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WWL>Topics>>5-8 8:45am Tommy, smart gun concerns

5-8 8:45am Tommy, smart gun concerns

May 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Bazinet, the Director of Public Affairs at the NSSF, about some concerns over smart guns

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker talking about these so called Smart guns -- owner in a store owner and Maryland's that is to sell him. The article lies so -- and the use threatened on both sides by people who were pro gun saying it was a and eventually lead to an infringement on their Second Amendment right by the governor -- government revenue and pardon me some people who were anti guns and was in May get easier to own guns or at least people. Are gonna think it's safer Larry keen -- -- as a net rather Jones right now director of public affairs. For the National Shooting Sports Foundation. Shooting sport yet. Like good morning. Why can't you do on a direct effect. Tell me about the year take on this Smart gun thing I'm a gun owner I I think it would lend people had an awful sense of safety where they wouldn't be as careful with the weapons issue. Well you raise an excellent point Tommy the fact of the matter is the firearms industry does not oppose the development of this technology. What we oppose are any government mandates that would require that only these going to be available in the market place. And if you say it's a gun owners can rely on -- battery operated safety device and Don we now batteries that -- -- Leave that -- around we don't think that's very. Com generally speaking you know in the story out -- New Jersey about a guy in and ended their destiny is not a gun issues as an immediate issue. Pointing a loaded gun with a laser -- forty caliber I think it was that. Eleven year old child his nephew to gun goes off I mean who. Is there any money education that would prevent somebody from do an insult. How could this guy not know that what he was 21 made no sense at all. Looking -- taken any kind of a basic firearms course as you know Tommy you would have been instructed never appoint tag on it yet anybody. Always appointed down range and take it assumes that it's loaded at all times. So a lot of that that was an unconscionable. How would you how could you not know that might even without the safety device and and I guess sometimes. And you know on on pro gun all admitted. I think though you're you're very responsible and -- and have a problem with the NRA when time is against they wouldn't even had not technology you're responsible for every round you let go and I think yard. I think you're known as many guns as you want is subject to you know that automatic restrictions and so forth. But if you -- around go and it kills wrong person you're responsible you would not have a problem with that I'm -- I'm not -- -- that was a horrendous tragedy. Overall -- accidents the United States are way down there -- hundred year low. But every now and many here about one of these tragic things and it's almost all. Duty human error like this just a stupid thing. The thing. The of these guns were on the marketplace do you think. A Ural force understand that consumers haven't choice or do you think absolutely once it happened at -- perhaps a government would then say when you know -- and let's make this new law gotta be this way. But that's why we oppose the mandate timing because. The consumer should have a choice that there but until police officers separated holster or Smart gun. They're convinced the reliability we don't think most gun owners are gonna make that choice. Two by so called Smart. -- I don't think I would because. You know if you if you got to use it you've got to use -- god forbid that should never happen and you can't have he can't beat him on the battery -- -- were rocket and I try to laugh about it but genders elements they like our remote. Where it's happened a remote -- trying to spin the batteries again extra couple of flips out out. Well that's that's exactly right. As president that the Smart and not Smart gun technology that's coming into the marketplace. Requires an RFID radio frequency identification connection with a bracelet or ring or some kind of a credit card like thing. I'm you'd imagine trying to to go that far fewer -- needed in the wee hours of the morning Gary wearing your bracelet. How what about I think it is gonna steal the gun using instilled a bracelet. Is it just he you know it may work someday you may work for some. Gun owners but we just don't think this technology is ready for prime time. I thank you so much Mike I appreciate your time Mike Baz and then director of public affairs for the National Shooting Sports Foundation thanks coming.

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