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May 7, 2014|

Republican Congressman Trey Gowdy said that Republicans candidates should not use the new investigation into what happened in Benghazi to raise money for their campaigns…but the National Republican Congressional Committee already sent out fundraising email’s linked to the new investigation. Do you think its okay for them to use this to raise funds or not? The teenage pregnancy rate is down, so are the teen birth and abortion rates…so what does that tell us?

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-- thank god Bob Mitchell for doing -- the show last night and I Judy Garland show yesterday suited to have a show last night. And it was homeless and a watch this movie. It's called the children's war and I'd never seen him before. It was a movie that starred. Two really big time female actresses and -- and a big time male actor. It was called the children's hour and it was about. A teacher. Getting -- a student. And to get revenge the student claimed. That she saw the teacher and another teacher both females. In a lesbian encounter. And it was not true. But as it turned out one of the women said I know that wasn't true but I've been thinking about you in that way. I've been thinking about. Being in love with you in that way. And she was crying and an upset in because she couldn't be with a woman she ended up. Killing yourself committing suicide. This movie was from 1961. Black and white Audrey Hepburn Shirley MacLaine and -- James Garner. So I thought it was really interesting at a movie dealt with that subject. In 1961. Here's -- WW a pretty -- opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol there's a bill that would allow that to happen. A 59% say no and 41% say yes. You can give your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com also tonight we're talking about something that I know a lot of people don't wanna hear this. The teenage pregnancy rate is down. And I -- text immediately saying well it's because the abortion rate is up. Now the -- abortion rate is down to. And so -- the teen birth rate. This is information that tip came from new research from the good blocker institute a nonprofit organization. Focused on reproductive health. And I know that there are a lot of people who would like. I mean I hate to say this but it's true for their own political reasons and to advance their own political ideology about. About lack of acceptance of Christian values or whatever the administration or whatever. They would they would like to say that the teen birth rate is up in the abortion rate is up all these things erupt. And it's all the administration's fault it's all. Because of the political climate today it's all because of Miley Cyrus it's all because of all these outside influences. But if you we used that to to explain why that teen birth rate in abortion rate erupt. And what you explanation for the teen birth rate declining 44%. From its peak in 1991 this is women fifteen to nineteen. The teen abortion rate. Dropped 66%. From a peak in 1988. And these declines were across racial and ethnic group lines a 56% among white -- 56% among black teams. And 51% among Latino teens. Now this doesn't mean -- fewer teens are having sex. But it simply means that obviously those who were having sex. Are being more responsible. Soul. How do you explain that does that not fit into a political agenda. If you wanna join -- -- with your comic tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 and a text numbers -- of the 87 Brian -- on the -- show good evening. Basically it well -- alternative. Point of view on teen pregnancy. Probably on. On game and I talked to a lot of younger did some it earlier at twelve years old so public about wanting. What are you ready to them. We're just everyday stuff you know like you know -- -- schools now would be a lot. Of that nature. And the funny but. I'll try and -- the past three they have no interest and he will be younger kids. They eight point like him no -- In days. Or even pursuant courtship book beaten growing and some cases -- they wanna do -- focus on their hobbies. There -- big game. Congo game. So were you when you say. Gaming you're you're playing video games with them. Right. Like become massively multiplayer online game. And what's shocking is you know that don't come out -- that people no interest in dating you know feel like at a disadvantage. I'll -- -- two PP you know I -- and business pages -- have blocked well interest then it's fascinating. But the focus really a premium this state and it ended up scenic grow and grow on me it's creepy comedy young guys. Our statement that a they have no interest than any of it is that priority. You know all the focus on McDowell -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on court hobbies gaming. Brian yeah I'm not saying there's anything inappropriate about it but as soon as you talk about to served as an older man and talking to it to twelve year old guys on on line on the Internet. People are gonna think that that's that's inappropriate everything's