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5-8 4:35pm Saints Draft Preview: Rob Ryan

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Defensive Coordinator Rob Ryan about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back door WWL's Saints draft preview revive its saints' headquarters and happy to have as our -- the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints. Rob Brian Bradley visited a year ago and I think you are still new to this city and new to this team and probably. A bit more uncomfortable than you are now with the track record that you had last year that was one of the greatest turnarounds in NFL history to become the fourth ranked defense in the NFL after having. The worst defense in NFL history the year before. What was the key for you besides great coaching what was the key for you for this turn. I -- great coaching now that the key was we already had great talent here you know so. It was great to you know in great coaching you know -- bit the guys so. I was really fortunate to come into a great situation and just wanna be a little you know tiny part of our success and and you know we're just and keep the -- The big acquisition for you guys in the offseason from your standpoint is generous -- Last year I think -- probably admit the lack of interceptions was a problem for this football team particularly had twelve. Which might have been 24 in the NFL considering the strength of this defense that's pass rush. You'd probably expect more interceptions and that what you -- is dearest -- that one of his strong points. Well absolutely I mean you know also forced and fumbles another one strong points. The one thing we did do well is we led the league in fewest missed tackles and we're also say at least penalize the offensive football so. Those are those are things his strengths as well. But when you managers birdie -- only miss one tackle last year -- he's greedy and force and turnovers and we got the premier player in the second year role. -- free agency so well we're excited about him and and Champ Bailey in. And even in all our our two Canadian Football League guys and and obviously getting our two injured players back Victor Butler -- routes and -- how -- can Karros come back from injury two sets to. On all you know Kenny I mean he's got it -- there was one late so he's -- he's actually gonna have twos or excited about and a but what a leader won a tough guy in and a everything you know we as -- Saints DNA you know Smart tough and fiscal and and that's -- world about it swept John Payton machines -- machine is John paid Mickey Loomis and and you know Ryan peso. We just advance of playing those great players they keep that into us you know every year will be fun. There are certain players at the top of this draft either offense or defense that. It's almost impossible for the team coming out of 27 yet today and -- people write about Jon Heyman -- -- back. Do you look at it to David Connie knowing even that you have no remote chance of getting him in when you do what you see. I hope he falls to us a a that -- that kid -- want to draft him last year and I never knew you know I'd have some on the tape I mean he's special and you know I think he loves football -- and you know I think he's going to be great pro. You know but I I think there you know we do good job of evaluating everybody in the draft so we're not surprised just like when we play. We we work extra hard we don't like to be surprised on Sundays game day in and the same way in the draft. Could he be a hybrid type player stand up guy drop it and you -- to do some things that we strictly -- and then -- got a guy in your scheme mark. But these yankees are slow enough that yeah -- back and make him do whatever I want because you've done it before. By the way Elliott apology from last year when you first and now with a I think coach -- you're thinking about going to a 34 we were in the fourth report -- at three linebackers and we've been -- for when it gets that he it's a remarkable job. And that he pitched around. But I think that's really the question can actually you know how to use guys in the right position. Well I think I think -- you know a lot of that I appreciate Cam -- shall be. I think a lot of that comes with experience and they the longer I've -- and I actually identify -- -- pretty well. And not just me you know our great staff original bit Bill Johnson. -- I mean you know I think that's one of our strengths. You know but the thing is you know when you do talk about it clowning him in here here's a guy who actually play like running back what you did I mean he could do anything he wants -- I think. If he's not a great for -- I'll be absolutely should. Champ Bailey the acquisition of the 36 year old quarterback coming off injury. But one of the great quarterbacks of all time again that may eventually be in the pro football thing. What does he give you I'm sure locker room presence but what can you -- on the field that age. Well I think I mean I know you know he's a little bit older I mean I've coached altering corner before and New -- Williams. And I think they make your entire team better. They're smarter -- better. They they show that that toughness and character you know what. He's gonna advance that was our defense and I can't wait to work. Two with them you know worked with a I've not been around him just for a short time which you can see he's got an aura about -- and and and the confidence and it's outstanding those great players do them and they kind of globe and and he's got the ball. When you watch the Super Bowl last year did you watch it very closely and in what was Seattle able to do to completely dominated the offense like. Like the Denver Broncos. I mean I think you know I think lecture they have the best team and I think they had the best defense last year. You know in and that's how they won the game I think their defense was outstanding. They they were all year from from the first week that'll last. They raise the bar for rebellion believe they wanna win a championship got to be better in Seattle and a he also blitzes that they they put the bar high in you know I think I think what they did all season they didn't some fumbles well. Jets made some interesting moves in the off season Rex is going to be pleased with what he's seen momentum Liza of this team coming in the next year. Yeah coming you know I'm not sure I know he's you know. We have a much conversation about you know each other football teams I know he believes in his players in ways you know I believe in mind and in. You know I know he'll do the best job he came and went with whatever he's got there and and a I don't plan on doing the best job I can't put two great players and games here but he certainly did a year ago and I'm sure he'll continue to do in the future thanks so much for a will be better. Rob Ryan the defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints and we'll be back with more saints' draft preview right after this time out on WW out.

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