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Think Tank 5-8 12:10pm, Dan Kish

May 8, 2014|

Arnold Schwarzenegger's long dream DEAD alternative fuel dream is being revived.. The former California governor tried to build hydrogen fueling stations for cars, but it never got underway. Now 28 stations from the top to the bottom of California are planned and funded and car companies are planning hydrogen cars. Is it the future or do we forget that hydrogen is made with fossil fuels?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Unfortunately once again. It was proven wrong. Into a discussion. A couple of days ago and we've description Dublin is Roland for acting. In particular world overall in the North Shore rugby spring. A pretty large group of residents or against the don't want to happen. And analysts and all the concerns and I agree. A big spring -- So vote and there I don't think of one oil production for a acting and choose who pretty. It I said in the in the meantime. We we don't want -- That we make up 9%. Applause. Of the only errors. A moral -- of we may go -- the consumers. Of the problem. A little like the product. We should. In these don't use of petroleum products and avoid the caller. Called and said while. You're not talking about alternative. To blow it wouldn't look for -- -- and so -- so at all in talking about hydrogen hybrid cars. And I served well and I think that was tried in discount. And discard it. Or -- and trainer. Of checked myself out of the few after the Euro and and remember Arnold Schwarzenegger. And I did the sport. Back in 2004. He had a dream and you've got to have hydrogen highway in California. And hoping -- poured through expensive infrastructure couldn't be made. There's more brittle as side. California energy commission. -- the preliminary awarded nearly fifty million dollars it companies to bill. Twenty hydrogen fueling stations. Thirteen north and child porn to console and poignant. Along with nine existing stations. In seventeen currently being built that means California war. Fifty -- hydrogen fueling stations all online and buy an over Auburn next year. Which not co incidentally in his to a major or makers like -- and taller order planned to start selling. Hydrogen cars and California. So although I -- -- bit more room brawl was sort of real experts and say -- -- learn more about this. Thankfully didn't -- senior vice president for policy institute for energy church. Once -- -- give me some it is very valuable time day and welcome to show thank you become an. Well thanks for have maker of -- doing well. I am I mixup -- being wrong it looked like California the have enough infrastructure. And. Well let's see what happens. Are more happy to let California go off and experiment we're. All kinds of things and they seem perfectly capable of doing it. And the rest of us get to watch. And blowing the donuts certainly imposes begin to other. It's against her will it. That can't win it looked -- that date you're right -- -- Building. Some of the infrastructure for. At least the use of some hydrogen cars and some companies. And our parking. Much more optimistically about the prospects for hydrogen cars and and we'll we'll see. You is gonna wish people look. There are some significant hurdles to overcome. You know what I look good to have hydrogen by itself after you're border breathed. Fuel is practically inexhaustible -- nation can be does solidly -- bureau of hydrogen fuel cell cards. Hydrogen cars now -- to market -- troubled range of most battery electric cars. Can be -- fueled in minutes rather than -- charge and I'll words. And the hydrogen technology can be scaled up to fuel bosses -- -- front of the B of big groups that most currently better bring back its. -- too punitive pork. Is that. That that is correct that is correct. But. Like most things he's he's Denny got to drill down a little bit can't find oiler as sort of derailed to put facts without drilled down and it's not as -- you go to your local. Hydrogen. Farm and in just pick up some hydrogen. It's it's an -- It's it's all over the place. It in the atmosphere in the -- in in all all forms of materials but. In order to get it into usable form. You've got to do some some pretty. Interest seeing things and therefore it may not. You know there's there's there's a lot of gold. In the sands of the ocean come. But there are sold my view. Did it would cost you more to give the saying those of the ticket the ticket to get the gold as saying that the ocean. Than it would be worth at least it. Two days the market and and then there headlines those some of the pro record of. And to correct live from wrong but. As I read all I that this move could grow you own and you wrong wrong wrong wrong -- and as I drilled down. What I discovered was is in and in color me highly uneducated. I didn't know that hydrogen. Is there's a lot of fuel. It's a way. Of storing. Or transporting energy you can't have hydrogen. Without the burning of fossil fuels right. Exactly. And it it is precisely. So -- carbon reductions. It may be a better way in a lot of ways to use the -- -- blood. It's like to cut down on the global warming that summer concern. Will in and yet what exactly Guerrero coming. -- a lot of people who have likened hydrogen actually two more like a battery and and is that an energy source person. Not because it doesn't have energy content it's as -- as an enormous amount of energy content. But. Screens. And -- music -- after it's created and you just still going -- hydrogen -- somewhere and have a hydrogen come up because remember. It's one of the latest. Elements in the universe and therefore it rolled around however -- is a matter of fact it it becomes. Very difficult to keep contained in any kind of it'll it'll it'll Leach through a lot of materials which is why it becomes. Fairly expensive to keep it under pressure and that sort of thing. And it has to be compressed into reform or created uniform that takes energy to do so so it's. Look at it more like a battery and an energy source percent. All right what would think you recognize and I think up on them refuting. -- when you read why it is and how it is it sounds extremely promising. And do what I often here is were just not ready port infrastructure there won't go back where -- about -- notes on blown glass slide. 