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5-8 5:55pm Saints Draft Preview: Sean Payton

May 8, 2014|

Jim Henderson and Hokie Gajan talk to Saints Head Coach Sean Payton about the Saints 2014 NFL draft.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are about to wrap things up here with the head coach of the New Orleans Saints pleased to be joined. By Sean Payton and Sean this looks to me is is wide open draft is perhaps you've ever been associated with in the well I mean each year others seems different story lines. Obviously when you pick as far back as were pick and there's there's more scenarios you to deal with. Each year there is more intrigue and certainly with two more weeks leading up to the draft it's cover more and more. I think it's healthy for our league. It's exciting for the fans it is it -- Moses. Kind of measures of the midway point if you will when the season ended when to when the next one begins and it I think. I would say in the last ten years fans have become better and better and better and better educated. With regards to what we're looking for. And have a better idea of beyond the first five or six picks beyond ten picks. In well in the the first and second round. And I think that's it's a good thing. I'm sure the fans of the Saints right now as they look at your roster which they -- team that is -- -- center has an unproven senator and they lost to significant members of the offense in in. In Lance Moore and also Darren Sproles how to address those issues yeah I I think. Certainly you know is is we look at. The draft we that we look at areas where we feel it's deep in that your position groups were we feel it's on Tuesday. I've heard though a lot of people say that this is a -- real deep draft then I would agree with with some positions and then there are few that. Maybe it's a little thinner so. You know I think. Number one and I think teams not just Saints are always in the business looking for pass -- corners. I think the the positions that are hard to find in free agency or that are very expensive to find in free agency. Those those are treated. I think today tomorrow. Especially the early rounds with more value quarterback position is is always. Treated with a little bit more value because of the necessity of having one to win. I think having. Your offensive line particularly someone that can block the the rusher at left tackle. Those are some of the areas that that we see every year. That get taken maybe sometimes quicker than other positions. Certainly on offense for us. There's changed it changed with the fullback position. There's a competition it's -- -- ball at center. And you know you take -- their roles the offense and it's an opportunity for another player like. Cadet divorced cadet and in anybody else that -- come into the building and in fill those shoes so. Those are all challenges that's how we look at him and I think. This is really the elect but -- program this is where. Hopefully most your team is made up from and this is where you can make some really good decisions that can pay off for a long time. Eastern Illinois is known as you well know that the cradle of coaches you can not a bit Tony Romo did as well. -- Europe well this year there was report any ESPN today at the Saints might take your -- -- round would you address that. Not I would say that is. Completely. False I don't -- been a lot of good reports here lately. I think they look for anything for story number one I think rob -- an outstanding prospect I'm not. The only one that feels that way and I and I probably think he's he's going to be drafted prior to our pick and third round. He's big he's very talented. Aside from the fact that he he went missing school the Tony went to Roy went to really when you watch him play he's -- quick release I think he's helped himself. After the season the small college players able to -- with some. Some of the other players in the Senior Bowl some of the other players that. That people -- seem compete against he's got a very good arm. I think he's great prospect not just for the Saints but for for a lot of teams. Now other than that I think that they're just. Kind of really speculate and I think he's probably a prospect on everyone's -- at some point -- thank you so much thanks for visiting with us on with a lot of your coaches and members of the front office. Have a great three days and keep this team on the road the -- let's go practice thanks Jim appreciate it thank you Sean Payton. On hokey -- -- Jim Henderson we -- -- -- to stay tuned to our coverage and WWL Bobby Deke in the rest of the game.

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