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May 8, 2014|

Dave talks about the NFL draft, Jimmy Graham, and wardrobe malfunction

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL prisoners on this eighth of may 2014. And it is the day before Friday -- how about that you have pride day EU has arrived and it comes with the NFL draft all tucked inside -- I am excited today the anticipation has been building it's been longer wait than usual. Mother's Day weekend and the NFL draft together. And yeah when it finally find out tonight if the saints stayed put at number 27 in the first round. If they trade up if they trade away that pic for more later round picks and who they're going to get to help improve. The black and gold for the 2014. And the -- has been all over the board you know. The mock draft thing is something that just fascinates and amazes me. I have never participated in or conducted a mock mock draft. Now personally I do not have enough specific information on each player each team's needs and everything else to. BA part of a mock draft how to be a lot of work it would be regardless of him playing again now -- -- -- and all of college prospects and learn about a man who they are -- And what team needs wide in you know maybe just do you best player available I guess you can ignore team needs and just look at. College players -- -- I would making a mockery of a mock draft gotten exactly up front that's why we have guys like Mike to tell -- day and Bobby Hebert and all the rest of -- absolutely and our own Steve -- I think has done it once he mock drafts. Twenty that's what he said I'm -- -- -- get ready did the study did not understand the C announced it predicts. To gas that. As of this guy goes there than this one may go there and maybe not may be our gates at him that's fun to me. None of lines -- you -- just I don't know what the saints there wouldn't be happy. Yeah and it's it really amazes me you know I was just going to get like on the parking garages standing garage attendant and I had him. Ten minute discussion because he knows all the players. And he knows which receivers he thinks this thing to go after which may or may not be there at 27 how fired up they'll have to trade to get this guy and that guy. United people are really good stuff -- are they cover and so we will fulfill. That. On us. Say she needed hunger for all of the draft information you could possibly want. Starting in -- minutes it was Steve -- hours but at 4 o'clock this afternoon are at Google wall the wall man we got the entire Hussein's team going to start our coverage at 4 o'clock today GM and -- back together again on the radio you know it's almost football season when that happens right there are trapped. And they're gonna have the entire state coaching staff front office staff scouts and everybody else doing it on the radio between four and six and its six. Wall to wall nonstop coverage of the first round of the NFL draft right up -- -- right here on WW you like coming out with. Bobby and deacons hokey and whole gang like -- Soviet Oceanic grow the night for round -- -- a little closer to the action and one of them right there. Watch them do that real magic that is the NFL draft -- WWL thank you it will talk to you about fifteen minutes or first days. I WW well AM FM and -- now that -- still come and vote will find out win it's the only game here coming -- next. -- WWL forecast and then get Steve gallery here on this draft day 2014. Eighteen minutes after 5 AM -- the early edition of WWL four -- happy if Friday eve ladies and gentlemen Friday the days and ice who celebrated twice and all. Celebrate a little extra hard today with the first round of the and after -- -- I'm -- on and she is Laura -- foul. For your Thursday breezy conditions warm conditions 84 this afternoon with -- at the southeast and look for it 20% chance for just a light shower. In tonight dropping down about 73. Low eighties for Friday and Saturday but rain looking likely both days 70% chance on Friday 40% on Saturday. The Eyewitness News forecast center I'm meteorologist Clark backed out. I right now no rain but it is definitely warm and muggy southeast wind and eight miles an hour relative humidity 93%. At 71 under partly cloudy skies at the airport in -- Slidell partly cloudy. Just that tad cooler 65. With calm way in the little fog reported here there. -- -- got them both lose a quarter mile knows visibility. And you might final this -- there elsewhere. To -- Steve Geller right here right now on your radio as you've got to be pumped and excited you can't wait. For the draft tonight because that means at midnight tonight you'll still be working here it is 5 AM 519. It is what it is it is what it is hey it's finally here though when you've -- how many mock drafts. At least point -- this craziness. And generally speaking -- they turned out similarly. There's some guys that have gone and I've I've Texans some of the same guys for the saints but. What was great about this race fans speak which I was using is. They were currently updating rankings. And it's teams and scouts from visiting with these players. And do do their stock rising there