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5-8-14 7pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 2

May 9, 2014|

Hour 2 of WWL Draft Fest with Bobby, Deke, and Mike Detillier analyzing the first seven picks of the first round.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And we are back at dressed as 2014. -- cameras around 730 back outside in the world famous for its sort of like that Syria. Bobby -- bad day's notice of delicious food great member of the limited nation and you would -- As we count down to saint nick where they stand pat is 27 pick overall. In round in the -- long think we'll have seven picks in these views draft. Now the first round ruled -- team is permitted a maximum of ten minutes per selection and first round seven minutes in the second round. In five minutes but sources in rounds three through seven might want to get to about round five. If there's elements there's a -- worked out they use who those five does that mean a -- in Italy British fans real clear. And so that that's what makes it real good and I think that's why they wanna extend just another day. That that sixth and seventh round get struck out because you know what would you look at rosters they become Eagles guys all undrafted free agents. It is unbelievable but let's remember the traffic units that -- -- fifteen rounds seventeen rounds. Well Mike if it is it technical report be that there would be competing like -- hockey the -- you know im gonna squash and company though obviously you look at. But that advocates but the TV that might question I happen to be -- what. You got detectives on the clock seven minute. It break down and it's Albert portals. You think the head coach I'll traditional or would favor of morals doberman the -- That's part because Tom Brady. In the pocket just about those two guys -- actually -- the two quarterbacks. That the fans it would have talked about wanted to thank both -- Gaza -- he would elevate their schools. You heard of Central Florida. I mean look that would have sent optical equipment and sit here and look what he did this is that actually recruited as I did. The angles and that thing is they trust George O'Leary. That NFL you know architects got in trouble -- Daimler's resonate. But NFL type coach at Central Florida awareness out because talked him down bit by Blake -- and -- -- drugs -- to live. He's -- a range version of Ben Roethlisberger look at his solid play. He's a big -- -- goblet of strong all we can move around the pocket. He reminds me a lot of big hit it in that category now he doesn't have the rest of me that Roethlisberger he would he came out it's almost like coach. Like a star shot it's a glimpse into the line. Then -- at all the different animal I've never seen anybody like him at the college level. I heard an interview -- morals and last year at this time on it this year. He said he never really like comedy get an education never really set my dream is to be an NFL quarterback all of a sudden. He begins getting getting better and better and better then -- sky's the limit. Where it was a like grown up a wanna be an NFL quarterback. Got to develop that that it and -- I believe I got to look at myself. No similar pay it in 1980. All of a sudden I'm starting to make that the all America behind you'll like the Portland State. I'm getting a couple letters I think -- It that he not all of them but you make an NFL team and I think he's starting all the stuff that sort of missed the Panthers win a championship MVP. Coming out of nowhere like rags to riches that's not likely -- Yeah it's critical that -- got a few more scholarship ball yeah you're right we were recruited as a quarterback I lately quarterback Timothy year. And it does because we won the championship. I mean -- back to budget year. Restate the -- -- angles and breaking on the ball and all that stuff but it's amazing night develop. The people might say. If you wouldn't go outside. Okay I'll go to player like getting better and better -- element that they've reached their peak at 1920 years old. If so it's shaping away at thirteen years me. Because -- meant Alamo all these little -- a mean hockey developed so a guy I think he's getting better and better. That's the ones that all of that come out of nowhere you know. We did we talked about this throughout the weeks they'll put the pressure. That -- McNabb must've felt outwardly from people -- him trapped on him in L he's a hometown guy. And in outs made this comment written bolts barely mimic that day you die. If he ends up being an unbelievable what about that will be -- would you tombstone that you know the guy who passed him up even though it may be an unbelievable player. The pressure of the home town guy who has made good in. Former president United States is watching his work outs and you you've got all this ought to Roger around him. That's a lot of outward pressure sort of speak to collapse the -- Johnny goes tomorrow and that the next. -- that speaks at the open almost like irrelevant no matter what