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5-8 5:10pm Saints Draft Preview: Rick Reiprish

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Director of College Scouting Rick Reiprish about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our WWL saints' draft preview were alive -- Saints headquarters with Eric -- purse the director. Of college scouting and Rick every other a lot of juniors in the draft this year there seems to be preponderance of them. One of a guy named marquis easily the Saints people wouldn't have mentioned the wide receiver had a really good sophomore year his junior is plagued by injuries some unsettled. Things around him. And didn't have nearly the -- had the year before how do you weigh those two years -- he was as a sophomore compared with what he was as a junior. Well I think Tim what you do -- you look at him. Both years you figure out what he's done in each year if you have a feel for the player you like to player. Vehicle back you'll work on them out of the post season why he had a good year in 2012 event 2013. Figure that out today. There are other circumstance that a guy has to be as productive as he was a year ago weather's changed and often it's -- quarterbacks change in the coaches have to do it. You know you southern cal this year so there's a number of things but you still look at the players he's worthy of being the -- for you you do your homework on it. And you know let's go injury but just -- do you know we all. Here around on the -- this week he'll just around draft time or picking up the newspaper will get fill that only well I guess and you know it will be speaking of underclassmen to -- to a level. Or two of the most polarizing guys in the entire -- the -- says Damien Lowney and a guy commands they'll quarterback David demand. Who's gonna go first solid that's not won a match yeah I'm just doing it. You look at those two guys and everything FC you know -- I've heard everything enters. To be said about taping climate. You can either say he's lazy or you say he's living the fight another play it just depends on whether you like him or dislike you -- and you know. I would ask myself do I wanna play with this -- wanna have to play. Against the that's always a question of you know that mean you look at it again it's a rare talent coming out. As an underclassmen you'd love him to make all these great plays but I think that. What happens with these guys in we've seen that happen in other years we've had the outstanding player -- The media jumps on the band or they jumped on this kid last year at over one play -- the -- he tackled the runner back from Michigan on an unblocked slam. Knocks the ball -- picks up and it was a great play but you know. That happens a number of times and you know if you guys are blocking clean and it's it's a kill shot on the running backs are. But that was that started them all this -- point to Dave Connolly and no one gives them a chance it was almost a Reggie Bush deal. We had you know the opportunity to take a back in 2006. Reggie Bush's greatest thing since pockets all blue jeans in. There was no way he was the -- and he's this he's that. How he can live up that are levels it's it's such a hard thing to do it's created more by the media that it is by the people that there in personality and we don't look at it but. And then this year the very first play -- -- -- -- and their first game of the season forget who was against North Carolina -- -- before all the before the ball flat he was on one knee with his hand down. Now wait for the quarterback to go through skated so he could get into his stats you know and people said look at things he don't want me he stepped in and right there so. And there again you know it's you know you loving my Haiti and I just know this if he was lined up against me I would be concerned that we're doing your attention and energy into their wordplay and I think technically the same thing for Johnny mentality to have the lineup and play against this guy it. You know. And I think it -- he could fall out of the first round I don't think he will but I mean. Is is he the guy that's going to be the domino in the in the draft of because there's so many people that -- future is gonna do it because the popular -- People understand somehow another doubt is gonna move up the game for the same reason to make some kind of big -- Or some people say that -- game it may be the Cleveland maybe even used -- because he is the best players in the bad. Well I mean again that's our personnel decisions that you making you think you like the player so he's he's a different now you don't see quarterbacks come out like him every year. You go back look at guys like Doug -- when they come out. It could Doug Flutie play in league ever said no huddle Texas too small but. He could play in our league he was good enough is a good enough talent and I think you look at a guy like tournament so he's played at the top level of college ball competition in the SEC -- some of the best players in better. Defenses in the league in and had success there are so you know you look at that you say the translation to the pro game should be no. Problem they speak about that and you speak about a guy from a big school at Texas a and M you've had a lot of success with players from smaller schools how do you factor that in what how big a factor is that. To see a guy like at Toronto arms that are. Jahri Evans dominating people at the lower Echelon. That's really -- -- -- and Jim he you know you look at it like coming out of the division to one double A division three school whatever if they're not dominating at that level that you really have some questions about it but when you look at these guys playing at their level Jahri Evans was. -- was really who wants to she was really. Steam -- people with his physical size of music I've played in the that's -- state athletic conference six foot 4325. Pounds. He's blocking on these high school kids are coming to college -- played at that level that are probably 200 pounds defensive linemen and so. You know you look for that that's one of the judges you have to you you know take into consideration that he -- he did. Is the job tougher now in this age of social media that he. Is there's so much chatter out there now that it's hard to to disregard all of that. Does that make your job more difficult. Well obviously. First off I don't know anything about social media we don't have a FaceBook account everything -- better -- are for I don't know where that stuff that's cool but. That'll you know Ottawa -- makes it any harder I mean that this stuff we have out there available today is so good. You know making an evaluation record his characters out in front of everybody The -- work ethic the two what he does it -- Woody doesn't class and to the schools. You that you -- -- you get the opportunity nowadays to you know really look at that stuff and it's it's very much available -- makes life easier. You've been in this business for three decades which on the spot -- if you look back over three decades who was your biggest hit -- who was your biggest miss. And I'd make taking offense well I mean the biggest hit I mean there's a lot of guys back on them recognize. We just talked about a guy earlier and they it was last that would do some work in. Looking at a guy like Michael McCurry he played for Wake Forest. I want him to work out and Coleman. In two of the guys that were highly drafted players. And go. He has been so this kid might recruits and so he's six foot 4652. -- eighteen on defense and limited led the ACC in sacks here. We drafted in 073 round. He's been pro he was a pro bowler who we kept the Seattle for a while he was the ball were reliving the big name for itself there. In -- mean those guys those were exciting guys four guys you know about the biggest necessity try to forget about I don't have in this. Nobody admittedly Kitna didn't do anything out of and it never out of -- -- -- because three years later when they say that's really when you go to draft you know anything like that guy anyway I don't. Real quick and -- gotta go but -- is it isn't big hit and whoever's playing out of Fresno state. So I'm a work for Kansas City my second year and so I got to go to Kansas City worker and real -- in a bunch of other known means I get there Henry doesn't show up. So this other kids to -- page comes in he runs for -- 45. Had time to run. He gets constant injury no no problem great receiver just can't run and one of the places you'll -- has previously gonna get drafted. Draft that we did horrible fourteen prospect in -- one day but 2 in the morning and get the call from the sky. We he -- you can sign because I think yeah so I was kind of listens to give me a plane ticket. He completed nine years -- league stuff on page that's kind of whose of the kind of hits like you know -- big hits for. But money doesn't just want to play. You know Tokyo. He's definitely roll yes yes you know -- -- the only guy that liked that good but let's go that'll live Nokia. Rick drivers has been our guests don't go anywhere as Mickey Loomis is up next more of the saints' draft preview after this time out on WW. Well.

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