WWL>Topics>>5-8-14 6pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 1

5-8-14 6pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 1

May 8, 2014|

Hour 1 of WWL Draft Fest with Bobby Hebert, Deke Bellavia, and Mike Detillier.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

No question about it the is the best draft out Dillon. 27 years in a Lotta that happen to do with the fact he got a hundred juniors that you came out as basically three more rounds of the draft. But it's really tickets are only two wide receiver position cornerback. Offensive -- Those are the spots that you got to look for. From a depth standpoint but -- wide receivers quarterbacks just watching the first two rounds how many of those guys get eaten but we all know one thing Bobby today. This draft will be kind of hit -- dominoes on what happens. Quarterback. One way or another the -- they'll portals Bridgewater -- call or that situation how that balls is really good effect especially in round one. Well you know Mickey and then it. That it is. Have the the draft that you kinda expect. You know -- who's gonna be taken in approximately. In those top fifteen. Well the fifty picks but after that. What in your board to change rather quickly. Follow with that being said. I think the -- talking to be flexible. I truly believe even though we want a young receiver. He never gonna have to when he covered guys. You always good news -- is outside linebacker. You know at the bit today and I think. Kind of like when -- exit yesterday if it truly is a player. That they have graded high listed at the article in the middle. Of the first run ended their 27 I think he'll take kind of like when he took will Smith and and and Deuce McAllister. Even you know and had Ricky Williams. That actually think on their board they gonna take the best player available at number 27 atmosphere there. All right he's Bobby Davis -- it to you were at Oceana restaurant senator and I -- -- in the world famous French Quarter up but draft fest 2004. Heroics. It's not -- a -- health first and continuing draft coverage is just the way that you got -- L dot com all of our guys breakdowns. Analysis and predictions from three ball was thing's great hope you guys on the -- and -- Abraham -- DA's breakdown. Christie -- if you view from one of 32 out -- report to you about David has broken down linemen. It's as comprehensive over right now lineman as you'll find anywhere all of that is up all -- the Gillick gives his take all of my -- there but got cute that you will. Dot com it's the seventh night and -- draft and it is today we will be over the course. Of three days this is the 48 draft for the New Orleans saint prior they have taken 523. Players. Maybe the aero most successful -- back in 2006 but the one thing we can't expansion draft a very productive draft. He -- -- car payment -- we want the best rookies in the National Football League front office they've locked down the left tackle position. -- the -- of the season John Jenkins was a solid player on the safety and it went from 32. So for. Any years' time -- he was wide receiver and the Saints with their final Vick took Rupp is Johnson a lap back -- -- state currently in issues practicing staying with the first pick is 27 overall. If you pick in the second round 26 pick in that round 58 overall the third wrap it for the black gold points and pick in -- 391 overall they have a fourth round pick which is 46 in the round of four. It's one point six overall to fifth round pick 47 point nine that's 16716. And it is excellent the -- and Darren Sproles errant throw that we give you look at it that players who would you get but there aren't exactly and the 66 and final pick if everything's -- that. The Saints or 26 pick in the sixth round which is 202. Oh well all. Eddie that seventh round pick it if you -- that you wonder why we haven't I think it worked out. That -- departed second overall -- the 49ers and exchanged outside linebacker. Parys Haralson. Not being if you look at it you know it's a continuous process -- 2013 victory took place in the preceded in the starting for a so if you look at thank you bought a seven -- that will be united parcel that out pretty good deal there. That's like basically getting Anquan Boldin for the seventh round pick to a mean look what you give up and give thanks for your -- you -- so what are things guys to watch score. As this draft goes along is what happens at the nineteenth and twentieth it. I think that's a critical spot if the sites are gonna make a -- in round one. Miami Arizona to me would be to market teams because I got a feeling. That -- -- if you go to school at the receiver. Sammy Watkins Mike Evans whom they'll Beckham will be off the board by thirteen. You probably have one more receive all the board at eighteen spot Jets. If