he guns yet -- they'll let it be at twelfth. -- -- -- -- -- And so I think that you know in this spot -- I wonder how much debate went on with that with Bob on it getting involved -- missing guys you just make sure you -- don't write this because I'm the guy. Ultimately you two guys know how that one way or another but I'm good -- -- but the rest of Malek. The only downside I think John -- though the only downside because I I know how exciting years. -- this syndrome like RT three. Right Kenny stayed healthy -- speaking baked -- -- don't try to be greedy go down like Russell Wilson a pick and choose. Which you could be reckless abandon when I got it you know did. A colleague cabernet look -- didn't. In that playoff game I could deport water now when he was running so when he gets beat up -- he gets. -- the -- with -- that well that totally different matter one thing about the Texan Michael you know they've gotten someone that you can never picks in this draft well a lot of pieces at least it's about what he called it the full fuel the last couple years he's going to only fourteen games. But a guy who takes over. I haven't got as much credit come ultimately although he -- -- be with the Patriots because of what he did it appears they situation. Bill O'Brien a lot of people are a lot of people and -- and intensity and the wouldn't do you local train wreck. Have a -- I hit -- European ya can't double now all of that sort of thing and also with what you guys follow a legend. Sort of speak like a Paterno tried it in you know really elevated that program it would it. I mean that's really a base and let though wouldn't it before that that he was. Everybody's all anybody -- coach Tom Brady at quarterback but he was -- guy that brought that level up but not now that he had a little incident. All of this -- that happen gains but everybody brings that up that happens between competitiveness and -- pretty might not look like a guy that's a competitive but he's the ultimate outcome. Not a doubt about it I mean I look at Clinton and it hasn't gone well Tom Brady deftly we were we tonight is local to me. You do -- -- street -- with you know he would do what. When he comes up to the podium but we we beat the Houston Texans -- -- blues Rams. Jackson you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And them and I'll -- that's all it ain't it doesn't seem to connect the dots the jacket that he almost from the start driving me crazy. You know what it would -- connects -- with portals. Yes -- an audit done -- the it and I think that's why it's come about but the one thing you know got a legal team adopt a Lovie Smith. Luckily it went on and on about Jon -- snell they get their personality. That I -- a rugged defense. Compliment -- it gets them going on all but the -- you know that's that the ballclub when you think about it a little easier on a little bit of a little suspect they'll be things they got a Provo count. That I didn't -- look at the beginning at the revenue -- they've got good receivers that is why you have to got a quarterback -- -- and now that you could put Q you -- quote a young quarterback out of it yet that's quite etiquette of the greats like -- but it -- the NFL. Look out a lot that it didn't look out there -- this ain't your season whips. The they're that it went. Ration because. They lost those close -- that game to get that they've got. Almost was the killer like game one was Atlanta. The -- is in. With the first pick. In the 2014. NFL draft. The Houston Texans select. To Davey in clowning. -- -- -- -- South Carolina. You know a lot of drama about this week about a year ago it would have been waiting a little bit at that ball game he decapitated ran back for Michigan. I mean it was Eric Arsenal beat them locally if you read the thing about Aaron lots of people taken dolphins' -- -- everybody might. Everybody wants the funds all with somebody at some of was right -- -- -- -- these -- That's the worst part about the extent that program I think sometimes you could start looking and we'll. What is negative instead -- a positive but -- you David -- was the best player is draft class he was -- baddest man on the planet. In what -- well. And I will say this first I'm upset and it. Is the best. Bullet you principally I have ever seen commodity SEC in my 27 yes the very best. Bobby your take on the Davis -- well. I look at it to me it's a no brainer almost but the fact that this it's where. When you look at it was lined up opposite him JJ -- And I go QB coach it puts -- appear president meeting room. That's why. He's ready to roll. It lifted. I don't want overall big -- saving itself but nothing. And now this team the utilize. It and always say -- UK double team everyone. So -- the they -- that employs isn't negative challenge let alone when you get a good meeting room. It's like OK and you let that guy block -- in double team. To me it is a no brainer but it think that the club. -- it's -- it goes number one -- -- St. Louis Rams are all on the clock rich draft as 2014 you don't