WWL>Topics>>5-8-14 7pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 3

5-8-14 7pm WWL Draft Fest Hour 3

May 9, 2014|

Hour 3 of WWL Draft Fest featuring Bobby, Deke, and Mike Detillier analyzing picks 8-17 of the first round.

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The Minnesota Vikings -- -- and we're waiting for their big they are at the ninth spot -- made a trade with Cleveland Indians at Detroit rounding out the Optiem parliament that is the New York Giants. In saint Louis the Rams pop up but if I -- and now and you think about it. The next handful of picks -- very generous especially after this one. Because you think about Detroit -- it's a quarterback in C got a young quarterback and like you mentioned earlier we got at least the got a new coach who would go to different direction. The Giants and then hit the Rams so ignorant -- after Detroit 1112 and thirteen and fourteen. Seen that already pretty sick quarterback but. -- looking to be that guy who -- followed my equipment. All arts and you try to trade up to me that that's the mystery is perhaps it only. Because I just that you were going to salute the lead just a couple of slots later. The only pick out of alignment here from the physically or what uploaded yet not that I'd never thought the third at all viking era made somewhere in that range. So. That -- player wives has split pretty close to where I think all of us thought it would be. We haven't had that really. On -- wild it that you -- mean you don't really belonged in that sort of category. At this state what's interesting with the Vikings with the biggest -- with him. Want that. Jon and Alex you know I'll just -- just a pick me put -- and you play in nine games in a dome stadium. Eight games in Minnesota and in -- so it'll -- slightly -- environment and it Celtic get that situation. -- all of telling you just a mediocre team and I bought itself that that meant he had that one year deal with just unbelievable. And since then. It was what -- -- quarterback. Might look good enough to -- the players. And you -- projected navy because the top inside linebacker. If -- had interest in Naples Italy but also outside linebacker at the people are out of UCLA. But Johnny meant that no that's a name that has come up that a number of mock drafts. With that the Vikings -- -- -- a long way that the people are the other. LE at the Nate you remember Mike Zimmer principal Aaron and Donald the defensive tackle. From Pittsburgh and -- yeah rocketed yes he's a lot like Geno Atkins. Just just look at what he's done very similar do you pull the trigger here on it he puts a tackle similar to what a guy he had what he was the coordinator with the things. The last two weeks by when you bring up a guy like you said Aaron Donald beavis and tackle a lot of projection at middle the first round. Chicago. With the Vikings. Why they can happen because. All the people I've heard analyze him. The most dominant navy -- all the true. Pats Russian. If the tackle to be disruptive he said that's why they thought that he had a great chance to go in the top ten right here maybe a viking. You know who he reminds me a lot of -- Le Roy global he's a better -- Christian Geno Atkins. Coming out of college which you don't know wouldn't make two Eagles a man out there on the field but you know he's coming all that -- to -- when I'll watch Aaron Donald played a close -- -- -- line. Like it's. The Minnesota Vikings like. -- -- Final a year ago UCLA at the people that might imagine that it black interview window it and -- by Mike nickel defense decides. Of the football let's face -- any quarterback in the air could have been Andrew book could be done it -- -- -- The number one priority for elephants is handed off to the best pound for pound running back in the game and Adrian Peterson. Now not -- -- -- might go -- some count. You know you gotta wonder. Does this begin the way he does well. Every ball because we talk about Detroit instead. If Tennessee decided say okay what we think we've got Jake Locker who -- put the pieces around him. The -- Eli didn't -- Bradford. You two other teams -- three team to the city quarterback. The bands the Steelers but didn't the Cowboys in the Ravens so you know look at here you know win over the next handful of picks -- edit username call. He could really be a freak out and -- -- college -- every saw you know we did this draft -- is back and Aaron Rodgers and they take a real deep ball on me and Brady Quinn. Some look like situation. I'm not ready to put it in that school yet. But when you look at what Anthony -- then this guy who came into college football as a running back. And he switched him over an outside line I wanted to years two years my -- -- on that Detroit. I was really know Woody won't it because already in they only use the ballot two had treatment. Oh yeah a lot of so we -- and pick of the theater right now Detroit lines. 