are dropping. -- -- different player really had to study this US -- who is moving up on draft boards who was moving down you have to see which team's needs were identified you're right I mean this was like a serious undertaking for you do these twenty mock draft there is there is even a crazy one which had Edwards Johnny -- -- Actually fell for the saints a 27 I could pass them up. Had to do it. -- learn under drew. Radio Iowa I'm gonna learn under you right now about tonight's draft Steve Geller was sports well good morning everyone the NFL players association has filed a grievance on behalf of Jimmy Graham. -- -- franchise tag should be considered as a wide receiver and not as a tight end. This move was expected after the -- tag rate with the dollar amount for tight end which is at seven million dollars compared to a wideout which is twelve Sports Illustrated senior NFL writer Peter King feels that Graham. Has a good shot of winning the grievance. Unfortunately and I think it's a huge mistake unfortunately I think -- arbitrators rule in favor of yeah him being a wide receiver because he lined up another. Well the FL draft is finally here kicks off tonight. With the saints currently owning the 27. Overall pick WWL draft guru Mike -- you feel that the black and gold or have some pretty good options on the defensive side of the football available to select. And I'm back at a player to watch would be Ryan shades are they outside linebacker from Ohio State. CJ Mosley the inside linebacker from Alabama and now quite possibly quarterback -- advocates falls to you out of that spot Bradley will be formal highest state. Will Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks have shelled out a lot of calling for the services of outspoken cornerback Richard Sherman. The all pro has announced on his website that he signed a four year contract extension worth 57 million dollars with forty million of -- guarantee. Over to the NBA playoffs were Indiana fans can exhale now a bit there's seven foot center Roy Hibbert has emerged from its playoff long. The big man had a season best 28 points and nine rebounds in leading the pacers to an 86 to 82 victory over Washington. That's where their second round series at a game apiece. Hibbert on the advice he received from teammate David West. Do you didn't always talks new -- being the person that. You know rest you yourself when you're in the middle of the ocean so. You know there's no body that could throw a life for a four -- felt I hope you shall I got to do it myself. And in Oklahoma City the -- achieved a split in their first two games of their Western Conference series by beating the clippers won twelve to one on one this year's MVP Kevin Durant had 32 points while Russell Westbrook had his fourth career playoff triple double. With 31 points ten rebounds and tennis this. Today from four to six catch the saints' draft preview with Jim Henderson and -- guys John as they go one on one which shall patent and the coaching staff. -- it's Bobby Hebert and the boys live from Oceanic -- til midnight with your early morning look at sports. I'm Steve Geller. 523 Dave Allen Steve -- hang out with you on your radio all right Steve right now after you've done twenty plus a mock drafts I want your prediction I don't want any wish you wash -- -- I don't want any well maybe if -- Who will be the first player taken overall in tonight's first round. Of the NFL draft with the number one pick the Houston Texans select. Two -- cloudy right clown got cloudy goes partners. Yeah I just think he's too much of a talent to pass up on and if you are gonna take. If if the Texans don't trade out of the top spot. You have to take the top talent available and is noted no doubt about it that it's clowning but there's a chance they could trade them. I'll absolutely -- -- -- me and don't they don't absolutely need clout. Well trading down in this year's draft with death we give you won't do it any -- give you more picks in this draft with it being so stocked full of talent. If the Texas could use it to stop too you know stock though. The -- full of more horses for their Iran motivated terrorism anything that someone would be trading up to get clowning. Absolutely and they're talking about the Atlanta Falcons are one of those teams that want to -- him retreated to the first or second pick to try and get him. That would -- no we don't want to seek out twice a year we knew we do that thank you we want us. Year twice an -- though so we'll bring you back in 25 minutes or sports here on WWL AM at them and act commonly get back. Allies -- and without any was she watching this or if bots are fans who will the saints -- With the 27 if they say -- appointment but who will the saints take in the first round of tonight NFL draft rounds one. I'm Dave -- next your forecast the rains come on folks that today outside UN right after that. 526. After 2014 I still really enjoyed that movie that way if you haven't seen it. If it really does get you excited about the draft. And about the new season but do you think the saints will take in the first round tonight. And who do you think will go number one overall on the -- of this Jimmy Graham if it takes me about all three of those questions and 87870. Jimmy Graham the end NFL players association appealing. On his behalf against the saints who say he's a tight end Graham says it's now I'm a wide receiver. The difference would be about five million dollars a year in his pay. We think is David Graham at tight end or wide receiver what -- you think about the forecast. For your Thursday breezy conditions and a warm afternoon with 84 later on today and southeast winds to twenty miles an hour -- tonight. We're going to see this slight chance for a sprinkle and mainly cloudy skies have a better rain chance arrives tomorrow especially the second half of tomorrow's 70% chance with highs of 81. Or keep -- a 40% chance for Saturday with highs of 85. From the I would -- forecast -- I wrote to slop. Now I'd start now muggy this morning 93% relative humidity at the airport and -- partly cloudy 71 we do have a breeze coming off the gulf on the southeast at eight miles an hour North Shore partly cloudy. And 65 degrees and gave when it's the early edition of WWL. Verses someone takes me 78 -- and I think the saints will go. With Latimer the wide receiver from Indiana that have not heard anyone predict that yet here anyway. But I'd rather see O'Dell Beckham junior yeah -- that would be great good. That's straight up to get into the top ten in what was there to give up to do that think they should. Talk more about it. 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news it's made it's the eighth it's 2014 and a better than that it's the it's the day before Friday well happy Friday even -- be the first to wish -- -- happy draft day cash. Or call forwarding and -- And he. Okay okay okay if -- Yeah. Normally we -- Reservists or you know Friday's enforcing its games during idea that. Exactly but I was getting text request -- -- 7870. That people are so in The Who that nation's spirit. That there's so excited about the NFL draft. That they want to get caught this morning so -- my to deny them knowing you're not going wrong and do it right we we've done it yes there you go right up there. I know we've been talking a lot about the draft for days we've been doing the recaps of -- saying he -- -- every views. I have had a saints dream. Every night for about the last week I mean every night and just what. Why the saints are in the Super Bowl after a fat man that you drink it every drink. Today I don't have outcomes. Ideas no there in the game and I'm there -- I hope with a permanent. I hope that he comes true and you're at the game I -- -- in the stands out. And a lot it's indoor to. I don't even I don't even know where the games being played -- their zone. That. No. That explains that yeah yet. India you never know about these things premonition. That will Hussein be in the yeah. Come February. Of the season kind of starts today with the track is if it sure does there -- hey would you like a. Yeah I really was well more and more we're here and about. Four day work weeks and now four day school weeks kids in north. Dakota. Well now be getting three day weekends every week at least into school districts and states that are shifting to board day weeks this fall officials they'll save money. Increased student and staff morale. -- -- IC with that is if the parents work five days. And the kids are only go to school four days what do you do with someone on Yahoo! that they audit that day off. By the district officials say afford a week it will mean that spending less than everything from -- -- transportation electricity and water would be a major change in today and they spanned a longer day during the yeah four days will be longer. To target a message. Yet and they tonight should be spending more timing class because of the way it works. -- they -- on the actual instructional time. Will be longer. And four days -- week. That would've been on the five. I would love it for the whole world got to do it it's got to be right out and complete shift because. You and I can't just Ellison is a lawyer Ford as we've put that fit -- nag at somebody else. If that's not the now I have everybody work four days a week in. Everybody was off three days to be great although everybody's up on the weekend -- about the work weekends anyway what it is what it is I would love to work four days a week good. Here we are you. And he I'll see you tomorrow if that is the -- thank you David are you back about twenty minutes more for it Chris Miller join us he's out talking to The Who dat nation about what the saints -- -- -- back in the draft. Owned cars that go live in -- the Eyewitness News forecast and a figure -- more than. Happy Friday yeah. Think you know I like to say I don't like that that first five days after the weekend -- -- for the first time a net write the next -- not to back. You can do that because it five after the weekend at Atlanta of the ones -- get it at -- I would do it every week. Now will survive. Even though. Where went on the rain but not today. You know not much today just like to its troubles sprinkle later this afternoon but not -- today I think we're going to be mainly dry again after being so if you need to get. Yard