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5-8 4:10pm Saints Draft Preview: Ryan Pace

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to the Director of Pro Scouting Ryan Pace about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bryant paces the director of player personnel and his Hokies at what has been your role leading up to this strategy -- a number of titles in this organization yet it's been different this year's or -- this much for your director of player personnel so it's been much more in the colleges and so. There was still went through free agency if it would be addressed a lot of our important needs that time period. But yet at all it's been all college players last couple months in the. -- injury like you had made it -- it you know he definitely want to get done with the NFL free agency you know then. Mean a whole lot of time just sit back and take a breath I mean it. Yeah you're thrown right directly into the middle of the and it pilgrim in for me. You -- just me individually I kind of focus maybe the first half of the season on the and -- a free agents. That has been aired in two days into the season I'd lean more towards colleges and install. More of the top college players -- Cutler broke up that way. It appears to be the most wide open draft in recent NFL history I mean here we are couple hours away from the draft beginning. And yet people don't have a consensus on who's gonna make the first pick. Who that first pick is going to be or even what position that first pick will play. It feels that way Jim I think you know it it's a deep draft and a lot because it's at ninety junior came out so it's it's that there's a lot of found this draft so. Maybe that's why you see it because there's a lot of good players. Mexico are all different spots in the first rounds his business president looked to me if I'm on the scouting staff I'm more excited about. Really in a three of the draft because I think you do it will be a lot of really good football players. Draft come Saturday at me all the hype and all that garbage that take place today. But -- -- B well and it you fit because the draft is so deep that there's going to be a lot of quality people wait on Saturday if you can name called in. Lot of meal watching it a night to combat just -- the board looks like at the first two days and how to set guys still up. The fifty units to Muster for us it was Kenny stills you don't go back and look at and so so tonight. You know after the first turns over will kind of reset our board and talk about okay tomorrow. Who's going to be in our second round circle -- a lot of guys who can hit a third round clout and kind of reset -- focused -- those guys in. -- do we some guys will be surprised by the will still be there hopefully. And it's amazing you know how much you could lose focus of what to board says because the telephone ringing all the time you got conversations going on we people who -- -- movement -- them. Who want to trade with a who wants you know us to move back. And you sit there and you do kind of lose focus of what it's actually sitting on -- -- that I -- and -- -- we've -- pitchers are bored as little more. I should too little more narrowed in on guys that are for us so I think it's a little more. It's a little more of a cleaner and then in the Spurs visually -- scenic Alexander and that's a big key right there that when you get to position when you have a pretty talented team like I think to saint you have. But now you can start drafting for you. And not necessarily you it's not really neat but you go this guy fit what we do in. You know that that whole thing of the -- -- that you need -- best player available well. Every mock draft peachy was the first thing they do they say this team needs such and such so I mean it it's kind of -- he'll work but I can say when you're able to focus in on. What -- your team. Exactly I think that when you can't -- them draft board for sure you don't and so he's been in the draft for normally. As our draft picks is approaching the might be three players that we have greater -- that area. And you can mean a little bit towards a new little bit you know. Just to correct you know I don't know what it's like -- -- -- about a group of guys that were kept in the dark you don't. I think the only player that we knew that we were draft and with Ricky Williams and that will tell predicated on. If everything fell the way it was posted an -- Rams -- -- pulled the trigger with the deal but -- not to grant you there at the end. And you know we just -- -- -- who's -- -- ourselves in the know what's gonna happen when they come out from behind closed. Doors I think -- just our our area scouts and start with no regard parishioner everybody they've. Everybody's been -- involved from the beginning till the end right now so it's but because of -- part all year like you said this is their Super Bowl or Super Bowl so. Everybody's involved everybody's in there. In -- pretty good -- do and do tell me how Sean Payton interacts with this group. Mean obviously he's got to have the final say. Is he open to opinions that I corresponded to -- a 100% that would mean we've that's been going on you know over the last couple months here and you never feel Tim funny about giving your opinion and I've beaten him to keep created an atmosphere week you know you feel. Confident about voicing your -- everybody in this room you know Suns could develop. You know -- -- -- -- -- exactly fit into our offense or defense or. He -- discussion or locker room asking the right kind of questions -- scouts. But. That this groomed it's a very open comfortable dialogue and I think that's where the reason we've had success we're visiting with Bryant. Pace who is the director of player personnel for the Saints. For the sake of conversation let's assume the Saints are going to take -- demands now okay. -- what which your opinion of him be because it's so divergent I mean I heard Wade Phillips say today he would advise these Texans to make in the number one. Pick in the draft Charley casserly who used to be the GM there has said today I don't think he's even in the first round he's so overblown so over hype he's not even a first round talent. Few weeks back Ron Jaworski said he thought he was a third round pick. Help me with the with the the caveat that you're not going to select -- now how do you view him as an NFL. Quarterback and once he's over Boehner replied I think -- makes a lot of plays a lot of critical situations has won a lot of big games. On his unorthodox style players and we're here it's different. But he's athletic he can make plays and the speed he's competitive he's a winner. On I guess you know just just just because one of my concerns would be their ability dispenses with his stature in -- our game on. But that's gonna be fascinating to see how that plays out you know as we go forward -- if if you said to me names of the guys know four years from now. You know where they going to be -- to play on this can be when it was fascinating guys -- you know. Defense and see what happens today with that -- -- -- into tomorrow and you know -- -- the first domino to fall you know there's always that guy you know doesn't have to be the first pick -- the draft. Maybe a fifth or sixth but in. Think start falling you know like all of a sudden -- mean he goes by we got to make the Ronald quarterbacks now because I wanna go on and we got to have one. In. As you said people who if there's such a range. Where he's been ago from the first pick in the draft -- through the third round. That. He could be the Hokies they drafted. You -- a lot to saint could be said for David Brown. -- well we have just kick it off here -- 2014. Saints' draft preview we've been joined as always and thankful for the opportunity to talk with the -- pace the director of player personnel a little tougher from here on out. You know. He is great information as he does he kicks things off we appreciated very much Ryan will be back with more saints' draft preview right after this time out -- WW now.

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