2003. Pulled up on the web -- introduce a home energy station. The excellent form. Steam reformation of which -- hydrogen right there in your large. As as a natural gas as he sought -- couldn't play anything else. About that the comeback. In the audience that you got -- you're got compliments of -- 2601. Eats up with -- -- about Alyssa being bribed me being -- -- -- debate on energy revealed that Italy calls and says. They look at alternative bill introduced coaches hundreds and that -- cars in the NC water moaning in clean burning. And it's they've tried that killed four knew didn't work went back below where it found that doubles totally wrong. California. Fifty million dollars in too deep for hydrogen fuel station. Again album all within six minutes of each of them from north lawn of a report itself California. Huge celebration of fuel cell. Vehicles come about 300 miles or more. On thank you hydrogen. Verses seven club well for most clicked on. Electric -- now on the market. And his arms bird feasible we even though little double BO approach you bring people we -- Would you -- hydrogen cars 63%. Of these civilians. The problem it's his side from the number -- the problem. Cost and parts fifty to a 100000 dollars for the really cut down. We've got -- for -- to help Veterans Stadium news. There and cutesy and vice president policies be institute for energy search and I mentioned or -- to break. Similar ratings as they wouldn't do on the web site 2003. They introduced a whole energy station. And it's supposed blizzard of form. Sticking -- permissions were called write -- news rod. Used in Africa some -- -- and supposedly boards have you heard this and don't have any idea what can do it. Yeah -- hampered a bit and let me just say did I'm actually. Learning through this process review I should tell you and certainly no expert in hydrogen although I've struck -- We learned that birds that. -- -- -- well we we we we all have to go for it but come on the back to -- you learn your OK good because. -- -- Hydrogen has popped up but numbers. As secret. Pop up for oil in the bush administers this thing as President Bush talked about and billion dollars to. Yes exactly -- huge amount of money pushing hydrogen vehicles and and and that the companies are beginning to look at it more -- It's also. A large part of the borrowers behind the discussion of things like fuel cells which would do. Which can be produce electricity in the -- and and so it's. But obviously things have moved down a little bit and people were -- revenues. Checked out. Every door to see if it's -- Because ultimately as measured listeners. Old properly. And there is this. It holds a lot of promise so -- I never part these things down what I can talk about his. It is one thing is obvious. He isn't quite ready for primetime now. And and because it is ready for prime time because they have -- Offered a product that people will buy it because of its all of its complications. That's that's. -- we have to move and that's what did I just wanted to make that clear there but. That in in the case of -- Honda. Situation what they're talking about it using natural -- in the street -- And and reforming term. Steam process which is largely. Part of the process that we use at refineries limited network of four of creation of hydrogen for. Houston refineries refineries in many cases produce hydrogen to try to uses part of refining and and an industrial scale they can make it in use it very very locally there. The transport in the restaurant -- It's got a lot of promise take about it you look -- your natural gas you've got a natural gas line growth and in your garage together unit the produces electricity. And can also spin off hydrogen fuel which you can use in your car and also wonderful. The problem -- And that started in 2003 that we don't see them in my garage Europe's so. A little bit so the -- the call me and took exception to the fact that it's only two bit or would like for acting up polian and spent most people or nimby when it comes to drilling. But we have solved by and -- abuse and product. And she said no we're not looking at -- -- -- 200 and she's absolutely right it's viable. It won't forget about natural gas pipeline to make the hydrogen. Well isn't this article big exactly and on top of that it's also. If it where economic right now and it made sense somebody would be doing right I mean it would be it would be. We're all pretty reasonable. Folks here you you look out your window and I'd like to have the fountain -- -- I think that be wonderful and I would vote of more than 63%. The -- an abusive and addicted takes something that would slowdown in this process of making. Things hurt more. But. That doesn't mean it's gonna happen in the -- does. -- probably going to be left with the alternatives which is eating the right foods and taking care of myself and all these other inefficient things went. If I could just take -- shot a couple they used. Things would be a lot better I guess that's the way and that that's that's my discussion that many times with energy issues. It's profoundly units approached that people can tell us about the wonders of what it would do and how it would work but it. For some reason we just we we just can't get her hands on the bottle of that -- so -- Until mom for a loser got about a minute at least is a more liberal losers on New Iberia you're rumored -- and I appreciated the call. Yet. Equipment equipment problem could be solved by the -- using. Even say nuclear power also solar entity to separate the hydrogen from the option in -- you do that. You can also use our collective plans to make that so. That's not the solution you know that there. It is expensive to make the fuel cells but just one curriculum because. Equipment equipment in the hydrogen really double B equals or -- -- -- -- of general remarkably. No I agree with the are -- that same exact thing the only problem is Germany. That shut down almost have put their nuclear power plants after Fukushima. Have provided they don't have enough nuclear power to reap the hydrogen. Because it's busy creating. Regular energy. And their photovoltaic. And there are wind power. He has to be intermittent so they hadn't been able to do that so in the laboratory. You're absolutely right -- -- occurrence of commercially viable. Nobody's been able put to go daily and I appreciate the time very much as always. And I plan on calling you maybe 2000 more talk. Thank you Garland that would be great lists and I always appreciate that thank you. Thank you so much endorsed me. I'd taken a break just human toll. All of you do disagree were true hearing about hydrogen and its potential. Get my call -- -- -- about two Sid 01. Point seven told -- who were in the country -- expects -- -- in the zero heats up.