00 on the clock I'm -- to -- the Rams that -- news and that's the most recently aunt in law at UCLA. With the Minnesota Vikings -- that it was a flip -- Minnesota. You know -- but I always say it's sure. It hockey. He actually. Please welcome one of the greatest players in NFL history. Hall of fame running back Barry Sanders. We're. Movement. Thanks to give fans voted me on the cover of Madden in the -- 45 last year. This year. Bedlam bowl one of these stars on the cover of Madden and -- fifteen. More work for more simple go to Madden cover dot com. Edge on the clock. It is now my pleasure to -- That with the tenth pick in the 2014 in a -- draft. The Detroit Lions select Eric you run. -- I didn't I didn't North Carolina. Hi Eric you run -- -- knock him out of my break it down. Look at it Joseph Lombardi takes over as the offensive coordinator. You had Jimmy Graham with this thing if there as a college -- that not seen throughout the years but still looked at Jeremy. It's Eric people on that night dominant player and I you've got now when Johnson. Eric you -- good electronic overdosed guns. They'll if you look at it like. I've -- like limit the Buffalo Bills looking very deep run I mean it is skill level with all the chart. And that's not really a -- when you know that it. Considering. Its -- and it. Now the only negative I've heard a number of times it could be a lack of concentration. -- dropped as. Like we've seen Jimmy Graham I like the easy would guess he got Omar little is known eagle hunt and drop them. But our outside it -- there's. All right we're now up to the eleventh pick in the 2014 event that the Tennessee Titans. All off the clock Mike TBA Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia we're -- -- and restaurants and they're not outside in the world famous for a squad will come back. Reset all the picks -- -- -- -- beat Tennessee Titans they followed by the Giants ran the fans Steelers and Cowboys -- cannot wait out the number 27. With a New Orleans Saints will be in the first round. Continuing coverage here a bit beat up your radio exhibit BAM if they have it 1053 -- -- lob on the -- -- get -- dot com. I'm Steve -- this WW LN FL draft update it brought you by the Louisiana lottery. Buy your ticket in Friday's Mega Millions jackpot 105. Million. -- the top overall pick the Houston Texans with that the defensive end out of South Carolina to baby -- me he says it was a relief for the wait to finally be over. They're pure luck in the open but we'll work -- you. Oh total. Good to -- Following a -- to. There's it was him leaving the -- where. Following that pick to St. Louis Rams yet -- offensive tackle Greg Robinson that with the third overall pick Jacksonville select few -- quarterback Blake mortal. Sammy Watkins from clemson's go to the Buffalo Bills they get their wide receiver they've been desperately in need of Khalil Mac going through the Oakland Raiders. At pick number six the Atlanta Falcons at Texas a and M offensive tackle Jake Matthews. Texas a and M wide receiver Mike evidence -- in Tampa with a seventh overall selection. At number rate Justin Gilbert cornerback at Oklahoma State going to the Cleveland Browns at number nine was the Minnesota Vikings on the clock getting outside linebacker Anthony -- At a UCLA and just recently the Detroit Lions get tight end Eric he brought from North Carolina. Tennessee Titans are on the clock to pick his and we'll see who it is now back to Bobby and the boys at Oceana grill. For more of draft -- All right Stephen thank you very advice. The Tennessee Titans third most. These are two players taking the Lance and things like they are welcome him like that taking from the players hit me in the end we think it well a lot of it had to do with Jeff Fisher. All those years. Yeah. I went for the flag here. Taylor the wind. Tackles Michigan then there's -- all -- -- all heard about it yeah basically. That that was a member David Stewart got old. They got rid of and they brought in Michael or you know Mike room. But he'll want you got a lot of -- but if you -- -- this -- Q what it would do outside of me music islands and street fighter I'll pick left tackle and you know he's got that commitment that spot. It took him wise -- well. He knows he's got to develop that running game back and he loss so it