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WWL>Topics>>5-8-14 Bobby, Deke, and Mike with Saints first-rounder Brandin Cooks

5-8-14 Bobby, Deke, and Mike with Saints first-rounder Brandin Cooks

May 8, 2014|

Saints first round draft pick Brandin Cooks talks with Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia, and Mike Detillier during WWL Draft Fest.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Granted thank you so much for the timing of all congratulations to you aren't you very very much. Manuel what what is it like people who is it process and pounding him with TV QB a first round pick in the national football only. You know I'm excited about that and let you know we. -- one of the things. That -- helped you coach Mike morality and somebody says Mike you gotta watch this guy he's gonna blow up this season that you should did you had a great season. But you know 40% of your catches last year one comeback routes. And wonder I think coach told me was -- One thing that -- does very well is his work with the quarterbacks always try to work back. The try to get his quarterback out of trouble outs on the rest with that. Part of your game you got great speed you'd you'd like as -- bit tour Callaway I laid up with that ability to work with your quarterback is a real student of -- game. Yeah I mean that that's unlikely from a sub ball in the air you know could not complete and Brandt throws the problem repeat so your people they had to -- back -- in reality -- most of our market in the wrong place. Now read it look at it I think with his press that can't you be reliable can't answer the bell. Every now and what I noticed in that to me. Is that that's unbelievable. And everyone I've talked about up there. You never miss the game at any level. And you look at that the reliability we just talk about that. Are going to be able to -- week -- week now. You got a good record you know effort artistic seeing them little things right though to be completely. Out and I had -- there is definitely. -- like that -- -- a long ways that -- didn't -- they couldn't he'd be. Now Brad Pitt what is that like all of sudden we -- -- right place right time. The dealt to play with a hall of being quarterback like Drew Brees. Of reality to develop these skills. And that bottom line is if you got single garbage and you get over you know you can get the ball. If -- -- -- great player like that it's our law he's becoming a better route jump it is a fact that the extreme ability. Ought to be Oakland quarterback and I -- getting you know the -- and put in the right place right. Now all credit what about being that complete receiver. And obviously what you ask you do. That's part run block him. And as far as you know what you look good at that particular run -- could be 78 yards and bring them loose. Because the year block maybe it's the 3040 yard -- We just talk about. At the next level being actively receiver. Acknowledged that also. That being a road block all of the big part of being that. You know top receiver would be able to do that. -- -- -- -- That's what I'm not my game it is is the run blocking to get better at that seemed to work with that. Not so black instead of the past. And I you know you know you can gripping the -- in. Randy father we thank you -- a time what what would you say is your best strength coming to the NFL that and they do one thing you can do you feel like you gonna have to work on to competently. You know be a part of -- betrayed the you know and out of these beat you and what I need to work it seat aboard a block -- I've managed to get this did you know -- that is. Yet now -- will be real happy go right. I've got to Brandon Mexico's congratulations to thank you and what's the dawn thank you separate rent.

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