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05-07 11pm Scoot, Teenage Pregnancy, Benghazi issue

May 8, 2014|

Scoot talks about: the teenage pregnancy rate is down as well as teen abortion rates; what are the reasons?ALSO.... Should Republicans use the Benghazi issue in order to raise campaign funds?

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And welcome back George show on this Wednesday night debt tomorrow night until midnight is the WW LN FL draft fasting goes on tomorrow. And Friday and Saturday will be back on Monday night I'm planning to take this says disguise there's somebody who wants to pick him up. And it's it's an ambulance company. The doesn't want the publicity which is really honorable I think. For those of you who were not familiar with this guy called me Monday night of the show were sick of the bio. And I was talking about -- the American flag in the controversy California. Of wearing the American flag T shirts to school on Cinco De Mayo. Now there should be nothing wrong with very -- in American flag T shirt anywhere. But if the intent is to diminish. Hispanic pride. By wearing it on Cinco De Mayo for that purpose. If that's the intent that I don't think just the right thing to do. -- I should have a right to do it but I don't think it's the right thing to do and this is going to be controversy in California. So we're talking about the American flag decide this 92 year old -- were two fed mr. Kirby call. And -- you do it turned out to be just a very. Interesting conversation we talked about a number of different things it you know I was just I was honored that he was listening and I was honored to have him call the show. And I asked him in the course of our conversation if I -- to the World War II museum and he said only once. But he would want to go again. And he really doesn't have anybody to to take him around and he talks about how he's kind of outlived his his family and friends. That dude they're just they're not around it doesn't have anybody to really. I helped him and there are a lot of people like -- in this world not just missed not just mr. Kirby but there's an ambulance company the disallowed the publicity but they wanna pick him up Monday. And we're bringing to the World War II museum. And bring him home so he'll have a lot of a lot of comfort. In that EMS vehicle going to where were to receive and the World War II museum heard about this thing gets a phone calls and they called me. And two were provided passes produce this gentleman and a tour guide to take him around and I talked him earlier on the show. He's ever seen the movie. The movie by narrated by Tom Hanks. And I see a couple of times it's. Phenomenal. And I can't wait for him to see that for the first time. And I'm looking forward to experience a World War II museum in his presence. And if you wanna join us I think it's gonna be around noon on Monday but again you can you can. I join me in my FaceBook page a live updates there it's -- on the year. And also will have updates on -- WWL. Dot com. W via radio on -- google.com. The website and also water to reveal radio FaceBook page. And also send out tweets it and I'll I'll take pictures and maybe we'll get some video but I'll I'll -- take a lot of pictures to disguise. I'm just not gonna be honored to be in his presence in I've just had a number of people who have called to sit texting and emails to. Would like to meet him they would like to be a part of this I think we're gonna do this around noon. On Mondays and double -- here tomorrow night or. Friday night I just wanna make sure that you are bird. Up to date on the information and again and join me on FaceBook scoot. On the year. But this guy represents. -- represents a generation debt. Well there are not they're not many of the left. My dad was a very proud. Member of the United States -- And when I wish when I was growing up my dad was in the navy reserve -- -- Flew out of they'll chase. And I was so proud of him. I would've loved to experience the World War II museum with him and seen it through his size. Somebody who could totally relate to the -- can't relate to the things that I see I can appreciate the things that I see that I don't have any direct relationship with. The the artifacts and and and all of the things that that that I IC I mean it's it's such a great history lesson. And it really is a reminder. Of the kind of nation that we have become. And it should be. A wake up call. As to the kind of nation that we should. Be again. -- judge Joyce is from Slidell and -- I think he wants to talk about how. There was a time when everything wasn't divided along. A conservative it's liberal Democrat in Republican line said there was a time when we were just Americans John. Absolutely cute and I just can't help but think I mean when you look at. Predict the problems inside America that we were considered to deal would be great -- most powerful nation on her. And you look at what inept prints are in the Middle East that don't deny cheer. Beat you -- -- you see what we questioned you know the world China Japan and it's better North Korea. This country has been the greatest country on earth for a long time and it's because of mr. people like mr. Kirby and the greatest generation. And -- -- -- may be able. In some -- blessed to go through a short time the Great Depression. For the entity would with World War II or what ever happened this country pull to get. And you didn't -- Finger pointing and I mean and with finger pointing analysts on both. And we'll report our congress doesn't. And I don't know you personally I had