just wasn't all Chris Johnson. Not open it's a blind not -- -- -- on him last year they -- chance Womack this year you long. And you look at it makes up big guy you getting a run run and all but that tackles. Zach Martin. Nordic games could be the next guy that giant it it's amazing how -- you run you know the seasonal floored -- and -- let -- tackle. Because if -- not sack and a quarterback you got to protect the quarterback. So that's why you see out -- Alou and oddities in going to decide. So hot right now at the a look at the Giants. To protect you right now commanding. I probably can't speculate. And that part of it to tackle minority people in that direction that seems to hit the ball are -- still today. The arbitration up the middle. Pass rusher -- Donald -- to tackle it. I still think how -- Clinton did it also possibility that follows it up with definitive. Like Zach Martin. I'll have to tackle because without their number of mock drafts. Debt deal Alou -- and Zach Martin in that direction tonight going in -- out they would be in all the board. That would surprise me obviously because the -- tactical Zach Martin. I don't know that I've thought about it but they're two of happened Womack. And and long. -- this league side. You don't let him do it's who can you crack head open and I cannot bring that up it was not all Chris Johnson. He got a lot of the playbook because you know why he was hit me. But they're offensive line has not lead nearly as well as it has in years past. In the technology is it gives Jake Locker -- -- -- more life. Yeah and it doesn't have a lot. Only two teams of the past five years and got. A little lower amount of -- players out of the draft. In the New York Times they've got a lot of value that got some solid goes so you might happen. How much of a veteran ballclub they -- -- you go back I think he go back to the history -- they -- -- it as simple adjustment hooks. Andy you miss your exit -- -- recognize that this is a while but it's kind of if you say where they are they're probably the best place in NC -- this that was parried it you know they've been another division I could look to afford them. Yeah and and you know because they'd look at that the team would -- there's Philadelphia. And -- like you got a common matchup there but what does -- -- got his lead. -- -- -- political -- to see you mow very efficient football player I think he really would have won Erik you've grown. I think he was -- yeah yeah yeah I gotta tackle they are there any talent out what the guys I pick but off the board pretty quickly now talk -- And now -- just like a bottle of milk Beckham junior is gonna get brought into the discussion if you look at Saint Louis. Pittsburgh. Even that the Cowboys. Where of this delegate that's where Beckham could well -- it to the next couple -- if not. In the Jets that he -- Well look at that the Giants right now though we all mixed in that part of the tackle I think also let's table the outside linebacker. Has an opportunity to -- me also Aaron Donald Davidson tackle -- like -- -- might DiNardo cornerback Michigan State. -- Dick a safety. If I have that look at report -- -- Marten mostly. I think not only 35 that Denard I think that direction but the front runner I think is that -- New York Giants beat -- into -- -- spot. In the third round in it at the Giants if everything holds that the St. Louis Rams. We'll make it second pick of the draft. Through the top their team as they went often to my. Greg Robinson with the second overall which was there birth -- following Saint Louis. That's -- -- the Pittsburgh Steelers Dallas Cowboys Baltimore Ravens to New York. Miami Dolphins and camera -- and you know you bring up the Rams right after the Giants on the clock. -- -- and Johnny and -- -- with adults smoke. You know too much smoke and mirror I got a wanted to rely on Sam grant that came -- leading candidate he became nearly him that he might if you -- easy -- I agree can't. I -- -- if you bring in Johnny Bench so a guy you just assume tradeoff where we can't grab the ball whatever you can get now it's mentally to think that. We waited it happened three years who's who go off the air we've talked a southbound on the a's this is is. If they don't care. If they had all the time and he -- him -- if you believe that you don't -- -- both of them. Now the only thing with that being said about the only -- in training camp with the Rams. That'd be prepared and -- quarterbacks like ninety. They're not no no -- the full blown dead yet another little tennis but you went through. That would go would certainly that yes they