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WWL>Topics>>5-8 5:45pm Saints Draft Preview: Josh Lucas

5-8 5:45pm Saints Draft Preview: Josh Lucas

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Regional Scout Josh Lucas about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Jim and pokey at Saints camp with the Saints draft preview on Saints radio WWL we're talking now with southern regional scout. Josh Lucas who a year ago at this time it was a busy man -- the Carlin and the rest. You acquit yourself pretty well affect I guess everybody but the last draft pick of the Saints last year and he may still refused Johnson have an impact on this team. Played well as rookies and it looks to be one of the better draft classes in Saints history. Yet so far so good -- -- class. News you know as we are talking off feared how the draft fell so amuse you go through it. And need me. Identified several players they feel good about it and just the way the draft happens to. -- eight years you don't get to select those guys that that you feel good about last year was different question there is. You know I think several guys that we felt really good about in the it in the process and in. The way it the way it worked out we are able to let you know acquire those guys and and we've got a lot of significant. Contributions from from you know the first four and like you said there's Rufus. You know on the practice squad in. And you know he's still alive and has that has chance to make an impact as well so so we're very excited about last year's class and hopefully. We can duplicate. Declared that it in this here what's it like for you when you know you've got the possibility of having scouted the number one pick in this case Geneva car a year ago. Are you really grilled in that room by the head coaches and other people on the staff. You really have to make your case struggling -- they pretty much in agreement with you from the very beginning yet Kenny was CI think that. Old depends on the prospect I think Kenny was pretty unanimous that. They're out the room I don't think there's any detractors with can mean and you know it is now in what he did on tape in its. His production but his passion for the game his love of the game it's. His football characters what we can that set out for it every prospect in. And that was that wasn't -- itself and he got it all -- -- -- what grill and Jimmie Johnson and all the stuff together and second show any division Baghdad vacated Carlton. Could I Theriot got in it -- as well as the rest of the draft so. Right now. Everybody you know the man until you -- Miami all that is right. Lot of good players right here close to home that are listening audience right now here in new -- -- here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lot of local talent -- of the state week Deanna that becoming now. Absolutely -- this is. Strong -- from LSU particular. You mentioned -- you know two points at the wide receiver. There's a lot of guys we've identified is is. Guys that can add value to the Saints now whether. -- -- able to get bowl level you know we'll see what happens this weekend but it's them it's definitely good crop of a vocal talent and some of the other small schools throughout the state and guys too that. You know he didn't mention it there on our board and guys that we've had an effect and -- his prospects thicket that can contribute. You know some time -- -- How does that -- graduate from Harvard find himself scouting for the New Orleans Saints what was your major countless hours and economic major. I think you know I went there to play football and and suffered some injuries early on. And actually being removed from from football you know really. Showed mean maybe realize how much I missed it and wanna be involved in and we I was fortunate. During my run at Harvard we had some good players we it'll last scouts come through countless others guys. -- come and watch -- tape gather information from the coaches and I think that's something -- might wanna do. And you know by the time I graduated. Had a you know a list you know if you banks consulting firms. And I came out of news and -- you know in which wasn't passionate about it kind of felt that I was fortunate. Had two interviews with them NFL teams -- we'll get it right started it just felt a lot better at and you know like I was fortunate to get in early in. And I don't regret that you know -- -- you know what's gonna with talent that's what it is so he has just it just as you -- that's why you are standing -- electrical engineering career that's exactly right -- -- -- -- story for the hockey game you saw it suddenly they've been hot but that the best and out there right there -- home. I felt good choice exactly great eye for talent as you head. Josh thank you so much visiting with Josh Lucas the southern regional scout for the Saints in the head coach of the New Orleans Saints Sean Payton on deck. We'll be back with more -- this time out on WW now.

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