questioned the last three administration that is my belief that. But someone sometimes some warrior army you know. All politicians. Somebody. Has to do something to our bringing you know this country. Because we are responsible. For most of the rest. Of the world this world is headed toward a potential we can potentially had to torch. Also were major issue and we're not going to be able to deal within -- if we're continually. Pointing fingers and divided and that's really what I wanted to search. And I we're so compound somewhere I -- -- yourself and it was so politicized. You know it is. It makes me wanna throw themselves can tell. Well John I'm glad you called and I'm glad you brought this up and and I've -- countless times. It -- departed the museum that impressed me the most was the part of the museum. That has the posters and besides the talked about you know don't waste food a sacrifice your food save it for the troops. Whitman became part of the workforce at a time when women were not equally part of the workforce even doing construction jobs. We built to military. Debt. Defeated Germany defeated Japan. We built to military that ultimately stop the World War II. We pulled together is a nation and like I question if we if we would do that today. I would hope we woods but I'm not so sure we would because everything is about politics. The whole controversy about been Ghazi should not be about trying to. Condemned the Obama administration it should be about OK let's find out what happened and let's make sure it doesn't happen again. But I don't think that that's the real motive. And I think there are vicious. Entities on both sides of the political perspective. And talk radio. And Fox News and MSNBC. Have all contributed to that. It's really easy to. It's easy to draw lines. It's easy to become part of an extreme. It's easier than two to be a radical moderate. Like myself. Is it's it's more difficult. To try to analyze both sides of an issue. And figure out which side you're going to be on depending on the issue it's easy to have one specific agenda but I'm seeing a lot of signs. And we've talked about this a -- missing a lot of signs. At the extreme. Political right in the media. Is stating the hard core right wing. Media. Is things. Can I realize that there's always going to be this criticism about the liberal media. But everything can't be and everything should not be about politics. Every -- everything should not be. Everything can't possibly be negative about every administration. Certainly everything's not positive about it every administration but everything can't be negative -- a few moments ago it's as. What so what success of obamacare. Well there have been some exit sexes mean we don't exactly know what the long range success of obamacare is going to be. But hopefully it's a good thing since it's a long since it's in effect. Two of the people closest to me in my life. Have benefited from a -- So how can I have a negative view. Now I realize that it's not a positive thing for everybody. And nothing is positive for everybody. But my point about the success of obamacare is not that obamacare is successful. Because we don't know yet. But my point is that. Today that dire predictions. From the right concerning Obama here. Have not come true. I mean there are there are there are some horror stories. But there are also some positive stories. And if you only hear one side then. That's -- the truth. And there are there are so many people. So many people. Who are not interested in the truth there interest that in just advancing. Their ideology. Here is a text. That is rather disturbing but I -- read it to you anyway. I help mr. Kirby gets paid for as much as you are using him as content for your radio show. That's all you keep talking about it. I hope you guys pay him. That's -- cynical. I'm doing this because -- tickets. The right thing to do an amusing mr. Kirby is an example might use him but he he presents an example to. Remember that there are there are people who were alone their people who have contributed a lot to this country. And they're alone. I'm talking about a lot of other things tonight not just mr. Kirby. But mr. Kirby is. The fact that he's had 92 year old World War II vet. Who doesn't have people around him can't get to the World War II museum. To me that's. That's something that we all should be aware. And we should remember that there are people. Like that it's not just mr. Kirby there are other people like dead in in the world as well. So I have no regrets. Side effect and I'm I'm I'm happy that. But he's gonna get too good about happy that I'm working now for unhappy that he's gonna get to go. And I'm also really. Really impressed by all the people who have set texting and emails. Who who wanna help. But what I do what they can't point. And again we can't help which can help everybody. I wish we could. But sometimes we need those reminders. Of people who do need help we need those reminders of of you know the world's not just the world around us but there are there are a lot of other people out there and there are World War II vets. Like mr. Kirby. Who don't have people around to. And they can't even get to the World War II museum and I feel badly about that so this is one case report to a -- the trying to help. If you enjoy pressure with a comic tonight about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number. Is 87870. A -- like tonight is titled gun advocates going wild in the Louisiana legislature. And it's about this bill that would allow legislators. To carry guns in places where average