you want one of the five big guys so to speak. That would be the target spot at nineteen when he if you go on out they'll -- -- or -- -- Well it and and now might look at that. Where we're at now and you know also -- Goran favor the draft being in a dance number not at beaver and all the cute little background and it's all about money. And TV -- look closely. -- should play in the draft self said and done it come Monday morning. What are the -- would there ratings Thursday Friday and Saturday I think that's gonna dictate. The time frame as far as it being courage to have that drafted me because if you look at it. It's the latest spring date for the draft since 1967. When the first comment AFL and NFL practically. A lot of fans or -- there was no league American Football League National Football League. Got it back in 1967. -- think about that you -- who was taken that draft. Bob Griese OK even if you young. It usually -- about football Bob Griese undefeated season when he -- -- horrible what Miami -- but like little. What do greatest running back to Broncos history. Did you look Alan page. Purple people leader now a lot of pats don't even realize it was a pretty good player speeds very as a head coach -- -- iconic ain't got. With a first round draft pick. In 1967. But if you look at what occurred in like Goodell move it back. Andy Kent State and I think Jimmie and that they're part of early said the change was heated this year nick connection that coming up. It about the fourteen. Because the -- the Radio City Music Hall. With both that it -- to -- -- April the ball you can easily show that yes I don't that you're not getting cat that. It's doubly eased to show that you present nobody NFL I don't that's yet I. Integrity they wanna stretched its not as long as they came in embody in my out of shoals I have done over the last three days. This draft board not only -- you name it I've got a -- they may extend it out and knew we will be working your forties. And it's don't feel 48 draft. Yeah I just look at the ratings now could you know I don't think as they like you said might be expected draft to remain in Nate. With other adjustments that NFL's calendar including that the eight for the come buying. And opening appreciate it could be discussed with the players. Players' union but under the current collective bargaining agreement. Whose elbow we hear about this team it would Jimmy Graham it would be a receiver or tight end and you look at the language to that agreement but undertook a car like that boring agreement. Roger Goodell could said that they had the draft without the players'. Approval. That's why I'm telling you it's gonna stayed Nate and I tell you right now. You know we love that draft fans. Watch New Orleans all predicted that within five years they gonna have to draft the whole draft. They'll all NFL draft right here and -- backyard. It's going to be in rotation like this -- I agree to make more money. What he does -- in one place if you could sell some and go to different musical tour. But note that flared in a Democrat is going there's like it's -- they gonna bid on it could hold. -- -- -- Yeah dislike a tough economy you can go all over the world and Seles they give -- -- about the exact same way. That's my -- probably similar to an -- Michael. 730 back outside in the world famous French caught -- We've got some very special coverage and into the mix if you would go out to Saints can't give you a taste of what we're ahead that we would have Christie gets the bat they've they've hope you guys out -- from the Saints. Facility and will speak with him Knicks it's draft pass on the home all the black and gold this is that you have your radio. And welcome back where it was generous trucks there they're not contact and the world famous quote -- -- draft fans scrambled thoughts about forty. Mean it's come out Jonas between now 11 o'clock if you come up and -- at Wimbledon if you wait. And sets of Tulane season football it now just a winning note alone will be historic. He's moving forward for the new -- stadium opened up in September when they host. The Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. So come on out register and autograph -- all later in the program you can be in that number went to lane opened up their brand new stadium in sit him we have a bonus. The draft since 2014. 