there everything's appropriate. I mean I don't I don't. We talked on the -- wearing -- -- of -- community regain my everybody's joint conducted an activity Tuesday no hold you. Every now that people look at him in the guy's guilty like it -- not. So what brings you together is the game itself. I'd rating on the different stuff he can do -- -- -- -- community. But obviously get to a conversation about -- Do it on chat program -- some other kids will be talking about it and bald guy and -- Some problem some of the guys in the deal that married nick had become acute albeit -- -- up. And universal rooted partly. You don't see any inappropriate -- going on with anybody in the east -- Not -- not a model -- message does it -- people want some some people have their own kids in the jail him. And -- -- -- Fonda this minute. Period it's a growing trend and an emblem on air airing these kids. Great golf like that and well you know and they just moving portrait summaries and maybe HBO and it's not worth it. Brian I appreciate the call thanks for listening yet you have by teenagers. And you have noticed that they're not interested in dating or they're blessed restated. On activities that other teenagers have been interested in I'd I'd love to hear from you. Here's a text that -- -- you say it's true. But can you prove it that the majority of people. One teen pregnancies. To be opting instead of down or not I can't prove that and I didn't say a majority. Of people beat -- -- be careful when you listen. I don't. Don't putting words that you think I say because it's convenient for a year of your agenda. -- it was that there were a lot of people. On who like negative things to happen in society. Because right now they want everything to be banned. To blame it on the administration. Or to blame it on a politics today to blame it on society today. Because it again they don't want things to be -- it -- they -- There are people who on who honestly don't want anything to be good right now even if it would be good for America. Because it doesn't fit their agenda. That is of this a lot of that that goes on politics if you enjoy pressure with your comment tonight numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688907. And a text number. Is -- 7870. It's more of your text here in just a moment I'll remind you that. -- every have you project opinion poll is issued movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol this new bill that would allow theaters to sell -- is that is that a problem should. Should adults be able to buy a beer or wine or an alcoholic beverage in the movie theater while they're watching a movie. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com this is dispute show and will be. Right back WL should movie theaters in Louisiana be allowed to sell beer and alcohol that's -- WWL party general opinion poll on the school -- night. And here's an update it's a close poll 54%. Say no. At 46% say yes there's a bill that would make it possible for movie theaters all across the state to serve -- now according to the bill as far as I know. That they couldn't sell the beer at the same place to sell the popcorn candy there would be a different place divide the -- But it's like news there's that restriction on who could -- the -- I don't think there's anything wrong with selling an alcoholic beverage of the movie theater some theaters and do it I know it is the only cinemas it did years ago we sold directories. And where I'd I'd go to most of the movies I go to some observers for most of movies I go to avert a canal place and they've got a full warrant listed cocktails people ordering. Cosmopolitan. Or whatever they want to go to a full menu. Also we edit I've. I've -- just a moment ago. Are called -- a moment ago from -- said that it teens don't date here's a response to that I'm a teenager sixteen. I haven't heard about any trend of not dating it's the same old same old of the girls being too picky or crazier when ever. And they didn't work out as a couple ha ha if any thing I've noticed a lot of teens dating walk for longer periods like a year or so. I'm sure they're the classic people using each other for sex but that's the other thing. Like you said they're practicing smarter personally I don't agree with premarital sex. And here is. Text that reads -- people in my class -- a all I don't wanna date but they quickly changed their mind to win a hot girl shows interest in them. They say so. Because they don't wanna get hurt like all I don't want to anyway. That's. Its interest. And I can see that is a great defense mechanism you know you saline yeah I don't wanna date if your behavior on dating somebody. Because of right person doesn't realize what you and he just simply say -- on I -- date. I guess that's away -- of not being hurt. You know I I think at that age first of all especially at that age but really all through life you know women are smarter than he -- so many -- And especially. In eighteen years. Women can and I was manipulative if you girlfriend's an idea at that time that they've manipulated me like crazy a