citizens can't carry guns. Why should they have that right. Why should they be privileged. Is this more about forming the Second Amendment and on floating gun rights than it is about. Safety. And reality. You could read it comment on -- -- others is on our website at WW dot com this is the -- show. And we'll be right since there's really no evidence indicates that legislators need guns in places where average citizens can't carry guns I think this bill to. Allow them to carry guns river peace officers carry guns parades polling places in most public buildings. I think this is just a desperate. Attempt to -- the Second Amendment rather -- do something that is. -- logical and something that is based on safety. That's RW a pretty general opinion poll tonight a -- at Sonoma. Here's our community a -- -- opinion poll tonight I should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer right now 51% say no and 49%. Say yes. New Orleans has a winner we have a lot of winners our congratulations to als in de -- -- A New Orleans we -- 1000 dollars and our nation wide vacation cash contest. And you can win to just listen -- -- weekdays right before the top of the or news at 7 AM 11 AM 2 PM at 5 PM for the code word. Then text the code word to 72881. To your chance to win without ever putting your -- -- at 72881. Every -- -- lucky winners nationwide and a thousand dollars each and you could be the next winner. We never charge for -- but individual plain text and data rates may apply remember the times to listen weekdays right before the top of the hour news at 7 AM. 11 AM 2 PM. And 5 PM. And good luck for sport radio intercom and all of us at WW well. One thing this drop in our conversation tonight is why has America become so political why is everything drawn along political lines. Do you get the feeling that Republicans. Don't wanna do what's in the best interest of America if it makes the president look good. Do you get the impression that Democrats don't want to do what's good for America if that makes Republicans look good. I get this sense. That particularly Washington. Partisan politics. Is so strong. That what's in the best interest of America. Is not more important. Than what's in the best interest of advancing the party. It's more important to have dinner party whichever party. In the White House and in control of Capitol Hill and doing what's best for America. And it shouldn't be like it. Of course there's always going to be competition. And Republicans and Democrats have always wanted the White House and and Capitol Hill. Understand that it. But I really get the sits more than ever before. That in America. It's less about. Us it's less about acting in the best interest of America. And it's more about. Advancing in particular political ideology. And that's wrong if you wanted to -- -- -- your comment on numbers 2601870. To all free 8668890. It's evident. In a text number is 878702. Of architecture just a moment big Mike -- -- showed every WL. A -- partner award you thank you. Which -- -- or an instructor and should get the job to do. Everybody on this. On the real problems we can't worry but. Don't you draw -- -- -- Law and I don't want I don't wanted the accolades for this I'm just doing but I think anybody should do it -- have an opportunity to do something like help this guy get to the World War II museum into the you know that's costs such a simple thing I don't know it. It I deserve any credit I think it needs the ambulance company it's that museum -- go out of their way to help the guys they they deserve credit but. It's really about. It is it's really about recognizing. And helping somebody who did a lot for our country who who can't even get down to the World War II museum. Yeah it would go out there. You know that's admirable. Life. Almost no actually. Not been pretty particular term care. You know where society as well well you know -- me I'm not outlook for the next man. So -- and so you know -- For whoever sure you know where -- sure. -- are based. Big -- I -- in spring I should I should come season time they like. The current -- Command. And thought it would be switching man I don't know that that gulf breeze while. We're hopeful -- won't care animal friendly so the talk people actually delivered. So all local and which -- -- open video. Because. It's. A great -- now -- the. Big like I appreciate the the offered Covey restaurant America sees some time in -- -- at -- -- for in effect oracle course. After. -- And brilliant tactical always Raymond being here which. -- like a blaze that killed. If you very -- night with your comment about it you're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889070. And a text number is 87870 here's a text and makes me miss my dad even more and I miss him terribly. That's the way you find out at the museum is still selling breaks I bought two from my dad and would love to buy one for mr. Kirby. And that is from. And I Asia on in Slidell Joan thank you very much for that thought it and really this is this has been an amazing thing did the way people have have responded to something really. Really so simple which is just helping a guy who certainly deserves it to get out of it to the World War II museum and hopefully this can happen on Monday. -- here is a text about to selling beer in movie theaters no beer sales in movie theaters there's already enough. Disrespectful people with a big mouth and cellphones. All we need is drunk people in there. Yeah I really understand it people. People are really -- in and considered in movie theaters and and really this touches on something that big