get a restaurants and other did not contact the world famous for its quota. We will keep you hear all the same tree that -- -- And welcome back to St. Louis Rams on the clock and it's easy to -- good as it comes up where I was in restaurants and their attacks on the world famous for a -- Eagles are enough buckets of Bud -- delicious food and of course. We'll go to rappel off. To have season tickets -- -- home season the first home season do you would stadium club appear. That sign up between now 11 PM tonight and if the with the way I just don't want to miss out on links historic inaugural season you would think if -- -- it -- to take. In the sit him but the -- counties and take it with the first overall pick to St. Louis Rams Mike. It to the -- to order for richest contracts doled out to rookies in the district and as a football only all of that three years of each other. The Jason Smith a flop. It's Sam Bradford who is all the flop bubble as of right now he was so -- -- plastic as she hit my 55 meaning guarantee for Sam Bradford. And you know really now if that is the thing with when you for him. Yet the -- honest we -- Clemens played pretty well last year in us and he was up back is a career. Hopefully get -- it is and and look what he did you how to handle the football. Real well -- net you prince is really really good got they got Gregg Williams. Now I want a little bit in that ballroom public Greg saying that the -- now look at Lil Mac I think this may well in they'll be in. The highest drafted all the -- -- in the history of Louisiana and Greg Robinson. But -- like -- been a while the wall -- her aerial. Gregg Williams in that room talk about this out what the -- Matt. As a football. But you know Rams beat that tackle -- that that's why Mike when you look at -- -- Robertson like you sit for a pivotal. That's on the -- you ever if you look at. Like Wilson was the eighth pick in 1971. And break it held that title. Long long time the night. You relinquishes the Greg Robinson. Because well like you look at that we talked about the river parents but it's different in the by all totally totally break it down. -- you know it's ironic and it's a shame here is that guy right there -- Tigers. And eating go to Alison you went to Hartman. -- -- -- -- -- You -- typically left tackle and also too he hits his racquet to to upon release a that you're the best football player that little survived reader when it finally -- all but knocked -- of this. Does the smaller guys. Right right. The only other player I think besides great run and Sammy Watkins. Tackle Auburn. So Greg Robinson the offense and I'm not a universal our ballclub and it's all down the stretch this season. Losing not only illustrated regular season it would have been different offense might keep it up but I think at second half an hour rain Tiger Stadium. They dominated -- offense SEC. Who would've thought that with the way they could total football with a three cushion the preschool and even asked him to. They -- -- -- -- also a storybook season and offensive line is so one of the best lap at that and have a cup out of Louisiana in great Roberts. Scott Walter Jones Mike steals that you know a B you know it's a big man. Who can run. And might get picked -- -- pants polo to jog around the state like Seattle Seahawks right yeah. He's will be a future NFL hall of Famer Walter Jones but you know Greg's ball Greg black league went to central which high school. -- sports use the biggest name will pocket that day episode as the and you know Greg not a just it's whack at it too hungry. Was unbelievable play LSU got in trouble -- -- show. On a weekly -- Alabama -- you know he was the best tackle in the state of Alabama SARS until it wouldn't have been a shame on what type areas the best one blocker. But the tackle group. If what -- fourteen I don't Neitzel worked as a pass protected because it spread offense but look at this band. 300 when he announced he moves and plus council's office is run the play. When the -- run -- play I mean you right back line of scrimmage in there got. Yeah I've got a big guys socket and they get it done. I hit a track meet state track meet we're militants. He was there I didn't even -- -- you know he was in relation. Came up to -- we spoke quite some time. You threw the shot -- this is no -- Just strip every minute -- it never really any of that book -- -- you talk about a man out of football -- is Greg Robinson and again. -- now the highest drafted offensive linemen in the history of Louisiana. And from the by -- area. Frank Lewis relief which is that not he was eighth overall it's that they want I you've got this guy a great pass protect -- with Sam Bradford -- A ballclub Saint Louis that is very close the average of 47 sacks each season over -- course of four years. And we look at the way that the landscape right now the -- with the music football European and he wears but over the course of -- can't fully use only two divisions and had it repeat it. Yes it if -- -- -- walking to at least once in