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WWL>Topics>>5-8 8:15am Tommy, smart guns

5-8 8:15am Tommy, smart guns

May 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Robert McNamara, the Co-founder of TriggerSmart, about smart guns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 818 talking about these Smart guns in Maryland gun store owner announced he was gonna sell and -- everybody on both sides of the gun issues so angry they threaten a -- stored around killer's family etc. and we invited in. To come on and Jordan Feagles spoke to him and he said look you know -- an excellent result would go away. I text comes in and says. There are no Smart guns and there are only Smart gun owners and stupid gun owners and done -- here about the story over the weekend announcement. Again I New Jersey grown up shoes are showing his eleven year old nephew. Howell lasers site works though he points the laser. Although loaded gun. At his nephews head and that triggered accidentally goes off and kids' dad he's in jails so. In this case the Smart gun would have not helped anybody because it was his gun he was old and it but he was dumb enough as pointed at a key instead. Robert MacNamara joins us right now co-founder of traders Smart he joins us. From Dubai where it is actually 520 in the afternoon so Robert engaging NTELOS everything's gonna happen to us today. -- How is like getting real -- puzzle it's gonna go is gonna go all right -- at a meeting schedule. Just didn't tell me about traders Maarten and the company that you co founded. Yeah I can just. Developed and take advantage. Not gone and choice of course and as we call -- Basically -- problem. With them accidental discharge of -- and due to Portland started there. The dog it was a different story agree -- of our chart somewhere finding that he's gone there shooting. Cubans are. But just be clear -- didn't like that to be clear Robert you know in this case it was the gun owners it was idiotic enough to point -- loaded -- With a laser -- at at his nephews head. Yeah it is soda yeah so did tell me about the technology congress' work. -- that a cumulative. Approaching it and -- as. Had been in this ballpark on -- it -- work. -- has options. By electric have their own and logged in terms of you know your hand -- -- during his judo. You know and is on Saturday war has also takes time and I am so we took their. I think that. -- -- -- Because radio frequency identification. And re trying to report -- percent in the it's. Arsenal -- And it does not has -- has by him at church will be. So far there was -- number and widget thing. And obviously it's an Archie responsible program and Egypt in and integrating the technology we're going to make a charge to go and. And this has to be pretty close to the the weapon right I mean you can -- in the same room it has to be one inches away. Yeah that program about. You couldn't make it a right easy -- with pinnacle of ancient order. Europe whole and it's a situation where. And -- -- -- so well or you don't like going there and if so it. Bad guys and shoot. But I did like it -- statement. With anything basically to ensure you're in this group called that -- -- you loser in the -- is -- and as a way. -- -- And that being said simply divert some police departments are not on board with this because what they're worried about the reliability of the technology. The new thing and that. That sort of calmed down here and a -- When I was at a meeting in the -- and year with the attorney general suggested that they set up a party game and that in -- and he's going because there are a result there technology. People don't suspect that even though we aren't. Especially in darker and treason. And we got the pulpit and Parker won't go well bullet and our own and it won't fire. Like dash and the people who have. News technology in and regional opener in -- error our psyche and keep their error. So it just hasn't been after leading the golden years. And property has been proven and so my suggestion. Make this year and -- -- part of the game and that. And now the cages -- obviously there will be competing programs. And that and the public the site where there are I'm not I'm not in favor. Now engaging nature nation parameter on anybody's shall that they had to have gone. Equally so and so the full -- now. Are popping out secondary gain you are going to try to coupons. -- that the consumer this site. Any end -- obligatory. The anti gunners are to and I hate to use that term Robert -- They you know gave this Maryland store owner a hard time Kennedy's feedback if you've gotten has been overwhelmed our first. -- gun owners. I didn't I didn't hear anybody saying replicating -- a -- on going again. Did you hear them -- -- -- loans. Dutch Robert I appreciate your time and from Dubai and you busy and -- people who wondered about your accent you're from Ireland originally area. And encrypted. It is. Yes I'm an Irish guys in and work in Dubai. After the last ten years in that resisting -- can't bring in my own device. Yes I said you're from Ireland. Original iron eight -- yeah I will thank you so much free time and have a great day we'll talk to you again I.

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