might just talked about and it is it it's all about me. People don't even realize how inconsiderate the yard or others because they're so focused on their own world. And themselves. And I do question whether or not this country could come to get in a -- came together very briefly after 9/11. We've come together very briefly. But what happened look what happened when a Republican governor. It breaks the help of President Obama after hurricane -- Look at the criticism that Chris Christie received. -- should not have been about politics. And -- governor Bobby Jindal. Has been anti Obama in so many ways but the few times it's benefited him he's been pro Obama. But why should why should Chris Christie had been criticized. At that time he wasn't. He wasn't a Republican standing for the Republican Party he was the governor of his state New Jersey representing. The people of his state who have gone to a horrific tragedy something that we can really directly relate to in this area. It's all about politics that it shouldn't do. Everything should come down to being politically motivated. And as long as it is we're never going to be as great as we can be. And I. I don't know that I don't know that we would unite and and and helping each other the way we once it as a country we they're always Republicans in -- -- My dad was a staunch Republican -- storage conservative. So there was always there was always. There was always tough competition when it came to politics. And I Gaza I was really young but. I remember the that the campaign. With. Richard Nixon and and John Kennedy. I remember. When Lyndon Johnson ran for president I remember when Goldwater which was running for president. I mean these were pretty relieved really tough campaigns were a lot of ugly stuff was sent. But at the end of the -- the politicians. And Americans put politics aside. I don't see us doing that anymore. Also tonight we be talking about the teenage pregnancy rate. Is down. And immediately that is cause some people to say well then the abortion rates -- know the abortion rate is down. As well. And a teen birth rate is down. Teens having sex. That's. Part of life that's not an endorsement update its recognition of reality. I'm not promoting it but if a teen pregnancy rate is down then don't teens deserve some credit. For being more responsible. And there are again I think is some this comes down to politics I think there are people who. Are not happy with is -- there there are more people who would be verbally reacting to this on the show tonight if the teen pregnancy rate was up. People would be call for all the reasons why it's up. And all the problems we have in this country. And I'm I'm sure. The president would get mention like the president has anything to do with teenage sex. But there's this sense that like teen sex is -- kind of a new thing. When it's not always been around. And so if the teen pregnancy rate is down. What's the recent -- means that teens are being more responsible. And it it's down among a different races and ethnicities. Which is really good. In fact when it comes to the teen birth rate and teen pregnancy rate the teen abortion rate drop even more 66%. From a peak. In 1988. Which I think is really. Good news. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that 83% of the young women between fifteen and seventeen said. They had had formal sex education classes and they learned about birth control. I'm still has astonished. Misidentified this figure I'm still astonished. At the number. Of teenagers. Who don't understand. That you can get pregnant from from sex. I've said mean that's and I just saying that it. There was a report that came out I guess this information -- -- coming out. Just two years ago and in 2012 I remember talking about this is information that started coming out about the teen birth rate. I'm being down. With women that fifteen to 219. And I actually rent. That there are a lot of teenagers who don't know. That you can get pregnant. From having sex. And anybody that doesn't know that. Has obviously. Not being guided very well by my apparent. I mean I just. In astounds me. That people would not make that -- I don't care how young you wore me. When I was really young long before I had an opportunity to be in intimate relationship -- anybody. I mean. What I was really young I realized that that's how people got pregnant it just it astonishes me today. That they would be even one teenager in America. Who wouldn't understand it that was. Possibility we have sex. And -- happens -- Why would you learn a lesson. No because we've talked about this on the show too there are a lot of people walking around a lot of really young mothers. Who have several little kids. So why does it continue to happen. There's really don't excuse forestry -- all about personal responsibility. And yet. We always look to blame something else and had to be that is the that's the biggest -- I love the talk about this because I pickets up to the cutting gets the cutting gets hit. The united it there are so many things to blame for reading this wrong but there though did the main thing that has changed in this country. Is the lack of respect for personal responsibility. People are not responsible for the behavior and they're not taught by society to be responsible for their behavior. If you wanna join -- in -- numbers 260187. Toll free 866. 