AFC south and the union C off. And Mike what you think about it now the Texans be with Jack or a couple more clock and put a little Mac yeah. Yeah I don't -- got to be a bit though I'd be almost like when you look at there's little shock. Or anything because it looks a part cloudy Greg Robinson DiLeo match. And that's what you expected it to go. Editors Michael -- -- if we want to get this wanna do is popular but if you look at it like like it's almost like quarterback what are we need a quarterback. We would you break it down. It would you look at Mike truly where they're rated and their like clowning. Robertson back -- That you look after after that the fourteenth. And it's OK okay well it definitely. Would use so dominant as an individual player. It's almost not a reach but it shock you if the situation that Mac wouldn't go with his third me. Yeah and he's the highest rated outside linebacker I've done since the -- -- promised in my development. We know he's a man out on the football field now and Derrick Thomas once had seven is that the one game. But think about it I got -- talked to them about it when he came out of a Florida high school ranks -- -- all these like you bump yet Buffalo wide go to as well and only god was it late bloomer late the moment in life. He probably its target haren his body that was sent. To execute Jaguars -- not -- -- at the. They have picked it handed after the Jacksonville the next few -- -- -- -- Cleveland Browns open areas and things get really interesting from our vantage point. Because the Atlanta Falcons in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- six and seven and rounding out the top team it will beat Minnesota -- eight Buffalo at nine. And Detroit team the New Orleans Saints currently hold the 27 overall pick. In the first round of the 2014. NFL draft the Saints have seven picks. And now what we think about it and sort of the sound comes on local to -- Jacksonville. -- the both Texas thing to pay quite -- over the course of the last -- use. No team has had the lead less picks in the New Orleans Saints but for the last five years they've won eleven or more gain to the -- Sick about you had your second round the extra room you know. -- the in the quality Q and you look the the success you've had and that's why this undrafted free agent stuff that's come into play so much. Not those two early picks and doesn't get Phillips is -- to put a season affected once he's picked second round picks away from into the action long term. Yeah would you look at that value it and try to build the team of the future. And looking when it Jaguars are at right now. With Michael Neal back at four agree that you think that Sammy Sammy like it now. I've budget highlight Johnny meant -- and the Jaguars need a quarterback. I think you -- role that you take -- John McHale locally Womack or Sammy watch instantly because. I look at where their rank and how they could be. This the years to come as part of presented. And you fever but if you look at the Jaguars. That -- abilities that they are. You know Ohio Johnny -- now. Whatever that might -- it really all the mock draft Mike I'll look at it musically Womack Sammy why couldn't. John Jimenez now. And outside I think that's way too high because Max ahead -- -- -- out. This. Practice. In the 2014. And it -- draft. Jackson -- work like Blake morals. And -- yeah. -- -- Quarterbacks in the -- goals that and act all the mayock in the and you think about it. You buy it the only Mabry go completely audience with the G in the nickel to -- so now we Cologne based Hussein. We don't expect -- to be around him and make it back -- to be around him they must think Blackmon will be around him like if you pick and wanna make it and we -- What are they got it debut is it to you this that -- you wanted to shocker. That would -- right out of left you because the public picked late portals we'll look at Lil Mac and Sammy Watkins. All of knowledge -- you have hits. Well academically back to being the jags Jaguars double with the Los Angeles you're jangled like Italy and I think that's another Blaine Gabbert on talent. I don't know I don't know I don't know how Wednesday's blanked capital a lot this supporting cast around -- it's nice it's that was the only -- the so it's a big Uga got a great -- attribute all wait to get you what you did not ridiculous practice again because -- -- -- -- -- that -- -- like that -- back you're not getting anything back lies in picking -- portals with the third overall pick in the draft. None absolutely none. So -- calling it -- on a soccer so it's been -- -- sooner -- quarterback all the boat up to much of the first quarterback to all people but it's great photos. Over two highly touted players ahead of him. From meeting overall overall imposition I think Sammy walked of the found receiver. Out of Clemson at -- back the lap back -- at the university of Buffalo zone now Mike what does it do for Cleveland Browns team you would think it. If two players that it made it technical. Yeah I think every