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5-8 4:20pm Saints Draft Preview: Pete Carmichael JR

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Offensive Coordinator Pete Carmichael JR about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- and pokey at Saints headquarters coming down the NFL draft in WWL draft fast our guest this segment is Pete Carmichael junior. The office coordinator of this football team. Nobody enjoys this session more year after year that he does he looks forward to it like it's Christmas absolutely. Okay Pete thanks for -- week. It -- it out yet. Mondesi you're in ask you a whole lot everything else -- knowingly and know your job for -- coordinating -- fight profits of guys and grabbed their -- Just seem to be a tremendous amount of wide receivers and strip them on -- you rank them but I mean. I know that you had a look at a lot of players to -- -- a lot of quality depth at that position. Absolutely I think I think what you just said is true. But again only rule comes time for our picks it's it's gonna do what's best for the team but I would agree that there's. A good number of those guys out there that. Make the depth up prepared. Does it seem a little unusual -- it is at least projection planted on -- back in the first round this year. The offense a little bit you know consist of thinking is there a part of the game but there's not really a running back is projected to go for -- Yeah I think you know they obviously are very important part of the game and you know we have. For a there was that we feel good about and you know that they're big part of what we do. Is the game changed in that regard as a -- emphasis on the running game there was no running back taken in the first round last year either because of nineteen spreading things out more and in utilizing smaller backs in a Darren Sproles type that more than any place I don't think it's it's what the game's going to I think it's just been circumstance or -- the draft unfold them but. Myself in the position as a very important part. Then you lost Lance Moore and Darren Sproles in the offseason both fairly significant losses which you look at Darren what he meant to this team. 71 catches two touchdowns here the longest run from scrimmage of 38 yards. He returned 29 of the 32 punts that you returned all season long. How do you replace Darren Sproles and is that player available in this draft obviously. You know where -- -- the -- for everything he did here and now we wish him the best but. It's part of the business and you know we've just got to move on from that. You know opportunity whether it's in -- free agency draft were young guys coming up in the building that -- -- not be filled. What went into that decision at his age his salary. Recent. -- recent history of injuries although and a major ones I think that. Those more decision to me -- -- Mickey. And so it might be better off Internet question I would be. But now I'm -- more elusive than Darren Sproles wasn't surprised. But it doesn't thankful for everything he did miss them by you know -- to how big a loss was Lance Moore. Well listen he's been he's been a key guy for -- critical situations. But again it's part of the business and you hate to see not only good players but great guys as well. We've but that's just the -- it goes and -- three with UP. You guys think you look at this lineup and it looks like there's a gaping hole at Centre. Right now the projections Tamil leader of play that position again it was a card as a free agent and trees -- plates and they came here as a guard. Are you gonna have to address that position in this draft would you like to address that position in the strip because it seems extremely. Well I think this I think. You know to get a shot and you know we got to feel good about where -- goal that. Whether it's addressed in the draft not a thing. It's let's see how the board falls. You know making short Cilic is a guy that's. Were either pick him around -- -- have some that we need bill I'm following up he is already looking at his watch him anymore and that says. I'm reminded that it -- -- a I got through with you either now aren't aware that it and it's obviously very important position for our offense but the communication that he does so well. I remember Greg Williams talking about pocket integrity Greg get a lot to say about a lot of things we talked about. Pocket integrity how important that is to a quarterback. Perhaps it's extremely important to quarterback like Drew Brees who is a pocket passer and him saying like the three yards behind the center. And the two guards so important to an offense like the Saints. Is that. That important to this team based on the way drew likes to play in the two guards that you have both went to the Pro Bowl. Is that an area that you like to solidify a little bit more in that regard I think this when you talk about that three yards are absolutely right it's an area that we like to keep pocket -- for drew provision purposes. And you know having those two big guards that we feel is very critical that. We've been able to over the years when it was some smaller guys at center. But having those two cars next to a golf now. There's so many more big receivers and I heard Mike maniac talking about this last night in the NFL network. Any said that. That you want bigger quarterback cornerbacks because the receivers are getting so much -- he attributed that to the back shoulder throw. Is no longer we have to have separation. With the bigger wide receivers against a lot of smaller cornerbacks even though he looks to be covered you can execute it back shoulder throw in the stronger guys gonna come only with football. Is that part of the emphasis on going toward bigger receivers the Saints have always emphasize that yeah I think that. Obviously sizes isn't as positive. And really just kind of Rangers he had as a -- kind of can catch the ball outside his Freeman. Kenny adjustable -- pros but. Right when those guys are. One all want in the corner of locked down on those passes defensed. How concerned are you with the situation with Jimmy Graham sees it gets tougher to well listen. That's just again that's part of it and we're just gonna move forward. You know make you take that take care of that. -- -- tag team era slap. You're right -- there a few -- -- -- and allow. It. He'll probably iron -- in how about -- on on how much did the room. But a couple of games he played this season because that. Relief in both -- and really been. An issue for people bring up in conversation about well we need. Well we're excited about. And how he played the last couple games of the year. And obviously it's a nice thing about this offseason always. He's gonna step in and -- role and really have an opportunity to experience the whole offense where flashier it was just at the end of the season so we're excited about him. And we feel real positive about him going forward. -- thrown are equally keep your head and again it's. You know Robert queen and in in parties you know -- in practice and against good guys every day when it -- and make it different for a better. But he grew up and it was good it was I think we're all glad that. He was able to get some experience game experience he tucked about the wide receiver -- being so deep this year. The quarterback -- some people were projecting ten quarterbacks to go in the first three rounds of the last five years the average has been five. In the first three rounds is that justified. That many quarterbacks and going that well I think that. All the sort of quarter to its pick in the team's all sort of start to feel like it. They're well we got to start economical. How many picked in the first two rounds but again -- a good group out there. Pete you have survived another year with the witnesses that you through that I that the witness may step down. Thank you so much -- because like -- -- Saints offensive coordinator and waiting in the rule wings impatiently he loves this session as well as Rob Ryan the defensive coordinator. He'll be joining us shortly so don't go anywhere more of the saints' draft preview after this time out on WW now.

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