889070. -- -- 7870. I'm scoot -- will be right back on WW LI tomorrow night and Friday night there will be draft faster -- WL until midnight and it all starts tomorrow afternoon at 4 o'clock. We're going to be live at saints' headquarters starting tomorrow at four exclusive saints' draft preview. With a voice of the saints Jim Henderson and states color analyst -- guys aren't going to be -- to the states headquarters at -- special guests like. Head coach Sean -- -- executive vice president general manager Mickey Loomis offensive coordinator Pete Carmichael defensive coordinator rob Bryant and the list goes on. And they'll go deep into the into the same -- it if you don't have the WW app on your phone again it's so you can listen to any of this say anytime and wherever you work tomorrow. Then tomorrow afternoon at 6 o'clock PW WL draft fest begins. With Bobby and hokey and NFL draft analyst Mike to Chile and Deke Bellavia joined by saint sideline reporter Christie Garrett antibody beer -- fraud of the like from saints camp. Christian -- antibody B will be -- saints camp. Also big daddy Steve Geller will be your recap every hour but The Who dat nation can show up and come out to have. Well to have a party it's gonna be a black single party tomorrow. From six to midnight. Why from Oceanic real in the French Quarter and that's where there's a pregame show before every home game and it is just a great place to eat. Food and it doesn't matter what you want to food is delicious and my son and his cynical from Freetown. And they had a char grilled oysters and before they left this it would just got to go back and we got to have them one more time so the food is really great there Oceanic real. In the French Quarter corner for -- -- tie that's going to be for around one of the draft fest. Then on Friday round two continues from rocket fire pizza company on veterans boulevard from fort till midnight. In the final round of the draft and it they'll draft Saturday at twin peaks restaurant. In clear -- mall. From eleven until 6 in the evening -- nation write it down and be part of the WW ultra -- listen on the air or -- person. -- brought to you by river parish -- disposal. The Louisiana lottery corporation. -- -- -- -- Mercedes-Benz of New Orleans. And -- flagship of the New Orleans Saints WW well if you enjoyed ushered into the comment about any of the stuff we're talking about our numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 8668890. Recently Texas a 7870. And here's a quick update on our WWL pretty general opinion poll tonight should movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol. Really close poll. 51% say -- And 49% say yes. I agree there are a lot of obnoxious people right now and in movies. But a lot of those obnoxious people probably got drunk before they got there. Or did something before they got their dead and then and that some people are not just even if they -- As long as it's legal. I don't have a problem with selling beer and alcoholic beverages and a movie theater. And everything. Comes down to personal responsibility not availability. Something is available. Fine but you're still responsible. For your behavior. And I wish more people would be. Aware of people around. I guess some people or just rude. And they don't really care. And they'd they'd they texted and the talk loudly in movies it's it's really irritating. It's unnecessary. And you go to -- it's it's part of the shared event. You're not they're sitting by yourself. Or with the one of the person you're with. And there are loud talkers and there are people who steal. The last movie I saw what was no. And this guy behind me. Answer his cell phone. He didn't get up. Hated believes the rule he answered his cell phone and sat there. And talked on. Director James you're on the -- -- every WL. Sure sure -- quick comments show. I'll be in particular are -- -- -- the Alabama linebacker mostly English based. I don't know if there's you know so much speculation -- you know and whether it be any deals have before simply move up in the in the draft. You know we'll have all the information tomorrow afternoon but it it's an exciting time because this really is the beginning of the new season. So what is the first round tomorrow and this second third or this Friday in what is it. Acted like perhaps a little -- -- Yeah and our coverage starts at four tomorrow afternoon goes till midnight. And then six to midnight on Friday nights and then 11 AM until 6 PM on Saturday. Are not going to be -- -- -- here you know he's the art of going on right now any example of Ehrlich junior okay are beginning to mitigate the a couple of examples on this. You know Utah couple episodes ago not episode -- a couple weeks of the nation's air air but it could show. And your apartment house lightly is trying to make a viable state. Book okay our state whatever. The official statement yet officials and field via. Gun all the time and talk com are anything -- story and I got a comet like oh sure a lot of credit for sure a lot there. Is that right and it noted in and I think box -- -- -- and -- which you don't but a lot of listeners I think it's a possibility. That anyone -- those topics and is not scared at all but those. -- -- Spearheading that story like -- were trying to Sharia law. Book by saying those stores are creating those stories you actually create hatred toward those groups like I've been able. Let's say I'm not and I I I created store. Oh -- -- public schools are trying to onyx. The new language for at least in. Now that's going to be like what are out there going to be like that -- slang language that we heard about from Oakland California back in the you know and what are. Quite narrow minded people and I think they can cycle that can happen you know you know our ordinary think -- within. Story