one of them I bit somebody is on the full trying to get that pick look a little Mac. My thing now is more I am sitting pretty good right now in this situation I thought I really -- maybe Watkins would be not yeah. But now I got pulled back and a lot in here. You gonna get a lot of calls does Atlanta. Ring the bell now and say you know what we could get quality we're getting Julio then I got the -- And -- time will come right back about six minutes before Cleveland makes that if they make bottles for a quarterback to go to Jacksonville draft basket if you don't think radio that he was. It's. The Cleveland Browns have traded the fourth pick to the Buffalo Bills. -- the fourth pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Buffalo Bills elect Sammy Watkins. Wide receiver Clinton. From his first game ever at the university and visited South Carolina that now being. Whitney threw one of the best receivers ever drafted out of college Sammy -- with those. To the Buffalo Bills so -- traded as of that point right and what was interesting is what the Buffalo who think local hometown product you know -- back at a university of Buffalo. They opted in my well ballclub that. Really get a the group with the ball covered a true reason waived before and it right because you could get what they got for him last year at this point down now Cleveland picks up. Multiple picks this year and next year and is still on the clock just a few particulars and on and -- -- -- so. Did you first round picks and it looked well the first important what do you need and you get when this year got a situation here. Where I think you'll but he took the roles that you know what looked LBJ and you want to help each day I hit well I think -- -- got to roll with it. We -- him up with Robert looks relatively well last year. Well as the other receiver. They've got a real nice to catch combination -- -- electrifying guy out in the open you'll it's Sammy Watkins. With Oakland now. Do they really want it Sammy Watkins I think it was the god that they marketed now. It -- and a if all -- any other place Atlantic you end up with a little -- My aunt and that so we don't -- when you don't -- yeah you know look at your stats -- relax he's lacked. But it is personal preference yep Barbara it is that is not my if you look at the commodity in the top ten. You received business. I actually I think in the -- he always like not being slighted -- want to fault the yeah Rome but if you look at sandy lie in. When I notice and look at the difference and intelligently Clinton. How he was like a difference maker. If you look at -- like it's -- me what's it like not out of that game but it was a hundred yeah. You're right -- right look at it now. But you look at that Sammy -- -- -- yards after the game. Well well where if you look at the highlights like. All the studies like a running back in the open field where it's because the vote ballot that simple -- -- slant route and all of a sudden disruptive. Six ER done well yet it was since 81 when they wanted to ask the championship with game forward you know late eighties when they lost. Calero on the phone -- you Florida State if they had Death Valley. These three players tied for the -- -- and a walk it will be three. It probably probably the greatest area Clinton football when your program that any if they -- have who about it think the -- -- changed everything because they weren't defensive. Run oriented team in the -- picked him pitch and catch right because of the -- because a lot it's. It's not like teams the world put him. Basically that's what about no matter what what particular amount of professional. What -- -- -- the college level when he quit against LSU -- -- -- was packed with him every play and yet it -- right back on the setup. And he would make that snap and he was the option of downfield. Now Mike would you compare Sammy likened. Obviously Andre Johnson eight. -- not decides of mega trying. And out to Andre Johnson AJ green is that it apparently. It's a little you know he's the ball -- water on a -- Johnson's and they don't short -- -- but not because Larry FitzGerald maggots on crime if I would compare him is compare with Andre Johnson came out of Miami of Florida. And we'll see how well he plays in the hole. Yeah that's gonna be at this they do it's that cold weather. You know some guys don't adjust to that real well you'll but he dual purpose. Yeah -- they'll welcome -- stories about how close the play out. Baldelli it's also come August September but think that come in October OK but no permanently changes when -- the Oakland Raiders -- now all on the clock the pickings -- who go to Oakland and very interesting from me asking -- C south standpoint. Allen who picks -- it's -- to -- -- -- and six. And Tampa Bay at seven Minnesota. Lehman and B Troy Brown now the top teams have a -- draft recap after the that they can come back here. From but our very own -- again we're at Oceana restaurant so they're not contact in the world famous for -- torn -- draft -- so