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5-8 7:15am Tommy, losing weight

May 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Dr. Melinda Southern, the Director of Behavioral & Community Health at the LSHUSC, about healthy eating and tips for losing some weight

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Talking about losing weight. And I've been trying to had to watch what I eat and get a Dunkin' Donuts on -- On Manhattan that he just opened up on the west bank and doctor among lenders southern professor director of behavioral community health at the LA issue Health Sciences Center school of public health. Personal good morning and secondly is it possible that this Dunkin' Donuts is actually speaking to. Yeah that's. That's called a trigger. Because they hear this I hear the siren song everytime I go hands and singing jelly donut in the sweet angelic voice. Excited to trigger and if you want to bomb avoid the extra calories associated with the government which is the food that is high adventure and I've been fat. In that provide calorie. -- -- is something called Q elimination this is what we used and you need to avoid. Passing by the shop at all costs to take a long way around. But I want to drive by it -- -- like the colors logo comforts. Payless and seriously overtime -- lady she was 250 pounds wearing a -- shared some drunk obnoxious you know what. Makes fun ever and as he designs a lose weight had a 128 pounds and now she's actually working at commuters and I'm not news suggesting anybody -- -- but in terms of losing weight -- -- positive motivation negative motivation or is it all about you inside and and when you're ready to changer Ghana. I believe that she brought up until light on this a lot of people don't understand that -- it can be internally motivated. But. Not for the right reason I'm not for an immediate reason and for young people like -- sometime in just an improvement in health is not enough to. To you know force you to make those. Decisions to make those changes because the long term effects of obesity. Don't seem real to you you know obesity that that lead to diabetes can lead to heart disease and stroke in early death to someone non. It may not really. Ringing in the ears. But you know. Are capping someone's. You know criticize her she was then motivated externally. To do something about it because she'd been made her take a look at herself. And to her appearance was something that was important because she's younger. And that. That drive a lot of young people around in nailed it's more about sport performance and -- it's more about you know can they get in that bikini you know and and unfortunately. It went talks about this and a negative. Wave and say oh they don't want them -- it should be weight conscious since self conscious about weight because that can lead to eating disorders. But when all the signs out there state that when you actually speak to these people ask him you know why would you like to lose weight most of them say reliable vote. And that will make me feel better about myself. Two things that you said that what the world really important. Was achieved that long term goal and it was realistic it was like in the year. I'm going to be able to apply for a leader's job that long enough time to actually lose the amount of weight that you need to this and that she said. Don't give. Take big steps that's what I'd do it and that's what you know that would ultimately management does say that clients all the time. You know that one -- this week to do one thing and then next week at another and in the next week toward that. One year long term goal one that strongest predictors of failure and weight loss program it's going to part too fast trying to make too much change and you just can't do it it's just too if. Actor wanting yeah I -- despite everything you've said but he said that man sometimes -- do it for. I guess now it would use sports reasons you said right and -- -- Brian girls -- -- in the -- bikini thing in Italian the semi here a lot of guys wanna get in that bikini too. But that's what you're talking about -- when we come back I'll ask you about. And I found an interesting that you talk about that because when you're younger it is about looks and a human nature you look -- -- NC -- you get older you -- -- -- think of your health and you don't lose gently easing on the mean strength and you lay eggs in need in the one diabetes or anything else. So when we come back if we could I'll talk about difference -- differences and expectations. In accomplishing. Some even for younger people and older people not the Melinda southern guest professor and director of behavioral community health. Sciences at the L issues Health Sciences Center school public health interest and conversations haven't Tony for timely traffic. At the William Terrell Robinson. I cannot believe that. Feldman came back to me as -- take a bite of the chocolate donut when I'm talking to doctor Melinda so often. But he did. But it -- small go to. I get it -- comes in. From a lady that says is a woman I've signed a middle aged woman that my great assess that is my mind not my body. But when it comes a weight loss it's not about looks menu Thomas many middle -- tried doctor. Well -- that -- that the scientific literature suggests that. At middle Ager you become more concerned about your health. Because. You know they obesity that we carry. The negotiators are on the doubt that I'll turn into. Diseases later and that's why such confinement that it happened it was just about appearance you wouldn't think so much medical attention. This is it says something to do and our time's running out here but does this have is that all about your approach on and where you can't look at it is. A diet you have to say we you know we would do baby steps from an easier way into it. But this is the way we gotta be that this not gonna be over there's no okay it lost forty pounds of exceeding now. Yeah I think people don't they should wait until they have the wake up call that the warning from the doctor that in undergarments. Independent happy diseases they should take control of daylight before they get to that point. And it's as simple as making decisions. To do something physically active including one today. And you know it it's close to nature as possible you know it's impossible you know I think he completely organic fruits and vegetables and and you know that right at the fish but I think if you just try to -- it's close to make it possible. And eliminate the process that -- one of the time. It makes a big difference locked -- portion artistic small down. Small government and -- minutes OK well it's still not not -- watch how much you need everybody needs wait too much. That being said -- yet you know you do you view it litigating in a restaurant it's crazy and I don't know of anybody doesn't leave with a go box and and I sometimes sit down at a restaurant and you can't believe that somebody actually -- that but that the servers tell me. They do armed so you didn't -- you're on the planned for two weeks the new way you're trying to eat healthy and union showing some results but. You're just getting fed up so -- cheat the had one little bitty pieces on then you shouldn't handlers that are important in maintaining this. Yeah and and that that we do we called it a little lapse we say a case that program and in no one. Trip to the -- -- every few weeks or one trip to the -- wrist -- and every two weeks but you know try to -- wants the portions when you eat debt. Very very high sugar fat and calorie foods. While mothers' day coming up BN may be draft party that people are going to use so maybe a little bit of a you don't have that. Eat as much to you possibly can't just as it's there. Yeah and if you eat something before we go to your Mother's Day -- so that -- not starving and damaged and drink to collect the law. Before you before you even leave the prevalent. That's about -- empty calories you can get. Very little nutritious. I appreciate your time I really do and so there was so rush now become on again Malia. -- --

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