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5-8 9:10am Tommy, NFL draft

May 8, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Detillier, WWL's NFL, college football, and draft analyst, about the NFL draft

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike did Didier on the phone right now who is a -- WL NFL college football analyst Michael Mike good morning I deal Gilmore and come. -- some Jordan got me his copy and apparently. Jordan got one but I didn't. Of the and indeed draft report that you put on every year and a -- -- missing is amazing. I appreciate it I know it takes a lot of time just a curiosity did you wouldn't buy -- -- was as complementary count well you know the usual complement. As an undermining. I didn't get when I am not here does. Listen. You know for me -- look to see him -- Speed receiver. I think that that is the open that this football team really redeem. It was Mitt Mitt Mitt slash did not have a different in this. Because I think it took its support of the game. That when you have that big play element speed receiver I think that you can't do certain things defensively. Against -- so. To get that guy oh I'll get one of those top guys you -- -- -- -- book in round one and in particular. About the body of Brandon cooks from Oregon State all are more peacefully from selling now. As those guys -- likens out of the equation. Also at least he'll be a top five pick -- Mike evidence from Texas Dana is going to be a top ten pick an article bill -- Would end up getting picked -- top thirteen. And highest drafted. Receiver ever from college you might toll rose fifteen. In 2004. I think -- -- before that and I think would want that happens. Then you can have a situation where the two top receivers still up on the board being constantly. You adaptable -- again you want well. What is -- there -- Sweeney into up. Of all the different style receive more -- little bit more. That would Brandon cooks is. Both wonderful in the gulf war one in 2012 doesn't -- team. Oh lead probably. A little bit long range guy cooks maybe a little bit faster. Both can return punts and kicks and helped you in that category. So there's an awful lot of different ways bill will be different. But both. That type players. That could commit and helped you in. Can't -- two areas of concern one. And the other in the areas certainly -- that beat all that over the top wipe out. Mike they're talking about if you will this this theory and we've been through -- so many years with different saints drafted by the way I looked at the old. At least the history of saint stressed. A little bit of an uptick when Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis came in aid. -- yellows and just wondered when it comes to. Best player available offense defense matters and traditionally in the NFL best player available thing market out. Well I think what you. You wanna do it -- philosophy that's been in place it's shall and it's got vehicles six to team up with Ricky -- Is that the try to -- many needs as you can hand and veteran free agency. Did not have won the -- so Larry you gotta go put -- in in -- won it too. Because and that's in -- Jamaica real big mistake. I can think of three circumstances in which you have a player of -- ball in right deal -- what was Deuce McAllister. Would -- -- you Ricky Williams now that would amount of the time -- does that you know what Ricky Williams they've stated here and so you know. What will not vote for a year but rookies in the state of along with students felt to you and you did we expect it to use selected him. Will submit. A double -- to try to -- -- the kid Will Smith at that point in this place stick we will probably maybe five selections. Our latest -- where he should've been. In -- we used back in Jordan. Tied him to a -- that the McEnroe won the fell into the twenties. So both scenarios could happen. If you stay put it will be and they'll trade for a wide receiver. They've more than likely player that's gonna -- use is going to be a bit of player -- era linebacker. Our quarterback. So I think what those two events will occur if you're trading up again at the receiver. Are you staying put it in having -- defense and got all the and you know the top 1213 big sword -- he's just not -- sure how exactly they'll fall. -- thirteen to 26. That's worth a little bit of hotspots. And that's always a surprise pick in there. But the saying. Is that. With but all the quarterbacks go. Because of the four quarterbacks of the board that -- four top ones but it's now and boy models in -- -- in their quark. Then again issue flare again Thomas shop two. Would you rather watch those quarterback available. -- haven't been very early round two. Ring -- and say would you be willing to trade now. And you know we gave you an extra picks plural. For that first round selection. No Mickey Loomis yes in his press conference on -- quoting him exactly here but. Finances some long lines of they acknowledged Drew Brees -- some along those lines. Realistically speaking in that Drew Brees have yet to put the you know the of mine odometer on him whatever it was it was -- 123 years. Oh well Drew Brees I'm just saying if he had to put the is making -- as yesterday did ignited says something in the effect -- we acknowledge Drew Brees is -- to -- aware of it. I mean what he talked and withdrew realistically three years. -- I think he's got three really good -- -- look -- him. At least. I just think you'd look at him in the way he has kept himself in top shape. And he -- injuries is going to be the -- More than anything count I think that is going to be a domino that it. -- -- you does start to see some decline. A battle aids but also injury. Well and I think it's it's like everybody else you'll fall -- range you've built that way and you start to get me out. So. My thing about the back -- quarterback I think keep their very happy with the account and in line Griffin. Why it's been the draft choice this year only quarterback. And why would you'd just keep -- addicted baby no Putin and other spot. If you -- look at the quarterback position -- late Earl. It instead of today. I I would rather use that vehicle that god can help me on the field that he's line back or say the as a bill orally round pick then that quarterback. -- just hang in with the NFL lately is there more of a trend of you come in as a rookie you know playing you'll learn on the job as opposed it. You know doing your tutelage behind the starter like it used to being. Its board today because of something happening you've given them but on look at what happened with Andrew Luck. In Indianapolis. It was because Peyton Manning got hurt you decided well -- bull -- And so you get the top pick to draft him. I mean it's -- unusual happen like what happened in Green Day. In which Brett Favre is still there still played really good you -- there Rochus. I think the Packers really never thought that that would last that well. Stay until the in the big picture of what to do. And you decide to go to the guy. That is rare in the in though. That sort of event happened where you have a guy is sitting with his hand. We appreciate it okay if you return you government the -- just because as -- -- global financial issue. In terms of scouting. And I am I hope it is and sounds silly but they continue look. Down a road three years and I mean you know nobody injuries you don't know what else gonna happen somebody's personal life but. Do you scout that far ahead in terms of a few of the saints and you know jurors -- three years maybe see -- -- -- -- who's a freshman this year who's coming up. I think you you have at least -- will see it that but that's not a major. Sort of thing I think you got to count -- take debt as he has. And -- a year to year basis. -- the thing with that is if you drop the quarterback -- And you know that he's got three more years left that got to be pretty patient. So he did what that individual that you can. He's gonna happen though. Intel bide his time -- three years that's a long time being in effect an eternity three years. If you eat out that the right got to do it I'll be honest that Aaron Rodgers did it it was surprising. Because you look at that type player years that he's sitting on the pitch for the first couple years of his career. Does one thing what would Brett deal looked at basically -- the Jersey off of the regulatory doc. And I got a feeling that an apple would true that he's one of those type competitiveness that you have to basically -- the Jersey all of them but it belief. Mike we listen for -- afternoon now throughout draft this week in and I appreciate your time in the places. Thanks -- appreciate it.

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