started. This disease. Fourteen NFL draft. The Oakland Raiders the lack. Calero back. I'm back here Buffalo. I -- I don't back my car good at all it's -- yeah yeah I Ike -- avoid laughing you know this is the globe like a few years ago they -- -- -- Hobbled him in that if you think Michael. He's not the B yeah -- a lot of guys free agency -- the people who decide the ball and alternate to pick up Maurice Jones-Drew you got -- took. And now the Leo -- it by revised now is keep them coming in Houston. He's an unbelievable football player with -- -- quarterback. -- and in that position is still wide open. But a Raiders in all of acknowledges Dennis Allen Reggie McKenzie this this was a no brainer to pick the little back it's there. But I gotta figure out what to do a quarterback has its own relations position for me that I haven't field when -- twenty years. Haven't had somebody that could really pull the trigger a Rich Gannon basically but I -- years but still. But might from a confidence standpoint. A -- and a brain part the quarterback and Texans Alexandria that's the problem in upstate. Don't look at last year. The years before. He put up great numbers on my game going yeah yes -- what was detected. But the Raiders that they can that and yet Jones-Drew and and you got -- -- -- -- -- now that they think you have a serviceable -- they'll look at last year -- was pick sixes. I'm telling you know I know when you understand no phone Mike's influence we looked at my local local media onslaught that out via well on our cause McNabb from the -- in the fourth straight week they've if you look. What he did it -- from the Atlanta factory -- to -- compared to David car. Hammered everybody exceeded scenery you know I think it could be good point -- and -- I've been asked to do -- hours ago they brought -- ever studied to lose again I would go to backs. All right but next we get in our division. Atlanta and Tampa come up on the sixth and seventh welcome back to draft recap where it was in restaurants and they're gonna outside the world famous -- -- -- It's draft pass on the news talking sports leader -- you -- US. I'm Steve -- visit WW LN FL draft update is brought you by the Louisiana lottery buy your ticket in Friday's mega million Jack -- 105. Million. What Houston Texans opted to keep their first overall pick and were on the clock to start the NFL draft and -- fourteen. With the first pick in the 2014. NFL draft and the Houston Texans select. To Davey in clowning. He could prevent South Carolina. Both. At the second pick it was the St. Louis Rams taking Greg Robinson Auburn offensive tackle. The Jacksonville Jaguars were picking next and surprised everyone taking UCF quarterback Blake bore holes. Fourth overall the Buffalo Bills traded to Cleveland Browns to take that -- got Sammy Watkins wide receiver out of Clemson and at that number five overall pick. Buffalo outside linebacker -- Mac goes to the Oakland Raiders did. Atlanta Falcons are currently on the clock the pick is it we're just waiting to hear from commissioner. Roger Goodell the Saints still only 27 overall selection in this year's draft now back to Bobby and the boys at Oceanic. Real for draft best all right all sorts of buckets that's delicious food. Analysis from all of all pro was taken out of Saints can't recruit and keep up and poking a little later in this -- the Atlanta Falcons look up on the clock. Come on up sign up two wins the most tickets will go away some tickets in the first season human stadium. Coming up this intimidated me greatly opened up their brand new -- on the campus. And you couldn't put your name and had -- table -- at Oceana restaurant then -- capital they were thirteen 32 years ago Mike the number one seed. They want all the close games this year they -- -- -- -- appointments a ballclub that will. Once again that you could beat a team that makes the NFC south one of the of the competitive football since he's got the you don't want to offices lines -- going to be a -- that. With the sixth pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Atlanta Falcons select Jake Matthews. -- Texas they now. I think that's where all of us thought that you added up. He's the guy that can protect. Not lines backside as a player. A Guillen watched with the Falcons to -- back into round one late -- -- after an incident. -- Matthews is the safest pick in look did play. Well if you look at him might end up before on the talk about what that hey coach Mike Smith and look at the gene pool. That is that Bruce Matthews his first cut and get his first cut that Clay Matthews with the Packers. You talk about. I play what is that -- Matthews senior. You collected a brawl the now that you -- Clay Matthews junior you -- Bruce Matthews Dave Matthews. It's like I had though it's like Rick battery and all FL and all his clan. The Matthews have been that dominate in the game of football. But if you call it now the coach Mike Schmidt. When he evaluated last year's team. Look we got to make major improvement on the line of scrimmage bottom