2 o'clock the Saints headquarters with -- for a few moments -- I -- your team about a bad it will be breaking things down along with almost -- in saint columnist. Hope you guys on all what's happening. Inside of the saints' facility back big T thinks a function of course. Just wrapped up the Saints pre draft the show -- Mickey Loomis Saints general manager and executive vice president along with Sean -- the heard they're very in there that. Shopping was asked by Jimmy Anderson about the report earlier today from he has -- About the black and gold haven't some interest in the eastern Illinois quarterback to me -- load of horse maybe potentially in the third round which eleven of us started that this morning. -- -- -- -- Trade up to get him but I broke the news here he did he -- -- UPS did well guess what. You -- called that report completely fall peso to win some and you lose. Somebody and it. Now a coach -- guys in policies with hoosiers brick batter's eyes would be that he would be paying more valid in jail absolutely fabulous. We didn't -- he looked good. He's excited we have -- had -- at the dead in the background at that this is that just thinking. I can hear Bobby out on one end and of course the violently others write funny but keep up. That sounds like the Saints. So far from what we're hearing. Are settled into you know three or four guys they feel like are available your general manager Mickey -- -- -- they feel good about how a top fifteen selections are going to go. But looks like they're settled in on a handful of players that they feel like they'll have a shot that and that -- like. When it the 1 o'clock it 1 winning 1 o'clock at point seven. Yeah I mean it's kind of the same as it was a little while -- not much information gleaned. A lot of talk just in generalities -- that you know you get three or four players. Again I do think however I don't. Know if I'm hesitant committee either way but I don't think announcing the Saints. Trading now. I do know that make -- as who's talking about trading up. He said that you know when you do that you have a specific guy in mind. The -- strongly about it that very specific need -- help you immediately and I don't know if there looked -- me about. Yeah he Yeltsin this city back sometimes it's almost more crapshoot than -- the trading up. Yeah I'm going to get a guy does it fit to lose nobody does you'll hear that that you're looking for that you feel good about yet conviction he says that. Yesterday and certainly today -- of Anderson and hope you guys on and of course Sean -- one thing that stood out for me is at the corner in in this draft or drafts. Teams kind of value. Quarterbacks in outside linebacker pass rushers. -- incidents. A little bit more so that might be an area that and you've talked quite a bit. The young man out of Ohio State that you light. Right his right trees out yet. So you know I got a target that it point seven might be in that cloud they talk about a lot handful of players that they -- Learned it's like he talked about there's more -- some positions are more valuable than others quarterback obviously Warner. Back. Earlier and you're gonna have guys getting drafted earlier. In the -- crapshoot you have on just a pure talent. Bases which is gonna open -- some real great value picks some the other positions and and I mean is CJ Mosley right much easier loser couple guys that I think if you're swinging for the best player available they could potentially be in the conversation. Morgan Moses another player that we talked to earlier the -- double coverage might potentially be that. Is that the group of players that the Saints could have some interest in him. Along the offensive line to church on -- talk about that as well. And I know they visited with Morgan Moses really his last -- his last it's in the pre draft process allow likening the Carroll. Last year -- last visit was with in the world Saints they used -- -- nine. Out of thirty allotted from the NFL to visit with college prospects so. I'm more of -- another player that you know you look at and say all right well there's and yet there's a possibility. Of some interest there. Yes and tackles another one of those hot goalie position so I guess. Now it's all -- bounced back right you're trying to get the best value. For your pick while -- that would keep the players that you need. Help your team and where you think he can help immediately and the Saints you could definitely. Looked at a young tackle. Maybe train behind street compete with arms -- -- a couple different. Options there I don't know -- a pressing need one it's the how many tackles taken off the board before. For the Saints -- when he said. It might be a run in my you might I would certainly like 45 deep in momentum -- -- I don't -- -- -- -- -- position -- -- You've certainly love it Marcus Barton out of USC. Potentially also another target six with 3320 pounds -- Pete Carmichael the -- coordinator. For the Saints talked about earlier when he was on. Howland -- that pocket is in the middle there with two guards in the center in. 2009 and ten when they had John Goodwin meaning that spot along with -- two guard that time -- called mixed in Jahri Evans but that pocket for drew so. Or get morning I will be an option for was well at points and being