laid back but then I'm ashamed of myself so. There are a lot of young teens females who have the ability to manipulate the guys -- especially that I just think that they're generally smaller. It's time for the WWL draft fast we've got comprehensive coverage of the saints at the NFL draft it starts tomorrow afternoon. At 4 o'clock with our exclusive saints' draft preview. Hosted by Jim Henderson the voice of the saints. And states color analyst -- guy Jacques W -- of the saints' headquarters was special guests like head coach Sean Payton. Executive VP general manager Mickey Loomis offensive coordinator -- Pete Carmichael defensive coordinator rob bright and the list goes on and on we'll go deep into the saints' draft. Now on flagship station here to be revealed tomorrow that starts at 4 o'clock then the WWO draft this begins in the French Quarter with Bobby -- hokey guys John. And if they'll draft analyst Mike to Chile and Deke Bellavia also joined by -- sideline reporter Christian -- and T about maybe they're going to be live. David and and big daddy Steve -- they're going to be line who -- -- six to midnight Oceanic real. In the French Quarter quarter of con tie and Bergen for brown warned of the WW ultra Fastenal continues Friday with round two. At rocket fire pizza on veterans highway you can join apply for fort till midnight. And then a final rounds of the NFL draft Saturday at twin peaks restaurant frankly if you voluntary that's a fun place. From 11 AM until 6 PM who'd had nation mark your calendar now the -- you -- draft fest begins tomorrow wall to wall coverage of the saints. And the NFL draft and -- it's always interesting to see who are. Big rivals are going to be selecting like the falcons for example who were they gonna pick because we ultimately have to play them. So what happens tomorrow Friday and Saturday may eighth ninth and tenth brought you by ripper -- disposal. The Louisiana lottery corporation -- old and new -- Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans and flagship station here in New Orleans Saints WWL. And tomorrow morning Tommy Tucker will apart and also be talking about draft day in. The saints in the NFL. Who would you want the saints depicted -- first round I'd like -- -- deal Beckham and I don't know that that's gonna happen because they have to do some maneuvering but there may be a lot of stuff going on tomorrow. And tell we will talk about this that you could share your thoughts with -- tomorrow morning also Tony we'll talk about the Louisiana legislature considering to raise the retirement age. A new stadium please. From sixty to 62. Do you think you'd be able to retire anywhere at the age of 62. And if you could. Would you even want to. All of that a more tomorrow morning with the Tommy Tucker WWL first news here for six to ten. -- to -- WL a we've been talking tonight about the teen pregnancy rate going down now the teen pregnancy was up. I would I would be getting calls from people to see I told you it's it's a lack of Christian values it's it's that the liberal administration. I I know we've been hearing all of those things. But yet there's no real explanation for. A drop. In teen pregnancy rate. And initially people -- well the teen pregnancy rate is down because abortions are. Well tactically. The abortion rate wouldn't have anything to do with the teen pregnancy rate revealing -- something to do with the teen birth rate. Which is also -- I've got a couple of text from people who suggested that it's it's the morning after pill. Well that's a good thing -- -- it. Because the morning after pill contrary to what many people. Have leads you to believe. The morning after pill does not cause an abortion. It's -- fertilization. That's what I've read. About the morning after pills so it's not. It's not an abortion -- that's part of the hysteria. Of the pro life groups that want them. Created hysterical. Debate about all that. But the teen pregnancy rate is down birth weight is down and the teen abortion rate is down. So maybe Miley Cyrus and maybe pop culture entertainment and may -- politics today he really can't be blamed for. For an increase in. Reckless teen behavior now again this doesn't mean fewer teens are having sex. But if they're gonna have sex. Is -- a positive thing. That there are fewer teen pregnancies. -- And abortions. If you enjoy an issue with your comment on numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. A text numbers 87870. I hear is attacks says that Reid says -- that's not only good news buddy's great news. Here's a text a student -- you know join you tonight sold jet is playing at the tap room in Covington Saturday may 24. And today you've got to get to our show guest of honor this is ban on the nor sure a soldier please him. Well a lot of the bumper music that we play going in another breaks they're a cover band but they play a lot of the newer stuff like. Unpaid buying steel. -- dragons -- play a lot of the newer stuff and I would love to see themselves maybe you can make that guys thanks for room thanks to stay in touch with -- The problem with some