line is we got our butt kicked. -- well and he said that now that we'll both murder. Bob lack of threat inside. On both sides of the line offense rank last in rushing and Matt Bryant was sacked a career high. Article -- time. -- look at that. We've got to get it done up front we think we have a franchise quarterback in Matt Ryan knows that that's the frightening. That would look like. Rank it where their availability. To go low which. That and you think about look we gonna be cool against twice a year cam Jordan. Greg Hardy and you don't Michael Johnson goals from Cincinnati to Tampa you gotta get ready. I mean this I mean the SEC is tough when you talk about you going to be going up against some you brits have been. Have all but they -- coming days the whole another team now the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have about six minutes to change before they submit this week. A forward to a ballclub Michael and also hand for the game so by seven points -- -- The biggest acquisition this off season with the addition of movies -- this the team is tailor made defensively that gave up one of the better quarterbacks of the future is in the still have a lot all the -- that decide the football offensively you get called me up the you've got those guys -- -- good running backs. They're good receivers you brought a very good quarterback Chicago that you could put you young quarterback mean. Take some time to develop him but with its head guy and those multiple. And so is Mike Evans can you imagine Vincent Jackson on one side Mike Evans on the other. Match up. And the today no quarterback personal view a matchup of quarterback tool that can match up against those two guys because of their size. And you know I'm loving -- solo work in Chicago last year offensively all -- Jeffrey Brandon Marshall. Now he wasn't there to see it. But I'll tell -- -- -- would be a lethal combination have to go against those two guys do a lot. It would mix up that happened advance they'll hit here because it changes that have the original I'm completely. I look at it that they've -- as well the thing led. But a little bit but I mean I diamond -- -- -- that would be awesome it's like must see TV. We'll wanna watch it on demand now republika way to present it is an odd I think to have a vehicle expecting him. But it's like him at that time itself. And the thing that you're from the -- pocket is sitting there and Johnny himself balls to hit they're. -- Just think about what that would do that that additional -- Went ahead and add to that you have the Minnesota Vikings and a couple that you had the Cleveland Browns who. Mike who who now they could be a ballclub that's who worked at it and thinking I picks later it was there -- -- thought that they move back they had the guts of the Cleveland what they've done like at the beginning of last year. And a competitive. But if you look meekly into the sixteen games I think that will work at a level at five and really create yet they would if they -- a -- defense the other defense instead -- get -- -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- that's -- -- -- that. So they're they're I think you look at it in Detroit. As you -- you've got to -- an interesting. About Tennessean eleven if they happen through a smokescreen I put word out of New York was that the Giants were even interested in it and it. And so you got a lot of different factors have been involved with this and so would you look at it -- that matchup of Evans and man I just think about six foot five receivers that you're gonna have to go up against that's will be really really tough and I did. But he saw what it worked last season knocked out of for a little while but really -- thought Jeffrey to -- last year you know you don't picked up -- layup put up there. Michael all the mock draft would connect when he left mock drafts. If it's not my might have at that time it though. Is -- little and all the attack and there's been if you looked out to a public that tackles have gone. It didn't -- third over to tackle well beat that more and maybe the third god this this and he's been hotly voted if you look at it if you guys get sack and a quarterback. I didn't protect the quarterback that's also critical. Lot of welcomed with -- drafters here at Scioscia restaurants have their bad contact on I kind of -- rocket. Five -- -- our veterans boulevard it's and they will wrap up our pregame coverage at. Twin peaks in the clear if you shopping since we have guys that I think they quoted that big Saints out of workers began to -- a -- And hope you guys out was sticking with him just all -- hold on we'll get the day before we go to break. And they have a little break after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers picked. Who is most recently seen another divisional foe that was -- where we go the Atlanta Falcons take takes an offensive lineman. Jay -- and we could see that event speaks Hussein universities who are looking to can't predict it. Even here at Dixie and pick my receiver