work done you know car wash that sort of thing easy doesn't look like you're -- -- -- the next couple days I'd say today probably the last day can get. At end embodies that need yet were not happy not not want to give you artwork. And I and every Atlantic into a cut grass. I'm not in that number I now -- it's not my favorite candidates my husband's favorite thing and so what our team if you like it that it's it's got to be done every weaker close to it especially in summer winds will be picking up today do we need -- -- We can probably issue a stern how are here comes the. Quarter sure. -- sure we'll. Meet you can't hear -- secure and we're here. -- ladies who have been born and -- do if you Wear a skirt there will be gusty enough wins today they could well blow it up over your waist exposing whatever you have underneath. And men you've been warned to keep women wearing skirts today because well a gust of wind may blow it up both for their ways. Laura but now the official creator debts has issued a skirt alert went out as the rain -- -- end -- here in the ads or are out. Yeah at -- and and probably kind of -- made day after hours at the 70% chance. And model for the hinting at some heavy downpours and not necessarily heavy storms meaning severe storms. But that kind of rain -- get you know you pick up a quick half an inch cut saying it very short amount of times a vaccine. For that on Friday -- -- get to Saturday even -- rain chance is not quite as high on Saturday. I'm still can keeps scattered downpours in the next for the first part of week OK so mostly who leads to our afternoon tomorrow morning and early Saturday into Saturday and even fit into the afternoon Saturday possible and that kind of -- but it's Saturday night actually two Breyer on Mother's Day had a 30% reaching its yesterday. After its 20% -- Mother's Day brunch or maybe just about right now and we warm going to be the need a mid eighties but he might not need that umbrella on Sunday. -- -- votes better to have mom drive at nine I guess it's time. But wait a minute you wish in particular you're wearing a skirt today I have -- wearing black add into that -- This -- every gust of -- then students -- But that's like a little like a little summer just a little young lover for an area that it it can't happen. All right. Earlier today yeah. A summary summer dress speaking of dresses that you hear about it may go Wisconsin the prom dress wardrobe malfunction. Well it's not what you might -- A teenager says her dress caused her crashed her car in May bill was gone. He says are long -- got caught under her. -- life in her high heel but you're driving back. From the prom. And she crashed her car. Luckily he was not seriously injured. And she says she was just trying to get the -- free from the should do when he lost control that's why it's it's nights like two other cars no one was -- Make matters even worse the prom dress crash happened on her seventies and I got a ideology that driving yields in long dresses and stuff that -- you're walking alone arrive. Here's mine -- I -- -- to Wear heels on the morning -- just couldn't professional and also because. At the same height as our traffic -- -- the other -- like any -- Q where -- gonna do that I -- -- concede that the talk but what. A little. Secret is that I changed my flip -- immediately afterwards so I don't driving heels if you've got to kick the -- flop I knew it because. It's it's not -- -- the Iraq study. Any guy who says they're comfortable I mean you know -- they're not they're not comfortable tendency to flip flops. No way no I don't know even if you -- every day you're. You recommend everything else I saw something we the other day earlier this week I woman had to be seven or eight months pregnant. Wearing heels walking down the street think she'd have been off balance enough. With this huge child in her belly and I think you guys that was -- welcoming -- -- tonight -- -- to everyone knows more about when you see you're on television. She's ready -- cute little outfit with a great high heels. As soon as the cameras offer kicks -- heels with a couple of clubs and throws a jacket on RH Horry blanket around now. If it's going to even out yet. Thank you Laura -- at but now live and direct Eyewitness News forecast tonight -- Jimmy Graham the NFL draft in sports is Steve -- right after that. Dennis thank you for calling WWL what's on your mind. Obviously. If they have all the records. Yeah he said NFL record after record at the tight end there. Political machinery out. He's pretty good as a wide receiver -- year right. And I guess a good question would be if he word then leave the league -- forced to designate him as a receiver does that mean they take away all of his height and the records. -- but. Yet but I guess he wouldn't really care because he'd be five million dollars richer. I think I'd give up all those records -- five million more dollars. -- -- review rather five million dollars or. All the records show me -- mud. Okay that's. There burger. Thank you for hours bringing a little Jerry Maguire -- it's -- -- draft day 2014. -- they've gone with the latest on Jimmy Graham yet about drafted more