gun rights advocates. Is there Modi to carry guns is more about flaunting their Second Amendment right. Than it is about safety. There's a senate -- Louisiana legislature that would permit. Legislators to carry guns anywhere peace officers carry guns including parades. Polling places. And most public buildings that deal has advanced. Procrastinator Brett. A line. Says that lawmakers should have extended gun privileges. However Brady a lot of with gun rights across America says. By sitting here and saying that you all are more important than the people you've represented. Is hypocrisy. Since there doesn't seem to be a legitimate reason for legislators to carry guns in places where citizens. Are prohibited from carrying -- The only conclusion I can come to is that this senate deal is another desperate attempt to flaunt. God's. And to -- the Second Amendment. Rather than. Use the rights under the Second Amendment to protect yourself and defend yourself. That's the intent of the Second Amendment not to want -- But again this feeds into all of this hysteria. About the gun debate. Legislators are citizens. From businesses that from neighborhoods across the state and I don't know of any evidence. That indicates that legislators. Face specific threats that you and I don't face on a daily basis. So let's call it like it is a law permitting legislators to carry guns in places that average citizens cannot carry guns is another example of gun rights advocates. On wild. At least in the legislature. Now the battle on both sides of the gun rights issue in America. Has become hysterical. One site promotes the ridiculous idea that if guns were illegal and if we banned guns they would be less crime. That's absurd. The other side argues that if everyone was all armed discussion would be a safer place both sides are absolutely wrong. Rather than supporting a deal that would extend gun rights for legislators. Wouldn't it be more rational and logical. To support conscientious gun ownership. There have been too many incidents in the news recently that if proof that not everybody should don't ago. And yet. There aren't those gun rights advocates who honestly believe the more guns in society is a simple answer. To less crime in America. From my position is a radio talk show host I. I realize that promoting gun rights or stricter gun control law issue being the extreme. On either side of that debate. That's easy way to get people excited. But that's the mentality of a lot of radio talk show -- across the country just get people excited to be -- extremists. In the same way there should be logical and rational. Talked about guns in America. But that logical and rational approach. Isn't something that you often hear on talk radio. It's easy to support. And promote divisive sides of the debate. It takes more effort. On the part of those listening -- to and talk show host to try to understand the logical rational grounds. For hotly debated issue. And there's growing evidence that America is changing and those who have used hysteria to attract attention. The beginning to fade. The flame of the extreme one sided rhetoric in this country political and social issues. It's it's burning out. The truth is that there are two sides of the gun control debate in America strict gun control over those who were allowed to buy -- -- guns in America is important. And criminals might think twice about approaching people if they knew that everybody who was a potential victim was -- But neither approach is the answer to America's crime problem. Both sides of the gun debate are quick to label and condemn anybody. Who doesn't buy into they -- extreme rhetoric. Those who strongly support extending gun rights and gun ownership. See more likely to react though. To any infringement on the Second Amendment. If I say for example. Everybody should not own -- gun. They're people who think that that automatically means I don't support the Second Amendment which is absurd. It's simplistic thinking it's it's it's easy to come to that conclusion. It's illogical but it's but it's easy. I I also support a background check for people purchase a gun. That doesn't mean I don't support the Second Amendment but some people should not. Own a gun. It does amenable -- keep guns out of the hands of of criminals. But just it's it's it's interesting that bidders. There's a group of people that is really quick to criticize. Anybody who suggest anything other than everybody owning a gun and everybody having a guy with -- wherever -- ago. I support the Second Amendment and yet there are people who would criticize me for not supporting the Second Amendment. And this is part of the problem with the political debate that we have in this country right now. You're not gonna keep guns out of the hands of of criminals or -- responsible citizens. But maybe background check would help. At least help in that area. I believe that the notion that everybody should be aren't that carry gun everywhere I think this is a paranoid right wing extremist position. For from those people who believe the government is is working to