Mike it would all have time -- that third guy at the. Little at Ohio Michigan all that that tackle Michael tackles. Yes I more yeah I think it really comes down and it takes them in Texas in camp nomination in my thing is. Mike politically pretty welcomes million last year and you know well only thing is. Is that he's not their guy that's true but what does it is basically a first year guy guy and I -- so you don't have to beat it that way again. Because they they call it right right -- in the count and think about it Mike Evans told me that. Halfway and didn't seem you don't think when your high school football -- with the Juli actually offered him the only -- one year of high school football. That now -- basketball and not apply -- to stand Giants. With the one that was as you witnessed and Houston second round pick with the Cardinals right correct and his brother Alou with the -- that we use in an act. And it's like a Portman vs the Manning. Look at them accountable. -- the grip a little a lot of -- on which lasted a decade in -- night in years you're at a high level. Who were waiting hey get me yeah Tampa Bay to make this election in Minnesota is it a Cleveland is it I'm -- to -- -- -- with Buffalo. And Detroit will run out to talk to him eleventh at Tennessee we know New -- done the Rams part of the game and with thirteen. Fourteen -- Chicago Bears and the team is the Pittsburgh Steelers followed by the Dallas Cowboys and Saints -- stand pat. As of now they won't -- with the seventh pick in the first round seven picks for the black gold in the last five seasons the team and less picks in the draft in New Orleans Saints and you and what they've -- deceitful the last five years the Saints -- one of them walking in the regular. The only thing if I'm looking at -- think that the 27 the eighth and I know every year is the new year. All of the last of late. When they drafted as skilled player. A quarterback. And wide receiver. Stay above -- else. -- seventh pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers select. Mike Evans. -- or any other Texas and then. All right so I it would go through there -- -- isn't -- keep making it to break we'll come back up next on the clock it is. The Minnesota -- the draft has continued heroics they treat you if you if you -- -- welcome back another hour covers Dixie music has had another trade Cleveland and Minnesota is. Blocked mixed swap picks if I could -- that I meet with Cleveland got in exchange. The Buffalo earlier and they also beat Cleveland. Fifth round pick 145. Overall and Mike we talked about back to back at him couldn't be back to back to back -- to save him. I think -- you let up much about how good a coach Mike Sherman has been on the wanting to recruit yeah I mean you look at it won't. -- what he ruled out there -- you're recruiting are probably got fired by in a row where recruiting recruit Texas right. -- I mean it's just really out of what the holes -- which this has got to be somebody we really really wants to move up once once spot one spot to get up to that the so it's freezing out this -- -- rolls around here and that -- is they have a lot of rounds human and whatever but it's given him the money sign yeah. I think you look out electrified a fan base and I talk about that everybody's got their favorite but you know. Cleveland is a blue collar town haven't had a quarterbacks -- articles all right yeah anything you could imagine what it's like that the loser team -- -- load. They did -- make that they got if frantic out of France had to come back at the same thing but in. They deserved to win and -- you know my claim to fame is with 1991. -- one NFL comeback player of the year you know lobby ago. Ernie calls them vertical zone with the Browns though if you look they have not. The Browns the bat down hearts -- broken by John Elway you know and the Broncos in Idaho and did at Denver never went out with a minor right before your time again the vehicle owners who will. So the Browns have defeated the how to get their office now it's a town that's been beaten. Pop -- pull us. With the eighth pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns select. Justin Gilbert defense. Oklahomans that Justin Gilbert quarterbacks going at bank of -- with -- with a hot it's not a cornerback gold. To Cleveland Browns did in my you know you think about it sometimes people look. What do you do it do we help one side of the ball what do we straighten up already solid sound football. A clear defense is is pretty good I think they're pretty similar. Hey Joseph -- and Justin Gilbert wrote that can't -- to be spectacular they got in the conversation. Public doubt about the Saints at the best safeties the grounds of the best quarterbacks in the whole league is sensitive equipment there's only event yet all right so we catch up with you. Cleveland Browns have just made a pick that was via a trade they swapped picks with Minnesota out of Minnesota Vikings on the clock at the ninth spot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --