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WWL>Topics>>5-8 6:15am Tommy, retirement age?

5-8 6:15am Tommy, retirement age?

May 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to State Representative Kevin Pearson about his bill that would raise the retirement age for state employees

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

We're tired -- state employees in the new bills sponsored by a representative Kevin Pearson. Who would that would -- raise the retirement age from sixty to 62 and a text comes in and says. Yes I would retired 62 and forty plus years of working for the state is enough. It's not like working for -- WL especially for teachers. And talent that's supposed to mean but -- we'd -- be it can be stressful around here but let's talk to Kevin -- in the morning represented in my you do one. Tell me out and tell me about the -- and the idea behind it and against the liabilities of the state as far as. Pensions and it doesn't mean I don't mean a pejorative league that -- it's on the balance she is a liability State's got to pay. -- -- Stating that the ticket plan. You know most important hurtful security in the state week. Teachers. And employees through -- pension plan departmental security goes straight to left break and that provoked great supporter of our future -- sort. But. We're looking at bill rate raised to 62 for what we call have recently -- -- always hires. Effective July 1 that we have seen so anyone who would look at doing -- would be certainly Boeing -- So how does a word now if you if you're sixty and you work crews stayed you get. And retired sixty you get X percent of your salary or something and then if you wait longer you get more. Yeah pretty much their different classifications. If if it's warm up for example were covered those who were teachers or state employees. They get up to -- percent of their salary each year. Appreciate their work so prepare well who worked thirty years state. Retire a major. Perhaps sixty years old now so well besides look at PH has been raised once before going back about forty years. But again it's always from new hires could there are constitutional and contractual protections for existing employees that we -- Well and it seems like you wouldn't want to I mean if you if you had to deal with a guy or woman this is a plan you know work here they need to retire it's not right I don't think to unilaterally change it do you. Dollar and I'll stick with you we can't do that -- constitution it would be. Of lawsuit everywhere -- great quote likely -- so -- it also -- -- beltway. It's not right plus there'd be lawsuits that they'd most likely win an outlet you just laugh. At at the world we live in today and on represented it won't come back in my talk about. And askew is this too. Offset a liability is it to squeeze more years out of people are already working there. And more questions of the -- for the rappers into 60187. He told 3866. 89087. Right now time for -- W now old traffic and that would and it's. Tommy Tucker -- WL talking represented Kevin Pearson about his appeal his new law proposed ideas that. Raise the retirement workers retirement age for news state workers those hired after July 1 point fifteen. From sixty to 62 and get a -- that comes in he didn't finish his statement talking about them. You represented -- -- work gaining 2.5 percent of their pay and or thirty years well I did the -- they get 65% of their pay right. After thirty years so that the certificate from the opposite -- the three yours out the aperture three guys here. 7% 2% or thirty year -- be shutting up some of the power. What we averaged a three types years and so -- -- example that might made. Somebody loose make you know. I think what it felt all year an ideal number but it's about what year it worked thirty years straight to retire it. Currently at sixty aggregate very doubtful the year be a Christian Turkey or. See this is why get out of accounting is it is screwed some idea that tempers and others -- And -- and it multiplied thirty times 2.5. But anyway I tell me about any push back you get -- isn't isn't about. Getting more years. Workers 62 relative to. Today's life spans being an early time to -- is about that liability that the states and have when it comes of their pension or do they have a liability. Certainly alive they'll prepare the producers have been in just two major. Trauma for each department or state employees. They're fast sabathia response then. It's a -- activate it can't broad enough and so many years going back to go public about it two years and to listen to well -- -- That the mentioned. He -- back -- -- -- -- -- -- nine the investment return to me that -- got them. In in many different parts of investments and took considerable. Certain liability increased. Back in those years so it's it's what those corporate sort of put -- the respect and considerably -- responded to the point where. A typical state employees via employer contribution to restrict contributions for each employee at about 30% of the style. Percent. And where pain that is it taxpayers either payment for -- -- in -- on things it that the money it's -- could but. So what's the the woody column that we need to push back the likelihood of this passing. Well weaker bill that house -- the what else equal to start to look at a whole lot of respect this year but some systems of and supported it opposed it. And you know not feel like it's very much likely that it'll -- So governors is no sign in now. -- actually the only people who be opposed to it. As someone in this politically would be -- that are planning and on a work for the state after July 1 that's when he fifteen -- But they -- going yeah I mean those two thirds oppose that mean what it is it's it's good for you to work appeared in public sector unions. Pets that basically the perspective -- -- and that's about it that was our. Represented at what you do for -- besides being represented. -- DND. Think you retired 62. Now -- probably. Or work. The last and and while and that's the other question would you want to and I'm glad it's at the time that call and explain all this to us and I think you know -- -- a great day happy mother's radiant wife mom moment you'd. -- -- -- -- --

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