in sports good morning good morning everybody the NFL players association confirms that the union has filed a grievance on behalf of Jimmy Graham. Concerning the saints tight ends franchise tag designation. At issue is whether Gramm's tax should be applied as a tight end or wide receiver which is a difference of five million dollars Sports Illustrated senior writer Peter King says unfortunately. He feels Graham will end up winning the case. Unfortunate because I think it's mr. characters justice I think it's ridiculous Jimmy Graham is drier periods of -- -- goes for the global -- a tight ends. People lit up the depth charges -- against. Well it's draft day and the saints own the 27 selection in the first round are NFL draft expert Mike did tell DA wouldn't be surprised if the black -- -- made a small move up tonight. To improve their options but says there are couple of specific needs he thinks the team should be looking for. 18 these speed receivers one before me. Would be a cover cornerback can just remember Rob Ryan likes eighth hole or troubled quarterback soul I think he would be a guy that five foot eleven and a half Mars polar. Over to the -- now for some playoff action as we saw the Indiana Pacers where their second round playoff series with Washington at a game apiece by beating the wizards 86 to 82 Roy Hibbert will go from a -- series with 28 points and nine rebounds. The NBA's most valuable player Kevin the re importing 32 points in leading Oklahoma City to a 112 to 11 victory over the LA clippers. That series is also an -- tied at a game apiece Russell Westbrook had his third triple double in the last five playoff games the 31 points ten rebounds and tennis this. An LA clippers co owner -- sterling has confirmed that she intends to keep ownership of the team and her family despite the NBA's move to oust her estranged husband. Donald Sterling -- -- for life by commissioner. Adam silver last week Shelley sterling has been co owner of the clippers with her husband since 1981. And is one of two alternate governors. Today from four to six catch this -- brat draft preview -- Jim Henderson and -- guys are as they go one on one with Sean Payton and the coaching staff that is Bobby gave bear and the boys live from Oceanic -- till midnight. I'm Steve Geller and that your early morning exporters some. Very cool about hearing him and -- together on the radio again for the draft made just makes me get that much more excited. For the season and when I hear those two guys together. You know that is football right we're definitely closer to this season actually beginning when you hear that -- so now you Marty told us who you think will go number one overall in the draft do you think that the Texans or some -- trades up. To get the Texans first -- will go for. Michael Downey. To deviant -- yes it actually got revealed that it's actually due Debian for these though these. Bonds that we've been calling his name improperly apparently is -- divvying -- we know it's funny how that happens because. Everyone refers to the pop star Rihanna as Rihanna. She says her name -- -- But for whatever reason nobody. In the media calls -- Rihanna. Its all Rihanna so I think -- -- is going to be to deviant for the rest of his whether you like you don't know yet whether he likes -- that system yet changing what but it could. So today Evian clown he goes number one overall. At 27 who -- the -- Our last mock draft I did I usually. Typically had the -- getting wide receiver. But this corner -- fell to me -- pick 27 from Virginia Tech Kyle Fuller. Really like you sizing cover skills and couldn't pass them up so I have the -- selecting Kyle Fuller. Corner -- Virginia Tech. Number twenty them yet this is the latest of the twenty plus Monica you've gone the final until -- -- -- negative anymore between now and tonight no more mocking. Well speaking of mocking you know that Jordan and master controls and mocking you -- only doing twenty month after -- how many have you done. Close to 100. Mock drafts I McKeon. -- get anything else done it like if you're doing a hundred mock drafts. Wow he claims he -- -- He's doing. Other things. I'll leave -- alone. Also leave you look at you get them back into more -- than fifteen minutes the gala talking that we'll listen for your draft recaps all night tonight. John WWL I am -- them and act now -- to forecast when the rain arrives after that. The last person thank you hate that it that it wouldn't it be awesome if the saints found a way to get O'Dell Beckham junior and Jarvis Landry could you imagine -- those two man in the show Drew Brees the quarterback that would be. Awesome well yeah it would be -- -- I can get either one of those guys at this stage point seven. Someone else does this thing should trade up to get O'Dell Beckham and trade Jimmy Graham. To get -- and after the draft to do that. I will find out what the saints do in well this draft begins in twelve hours. It -- at 27 probably around 9:30 PM -- they -- -- them while all the picks leading up to it we'll let you know the thing enter. Moving around making deals or not. Tune in all day for the very latest here at WW well have a great draft day.