purely thrown it it might note Sam Bradford is legit. Mechanics stay healthy tentative out -- a contract so far that not eating well you know I'm -- -- Originally you you know I can't you know what eventually you got a blow you out the Christmas tree program because he go to like Cink birdied the war. So you've got to make that choice but it was all he played great before it got hurt right political. That the parents turned the ball WR Robert Quinn to Chris welcome at all did and that's second -- This is probably pretty good in some games because hitting a short futile -- on. Well most recently. Taylor LaJuan all of maximum of -- was taken by Tennessee Brad and Eric you run the -- them off and on about Detroit. And a couple of trades in the first round of -- -- pretty quickly and most of all. But it my -- -- it before anything moved up from Minnesota -- 98. And it took Justin Huber -- cornerback at Oklahoma State. And is about to point out UCLA lap back and involved with the Minnesota at them but now it's it has taken a little bit of the give up or down the right -- at at the if you look at it now look at these picked. Okay you need to that you protect the quarterback all putting or what is it that you -- -- Florida top guys we got to protect your quarterback. That's why Mike and I were talking about us. Call him back. With the twelve. Pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The New York Giants select. Hotel Beckham. -- -- -- Yeah you. Dale fickle I don't know it was close right here in New Orleans, Louisiana. Curtis have to book and hopefully use on the morning camp believe that we were doing -- pro football rout of the season. There and they were playing well Duluth and it's always he'd say well I'll make it can be great but you could do you know by the way you rated round. The way he lines up. You look and look above everybody and -- about it -- think -- -- everybody -- and you think about when he he would indeed his ability. To be in the right place. It was all things. He became more campus in the summer and Ellis who was this year it's separating itself progressive bank because he knew he would do it. And now he goes appeared in -- attack ballclub that is. -- today Ellis who -- the receivers. A couple -- the -- Napoli is most recently before oh you know with Ruben Ramirez and Reuben Randle like you look at that did you reconnect Eli Manning -- they'll make you junior. You know I'm -- like that that it would you know throw it that's working out. You know behind the scenes because that Laura Newman can't -- -- -- -- if you look at it. Where I had a goal line like that it Jets somewhere around there -- bit. You'd think it's a reach it is about right. -- this -- the way he was coming up. This -- have the right just I told you don't be surprised in this range in that range in that range to play just yet. And his big play ability -- you team him up. You got Isidore Newman Isidore Newman connection with Eli Manning and Beckham Reuben -- from -- you. Then it's not come like did you -- not used to the New England. -- -- but the want they do show as a nine yard punt return him to -- the go to the other futile 4135. Victory over old is of one of these tickets to plays. But Odeo faculty and go actually Julia. -- on the -- that's fantastic and I know his -- -- old bill and his mom is now the congratulations. Great job. In this and he took -- -- from his mom she goes down -- -- greatest track athletes outlaw album go to LSU. Welcome back its draft as 2014. Hero it's -- radio that you that you. And welcome back as we need to use the draft coverage here on that you got your radio goes generous -- Saturday -- outside world famous quote a special on buckets. Let's come -- up and I just took. Out of the box on corner of the table so we'll always tickets through Miami its inaugural season and human. Think it was saint Lewis -- I'll meet you in this is their second pick up their team differently with Greg Robinson all parts of my apartment and now -- up a thirteen. Phillips used a bill that -- you with -- -- of the group. To the New York Giants and after. The Rams. A couple of ball three ball clubs -- interesting pretty much back the quarterback that make -- Chicago Bears expert team before. Baltimore Dallas Cowboys Ravens and the New York -- -- with the ramp. You look at the Rams beat need at wide receiver -- -- Top Clinton picks a -- at the University of Alabama reminds me a lot of Eric -- And so we wouldn't look at the Rams how good they are -- certain spots there I know one thing. Gregg Williams and saying I -- the play but -- safety alignment but we did a lot of that you Wallace. This say in. At the -- yeah Oxley -- countless prior and exceed the from Louisville. -- also the next receiver -- recently. Do you guys see us they'll. And I'll surprise people on the top -- -- Donald -- he tackles when no I don't let this small and did -- -- look at another caught but that next cornerback. It's -- going on. His mother to teach you -- to announce that next epic. -- overcame leukemia. With the help of things -- children's research hospital. He now plays football. And Auburn University. Don't. In the and -- don't know wolves that. Or. All right I have no idea they'll use Greg Williams. -- and all of the people the Rams -- -- and ultimately defense is different well you know and a pass rusher and the area. Yes Bob I agree with that and again my comparison. You know Weathers. -- -- Mean royal was unbelievable football -- -- -- nights I guess in today's world is Geno Atkins and what he's brought to the naval. With Cincinnati but Aaron Donald has been a man out on the football field and we use any of you see me he's not real big. He's six foot but two or 88 now be done about it got to -- Knight grew at -- an average yields leverage. Love what you look at I'm just glad how we matchup against the Rams we don't leave Iran but it's Collins has preceded. It see how we can work against them. Who would you look at the Rams come off the edge might think about he's got long light side. And this that kids from UNC. His the one that -- and UNC Robert Quinn Robert Quinn at this value you know I've heard Donald the middle and laryngitis a behind the hole. Dollar today the Rams -- if not what do you do offensively. They could -- the ball. But that looked like a highly Jeff Fisher Gregg williams' -- whatever down focus on a lot of people were oh lower. Like speculating he was gonna be a top ten. -- it is not a reach the bad pass -- and if that tackle draft all right let's go out to Saints camp where the duo of the morning drive double Covert Kristian -- keep my -- it was their -- On the first thirteen picks in the right. I'd be chief in here with -- -- as Watson. Picked up peel off the board it to about we're just talking about the Rams as Bobby Mike in the the -- about. Before first round picks along that that defensive line other end yes he would tell that they're trying to. Get up there and play that defense with Seattle yet aliens that look now Donald the rockers in the interior and Quinn and long on the -- that -- pretty insane combo. See him lose work with and one of the things suggesting about the draft -- years is always a storyline takes place the drama of it right now it's -- -- -- That's good for new world the world. -- -- hangs out there along with Teddy Bridgewater as we talked about earlier in the week the longer he stays out there. And -- like that's gonna push players down the -- to -- like at quarterback or wide receiver. Dark -- Denard still on the board for Michigan State they have a need there at quarterback in -- Several of them there for the pre draft workout process so long you see John -- Allen Bridgewater out there the better it is for the Saints get a player that. It helped me either one. Receiver values into picture yet now that it opens the same except just. More and more value. The interesting thing now is does Jerry Jones -- -- they'll -- Johnny. That on that's the next big landmark. Of. The draft via Chicago Pittsburgh next Dallas three picks away and of course. -- Beckham junior want you to take on Monday -- -- I know you're -- a guy big fan of his work certainly a former teammate. And just talk about him go to New York with eleven. One of my favorite thing about it down is that it's his work ethic right now like that the guy who. You never had it and you Dexter he was up in the early in the morning in the building when you have to be in the late at night. When he had he didn't have to be working on route -- work on the latter's working on the jugs machine. O'Dell's got a lot of intangibles. They look for receiver now with him. Reuben Randle Eli Manning. You know. Hopefully it'll work out the New York Mets again. Hasn't been what the what they've won the last couple years but it -- can go a long way. Towards improvement that -- The Atlanta Falcons going six overall -- Jake Matthews knows but that we were talking about. In terms of makes a lot of sense because you protective Matt Bryant there there because those guys that your big bats and they are church in -- I believe that some of the Matt Ryan hits and sacks -- really had a lot to do with Roddy White and Julio Jones. Getting her but there's no doubt that he could have somebody. Mike Matthews especially from that they gently -- him on a minute though success. If you think about it sure fire. As of the draft pick you can do it. Another name maybe even I'll let the -- puck potentially. Target the a wide receiver position a guy we spent time with the the Senior Bowl Jordan Matthews and so. Some folks have been going maybe in round two but you never know with the latter end of round one Jordan Matthews a player that we talked to at the Senior Bowl and -- -- like the way at least he conducts himself on that we were. President yet the only thing about Matt -- if you were to take him in the first round me. They're still Jarvis Landry down Robinson -- on creep Margaret especially probably. Little -- receiver value behind -- usually when needed Joba take much out so four -- -- things that -- trade down. It's still to be looking like this the best available achieved here loosely in one of those guys I don't I don't -- the article all the way penalties are hopeful. He's really picked at some point but it goes back to which only was saying earlier with him. Anderson both these guys on about how pass rusher and offensive linemen guys that can protect the quarterback and guys that can that can -- effective quarterback ultimately. Get value a little higher along quarterbacks to their byes in search of what we haven't seen a quarterback of the point totals go -- -- but. It's kind of pulling out a lot like. They yeah it's on your back. Fourteen NFL drive. The Chicago Bears select. Kyle Fuller. Defense the battle with hall of Virginia Tech Kyle Fuller is another of those -- regarding the other. Before -- you know our views on it we mean we did state pre draft it is the bill passed away. That you kind of moved on from the quarterback position but I guess now they all pass to ignored. You move on from their quarterback position so when is that we're back. Run gonna happen to start you counselor you'll see we'll agencies that you -- Target that position -- -- five or six guys on one individual day for a workout so the pre draft process. Kyle Fuller was one of those guys they certainly and it. Still surprised that the Saints haven't traded up for rob Lowe's. Anybody can now expect that the committee. Dallas though inching closer. One one pitch closer to bring in Johnny football to Jerry world the Pittsburgh Steelers now on the clock they that you're ready to go. In Dallas up in the lot of folks have been. If he -- football means pitcher to hop hop. Clinton picks think's going to be I really Ryan Clark. Willow will bring you latest on the -- as they get closer closer pick number fifty right now with Pittsburgh Steelers. -- -- it their Kristian -- out of -- Campbell sent it back at the draft that's with. Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia in my -- All right guys thank you very much -- in the morning those guys if there analysis each and every morning but to hear about me there. Double coverage six million him three get real thirteen 58 years ago you beat people with it repeat. Follow them all to stop the obvious that goes on -- didn't -- you -- -- dot com. On a home made a couple of the draft or to keep the team the player position and was implicitly because it -- news. Also the player profiles and -- draft history all information available -- VP didn't know if you don't already know we'll have before you. As drastic so on our home page. The food prep board at that give -- real dot com my most recently went to see how we'll look who struggled but you know I thought repeated warnings so like we did. You know I could if you would -- mile and I works out with Ohio with the umps all through Florida. You instantly mean you know he's back one that heard you yet -- sports hurt you -- -- you play the entire season with the you know his -- the other starting quarterback who do you think he's younger brother was unstoppable so be that guy you talk about a family is probably the National Football League. -- is he really good cover cornerback. But think here is what do with this deal is that the team. Is don't squeeze the door the next guy because they want to help my opponent I write in so it's an interesting little twist that the that sort of step. But you look at it I think -- that's got to get tough road but it's not the football they really wanted Aaron now he's not there. How fully comfortable spot as a quarterback can. In the 2014. NFL draft. The Pittsburgh Steelers elect. -- plays there. Hope I'm back here I have space and so when it thinks it it. All right so arrived safely in Atlanta back from what. While they -- to the Pittsburgh Steelers up next thing opera tickets is that Dallas Cowboys all the -- It's draft there's 2014. Year old at saint radio that you -- you and welcome back draft this TD zero history you get you if you go from. AM management dot com the Dallas Cowboys. Are there if he's in the sixties but most recently Ryan gave -- the I think Ohio they broke back to thank you wanted it. Linebacker there's you know the field to -- -- He's you Ryan debuted at Dallas Cowboys my ego that they're both you ought manipulative you go at them all -- -- at sixteen if that's going on the defense. It's -- the week. They were young man it was -- pretty -- there is no other word that the -- body they got to get better on defense. And we talked about it before the two Alabama Johnson Jim Mosley. How hot Clinton picks. But you know Jerry's always got his hands and vaulted all the -- and I'm just telling you. You know it's beyond those guys he has one of them that always looks with somebody did this. Happens all the feel for the player. Well and you look like like you said all the mock drafts. Now we L. Obviously Johnny meant now is like me that he'd be a real reality TV show. You know with the Cowboys if you must meet the -- -- lava Needham. We're all about the mock drafts that the that the players like you said that's -- the -- and -- When you commit to see how boldly -- Six. -- the sixteenth pick in the 2014. NFL draft. The Dallas Cowboys select. That -- Guard Notre -- They know what that are off Notre Dame my how likes that more but with all the needs you have owned the Mitt and you've got to pick and all that have. Linemen. -- -- it comes down to he wants to protect its own god. Tony Romo is his god this is this statement without. Johnny Benson now that we're all gonna stick with -- go to Ottawa. But you look at it that tackles applying all look forward Dallas the next moment that tackles -- Marten. But you know like well and I look at it so what the Cowboys this gore. 042 point game exploded. We out party nine and every -- that that's what happened but for the Broncos game. Last year we couldn't look at the Saints this Sunday night no who will win they'll -- at the Cowboys again. That night football. They're the visit -- -- well and now he's in the complete freefall that being Johnny and they'll look at the next team the Baltimore Ravens have a hundred million dollar quarterback in New York yet. Have. A quarterback it took a year ago that the you know that was the end of Michael Vick Arizona's nervous but Green Bay for the joke here. Antecedents Cincinnati San Diego. -- the ball so I could it possibly Cleveland gives him in his twenties outlook of people within reason now why they go -- -- lord took eight. But eight in the pocket to be innocent it once it. He right now isn't that great win yeah not a free ball a long way Aaron Carter product you know like you and Brooke got like Johnny Benson well. Boy you don't think that that's gonna burn -- -- Williams all of what is that guy who is an ultimate competitor you've got to given that. Is the ultimate competitor I don't know. My -- out -- route that has been. Like Mike what about this that's why he's in his home state past the I mean nobody wanted Arizona number twenty -- politically it. But you know what three -- no no Chip Kelly -- in Philadelphia. Because how wide open they're running a college all fit in the pros think about the Eagles and Dick -- I'll tell you why I bring John David now. The Philadelphia some crazy stuff it in India could beat Dallas might well you -- and it you guys yeah -- -- And what they would at Philadelphia. Delegate. All that read option -- the ball. At an Eagles fan you have -- goals that Johnny meant they'll. Well I don't know. Well -- you want at the pats are but it did that they didn't wait to get that they. Elbow he was it that -- event that'll make it. A lot -- and it's just negatives I thought that Johnny -- -- the Manning camp. We had a little session what -- thinks he told me is almost went to market and guess who recruited him to Chip Kelly oh. Okay look a the government Mike said. Even if taxes go to Oregon Chip Kelly John event itself. That obligates the yellow -- to a month that on out there -- -- noted that I did not anticipate him. All right -- ought to clock the Baltimore Ravens New Year's group went to championship the first time in the John Harbaugh parents did take it back. Go through to play L with 988. It against the Dolphins Cardinals and we get closer to them with resentment -- -- -- -- seventeen the Ravens on a block grant this 2014. You'll think review of -- --