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5-8 4:45pm Saints Draft Preview: Joe Vitt

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Assistant Head Coach Joe Vitt about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And it is Jim and pokey at Saints camp with the Saints draft preview and Saints radio WW ballots always our pleasure each year to talk to now assistant head coach. Djokovic you know welcome to the broadcast great to see again -- I don't. Don't fine you know there's been a lot of discussion country have an opinion on this the move -- not made a hot hot hot hot. There -- movement of the draft two weeks generators from where usually is and taught that they could. I'd make it even later in the future that they could make -- a 48 draft that they can move from city to city. What's your opinion on all those factors that probably Phillip your whole segment well but I think it -- I think we got the -- them for mark orchestra played in all I think the -- -- Now is this a total smokescreen enabling the NFL to try this out -- -- originally there they had to move it out of radio city music because of a conflict. Surprisingly that conflict never occurred so it's a solid smokescreen to see what the ratings are like. -- to -- -- the reception for its like Jim would make. Mickey Chilavert about it that I shot I picked that day. You're a freshman laden both of my like for the hook and month after -- Felt. I try to tell us. Thank you and I circle with the square I. I don't look at him in his opening it and I I no longer than you have an opportunity if it there in look at these guys in -- yet. The easier it is to break them down yeah well I think there's -- that's that's a point on. And get paralysis to analysis yet I mean all of a sudden others. If there's things you look at it you know he's got too many for a closer he's got to you know he's got a world right the -- it's -- -- you know. It's been what's been fine. It is quote little -- time frame you've really gotten noticed it -- -- better coach and spent more time zone when I've been a lot -- school visits this year. And you know he -- five years 45 years all these kids becoming as free agents in order to kind of built a reasonable that a report them and are both great report normally come out of Miami. I noticed straight from it for about 45 years apart in -- cemetery but when I'm on the back nine can see the clubhouse but you know. Well I mean you look like you've just from the Boston Marathon what's the deal. It is running nears a saw excite the spot sweat from the excitement of being on the poking me in of course Christian I thought Marshall commercial review ourselves who's in -- this coach from. Hewitt that was the Brazilian left back. -- it really -- -- will endorse anything it's and for that you had to suit in Summers by. Where did I lose control right in front on it from the moment you walk in. Dollars a year ago -- -- very you have so many things that she said that that struck me is being. Semi intelligent one of them was at the -- that you are away from the football as a defender the more intelligent you have to be like Geneva car you're number one draft choice last year. Has proven to be extremely versatile and plays all over and sort of hybrid position I would think he fills the bill for. You know it would does it combines two things that group -- he's got unbelievable instincts he's got great passion for the game. And for young Q really put in the on. And so. He's got a lot of great things go for him and his whole season -- in this league you'll -- a schedule. Really -- -- -- leader cliff room so Matt that we org says that there. About the acquisition of champ. Well you know what can say. Your classroom of what's new faces in Mariners note if you trophy and now. I think the one in -- champ which stretches. All the great players Robert there are also great people. He takes great notes -- class. The young kids gravitate. He gets along -- will on the locker room to be here. Oh well in this sort of a requisite. You and Rob Ryan have a mutual admiration society going -- nothing but glowing things to say about Q on the election about it and I have assisted asking is there anything good to say about it. But what does he do for this team last year. -- from 32 fourth and the prize which on first got here you know at the -- if you were. At the third week of -- being here. She quit. Q what we were back to make -- a -- You look back at like will Smith and Torre haven't really appreciated that. Oh obvious throughout that -- octave. Robinson throwback. You know rob got the same qualities his father. You know this game is not about -- and o's it's about. Jimmy's and -- that Jimmie Johnson. There's a sandwich there somewhere yeah I thought about it he'll Owens -- his places either but. You know he he really well players -- teach motivate inspire. He's got great confidence and will -- game. And and the great thing about -- things don't do you don't go well he doesn't point fingers you to explain takes accountability. When eagle and a half two and now. Players play Hartford they play Hartford. So he's he's he's great football coach great football pedigree. I don't know if you put -- Rex and rob together -- you really can from. That wrecked when -- about much you mean you're I knew it. It's -- and I'm not in a battle plan albeit -- -- he's been an area. It thanks a lot. -- a lot of -- you know I don't think we don't get a chance to visit with you nearly enough I mean when you. We're no longer going on in my head I missed that I've really realize that but might. I mean I've got a that was all just an act about how much you'd -- hated doing this press conferences I thought that was really just. Part of the repartee but you became invisible when we -- -- absolutely fact that there is my second nailed the witness protection program. We've -- month and a -- Think the Bulls -- -- It was great I didn't play that much and you guys will thanks for coming out of -- -- at least for one day Jimmy. Rookie so to -- to do -- -- guys it's a great days and exciting they roll fired don't go anywhere more of the saints' draft preview after this time out and WW well.