put the United States under the control of the United Nations. The best way to bring a logical and rational tone back to the political debate in America is far more logical and rational citizens to engage in the debate. And denounced the hysteria. Often spread through social media and it leads to total paranoia. But a deal. In -- Louisiana legislature. Extending the rights. Of of -- that the gun rights. Of lawmakers. I think this exposes this senseless hysteria over the of the gun debate in America. And you know I can't help but think that since our state legislators seem to have a difficult time passing sensible legislation how many of them could even pass a background check. If you wanna join -- show with your comment tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Nearly seventy. And our text number. Is -- 7870. A -- blog tonight is about gun advocates -- gone wild in the legislature you -- read that comment on and share with others it's on our web site. -- WW dot com what's the annually to agree or. -- strongly disagree with me. I would like to think that there are gun owners and supporters of the Second Amendment to understand that not everybody. Should have a -- This is the -- show. And we'll be right back under -- WL I should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol answered every WL party Jack -- opinion poll here's a quick update. 53% say no and 47% say yes to very close -- give us your opinion by going to our web site WW dot com. And we'll give you an update on that is attractive polls are sure we are thrilled to have mentally -- enormity of family here at WWL as he's got some great stuff coming a partnership tomorrow. And what do clocking angels can talk about it the Louisiana coalition against domestic abuse. And a report from 20102012. That there were a 178. Dance -- domestic violence. Amazingly 74%. Of those who. Were killed were killed with firearms. And 37% of the offenders had a prior history. A domestic violence or some other violent crime. Yesterday the Louisiana -- Baton Rouge took a monumental stand for women and children by unanimously voting on three bills aimed. That's stopping domestic abuse. RU. Or someone you know a survivor of domestic abuse. Listen and talk to Angela and her guest about this tomorrow. Also Angela talk about it can the combination of resistance training anaerobic exercise stop aids related muscle and strength lost. You know is baby boomers continue to mature we -- always stay as young as we can't. So don't miss Angela an open mind with the legendary Angelina tomorrow from one to four here into the W well. Also tonight we were talking about a Republican congressman trig counties said the Republican candidates. Should not use the new investigation. Into what happened in and -- to raise money for their campaigns. And I would agree with that. However the national Republican but the National Republican Congressional Committee has already sent out a fund raising email that links. Information to the new the new investigation -- been -- Now there are those who say that the Republican Party and Fox News. Are focusing on Ben Ghazi. Focusing on the IRS. They're resurrecting these issues. Because the attacks against Obama care. Didn't work. And the success of obamacare defies. The predictions. That many Republicans had about. Obamacare and I realize that that is and will continue to be a controversial issue. But the truth is that a lot of the criticism of Obama care has not proven to be true. Now if the Republicans. And Fox News. Continue to put so much emphasis on Ben Ghazi. Not that that's an important. -- knowing what really happened is important. But if nothing new comes from this. If there's nothing -- that and and there are even Republicans. Who are against this new surge of investigations into Ben -- If the Republicans are wrong about this if they don't find anything. If it doesn't amount to anything. This is -- This is gonna tarnish their image it's it's gonna make it seem as if everything is here but everything on both sides. Is political. No doubt about it. Instead of being against things. The Republican Party needs to start standing -- things. Any impression is that it's a party that's more against things then therefore think they'd Michelle Bachmann. Is is opposed to a new bill. The debts. Calls for. Are privately funded. Women's. History national museum to be built on the National Mall in Washington. As she supposed to it because she and some of her conservative colleagues. Are concerned that a national women's museum will focus too much on radical feminism. And vets. Is going to honor. People like Margaret Sanger. Who set up the first birth control clinic. And we've talked about this on the showed that it was a time when birth control. Birth control pills were against the law it was a crime. To sell birth control pills the Supreme Court had to compensate. -- Supreme Court. It's their opinion that birth control pills. Buying selling birth to that's that's right to privacy. And I would think that if if if people are gonna have sex -- the -- -- wives that people would be