able to stop and. Your your pressure is crucial. It to success in the pats in our interior penetration. I should say because if you can hold the line at garden's -- Not allow them -- you -- back it's gonna give drew. The ability to step up in the pocket and avoid them those that it's been speed rushes six hitter anytime you see a team like the -- where you have. Team pressures and the outside you have been close acts that means the interior guys are doing their job -- well there's just not necessarily. He in this fiscal credit. He's T Bob Hebert Kristian -- we are out at -- give -- -- gonna 127 pick. In the first round as it stands right now and I will be bring you the latest as it develops out here. From Saints camp in Kristian -- -- their will on the back to name is -- there Deke Bellavia and a -- TH down and Scioscia. All right going that christianity about your first chance to sound off all the draft in the morning 6:8 AM to 9 AM double coverage thirteen feet helium three -- you know. I went to sports talk to pick 2 picks in the morning -- sports going back to look at the Sean Payton era Bobby in my book we'll back the class of 2006. That you'd be hard pressed to look. It's out of the National Football League found a class. It had all sorts of value from top to bottom. When you look at what the Saints -- a -- and what they got up on the back. And listen to hire clients in the longevity of this group would now be entering what fit in nicely into the National Football League Reggie Bush. Roman Harper Jahri Evans Rob Ninkovich Zach Strief and Marcus Colston five of those lately is taking. Austin and the National Football League in -- productive with each of the teams. And when you look at what we have created New Orleans we look at it Zach Strief Marcus Colston. They Jahri Evans who wants staples in -- Atlanta as a base that -- they happily make those late season. Well. They gave up too early on Rob Ninkovich I can remember. And he could beat that and all that and in the pre season and also how he hurt his knee. But I mean if you look at they would have stuck with him and he's unbelievably. For the Patriots. -- you look at that class that truly amazing. -- you throw and Reggie Bush. This Darren Sproles could be that different level he said all provision -- -- it when he Google for Reggie would Reggie did. In 2006 -- did he gave this city. He gave the detonation. Even before I was even found -- decent -- can't of that year he gave them hope. The post-Katrina. All the golf -- the gulf south saint Reggie Bush cycle we have a chance we have a chance and along with we can go out who was gonna come back. From a shoulder -- Sean Payton Reggie Bush with a name that everyone knew and when he brought. It was that the timing and and and and I could tell you it's not Reggie Bush you got a hall of Famer. He is not I think Greg is indeed a pro -- But if you look we begin with the Dolphins the safety did his job -- that you did his job with the Detroit Lions. A look at two games he played against Chicago last year we'll like got. Know he had a hall of fame gains against the Bears against what the in the NFC north you know in the -- got to -- -- let him. So Reggie Bush to -- did his part when you look at that that's want to tell you this first round pick. Could be very significant -- -- like forward to play a role where we could sustain the success that we've had so far initial opening. I don't know -- it. I agree but really would make that your was drew -- because no matter what. When you look at it see him bring brought in here changed the face of this franchise. Khryapa. I think that combination Batman and Robin Sean Payton Drew Brees changed everything changed the equation here Reggie it was a piece of the proposal. But drew has been got to turn. And apply a little quick thing about going to draft occurred we know -- drew was gonna work out now as the season progressed and with the NFC championship. That definitely was the case but all the hi I'm saying at this. -- Gaby tonight the other people who you had one yet I think Reggie gave this team and I get a ticket people say you know what I wanna watch the Saints. There's a Reggie Bush while -- USA. Reggie Bush Woody did -- USC. Was kind of the running back version of Johnny put bulletin on him itself all the high. There's I don't know Johnny -- itself can even live up to what people expect. How likely Reggie Bush. Can't usually about that a high Manning did yet yeah yeah they don't look at your outburst as in you look of Riley in the opposite direction. That's my Didier Battier Barrett Oceana restaurant haven't heard of that contact in the world famous for its quota for draft Bears three straight days but today we here -- the -- went out on -- As -- -- -- -- -- I will bring you all the -- they'll put it. Go to WWL dot com formal. Now another traffic update on the big 870 WWL. And WWL and have them at 1053. Finally see an improvement that you leave the CBB headed out to better -- here on the guy Tim asked about. They got stop and go traffic around clear view while also looking good company and for -- -- of these -- out to memory and you make your way out to all of these the the high rise some slowing go between between that and the base. 