazing text and this is just an interesting moment minister called Monday night. Wanted to give his opinion on the American flag is something that should only be saluted. Any really touched he really touched a lot of people and it. When he when he said he hadn't into the museum only once in and wanted to go back -- -- -- we've we've got to get the sky -- to the museum. And I think all of you who wanted to help and I think the company that doesn't want their name mentioned and nets. Truly the sign of somebody who's trying to do something. Out of the goodness of their heart because I know there's something in the Bible somewhere about it and you know and not not bragging about the good things that you do. You get more credit if you don't brag about the good things that you do this covered this will be to mention their name. But they're gonna pick this guy happening and it's and it's an ambulance company in a picky enough to could be well taken care of military comfortable ride from his his home. To the World War II museum and a very comfortable ride back and Alaska for a small grocery list -- -- picking up a couple things that. -- will make you happy when he when he gets back home and I'll let you know. Exactly what time reduce -- planning on around well we pick him up around eleven will probably be at the World War II museum around noon. Seoul on Monday so you might wanna think about that and I will keep you in touch with what's going on on my FaceBook page which is scoot. On the air scoot on the year. And also send out cement tweets on my Twitter account which is act -- WW real -- also have information on our website WW real dot com. And for those of you who can't be there I'll make sure take pictures and -- tomorrow night and party night they'll be the W Google trespassed on till midnight so we wanted to -- show tomorrow night. And partners -- will be in touch with you two by yeah. -- -- web address. Which is -- had gotten up web address on my FaceBook page -- on the air and also you can communicate meet with me through my email address. Which is scoot aunt -- WL so. I'm I'm excited it makes me it makes me feel good that disguised Gannett. -- a -- the World War II museum again it's going to be great for me I -- -- I would've loved to have seen that museum with my dad who was really young what were were too broke out but after the war broke out he. Immediately it is listed. And he was just so proud of is at military service today in the navy. And I would like to see it through his eyes but I -- I can't because he's passed away. But it's going to be great experience to see it through and somebody's eyes who's been Ayers somebody who could totally relate to everything firsthand. But he's gonna see there. I want to thank the or two museum for calling me and hearing about this and offering the passes in a tour guide for from a security. But again if you -- follow this -- FaceBook pages astute on the year. This is the -- show and we'll be right back WLMR Kirby touch me the other night when he called our show. And that's it I'm really not doing anything I'm just. Providing this opportunity but so many people have come forward to make this really possible again I want to thank the company that wants to -- to pick him up and bring him back -- also the World War II museum and everybody -- is is so great for offering the passes and somebody to take -- around I'm getting a number of text. Saying that they wanna be part of it they wanna meet this guy. Here's a text -- please remind everyone that we still have thousands left steel. But the numbers are dwindling -- there are many mr. Kirby sell out there are reach out and god bless. And two here is another text about two I I wanna be there. It's it's I don't have a show tomorrow night or Friday night because of the W appealed for a fast. Arbiter who have posted on my FaceBook page which is scoot. On the year. And also I'll send out tweets at scoot -- WL and also I have an owner bevy of your website -- -- if you will buy dot com. But I'm planning on being around. Just being around noon. At the the museum -- what two museum on Monday if we pick him up around eleven. And again this might change depending on the company that's gonna pick him up but I I will certainly let you know what I wanna stay in touch with you on this and if you do have an opportunity to go I know this guy who is alone. I know he would appreciate anybody who would be experienced in going through the museum. Again. And I've got a text I've got a couple of text from people who have said that. This guy represented generation. Michael never see again. And it's true and there's so many things about the World War II museum that remind us of exactly what kind of generation that one sort or still list. And I've I've talked about this before but I'm very very passionate about it the part of the museum. That had the biggest impact on me. Was the part of the museum that has the signs. And the posters. From that era -- after the war broke out signs that. They gave an indication. Of how much America's sacrificed. How much America was willing to do. For our soldiers. And while we support our soldiers today in every endeavor. The sacrifices that this country made. Was unheard. Women took the -- of men in an even manufacturing jobs at a time when women were not part of the workforce like they are today. Blacks became part of the workforce in a way that they weren't part of the workforce before and I mentioned this this is the most astonishing thing to me several years before. The Japanese attacked us and and we declared war and got involved in in World War II in 1940 wants several years before that. Our military rank nineteenth in the world. The Romanian military was more powerful than the US military. Think about how much we did how much we pulled together as a nation. To make this. Incredible military. It led to two victory. And lead to peace. I mean ultimately mean we know that peace is something that unfortunately doesn't last forever. But we've put together a military as a nation I mean this was such a tribute to America. And I'd like to think that we would do that again but I have to be honest with you -- I'm not so sure we will it. I'm not so sure that we would sacrifice and come together as one. The way we did. When World War II broke out in in 1941. And so if if we admit that maybe we wouldn't do that today that maybe we can work on trying to become that kind of patient again. And maybe it's people like mr. -- Who can can help us remember what it's like to sacrifice. What it's like to cut I remember some of that of the posters the World War II museum in the signs were about. I don't waste food -- for the troops. I can't imagine an effort like that today. But if you haven't been to the World War -- museum it's it's it's phenomenal and even if you can't totally relate to that that heiress even if you're younger it's -- really quite inspiring. And I'm -- -- look forward to seeing this with with him and he he said he's never seen -- the movie. Beyond all boundaries and borders and boundaries beyond our borders. And about again. Buried by Tom Hanks it's just phenomenal can wait for him to see that for the very first time. We're also talking tonight about the teen pregnancy rate it is down. So is the teen abortion rates and the teen birth rate. We're talking about whether or not Louisiana lawmakers. Should have extended gun rights to carry guns where average citizens can't carry guns do you think they deserve the right to carry guns. In places that you and I can't carry -- If you and join our show tonight our numbers 2601870. Told 38668890. Weights every text is he 7870. I'm scoot it will be right back on WWL should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer now called SR WW a pretty general opinion poll here's a quick update 59% say no and 41% say yes what's your opinion. I'd go to our website WW real dot com and tell us what you think -- patient report just a minute. Here's attacks that their reason I lost my -- on Easter Sunday and he was sick in World War II. I would love to meet mr. Kirby and tell him about my dad. What time is he going to the museum again I think it's going to be somewhere around noon on Monday developed to a net from New Orleans George welcome to dispute she'll. Thanks to a complete surgical refers to call you back. -- -- -- almost certain situation. Are more -- object inching away from Jerusalem but would be at the root of the problem -- Especially -- to do that to Kyle would be scope but it has to go to actual Monday. When George when you send me an email and today could you make -- Monday around noon. All right -- send me an email to the firmness now make sure that I tried to Chicago passes. Sure my email address is scoot. And WW dot com. Because George you know I've I've quite often talked about now Vietnam vets were. We know how mistreated they were we learned a lot from that you did what you were asked to do. And this country did not appreciate you in the way that we support the troops now even if people don't support the war. -- -- -- So I join ala on the policy on Monday I mean I can't do for everybody members try to do for a a couple of people so I just was sent me an email -- at WW real dot com. All of the all right here's a text that read so I take back all the bad things I thought about you -- no kidding did you know you can take back -- things just thought about it because all those things is still true but sometimes we should be able to put our opinions aside. And just talk about doing the right thing. We'll be right back.