more promiscuous if they didn't care if they didn't have to worry about pregnancy birth control pills were part of this. On this. Moral majority this moral right. Mentality. Trying to discourage people from being promiscuous -- nobody should encourage promiscuity. But it's already there. And I can't help but think about it. All the men and women in the adults that have benefited. From the birth control -- not just to prevent pregnancies but also to. But to regulate and -- to make news cycles more. More tolerable for for some people I'm not a doctor so I don't know specifics of that but I know a lot of people. Use birth control still do for for that purpose. But if you recognize somebody who set up the first birth control clinic. I don't know that that is a reason to denounce. A national. Women's museum. In Washington DC. Of course you're going to have to. Mention people who we're part of milestones. In. That history of of of women and it took. It took strong. Feminist activist. To fight for a woman's right to vote. And to fight for equality. And if you wanna say it's part of a radical feminist movement to two and still say today. That. I'm fighting for equal pay for women is that some kind of a radical. Feminist movement then I guess I'm I'm part of it I don't understand why a YE women should be paid exactly the same as -- man for the same job that they do from Indiana rich your WWL. I didn't -- to other Republicans and -- currency. Important can't figure out if it's. What currently investigating if they wondered why it happened. -- great -- they. Two witnesses. That date. Call to -- that standard every community after community. Odd that you -- chairman of the joint chiefs. Were -- Retired admiral -- And he current chairman of the joint chiefs. And they laid out exactly what US military. Get on that day. So if there's nothing news this is not going to be good for the Republicans if they find something. If they find something new that's different what I've read is that there is nothing new but that may be because that's what's being put out. Well what aired our differences. Are all about eight. Although about different -- show me what it without the move he should get wiped -- planned to attack I mean really. Who care I don't care about somebody I don't care about -- okay. We know what about it from the testimony. Out admiral Mullen. And the president chairman of the -- key element of course speech. Each speaker Howell and said there's life out Gary -- goes to four start liar. But I -- in the correct to note that go republic and -- called those two Forestar is a liar trigger great. You know -- it's it's politics. Not fair it's not going to prevent the next -- Albeit it's. It's pure non -- and -- After the a perfect example of where politics. What they're. -- look at what happened after the attack in Beirut that killed 240. Marines. -- -- All the Democrats under triple -- could not point fingers they're okay. We fixed this problem that it doesn't happen again you know -- -- that was built and you're no good there's -- you're so old now and not to. Not knowing is ashamed it's. Gotten away it is it's got in terms of political discourse rich appreciate you calling your show thanks for honesty carols they witnessed. Or your calls in more of your text her arm coming out. I've again if there's nothing new with Ben Ghazi and the Republicans are putting so much into it how is academic -- if all of this is about. Politics and trying to dethrone about this is especially now if there's nothing there this is especially not gonna work with younger voters. Who the Republican Party is desperately. Trying to attract back. This is the -- show. And we'll be back -- WL should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol that's sort of BW operate jaguar opinion poll tonight 53% say no and 47%. Say yes. From Slidell John here on the Scotia believing. -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna talk to you about the latest. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A -- there was a time when we didn't think everything was Democrat Republican liberal concerns -- more apparent. I'm glad to talk about it John justice told on it we'll get to you right after the vendors. For those of you who have just joined us I did talk to the gentleman who called him Monday night's show mr. Kirby. And decent 92 year old World War II vets that talked about his experience in Germany was actually calling about an American flag issue that I was talking about it's very passionate about it. And he said he's only been to the World War II museum once that would love to go back so we're gonna make arrangements for him to go back. And I'm I'm I'm getting help from a number of different people including the World War II museum but it looks like we're gonna get in there Monday around noon but I'll give you an update on that -- you can follow the updates. On my FaceBook page which is scoots. On the -- And -- Twitter is at scoot WWL but you know -- will talk more about this when we come tackles -- great text to get to right after the news under VW well.