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Also live Toyota of Slidell and -- insurance. Back to football on Saints radio WW -- -- Clement dot com. And welcome back where I was innocent -- -- contact the world famous as corporate draft fifth 2000 and -- Fourteen coming out -- if it's to win -- 2:11 o'clock at night. We have some bowling season tickets. Also delicious food out here big screen TV you'll miss a minute of action analysis. But all of our pros and NFL analyst Mike do you don't get this also the information and Butler beat in the know I've gone to give you that you will. Dot com. Bobby -- draft now well and at night that you got bigger and bigger big. It's been a good game and -- it's unbelievable mate that he'd be whatever you wanna call it. I'm just glad and I feel fortunate that I am part of this paternity. If you look at it being a former NFL player who claims to be a former NFL player if you look. There -- approximately that's why I think he should take care about the political statement. A public service announcement I think is you -- to take care could be laid the foundation. Long term health care. If you look at form NFL what are their approximately 40000. Former players living around the country. -- from hall of Famer Jackie Slater. Who's written a -- that twentieth straight seasons. -- a free agent rookie goalie appeared in one or two games so you look at that. -- end Jackie Slater and it's on the NFL or a playoff made it one game of monopoly. -- -- to leak out and out. Think about this this pickle don't you feel all if you watch ESPN. All the top players projected goal in the first round. Thirty at the top prospects to new York at radio city. Call waiting to have their name announced early. There's that this is like almost like that Kattengell why are our red corporate a bit. For the NFL. A lot of young guys or overwhelm and it's a continuous process you know what I mean about that. Why could expand not only day one -- -- what they knew if you look at this Morton Anderson. We know how we feel a lot -- and Anthony great kicker. Mormon you -- with the -- -- -- Morton and with that bullet now thirteen second round selection. During the NFL draft. And I think you go in the NFL hall of me what I think you're the guy is right now if you look at the NFL's all time leading scorer. He was one at fifteen finalists for the pro football. A hall in class that about fourteen I think him and do that and now I'll tell you right there -- -- keep out the all time. Leading scorer within -- felt that a good job the getting these top alarmed by a perspective eighteenth announced in the second day. See it's getting bigger and bigger body promoting is being -- and it's unbelievable. How -- he's truly been. Like a red carpet what you a look at -- Indies are you look at the Academy Award this is truly even though these guys have played it down yet. They're the future of the NFL and college -- unbelievable numbers. We saw last year Gary ball girl. You know we're Mikell stayed with the east yep he made the -- -- announce that she's not seen Steve Gleason. Of make the make it a thing with a -- same sort of situation Bob I agree with you I think you've got a break -- passed because it has part. Of what you have -- what you built not -- with you. One thing that you have to be able to do and and I agree with you and held the airport because that's gonna be you're not separate issue there on the heels. Where you look at all are not always going to be exactly any you know Major League Baseball in BA I thought NFL with Boris so the -- is is kind view that tiebreak looked the other wars. At the resort that they have and you dealing with that's like that what the my uncle got him it's like pivotal -- like what -- felt that people I don't know how much what it thirty -- -- not even that. But many people. You deal with individual 20000. Individuals. And that's why I think the NFL if you look at the American spirit if they carry you all. And right now who laid the foundation you can not to argue back on the players that has helped the NF they'll continue to grow I'll beat him. Well. Might now as we get closer look at about the when he made his mark on a lot of different round than today of course the -- I guess you got to kind of not bat an eye at it but the young man hits a walk about now John in New -- in some people who think Mike that. Quarterbacks. Who knows how it goes it it may -- wanna take a -- and maybe one and I think that at the team in just don't know yet. The we talked about this last year that was the only one quarterback sneak it in round one team and you yeah you don't Smith sweated out in the left. New York sort of beat the music City Hall he left. The facility before it was open -- if you don't that's the sort of thing you -- tunnel watch -- you get invited and you don't get picked in round one. Did not let it. Out of that he sweats and a week on air out of hopping and not sweat they don't but I mean that's ridiculous what you can walk outlet the ball -- hit driver tyra grant can't. It can get sort of the right. And so I think that is will be -- once one domino hit if it's bands now all portals is the spot guys watch that eleventh. Because you know what I think -- your coaches they they wanna defining moment -- wiser but it's in Tennessee. And we see anything from Jake Locker -- make you believe -- will be a star quarterback. At eleven spot. -- -- have gone on a given the reins. And listen I gotta take a look at that if all the quarterbacks who -- the -- That gave you his defining moment sort of speak as a head coach. Well on the you know I am not I am a believer that if a team sport is that golfers tennis if your top quarterback. And the supporting cast I mean I went there. If you could tell me that I would get drafted that's neat. In in the top eight I'd much rather go. A number eight to Minnesota -- number seven at Tampa Bay nickel five or three Oakland Cleveland Jacksonville. I'm looking like okay we're not -- -- -- to have immediate and now on and probably get Gabbert. That you considered a blast in the first round dollar Olympic -- the Raiders I have a dream of the of the reacts -- -- yeah yeah but but but -- you look at okay. Blake -- deeply Jacksonville. All of that it didn't work out but what if he was in a better situation. That that's you just don't know if you've been a better like Russell Wilson I'm not putting well at that level but when Russell Wilson. Right place right time with Seattle and -- that supported in this. Not a lot of Gaza -- look you look at that holds the game they looked great supporting cast. This is solid. But it's not great by any stretch of the imagination and -- -- really hit it like you get a bottle of what you what you think about it there's -- Andrew Luck in this class. Mean nothing close to that you have what you think about they'll Andrew Luck was truly that much of a difference maker but Johnny Benson hell is that -- -- it. There is no gray area you can you like him or you don't. That there was no great support in there but if you sitting with Oakland that fine and you -- -- coach and a general manager that if they don't win and it iron Big Five yeah. I think if you know what. One guy -- he gives me got shot and that's been snell that gets attention on me and he -- -- -- some games out and he reads you I. It's to my team that's basically you -- Apartments public standpoint and a let me tell you and I -- on -- though because we give more to talk about. I'm mean a look that he's that they like -- name it lives about what experts victory. We're in the Canada -- fans. Having success well whatever you wanna call it outlook it routine that would definitely influenced. Us observing the National Football League in the NFC south. Number seven to Tampa Bay we have to play like look all the quarterbacks then you have an NFC south. Read Matt Ryan can you and John David Bell are. The Dallas Cowboys. Made it would somehow go to Dallas. I mean Galaxy about the TV isn't real -- reality joking that you got a lot of them are you gonna -- don't. You don't go to the of school well look at a decent train wreck or incident and think about this would be it would be -- You -- it down and let played so volatile what art I don't know looking straight I would I would say putted. I'm thinking that contract but that's a back injury and I don't let me. Not if you wolfpack got back her parents yeah that's not what you what you look at -- -- out there and think about this. Then if he ever and made this statement. That the amount that I ever had the success like he did that they have a Troy Aikman. Oh my god he can eat you wanted to follow the -- Definitely beat you with Stephen F Austin. -- vehemently aero they have -- -- -- you feel like duck Davy Crockett the batter out well that we didn't have that. All right it benefits governor Oceana 739 times -- -- world famous for his autograph France started fourteen minutes we'll bring you into that -- -- -- -- -- -- because -- They welcome back healthy and Bob on the WW dot com for the latest information on the Saints and Tigers and the -- we've got. Son of information about the draft lead up to the draft and coverage all night long you -- century. Where we are about the ten minute mark. The have been -- net with the Houston Texans look good on the clock about club that was with fourteen in the St. Louis Rams head to the first 213 picks. In the first round of the two and number thirteen Texas -- exit number three. Pleaded -- info followed by Oakland in divisional opponents Atlanta Tampa Bay which will be keeping a close I'll. Mike OK is this is it we hear it it's about to happen. You'd think Houston's next day that the speculation about -- lit up their efforts -- But to me why it was never gonna happen you know -- because of foul them they're talented Texas. What does saint they would RG three and he hit me I don't know what what the Redskins gave up that the Rams. Began RT three -- -- -- he -- that the crowds that -- not gonna do that. You know one of the things I would be surprised this happened. Is that the Falcons it back they make the tackle Jay Mathews that way. And did late round one. Probably do look back up and -- -- lot of support -- the first round to get a court -- cold easily the rush the pass rusher yet. And its velocity a lot less and that's -- that you feel spots there. But it doesn't it's what got from Mike Smith becomes the -- draw you got no other angle here. Well. You really are you going as far as the Satan and and being homer about this. I hope the trait doesn't work out with -- -- the clowning. I expect to -- I agree with you you know I don't look at going. The Atlantic and -- he could be that difference maker if all of a sudden if you look at the end that perimeter 49ers game. Like vacuum or -- -- gets hit any fumbles. I mean I can do vision cloudy being that dominant and you nobody Cubs -- -- started out. And get it done now with study looked at the game cause the fumble on a quarterback that's why don't lithium in a -- but it. Goes to Houston you'll never see double action you like JJ watt Brian Cushing. My biggest man is this -- made it in Romeo Cornell. We really wanted to -- -- -- of mine's football night in coach last year who not a settled that contract which achieves. I pay you what I want it yet that's. Thought but he hits coach Mike I know him personally. You'll over bill Cole are. With Vick the Falcons when I was there talk about high energy they're not a number of people at the coordinator job actually play. Seven years he's in my tennis they. Lately the -- the Tampa Bay -- jumping gathers Chris Coleman all those guys. He knows how to get guys going. -- that clown couldn't have a better coach -- Ford's motivation. -- it but not respect Bill Johnson you know what to think. Local bar I know personally and it's unbelievable -- in that he brings to the people in columns go to the NFL. Think you lose your -- a lot cushion. You know a lot of your -- and that's really what would you say hey look and listen you can't make this league all but you know all great passer like that. We talked about it with Charles Haley would wouldn't miss the Buick -- -- -- every now I know what Robert Quinn rookies and I'll gap. Not that we -- not everybody's JJ -- you've got great effort each and every play. And some of those guys almost like an animal out they jump they need it and -- it looked. Put -- in one spot next. Mike I've been around and seem like it's ultimately that -- great players. All of a sudden you look at that circumstance down and -- all of a sudden. The -- and get tacklers on the and it hasn't been feeling pretty confident while blocking a pretty good. Then all of us these are going to be complete now it's like 37. We got to make them play and all of a sudden. They just looked at tackle the ball to the weather now that he's from and he hit it -- attacked with a quarterback club ineffective bothered to -- over. I remember on Monday night game against the Giants. Win late in the game -- dealer turned it up when you gun. Well there it was unbelievable Lawrence Taylor. I mean -- runs the rise. You know the only thing -- but I look at like Bruce Smith. Reggie White and any good LT like what did you look at them. They're more it was more like TTY. I'll look at the motor -- more like Robert Quinn you know wealth. People optical media Dick Farley. Bob thank you to -- Farley of the whole game. Olympic -- -- -- -- -- crank it up there now what time had anything he said yeah of -- got all of that he viewed -- how does that -- on -- all don't get the most guys give great effort to definitely know. But -- sets you up would that -- on pass rush them at all it Iguodala was not making you know -- -- and had a couple of -- -- and I got to block -- pretty good we've of them gave up that. I don't but it really -- -- -- you know what I'm the only -- American Nicky degraded. I'll play 78 good plays and not give up two sacks and they'll they'll talk about the -- big plays that -- made -- -- -- about the exact that I got. Our quarterback didn't let that bad to thinking you know when we Charles Brown holly struggled against the Rams and and that's meaningless Armstead how he finished the season it's grown. Is always evaluated. When they never call you -- They start calling you name it because you got the -- -- -- -- what is everybody what you hit to follow the ball. Follow the ball so you do your job you ever talking about these linemen all of a sudden you -- -- all wanted to play didn't work. Because -- Jahri Evans -- -- play as much -- I'll have to RE have it. Who's not a Pro -- well below this one Mike did they hit the golf that was his worst game ever right. And the goalie Mike -- The -- you reflect on the negative it's just human nature. -- -- came by the it's -- beat you Oceana restaurant senator -- outside world order. Come on out and -- also expensive upgrades we've got its food he could sign up between now that the influence of season tickets to the off season. And you would think with him on the Tulane campus they opened up the road today. It currently sit him Walt Walt couldn't continue on line that you give you a dot com we knew he was patient all over the air T Bobby interest again. You guys don't become -- to a from Saints can't throughout the night if passivity he's. As it's neat to -- you to hold on to their first pick in the first round when I haven't. Overall is -- him politically imposed on the draft to come back we'll take a look at that team will be on the clock. Think Houston at the strap in 2014 points -- got that rail car I could draft his thirty seconds away from starting if you detect it will be on the clock where it goes in a restaurant 739 contact. In the world famous French Quarter we have -- station out here -- does that indicate if anybody's NFL analyst. Might be the only people who might it might be Philly dot com or whatever it might you be good to hear it again won -- -- Mayfair. Well hope you guys the saints' facilities will be doing in each and every hour as things develop -- -- can't. They will join us as -- Houston -- -- coming up -- -- -- not a total lost fourteen straight games might. In their existence that Houston Texans and take it back to back position player with that in I mean if you are. Who won picnic come back a bit of a guard who receive a warm picnic bag with the other receivers have welcomed got a lot of needs. Seemingly quarterback has -- -- quarterback and still. When you look at their defense they really didn't stop anybody last year I mean it really pedestrian across the board yet out at the quality because -- really with that type talent you had. Also help MMI think about it we knew. They can expect that he usually got things change quickly in the NFL. The Bulls to look at the party seems like here -- the -- out at the Texans. People out Megan. Mobile back to back it back it's like when people their defense -- -- -- defense -- the. The defense they need a playmaker a guy that can really change the course of the game in that water back. On the you've got to find -- somewhere down lot of talks that would pop online ballot possibly be involved in a trade. From New England to Houston -- -- -- you'll Bryant coached him at New England he was the quarterback coach offensive coordinator. So -- football team that's close they got some talent on that team but -- -- Just fell apart of him last year you remind me a little bit. That what the Saints had that eight in a few -- that -- that -- done -- in 1982 naval port it just seems. It's sort of reminiscent of that what that what it that means he's the Saints had civil the last few would happening you've. But Mike you know it's amazing. Is that -- -- -- nation. There's Julia how hard -- might work it is on this night he didn't repeat I can apparently Mike says. If you look at the first round at 818 different -- that they might it's kind of almost a 5050 deal. But it's amazing. How -- especially early on how Mike and I kind of going to -- direction. How it got to be shots Guerrier I would be shocked it was like well. Do I beat it if you could talk about. -- -- back and and all the second coming support Matt Lawrence Taylor that's or they get back and I think he's going to be an outstanding. Outside linebacker. You know Blake -- John admits now but I still think. It's going to be clowning. Just because of -- as a potential and how dominant those guys come around. Well what umpires didn't whatever a couple of decades. What do you this week pass rushes today find you out of the Houston Texas and now on the clock he's miked today gave Bobby -- beat out of me a couple of outfield if we're Oceana restaurant for draft as they want -- deputy -- -- -- -- -- 703. It was time -- first -- locals lost some deals with Donnie.

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