WWL>Topics>>5-8 5:35pm Saints Draft Preview: Dwaune Jones

5-8 5:35pm Saints Draft Preview: Dwaune Jones

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Regional Scout Dwaune Jones about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It is Jim and pokey at Saints headquarters coming down to the NFL draft and WWL draft fast. And our guest is regional scout one Jones who actually this last year about this time. The line I know you're well acquainted with -- rookie guys you know one of the great scouts and NFL history reminds what a great -- in totally. If you -- -- thank you heard stories in there. If you need any tips on manufacturing expense report that is totally -- and he's willing but I got out of the risks that I'll definitely adds a man -- -- talk often about failure. It used to be pretty easy out on the -- get away with it now so I mean with -- -- computerized -- against and we still had the pencil -- paper and all like kind of the you know. Didn't have to turn him -- one that knows so. It was. Yet they keep Aaron cheated out of the Patriots under me and not how we keep truck batteries receipt when you say now well. Well you know you get a discount. People so it yet to players so I at least get -- -- -- -- -- he's always got starts up and not on a note. He just can't you know tight sit back right now just chuckling enjoyed it right -- right now -- mean you get ourselves in trouble -- but anyway I let go back. Your regional scout what area -- the cover these countries decoder. Same same things Lester -- you know -- from during the California and everything north and then Josh has there -- so well super bigger. Going around the country Eric if you get to see. The players he that. It yeah here we played well and you know you're looking at players say you know the scale outfit that because you know he's accustomed pleaded not only that big -- out there on the and did you get that -- and after the -- cross check their -- Josh Wright does -- you know if you've seen some of the other guys you know that maybe -- absolutely man this -- to attract man on defense to line I don't see that much power I. I would agree that you salaam was beat down that area all of us are surprised when you see those guys played in the north you know they can play and work -- cold weather the use those you know heart conditions normally licking his phone bill so I think it is really released because of -- with -- and so when. -- you get anything coach -- -- only in here and an honor and a practice you talk about cross checking tell me what cross checking him today. Basically -- so you know five somewhat simpler from a -- -- to a degree angle so the rest and that's another got to go look. He might actually agree disagree -- know we split on the player that -- -- of local home in the finals most with a different. But overall agreement native for discuss -- and sing got his own or got season they would of my got a player that -- coach to see him. -- I guess my main question is who gets the frequent flier miles you're. There are fortunate right now I get Olindo. Slipped fell to keep. So let's get a few to. Duffel -- how has the business change -- -- that he's old school obviously. And now you're in the computer age and it must be a lot easier in some respects isn't that what he went through at least he omens are -- pretty. Total homage to all the scouts came for me because what we do not saying it's it's easier terms of travel logistics we have our phones -- yes we have. I it's computers. It's for it's it's so easy for the -- validate the travel but still valuing talent that's still think tough no matter what. Generation come from but those guys that -- projectors they had to make sure the film work to that and fun player. It's more easier for us now because technologists Neitzel we advances that. All we have to do sort things boom boom boom and then to kind of like categorized players and stats like itself so it's pretty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think you know 88 you're right it has changed but the one thing hasn't changed is that good football players in and you know all the work out all the com -- them all like that would mean steal to me and Hamels who. It's what usually what is the young men do game I -- spurt to. Game film but I think all the come bonds' single vote for the metrics or just a piece of the puzzle right always go back at game film and honestly. Which -- gut tells you usually stick to a good. Who will be -- Want thank you so much 21 -- the Saints regional scout in the northern region and we appreciate his visit. We've -- a discount quickly got behind in the present it in California. I'll play as that's the way it is that if and we will be back remorse saints' draft preview right after this timeout that he'd be.