aircraft like Sharia law 00. You know on the take over the country and in the same thing like that but I just very tight that they are just Christian in the city. In this state got -- Eight issue non practicing cap which happened are people got acquitted doctor out in whatever. Poignant story -- -- it. And they not only. You know not only to assume that it created by. Person for an that the Christian -- story are the Bible. Be in the deep well. Okay that might not at all in my -- antithesis of a Christian treatment. -- -- but you'll go ahead Greg Jennings. My point is creating those -- decree toward that entity I current. If I didn't lie. Any group forever if prices for OK well -- Seattle Jewish people and the -- that new state book I'll. State if -- create that story. Then of course that might create commit attempted. I have -- I agree with you James that that the goal is to create hatred the goal is to create fear. There is a bit at N and division there there's there is always there has been a goal since. -- the late fifties and sixties. To create fear concerning blacks in order to get the whites Republican Christian vote sorry I agree but by the the question that I would have is. Who's doing. And linemen pretty he's got a good question and I don't get my point you would not the content. Think on the phone. Okay is not that you know whatever it is traditional people it was in mediate -- -- possibly because right now with the situation with -- -- it'll. All the issues in that article alone whether they're real or not or stay or whatever. The -- a happening -- battery okay. All the talk about crushing me personally is that is happening at a high primary. Same thing with a lot I think I was in there. -- story earlier. All you know typical standard -- couple prior Republican whatever I'm not stereotype it. They seem like it to me and the purple conservative market out just took away. They were what I think they -- -- and I'm well. And being by. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I had determined that you know inflation -- -- court and all people you know they only able paper five whatever. So of course you know in any brought -- -- that the president calling in new president. A -- meant to listen Hillary Clinton the next president is targeting that -- OK it's not gonna make a difference whether -- the president not which is going to be the next -- -- at some point college talk time. Clock and there it. But port -- can't blame George Bush quote unquote -- it got access. Or. The black guy Obama or should the email. Hillary Clinton next. Our. Entities that really just punching bag at first they populate it is -- out. I appreciate the call thanks for thanks for listing. I -- there is no doubts that there is an attempt to create hatred and create division and that this is nothing new. I mean and this goes back to the southern strategy. Of making people fear blacks in order to win. The white Republican vote. And there are those who wants you to fear the rights. Because it benefits the left. But why do we why -- we buy into this hatred we allow it to happen. And the media and social media certainly. Exacerbate the problem. This is the -- she'll. And we'll be right back on the VW option movie theaters in Louisiana be able to sell beer and alcohol answered every WL party general opinion poll has a final update. On the majority has switched 49% say no but a majority slight majority 51% say yes should be allowed to do it. I green leaf fans united to -- starts or new the new football season in their new stadium the only stadium and -- WL wants to send you. And others to two -- home games starting with their delegates Georgia Tech September the sixth in their exciting new stadium and outdoor scene this could be great for too late. What you need to do is go to the first day of draft tested -- grill in the French Quarter tomorrow. -- -- -- -- For six to eleven registered a week two lucky winners will receive a family's own season ticket package that includes two adults and to use season tickets. Valued at 300 dollars and two lucky winners will receive a pair of reserved season tickets valued at 400 dollars. And good -- from the station that loves college football. WW well I here's attacks that Reid says -- consider reading Matthew seventh chapter. She says his preaching there it explains in confirms some of what you've talked about the show tonight god bless you. I hear is attacks to dams and Republicans. Are certainly pointing fingers at each other it's like the United States is divorced. I do feel Republicans are more to blame however both parties are at fault. Well I would think that more Republicans are to blame now only because they get more attention since there's a democratic White House. But there was a lot of hate directed toward George W. Bush. And I I hear what a caller talked about a moment ago. Mean the president is inherently blame for things that are not the president's fault. And I'm not defending President Obama when I say that I'm defending myself as a as a talk show host who doesn't -- appear to be stupid. And buy into the ridiculous rhetoric that not a president to blame. The president is not to blame for many of the things that he's blame for and that's not Obama that is any president. Want to thank John -- our studio producer also reject -- the other studio tonight astute blog tonight is about gun advocates going wild in the Louisiana legislature and that's on our. Web sites draft fest tomorrow night Friday night we'll take mr. Kirby to the World War II museum on Monday have a great evening bloodied Orleans.