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5-8 5:20pm Saints Draft Preview: Mickey Loomis

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Saints General Manager and Executive Vice President Mickey Loomis about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And welcome back to our WWL's Saints draft preview world by the Saints headquarters. With the Saints executive vice president and general manager Mickey Loomis that we visited with you earlier this week it. This draft appears to be so wide open how many mock drafts have you done. As the saints' organization and how much more difficult does it this year when it seems like everybody's all over the place. Yeah. I agree with you number one and we haven't done very many mock drafts which typically we would do a number of them. And I think that's because we have a real strong idea of who the top you know fifteen picks are going to be. And that's only strong idea what order but we get a real strong idea of the for a first fifteen. You know. We do as much using knowing him pretty good idea of -- too many guys in him we don't this year so when picking between seven and there's that many variables we've just got this. Group of players that we think might be available in yet you know each one has you know. The type gaming have the 3% -- 5% chance in the next game as 6% chance and so on them lanky gets to the Vladimir listed in. Anything to 50% chance so we we've got his group of players that we. That we that we liked in that we have a chance we think to be here. And yet we don't know. So you know we're gonna we're gonna -- you. Sit through its first three and a half hours of this thing. You know -- on pins and needles waiting to see what happens in and then obviously we get in the last half hour 45 minutes them have a real good idea who might be available. And hopefully be one of those days that that are on that list. Have heard the draft described as a crapshoot. And -- -- the press the point made today about some people saying that. You're usually better off trading down at the trading up the history of trading up is that is good for most instances is trading down. The reason being you're gonna have the guys in your hands more often with more draft choices by trading down any rats hitting somebody. Are better is that a fair synopsis yeah I don't know today subscribe to that. Because you know the one thing about trading up is that you're you're trading up for specific player. That you believe fits what you do. And not just in terms of skill set that in terms of the intangible things that character and intelligent toughness so. If you just sit back and only to what comes to use -- I think that's more of -- crapshoot now look I don't know about the the numbers and all I -- in and statistics and all that I've looked at plenty of things like that. But I think they're always skewed to fit. The the results that you want as opposed to just take computer -- and just. Examining it without bias. But I think there's look. This is true you know. Your opportunity for success to hit -- if you will. You know it's probably 50% around 50% maybe a little better in the first round and in you know 45% the second thirty you know saying in and so on down so. Obviously the more opportunities. You have the better chance you have to get it. Get the rim and hits. -- that the it's also you know another variable is positions you know the the success rate for. For her selecting offensive lineman -- is higher than. Higher than selecting you know wide receivers face there's a lot of variables here. And I think he can drive yourself crazy with. You know those were these phases analytics we've always done -- weeks while we've been statistical studies in. I was reading at -- Think today -- hearing today is that the rounds the rounds -- some -- -- for a 100000 dollars there to go out and perform one of those studies in that. I haven't heard of before it's what I have heard of some he's been a 100000 and I've heard of lots of studies we've done lots of days you've -- lots of analytics. Statistical studies been -- for thirty years. And there's there there's there's there's there's value in net I you know I -- guys all the time that those kinds of things are just another tool in the -- for us. And it's it's information but -- -- base all of our decision just on numbers system base over decisions just summarize that. Let's take all the information and digest it put it together. Make sure that the numbers confirm which team with their eyes nature of their -- confirmed. -- what we look at with the numbers and if they don't then let's do some Wednesday. And so. That's been our philosophy and I think it's worked pretty well for us with. The draft being drawn back you know another two weeks it's intimate now and executed them even going the four days there in -- you find out are you planning a a gold record right now and I hated -- -- how it. But again that's just me I'm only NFL's gonna do whatever they can't. -- -- take a guy like Kenny -- quarter unit with me here they city's best quarterback -- coming out this year Graffanino finale. And if you just -- you put all the pieces together you know the film work in that. Analytical study in which -- to come out and go through April they would just like what you know now if it's like -- off the board. And I just thinking if you too much time to over think every. Well it it -- do. -- -- -- the extra two weeks does that. Because look ovals pro days and things happened before you know we had it maybe roll in and you know. It is it's more time together some information so I think on the one hand you have maybe there's some benefit to it it gives. Those guys that have been injured a chance to get healthier and have their pro days that have more. Opportune time when they are healthier so that there's look there are some benefits to it I wanted to name. And as I said yesterday I don't like it. I but I can't point to something specific and say this is why don't like it I just don't. -- at Iowa I love the draft process. The whole process from beginning in. But at the same time elected to be over with at some point you hit it in the you know what we win when our season only all of the stress and tension gets to be twelve months out of the year instead of instead of just -- you know six or seven month period that's part of our people in hand. Sometimes I think it's really you know it's recognized that what it. Not the draft for just 12 and because I'm really kind of tiger talking about it as well. You're new training camp not new training camp yeah but you know going up to West Virginia for a couple week yep I think it calculus in. Yeah -- I think I've said this to you and Jim before is -- -- my philosophy has always been that. We need to do something different every three or 45 years. I think it's a good change interject some new energy both -- players or staff for coaches. And so I think it changes seen me. In training camps a good thing. We've had a couple of things happen over the last few years that this is delayed that you know we were first talking about going somewhere else. Three years ago. Or two years three years ago and then and then obviously that the -- thing happened two years ago -- -- And then you know last year -- first year back and didn't wanna go. You know after his his his coming back off of that year so. In in. One of the reasons I wanted to go is look I think it would do us some good to get into a cooler climate I think that that. May help with some of the you know that the soft tissue injuries that we've been experiencing -- I think we've had a higher rated that thin and many teams. I don't inning scientific this says that's gonna help in yet. You know I've got I've got a good feeling that this that may be better off in that area. By moving to a little bit cooler climate I've been talking about. This this but West Virginia for three years it was my you know those first idea and I knew that the Redskins had looked at it at one point in the end. I Texas people there a couple of years ago said meant as a group it was a great spot they didn't end -- Go in there but they felt like it was a great location and so. You know that's that's how it came about. Came off for a couple of of reasons one being changes seen me the second being getting -- cooler climate for the beginning of training camp. And so we'll scale works out but I'm excited about it I think would be good for us we are still going to have that calf were training camp here. Our fans can get the chance to come to practices. And so. I think it's good situation for both thirteen and in our fans. Real quickly yesterday you -- your press conference here at the conclusion of the the announcement came -- grams. Filing to be regarded as a wide receiver tight -- in the franchise process. Did it catch you by surprise. And why do you think it came out when he. -- I don't know why cumulative didn't catch me by surprise that the media and their camp that it for me that it was in that. You know we -- to ago look at is that as no surprise is being found anywhere and any hard feelings about it but that's that's an. -- negotiation you know him in in you mean in his camper trying to use every tool they have to. You know get a deal basically. Get the best you picked him no one should have any hard feelings about that that says that the nature of of the system that work hand in hand and you know we'll see the result of that but looked. Yeah I've said this you know many many times. We -- Jimmy Graham I would he's been forest. We want to be part of our team and only -- deeper team and hopefully we'll get something resolved it and that sooner rather than Mickey thank you so much will be back with more saints' draft preview. Right after this time out and WW.